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    View from Balanacan
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    Tres Reyes Islands
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    Luxor Private Beach Resort
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Marinduque Things to Do

  • Have a visit to St. Ignatius of Loyola...

    Due to the Spaniards colonization in the country in the early 15th century, they greatly influenced the Filipinos customs and tradition. It’s really uncommon to see colonial churches all over the Philippines. St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish is a small church in Torrijos and one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. According to my father, the...

  • Shrine of the Battle of “Pulang Lupa”...

    September 11, 1900, in the terrains of the “Pulang Mountain” a battle was held between the Filipinos and Americans. Through the leadership of Captain Maximo Abad, the Filipinos triumphantly won the battle after 2 days. In commemoration of the bloody battle between the 2 forces (Filipinos and Americans) more than a century ago, an obelisk of marble...

  • Hiking to the mountains of "Pulang...

    The mountains of “Pulang Lupa” were known for its historical bloody battle of the Filipino-American soldiers. According to the history, Colonel Maximo Abad led some Filipino guerillas to fight against the American Soldier Captain Devereux Shields with his men. Due to Abad’s keen tactics in leading the Filipino guerillas and their mastery of the...

  • Moriones Festival

    Marinduque is popular of its annual Moriones Festival being celebrated during the Lenten Season. Moriones Festival is locally called “Moryonan” where people wear masks and costumes roam the streets and re-enacts the story of Saint Longinus (a blind Roman soldier whose eyesight was restored when Jesus’s blood dropped on his wounded eye then became a...

  • Kayak or sing with the Videoke or just...

    Aside from swimming and rolling over the flesh sand (I really believe it's flesh) of Poctoy Beach, another fun thing to do here is to kayak!!! The rent for Kevlar boat with the life vests and paddles costs 150php for 1 hour. There are many colorful Kevlar boats to choose from. It's located at a corner part of the resort. Also a karaoke’s for rent...

  • Poctoy (white) beach

    Poctoy Beach Resort is found in the town of Torrijos and also popular to its nearby town- Sta. Cruz.They usually call Poctoy beach as the white beach so I expected that the sand’s literally white but got a bit disappointed (just a little.. really)... because the sand’s color was really flesh. But since the people call it as the white beach so I...

  • A different Luneta Park

    I thought that Luneta Park is found only in Metro Manila but I got surprised to find out that another park in the province of Marinduque shares the same name but the 2 parks are really incomparable from each other. Unlike the historical landmark of the City of Manila, the Luneta Park in the small town of Torrijos is situated along the bay. Staying...

  • Soak up nature

    One can trek up Mt. Malindig, 1157 meters above sea level. The Malbog Hot Springs (sulfuric) is also a destination.Read: the more conventional traveller, there is Poctoy Beach in Torrijos (northwest part of the island).

  • Tres Reyes Island (3 Islands)

    If you want to go to Tres Reyes Island named as Gaspar, Melchor and Baltazar, just ask your hotel or a fisherman to bring you to Tres Reyes island. We drived by boat about 30-40 mins. to reach the Gaspar island. First, we are thinking that the island have sand beach but it's not it was a a coral beach. We liked our trip to Gaspar island because is...


Marinduque Hotels

Marinduque Transportation

  • RORO to/from Marinduque

    There are many various shipping lines that you can choose from but the departure time differs so usually, you can’t choose what kind of ferry you like since time matters. Ferries that usually travel to Marinduque are the RORO ferries- Roll-on/Roll-Off. These are big and conventional ferries wherein public/private vehicles can board and leave. My...

  • Bus going to Marinduque

    We took the longer way to get to Marinduque by taking the JAC liner bus terminal from Kamias, Quezon City. This bus will definitely drop you in front of your house… if your house is just along the main road. My aunt reserved our bus seats for us 2weeks before the Lent. We paid 900php- all in. From Quezon City, Metro Manila, the bus travels all the...

