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    This is the roadway
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    Dangwa Bus to banaue 2015

    by bongski Written Nov 25, 2015

    Dangwa bus has a direct trip to banaue from quezon city. Its terminal is in the Florida bus terminal in Kamias Quezon City.Its located below the Kamias flyover in quezon city, opposite of the Quezon city Police station 10 in Kamuning. Reservation is needed.

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    This small thing called tricycle

    by shavy Written Jan 21, 2015

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Banaue is very easy to get around by trike, even a good fit traveler can easily get around by foot. If one have plenty of time in Banaue, no need to use those trike, but if one prefer not to walk then there are dozens of tricycle in town.

    They are easy to catch everywhere. Hired them is possible but always talk the price first before you get in. Some parts of the road in Banaue is not asphalt but the government is working on it, hopefully by the time we go back it will be done. At the moment of December 2014 some road were very muddy and is worst when it rain.

    The time of our trip with the tricycle I was very scared if we get stuck, but seems they're used to drive on this road. Tricycle is cheap to get around, but if destination further out of town the jeepney would be much more comfortable but cost more than tricycle

    This is the roadway
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    Dangwa night bus to Manila and vice versa

    by shavy Updated Jan 20, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Starting our trip from Ilocos and ended up in Banaue, it was quiet an adventure after all the traveling time. But all the hassles are well worth! exhausted but exciting. After staying two nights in Sagada, we wanted to go to Banaue but there is no direct transfer from Sagada we have to go via Bontoc and then Banaue. We've booked all our accommodation on this trip, but my itinerary was incorrect.

    I forgot we have to take a night bus back to Manila, on the day on our arrival in Banaue, we must take a bus in the evening. So what we did we showed up to the guesthouse that we reserve in advance but I already ring the owner the day before that we can't stay the night but I'll pay the room because is already reserve. And I also call the bus company Ohayami for ticket reservation our agreement I'll come to pick up the ticket when we arrived and pay, we normally take the bus at 6.30 pm because that's the only were available on that day.

    I ring back the owner of our guesthouse and asked if they arrange a trek to the terraces and he said yes, I ask how long is the trekking will last because we have a bus at 6.30 pm, and he said do not take the 6.30 pm there is one at 8 pm. I'm surprised to hear that because I only know one bus in Banaue and that is Ohayami and he said there's another one Dangwa bus. It was a relief for us, it'll give us more time to explore Banaue. So, I ring back Ohayami bus and cancel my ticket and it was okay with no problem

    Dangwa bus leaves from Banaue at 8pm sharp to Cubao Manila for "530 peso" per person, the bus stop 3 times on the way for bathroom used and also for snack, we arrive in Cubao Manila at 6 am is a 10 hour ride. Bring certainly a pullover in the bus, the air conditioning give a very cold air, a few of foreign passengers complain to the driver that he has to turn down his airco, he said he can't turn it down, if he turn down/off his airco it gets very warm inside, so he have no choice of let this on

    Bus from Banaue to Cubao Manila Booking office in Banaue
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  • reeya's Profile Photo

    Getting to Banaue

    by reeya Updated Apr 14, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Updated : 15-Apr-2014

    Airconditioned buses depart from Manila every night. Departure times between 9-11PM and arrives in Banaue around 6-7AM the next day. There are no advance reservations so you get seats as you pay. Note that these buses can be freezingly cold *cough* Autobus *cough* so bring a jacket (you can complain to no avail).

    *Ohayami Bus Transport
    Main Office: Ohayami Shop , Dullagan, Pob. West, Lagawe, Ifugao, 3600
    Manila terminal: J. Fajardo st., Lacson Ave., Sampaloc, Manila
    Contact number: * 09276493055 , * 02-5160501 (Manila) * 09175617344 (Ifugao)

    Manila to Banaue
    09:00 PM - Manila - Banaue ( peak season only!)
    EDA: 6:30- 7:00 am
    09:30 PM - Manila -Kiangan/Lagawe
    EDA: 5:30-6:00 am
    10:00 PM - Manila - Banaue
    EDA : 7:00- 7:30 am

    Banaue to Manila
    06:30 PM - Banaue Manila ( peak season only!)
    07:00 PM - Banaue Manila
    EDA: 4:30 - 5:00am

    *Autobus Transport (10:45PM daily)
    NEW ADDRESS: 1445 St. Loyola cor. F. Coyco Sts, Sampaloc, Manila
    Tel: +63-2-4934111

    *Florida Transport (regular 9:10PM / deluxe 10:45PM daily)
    Earnshaw Sr cor. Loyola, Espana, Manila
    Tel: +63-2-7315358

    Note: As of March 2014, their Manila-Banaue/Bontoc franchise was cancelled following an accident where one of the buses fell off a steep slope near Bontoc that resulted in several deaths. A shame really as this is the company that best serves this route compared to others.

    Terminals for Florida and Autobus are now on the same side and a block apart from each other. Five minutes walk from main road Espana. Florida terminal is closer to Lacson St while Autobus is closer to UST main entrance. The difference for the regular and deluxe is the toilet inside as far as I know. Oh and the hot pink curtains.

