Province of Laguna Things to Do

  • Crocodile Lake
    Crocodile Lake
    by cyndymc
  • Parish of San Pedro Alcantara, Pakil
    Parish of San Pedro Alcantara, Pakil
    by pres_16
  • Our Lady's Nativity Parish, Pangil
    Our Lady's Nativity Parish, Pangil
    by pres_16

Province of Laguna Things to Do

  • Visit the Churches of Laguna

    In this pilgrimage, we visited five churches that belong to the Diocese of San Pablo, Laguna, in this order:1) San Pedro Alcantara Parish, Pakil2) Our Lady's Nativity Parish, Pangil3) Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Pagsanjan4) St. Gregory the Great Parish, Majayjay5) St. John d Baptist Parish, Liliw

  • Enchanted Kingdom Themepark

    I visited this theme park with some of my friends, a week after the strong typhoon 'Milenyo' hit the country. Reason why some of the rides were not working. I don't have the strong spirit for scary rides so I just tried the simple ones, like the Carousel, the Swan and others.*October 2016

  • Los Banos Flower & Garden Show

    The Flower and Garden Show is a most awaited event in Los Banos where those with green thumb can buy high quality plants and flowers at low, low prices. Those who do not have green thumb but love flowers and nice gardens will also enjoy being there to see the entries and winners to the Best Flowering Plant, Best in Landscape, Best Orchid, etc. The...

  • Enchanted Kingdom

    Themepark just 30 km away from Makati. Ive been here several times when i was younger than now. Then i just recently visited this place last May. After going around several themeparks outside philippines this is not as big as the others. But its still worth to visit the place. They have new attractions. Other new attractions are not included in the...

  • Splash Island

    Splash Island is Philippines' biggest waterpark offering thrilling rides for all ages. Camp Carambola offers rides for kids. You can have lunch at Fiesta Sa Pulo. Food & beverages are strictly not allowed to be brought inside the park. You can enjoy the waves at Agos Grandes. Most of the rides for adults are found near Isla Pawikan. Changing rooms,...

  • Flowers

    In some parts of the Makiling trail you'll see scenes like this: FLOWERS! But this is about the only species I saw which was abundant in the mid of the hike. Once on the peak of the montain, I saw several species, small ones of different...

  • Remember These When You Go To Pagsanjan

    There is a seeming unending problem regarding boatmen of Pagsanjan despite the local government's campaign against abusive boatmen. Copy these nos. in your mobile phone so they come in handy for problematic situations:Office of the Mayor: 0920-9073480, (049)8084057, (049)8217950Pagsanjan Tourist Police: (049)8085054, (049)8084050Tourism Office:...

  • Pagsanjan Falls In Laguna

    There is this water falls in the Philippines and tourists are told that it’s located in a province called Pagsanjan, well, would you like to know a little more, it’s really not located in Pagsanjan, to be exact it’s located at a province called, Cavint, Laguna. Each province is divided into a small area which we call now Barangay, and the barangay...

  • "Anilag" Festival

    ANILAG is an acronym for "Ani ng Laguna" which means "Harvest of Laguna", and Anilag Festival is meant to showcase the best of each town of Laguna. Held annually to coincide with Laguna Day (March 10), Anilag Festival is held at the Capitol grounds in Sta. Cruz, Laguna. This year's theme was "Disenyo ng Laguna" so the booths of each town were...

  • Visita Iglesia

    Try going to Laguna for your Visita Iglesia (a Filipino family tradition during Lenten season). Aside from the religious aspect, you will gain appreciation of the historical and cultural background of the place, and you will be awed by the well-preserved Baroque/Rennaisance architectural details.

  • Eat Cottage Cheese (Kesong Puti) from...

    Sta. Cruz is not only known as the capital of Laguna, but as the "Kesong Puti" (or cottage cheese made of carabao milk) capital. Sta. Cruz makes the best kesong puti in the country sought by health conscious locals and foreigners.

  • Not So Far Away Rice Paddies

    With the real estate boom in the Philippines,many rice plantations have been converted into residential areas. Fewer rice plantations meant more expensive rice for the locals,and with cheaper imported rice,many rice farmers opted to sell their lands to real estate developers instead of taking risks to plant then sell rice at uncompetitive prices....

  • Driving around the Lake

    San Pablo City is known as the city of 7 lakes, rightfully so. One of the easily accessible, and the most popular, is Sampaloc Lake. It is also the biggest among the crater lakes with Mt. Cristobal as its backdrop.The lake can be circled on foot, on bike, or in a car. Taking the latter, it took us 30 mins on concrete road. There were small parks...