  • Bus going back to Manila From Marinduque

    After 4 hours from Sta. Cruz Port, Marinduque, we arrived in Dalahican Pier in Lucena, Quezon Province. Once you get out of the RORO, in the Dalahican Port, you’ll see number of buses going to Metro Manila awaiting passengers. We took the JAC liner bus again which is air conditioned and because of its free wi-fi.Travel time: 3-3.5 hours Fare:...


Marinduque Shopping

  • Marinduque Delicacies

    This one's a bakery but it also sells some souvenir stuffs and delicacies. It's very near the "No Name shop" where Morion masks are sold and also located in the central town of Torrijos. No chance to bargain. Arrowroot cookies are products from Marinduque which will be very good to have a taste of it.Small size- 80php, Big size- 150phpTamarind...

  • Moriones Souvenirs

    Although it has no name, this shop is a must see and it's the main place/factory where the Morion masks are exported then sold in the city and to the nearby towns. The shop seems like an old house where the owner resides with his family but I believe he lives upstairs.You can easily locate this shop in the central town of Torrijos. A prominent...

  • Marinduque Hotels

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Marinduque Local Customs

  • theguardianangel's Profile Photo

    by theguardianangel Updated Apr 28, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Most of the people living in Marinduque are Catholics and they are particular in celebrating the Holy Week. People from Metro Manila come back from their hometown (wherever that is) to celebrate the Lent with their families.

    Honestly, I only know that processions are done every Good Friday at 3-4pm (after Christ gave His 7 last words) but not here in Marinduque. Processions are done during Holy Wednesday and Good Friday with the saints' replicas march around town. It's a good thing that I was able to join the 1st procession (Holy Wednesday) because I found out that Morions also join the holy parade too. They walk with the people at the end of the procession. They say that once you wear the complete Morion costume, it will be your penitent and so I thought wrong. Moriones Festival is not only about fashion and that the people participating in the festival weren't only showing off their new designs of costumes. It's all about faith and the costumes... it's just a bonus for tourists who want to catch a glimpse of the tradition.

    I can imagine how hard it is for a person to wear that Morion mask and the big and heavy garments; plus the hot and humid temperature on a summer day while marching around town. That is really WOW!

    The procession starts from the Church, marches around town then goes back.
    Holy Wednesday procession has shorter route than in the Good Friday. The elders pray the rosary about 3 mysteries of the Holy Rosary are recited while walking down the streets, until it gets back in the church. Each people carry lighted candles just as the procession starts.

    Good Friday the end of the procession The Scourging at the pillar getting back to church procession ended at 7pm on a Holy Wednesday
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Marinduque Off The Beaten Path

  • theguardianangel's Profile Photo

    by theguardianangel Written Apr 28, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We use to call coconut as "Buko" and its juice is very refreshing as well as its meat which is more popularly used as main ingredient in salad (Buko Salad).

    We went to visit one of our relatives outside Torrijos, can't remember the place. Then my aunt out of nowhere just asked us if we wanted the fruit from above- the coconut tree!

    Ofcourse, we wanted it! One of our relatives then, got a long bamboo stick and a coconut fruit fell! My aunt axed (that's my term, don't bother) in half the coconut fruit and in instant, we had our refreshment.

    Marinduque is rich in natural wonders so you may get a lot to see coconut trees wherever you go. It's very odd though that in the provinces in the Philippines, if you want a coconut fruit, you just have to ask the owner of the land (if he's there) or anyone living within that place if you can have some coconut fruits. I believe the only challenge is how you will get it from the tree.

    getting coconut fruit from the coco tree Buko while cutting the
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Marinduque Sports & Outdoors

  • sanggano's Profile Photo

    by sanggano Written Dec 20, 2011

    Guests can play free of charge at the 9-hole Bellarocca golf course, which is on the main island about a kilometer from the resort. Non-guests must pay the green fee.

    The course is on a hillside, with views of the blue sea. Some fairways play like the first cut of rough. The greens are bumpy and very slow. The correct attitude is to play it for fun, and the vista.

    Equipment: Club rentals available.

    It's all about the view
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