    PEAK SEASON: Easter Week (Holy Week for the Catholics), November 1-2, Dec 20-Jan6
    Locals going home to Ifugao take as early as 2 weeks to buy their tickets during these dates. Florida still refuses to add trips during the peak season so that's it, one or two a day. Autobus adds on 2-3 more trips especially leading up to the main holidays (Holy Thu, All Saint's Day, Christmas, New Year) but again these seats get filled up easily.

    There are no buses directly going to Banaue from Clark Airport in Pampanga. Best option is to backtrack to Manila and get the night bus. Or if you are not on a rush and looking to head to Sagada you can go to Baguio first. Buses heading for Baguio leaves every 30 minutes from the Dau terminal which is just a few minutes away from Clark airport. There are buses from Baguio heading for Sagada or Banaue.

    From Baguio:
    There are non-aircon buses that goes direct to Banaue. Travel time is 8 hours. Usual departure times are 7PM everyday. You can find them usually waiting for passengers near Rizal Park.

    From Sagada:
    1)Take a jeepney to Bontoc. Find the jeepney terminal going to Banaue. Last trip is 12:30-ish to 1PM. Travel Time : 3-4 hours.

    2)Another option is to wait for those non-aircon buses going to Tabuk or Quirino. They stop in Banaue for those mandatory stopovers.

    3) Some people hire a jeepney from Banaue to take them straight to Sagada and back. If you are lucky they might be in the mood to accommodate an additional passenger or two. Of course there's a chance you might have to split up the fare and that could be more expensive than commuting.

    Reminder: If you are coming from Sagada/Bontoc and leaving for Manila via Banaue the same day, take the morning commute to Banaue. The roads are rough enough to warrant a vehicle breakdown when you least expect it.

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  • paolodecastro's Profile Photo

    Ohayami Bus Terminal

    by paolodecastro Updated Apr 18, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The only bus which go straight from Manila to Banaue is the Ohayami bus . Their terminal (in Manila) is located at the back of the Florida bus terminal along Sampaloc and Lacson Avenue.

    Three things you have to know:
    1. There is no reservation you have to go to the terminal yourself to buy the ticket.
    2. Price is Php 450.00 (single journey).
    3. It Departs Manila at exactly 10:00 pm

    One more thing the travel period is about 11-12 hours

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  • PPEI's Profile Photo

    A private car over travel agencies

    by PPEI Written Jul 9, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Thanks for all the travel sites and forums out there for making my search so much easier and successful. I was in need of a private car for me and my boss and thank god I found Arnold. He was cheaper than philsite and Filipino travel but provide the same quality of service.

    We had the most fantastic trip with in July 3 to 7, 2012! From the first time we chat on mail to the last time he dropped my boss off at the airport we were in safe hands with excellent service. Arnold organized exactly the kind of tour I wanted, was always on time, always asked if everything was ok and given me inside information on everything I needed or wanted to know! As a first time travelling in the mountain, I felt so safe with Arnold and he made my first visit in Cordillera perfect!

    He is so friendly and you will always have a good time around him with lots of jokes and funny stories! Arnold is not only our driver but also act as our tour guide, he helped me with hotel booking (good, clean and cheap ones) took us to some good restaurants like Sanafe has a really nice room with a view while Log Cabin is now my favorite restaurants… too bad they don’t have a branch in Manila.
    He took us to some good spot and some are off the beaten path. In the end you will not only get a good driver/ tour guide, but a true friend who will make he's best effort to give you the time of your life!

    Thank you Arnold, for making our trip so fantastic!

    Here is a link that i receive from a member and lead me to him.

    Our first stop in Ifugao Amazing rice terraces A dragon wooden scooter in the making. Menu 5 is the best according to our driver Most tourist miss this spot... driver said.
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  • davidjo's Profile Photo


    by davidjo Written Mar 8, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are catching the bus to Bontoc for onward travel to Sagada it normally stops at the highest point just near mount Police. Here everyone clambers off the bus to buy snacks or fresh vegetables at the numerous stalls that are there. There is one stall in particular selling veg spring rolls- they are enormous and very good, two would be enough.

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  • jayjayc's Profile Photo

    Transport from Banaue to Batad

    by jayjayc Written Nov 5, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    -There are jeepneys at Autobus terminal in Banaue waiting for passengers bound for Batad.
    -Once the bus arrives at the terminal, lots of locals offer transport from Banaue to Batad.
    -Jeepneys will not bring you to Batad Village but up to only where cars are allowed. Then, needed to walk for about an hour to reach the village. Porters are also available to guide you through the trek.
    -Fare per pax from Banaue to Batad is Php80 to 100 (Year 2003). Travel is about 45 minutes to an hour.
    -Food and bottled water are priced sky-high at the village. Very expensive. Better bring what you can to lessen the expenses.
    -Year 2006, a colleague visited Batad and said that 12 ounces of soda (Coke) costs Php80 per bottle (SRP at Php12 each).
    -Best time to visit Batad: January and February.