  • You must try Sweet Espasol

    Espasol is a sticky rice variety cook in a large wok until brown, then grinding this down into a fine powder and cooking it is sugar and young coconut, the finished product is rolled in more sticky rice flour into small cylindrical shapen, then wrapped.

  • Don't Miss the Burdang Lumban Fersitval

    Embroidery tradition amon the women of Lumban, Laguna will never die out it passed from mother to daughter or aunt to niece, the art of delicate embroidery has been kept alive through the centuries, they have a Jusi from Batangas and Pina, the sheer cloth made of pineapple fiber come from Aklan. The lukban women are realy very good at needle work...

  • Makiling Botanic Gardens

    Makiling Botanic Gardens in Los Banos offers a nice stroll with good views. Center for Philippine Raptors located within is a mini-zoo where you can find birds of prey. The walk along the path towards the top offers a cool & refreshing sights with canopy of trees. The garden is a facility for scientific research and for recreation with fixtures...

  • Bleecker Street at EK

    Bleecker Street at Brooklyn Place EK is nice for picture taking. It's like being transported to another place and time. I think it was pattern after Disneyland.

  • Rialto at EK

    Rialto at EK is pure enjoyment. This is one of the rides I enjoyed most. At first, I just closed my eyes for fear of the unknown but after quite a while, I found it to be really fun. It's like in a movie theater but your seats move. Like going to the Galactica in a spaceship.

  • Kart Trak at EK

    Kart Trak is located at the Space Port in Enchanted Kingdom. This ride is not included in the package so you have to pay additional P220/350 per person to be able to enjoy this 9-minute ride. Go as fast as you can. Best enjoyed with the other riders. Wearing of helmet is a must. Height requirement is at least 4' 6". Maybe one or two-seater. Waiver...

  • Dance Show at EK

    At Enchanted Kingdom, you will be provided with entertainment such as live band and dance show. The dance show is complete with costumes and props like fire-eating rituals done by the dancers. We took some pictures of the show.

  • Jungle Log Jam at EK

    Jungle Log Jam at EK offers exhilarating ride in the water. Expect to get soaking wet. You will slowly be ushered to the top. Then suddenly down you go. I didn't get to ride this but some said they enjoyed the ride very much.

  • Bump N' Splash at EK

    Bump N' Splash at EK offers a thrilling ride. It's like a bump car in the water so prepare to get wet. I prefer the Dodgem (bump car) coz it's faster. It took us a long while to be able to ride the Bump N' Splash coz of the long queu.

  • Grand Carousel at EK

    Grand Carousel is at Victoria Park in Enchanted Kingdom. I took the ride several times, not being able to enjoy the more thrilling rides coz of faint heartedness. For P150, you will gain unlimited access to this ride. Applicable for all ages.

  • Enchanted Kingdom

    Enchanted Kingdom is an amusement park opened in 1995. It is located 10 km north of Calamba at Santa Rosa, which claims to be the country's first and only world-class theme park". Familiar sounding rides like the Space Shuttle, Jungle Log Jam, Wheel of Fate, and the 100-foot high Ferris Wheel are complemented by interactive displays, an...

  • Paete Paper Mache

    Laguna is an important center for traditional Philippine handicrafts, one of the most important of which are the woodcarving and paper mache industries of Paete. We roam around the shops and took some photos of their paper mache products done beautifully and artistically.

  • Paete Woodcarving

    Paete town is a community of skillful artisans popular for its woodcarvings. It is the best known Philippine centre for wood carving in ebony. Their products are cheap. For P150, I was able to buy a beautiful souvenir item, a home decor.

  • Paete Church

    Paete Church is the other attraction of the town of Paete aside from its wood carving & paper mache. It is an old church that dates back to the Spanish times. It sustained major damages in the earthquakes of 1884 and 1937.

  • Back View Pagsanjan Rapids Hotel

    Pagsanjan Rapids Hotel has nice views at the back. It is where guests embark on a boat ride to the falls. It's relaxing to just sit at the balcony located at the rear end of the hotel and watch the coming and going of the bancas carrying the tourists to the falls. In the late afternoon with nothing to do, I just lay back, listen to my MP4 music and...

  • Japanese Memorial Garden

    Japanese Memorial Garden is a memorial to the Japanese soldiers who died in WWII in and around Pagsanjan. It was created by the Japanese Government in memory of its many soldiers who perished during the bloody encounters at the end of the war. It is rumored to contain the remains of their commander, General Yamashita. This place is huge and has...

