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  • Riverside Walk
    Riverside Walk
    by monina_c
  • :) remainer of 2 orders of longanisa Batac
    :) remainer of 2 orders of longanisa...
    by monina_c
  • mami, longganisa and empanada
    mami, longganisa and empanada
    by monina_c

Batac Things to Do

  • Batac Church

    The romanesque-looking church across the Marcos Museum is the Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, commonly known as Batac Church. This church was originally built in 1587. Rebuilt in 1690 and was completed in 1692. It was recently renovated with heavy twin pilasters complementing the large rose window on its facade and the wide opening of...

  • Ricarte National Shrine

    The Ricarte National Shrine is located along the main road - Dewey Street - of Batac, almost beside the city hall.Gen. Ricarte is the "Father of the Philippine Army." As recorded in history, he is remembered for never having taken an oath of allegiance to the United States government, which occupied the Philippines from 1898 to 1946. The museum...

  • Marcos Museum & Mausoleum

    I took a jeepney from Laoag to Batac, only 40 minutes from Laoag to Batactravel time. I walked couple of minutes to the museum, also called Ferdinand Marcos Presidential Center.For a start, I wasn’t that much impressed, the museum is small and not much to see, some memorabilia, saved for the remains of the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos in a mausoleum...

  • Marcos Museum/Mausoleum

    For visitors who would want to know more of the ex-President (the most controversial in Phil. history), drop by at his museum. On display here are some of the late president's memorabilia - you may take time to read his notes from exile.

  • Visit Marcos Museum

    Visiting the Marcos Museum is an interesting activity to do. Discover the thoughts and insights of former president Marcos during his presidency (and downfall from power) and learn of his achievements and struggles as a student, lawyer, legislator and president of this great nation known as the Philippines.

  • Iglesia Filipina Independiente Church

    Iglesia Filipina Independiente Church was founded by Msgr. Gregorio L. Aglipay. The building is in a dusty grey colour.

  • Relax in the Garden

    The Garden is next to a river and directly opposite the Batac Church. It is where the Marcos Monument is situated (at a further end). Good place to relax and get your bearings.More pictures of the Garden attached

  • Marcos Monument

    Marcos Monument was erected to commenmorate Marcos. It is within the garden opposite the Batac Church.

  • Batac Church - pinkish looking

    Batac Church was built in 1587. It is strategically located, centre of town. There are two plaques on the Decalogue - The Ten Commandments

  • Residence of Marcos

    The Residence of Marcos is just beside the Ancestral Home. It is a two storey strong concrete, white building. The surroundings is badly maintained as the Residence is almost covered with untrimmed greens. (See more pictures attached). At the entrance, the porch area, there are some nice seats for you to relax if you want. We were not able to tour...

  • Ancestral Home of Marcos

    The Ancestral Home of Marcos is near to his residence. The Ancestral home is in two storey - the lower portion is of concert while the upper is of wood. We were not able to take a tour inside the building as the officer told us that it has been closed for renovation. The surroundings of the Ancestral home is cooling due to the many trees and greens...

  • Marcos Museum & Mausoleum - The Museum

    Marcos Museum & Mausoleum consists of two rooms , opposite each other, located at the ground floor of the Ancestral Home of Marcos. The Museum=========Entrance is free. The Musuem displays many of the personal collections of the late President. There are many write-ups and photographs of the struggles and the achievements of Marcos.Opens 9am-noon...


Batac Restaurants

  • Riverside Walk

    Batac is known for its mami... a noodle dish that is so good it rivals La Paz batchoy of Iloilo. Riverside Walk is a collection of stalls that specializes in mami, empanada, longganisa and other local dishes. All Batac visitors should drop there in the late afternoon when the sun is cooler. The mami and longganisa are the best! Your P500 can feed...

  • Local Snack and Street Food

    Aside from the tour of the Marcos' House, this is one reason to go and visit Batac. Emapanada. Actually, the whole region is famous for it but I have it on good source that empanadas originated from this town. True or otherwise, this is a favorite not only of those who sojourn to the region but to the locals as well. I would think that Ilocanos are...

  • Batac Hotels

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Batac Transportation

  • Jeepney from Laoag City to Batac

    If you're coming from Laoag City to Batac, you can take the jeepney bound to Paoay, it's passing to Batac, get off at the corner street right after the Ricarte National Shrine.The jeepney depot in Laoag is located 3 blocks away at the back of Laoag CIty Hall along Hernando Street corner J.P. Rizal Street, where UCCP Laoag is. Tell the driver that...

  • To Batac ....

    You can reach Batac on any south-bound bus from Laoag or north- bound bus to Laoag. Batac is about 15km away from Laoag.We were on our way to Laoag by the Partas bus .... we stopped at Batac for good half day visit. The bus will stop you at place very near to the police stand. Here's an opportunity for you to ask direction on Batac.

  • Around town of Batac - just walk...

    You can just walk around the little town of Batac. Everything is quite within walking distance. During hot weather, a must will be your sun-block, shades and cap and of course lots of drinking water... and yes, a comfortable pair of sandals.


Batac Shopping

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  • Convenience Store

    There is a 711 convenient store right in front of the municipal hall in case you forgot to buy some stuff and of course a cup of brewed coffee, drinks and food to eat.


    Batac longganisa is a MUST BUY!!! I've tasted a lot of longanisas but this local product is the best by far!!!

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Batac Local Customs

  • Empanada

    Empanadas are Everywhere in Ilocos Norte and Sur Provinces but the difference of the Empanadas of both Provinces is that the Longanisa Made in Vigan is more garlicky and the longanisa made in Batac has more anise flavor. Empanada is a Spanish Invention. It is usually made using wheat flour and the fillings are porkmeat w/ potatoes and sweet peas...

  • You want Chillie Sauce ?

    Wonder if they have the real Chillie sauce? When we were having lunch, we asked if we could have some chillie sauce to go with the meat that was served, we were given a bottle of little chillies soaked in some soya/vinegar. We then asked if there is anything else besides those little chillies, she shook her head.

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Batac Favorites

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    by myspices Updated Oct 25, 2006

    Favorite thing: Quiaoit Bridge is a good place to get your bearings and a good landmark.
    Most of the places of interests are around the vicinity of this bridge. Before the bridge, you will see the Iglesia Filipina Independiente Church and the Ancestral Home/Residence, Marcos Museum & Mausoleum. After the bridge, you will see the Batac Church right in front, the garden and Marcos monument on the left.

    crossing the Quiaoit bridge.. signage : Quiaoit Bridge
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