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  • jayjayc's Profile Photo

    Transport from Banaue to Sagada

    by jayjayc Written Nov 5, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    -There are piera type jeepneys waiting at Autobus Terminal - Banaue when you arrived at 7 or 7:30am.
    -There are jeepneys bound for Batad, Bontoc and Sagada.
    -You can request for the driver to bring you to a restaurant in Banaue to have breakfast first before heading to Sagada.
    -Going to Sagada from the bus station is at P250 / head (2007). Stop-overs at Banaue view points, eating places and in Bontoc (let the driver knows you want to make a stop in Bontoc).
    -We left Autobus Banaue bus terminal at 8 AM - ate breakfast and stopped at view points and arrived Sagada at 2PM.

    Transport from Banaue to Sagada

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  • jayjayc's Profile Photo

    Direct bus transport from Manila to Banaue

    by jayjayc Updated Nov 5, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    -Autobus in Espana, Manila (5 min walk from UST / P. Noval St.)
    -Year 2007, less than Php400 per pax / one way (airconditioned bus).
    -One bus, one schedule everyday and depart time is at 10 PM. Will arrive Banaue the next day at 7AM.
    -Two stop overs to eat and use the toilet. One in Bulacan and last in Nueva Vizcaya.
    -Has discounted rate for students (bring your school ID's).
    -Autobus also has route from Banaue to Manila every 8AM (at Autobus terminal in Banaue).

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  • darylrose's Profile Photo

    Best Bus to Banaue

    by darylrose Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Florida has Deluxe buses with comfort rooms and spacious seats.
    Location: Earnshaw cor. Extremadora St. in Sampaloc, Manila (near intersection of Espana and Lacson Ave.)

    Ticket Price: P450
    Tickets can be reserved 2 days prior by phone, and must be claimed at least an hour before departure time. If you don't claim your ticket one hour before, you might have to wait the next day to go to Banaue (because the Autobus leaves at 10pm and travelers I met who took this bus said it's crappy).

    Schedule: 10:45 pm everyday via Solano, Nueva Vizcaya.

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  • hazel2m's Profile Photo

    Bus from Manila to Banaue

    by hazel2m Written Mar 25, 2010

    You better choose Manila airport it would be easier for you. Autobus liner is an hour away from the airport, the bus leaves manila to Banaue every 10pm daily.
    ...It is safe to travel alone, get a guide when u arrive there when u cant find some group.

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  • lougonzales's Profile Photo

    Bus to Banaue Rice Terraces

    by lougonzales Written Jan 14, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sharing with you contact details of reliable bus lines you can take going to and from Banaue Rice Terraces.

    Florida Bus Line (+632 743 3809) - recommended, comfortable coach seats, but has limited seating capacity so you should buy your ticket ahead of time, if you already know when you're leaving Banaue by the time you arrive, it's best to buy a ticket as soon as you get off the bus before checking in to your hotel.

    Banaue Autobus - (+632 735 8096)

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  • bongski's Profile Photo

    Ilocos sur to Banawe

    by bongski Written Aug 4, 2009

    for normal vehicles, the easiest route from ilocos sur is to take the urdaneta-san jose nueva ecija crossing then continue on bagabag then up to Banawe.

    If you are a bit from the northern part of Ilocos sur, you can go up to laoag, patatapat, tuguegarao. santiago then bagabag and then on to ifugao.

    A new route which is shorter, is go up to bagiuo, then take the abmbuklao road down to aritao nueva vizcaya, then bagabag and then ifugao. GMA recently inaugurated this road, but I dont know its condition now. Its a scenic route with pine forests and a junction which leads to Mount Pulag. The road from the border of nueva vizcaya down was already cemented 3 years ago.

    Or from bagio take the halsema highway as mentioned previously to Bontoc and Banawe.

    If you are near Tagudin, and you have a 4x4 vehicle, take the tagudin-cervantes bontoc road and then on to Banawe. The most direct route, but the most challenging and you have to do 1 river crossing, or if the abra river is high, go a bit southerly to abatan first before going to Bontoc from cervantes.

    Its about 7- 8hrs hrs trip from San Fernando La Union for all the routes except for the one going up north via Tuguegarao.


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  • Day bus to Banaue

    by photofun Updated May 21, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    By day to Banaue from Manila:

    Bus Terminal:
    Victory Liner Kamias Station On EDSA
    1 km north of Cubao Terminal

    Deluxe AC bus leaves at 7:00 am
    Cost: 650.00 PHP to Solano

    It takes about 7 Hrs to get to Solano,
    let the conductor know that you want
    to go to Banaue .
    They will let you off to catch the Jeepney
    to Lagawe this will take about 1 hr and
    67 PHP
    in Lagawe you will transfer to another
    Jeepney to Banaue which will take
    another 1 hr and 35 PHP

    We went on to the UHAJ Native Village
    Inn (Hapao Rice Terraces) by trike which
    took 40 min on a rainy day and it cost
    between 130 and 150 PHP (negotiable).
    From the Inn you have a good view of the
    Hapao Rice Terraces.

    To get back to Manila in reverse order.
    In Solano catch any bus that goes to

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