  • Caliraya Lake

    Caliraya Reservoir is a massive artificial lake with resorts like Sierra Lakes and Lake Caliraya Country Club featuring water skiing and windsurfing. It is man-made, perched lake and a popular place for water sports lovers. Various resorts can be found around the lake. Mount Banahaw makes a beautiful backdrop against the lake.

  • Pagsanjan Falls

    A trip to Pagsanjan is an obvious must on every Philippine tour itinerary. The last section of Francis Ford Coppolas's Vietnam War film Apocalypse Now was filmed here. The falls are only part of Pagsanjan's attractions; it's the river trip through the picturesque tropical gorge which is the real drawing card. Cost P740 per person including the raft...

  • Rafting in Pagsanjan Falls

    I truly enjoyed rafting to the falls. The whole thing took a couple of minutes only in order to accommodate the other tourists. The experience is exhilarating. You can feel the impact of the falls on your head. Upon reaching the falls, we had a quick swim. The shallow water is cool but just right after the heat of the boat ride. It's so refreshing....

  • Rough Ride to Pagsanjan Falls

    Two banqueros will paddle you upstream against the strong current in a banca. It's a feat of strength which taxes even two men paddling together. You come downstream at a thrilling speed. Shooting the rapids is at its most exciting in August and September, when the river is high. It's harder for the banqueros if there's less water especially during...

  • Pagsanjan Falls (1st Falls)

    You will have a brief stopover at the first falls. There are cottages selling drinks here. It's nice to take some pictures before continuing your boat ride to the main falls.

  • Views to Pagsanjan Falls

    Magdapio Waterfalls are only part of Pagsanjan's attractions; it's the river trip through the picturesque tropical gorge which is the real drawing card. Beautiful views can be seen on your boating trip to the falls. Mountain views with lights streaming through as well as trees with monkeys are enjoyable sights. A couple of mini-falls can be visible...

  • Boating in Pagsanjan River

    It was fun boating to the falls via Pagsanjan River. Along the way, you can enjoy the beautiful sights with the mountain and trees around you. Monkeys can be seen on the trees. It's great for nature lovers. You will also marvel at the skills of the banqueros. It's really hard work for them towing a banca with 3 people in it among the huge rocks,...

  • Pagsanjan Rapids Hotel

    You can take the boat ride to the falls at the back of Pagsanjan Rapids Hotel. Pay the boat ride as well as the raft ride at the hotel lobby for P740. Raft ride costing P90 is refundable. The boat is owned by the hotel.

  • Majayjay Church

    Majayjay Church is the main attraction in the town of Majayjay in Laguna. It is reputedly one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. Foliages can be seen jutting out from the old stone structure of the church. Inside the church is equally majestic. Majayjay is the next town after Liliw.

  • Labasin Falls in Villa Escudero

    Villa Escudero package includes lunch buffet in the Labasin Falls. You can enjoy your lunch with water flowing at your feet. Nice to take pictures by the falls for souvenirs. There are plenty of tables & benches for the guests. The buffet lunch is ordinary and nothing to rave about.

  • Rafting in Villa Escudero

    It was really enjoyable albeit tiresome rafting along the river in Villa Escudero. It was my first time to try it and I had difficulty maneuvering the raft, not knowing how to turn it around. But it was a great experience. You should try it when visiting the place. 2 persons allowed per raft.

  • Villa Escudero Cottages

    You can stay the night at Villa Escudero with a choice of three styles of accommodations: Riverside Cottages, Long House Garden Units and Long House Garden Suites. Prices depends on the type of accomodation ranging from P1720 to P9170 per person. Resort Prices Include: Three meals per person, Use of recreational facilities etc. (same as Day Tour)....

  • Villa Escudero Pools

    Nice swimming pools with slides can be found inside Villa Escudero. There's a pool for kids. Already included in the package.

  • Villa Escudero Residence

    Villa Escudero Residence can be seen inside the compound of Villa Escudero. A long, nice pathway leads to the house. It has a beautifully manicured landscaped garden decorated with lamps.

  • Villa Escudero Museum

    Villa Escudero Museum is reminiscent of the Spanish colonial era which is worth paying a visit. The museum has many valuable historical, religious and cultural artefacts. One of biggest collection I've seen so far in the Philippines.

  • Villa Escudero

    Villa Escudero is about 10 km south of San Pablo, just before Tiaong. It is a coconut plantation and resort combined. Admission is P975. Kids below 2 yrs old are free. Senior citizen cards are accepted. Package includes guided tour, lunch buffet, trip on a raft and use of the facilities such as swimming pool and billiards etc. In this complex,...


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