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    Chess in the City

    by isolatedpawn Updated Oct 5, 2013

    "Chess is a very wonderful game! I feel pity to those who don't know how to play it. They don't know how to love". That is perhaps an exaggeration but let me tell it anyway.

    I started playing chess rather late at the age of 15 out of hate! There was a basketball tournament in the neigborhood which I thought I will be a sho-in because I was playing with them every afternoon. As it turned out other guys booted me out and of all the people, they opted to tap this guy with a amputated hand nicknamed "Putol". Since then I concluded that basketball is not the right sport for the Filipinos and we don't stand a chance against foreign teams! (lol)

    I fell in love with the game of chess and so was she and we committed to ourselves for the rest of our lives!

    I took up Accountancy when I was in college instead of my preferred Political Science Course as my cousin will finance my education. Later, when my academics and other things get tough I turned to chess for the rescue. I tried out for college chess varsity scholarship and got it. I can't imagine what my life would be without chess. It taught me how to be patient, to be analytical, to live and love.

    I realized that there is no money in chess in the Philippines unless you are at least an International Master or a Grandmaster but nevertheless I would like to help in the promotion of chess in our city to repay the wonderful things it had given me as the saying goes "Chess like love, like music is capable of making people happy!"

    There are regular chess games going on every afternoon at:

    United Chess Players of Calapan
    Salong, Calapan City, Philippines 5200
    (beside Children's Hospital)

    VT at 2013 CCAA Chess Team Tournament @ DWCC Chess with Magnificent Murials as Background VT with me as Arbiter Chess with Magnificent Murials as Background Chess with Magnificent Murials as Background
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    Palay - Grain of Life

    by isolatedpawn Updated Oct 4, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Rice (genus Oryza) is a plant in the family of herbs which is a major source of food for more than half the population of people in the world. It is the third largest grain crop, after corn and wheat .

    In the past months rice is very expensive here in the Philippines. Government was under fire for its failure to regulate the supply and price of rice. If news is to be believed, government agencies in charge claimed that there is more than enough supply of rice in our warehouses. The country even exported tons of rice overseas!

    But why is Rice or Palay Price continue to be high notwithstanding the claim of the government that it is otherwise?

    I made my own research and what is more patriotic way but to engage in palay/rice trading myself to determine once and for all which is which.

    I am a banker not a farmer so imagine how difficult it is for me to engage in the business.

    In my interview with the farmers, a capitalization of $600 or P30,000 is needed for every hectare of land for farming inclusive of the seeds and the fertilizers. Normally, the farmers for some reasons do not have that amount of capital. What will they do is they will borrow fertilizers from the store or borrow capital from a financer normally at 3% per month for a palay period of 120 days at most. The Palay will then be sold to the financer at a much lower price than the market. Income from palay farming is good but it is seasonal. Depending on the demand for palay, the income can really be good if not better.

    There are two seasons worth remembering in planting palay:
    a. ending normally in September
    b. ending normally in March

    Understandably, these seasons will mark the beginning of buying palay.


    1. Land preparation
    2. Application of organic fertilizer
    3. Application of Molouscide (pangkahol)
    4. Application of Herbicide (pangdamo)
    5. Application of Insecticide
    6. Application of Fertilizer
    7. Application of Insecticide
    8. Application of Fungicide
    9. Application of Fertilizer

    These cycle must carefully and heartfully be applied so palay will be ready for human consumption. Cycle normally lasts to 98 days to 120 days at most.


    As in regular business the we have to know the expenses to be incurred to know if we are really earning.

    1. Milling - P85 per sack
    2. Sack - 11 per sack
    3. Measurement of Darak - .10 per kilo
    4. Drying (Diesel) - 65 per sack (P40 per sack if ordinary Dryer)
    5. Arrangement - 2 per sack
    Total P163.10


    It is now time for selling but first we should determine the "Recovery" meaning how many kg of palay is needed to fill up a 50kg of rice or 1 cavan of rice.

    The formula will be:

    let x be the recovery.
    x = no. of kg of palay bought/no. of cavans of palay milled
    x = 2042/18 cavans and 44 kilos
    x = 2042/18.88
    x = 108.15 kg needed to complete a cavan of rice

    To determine the Selling Price (SP ) of a cavan the formula will be:
    SP = (Recovery x Cost of Palay bought per Kg) + Total Costs - Other Income (By-products)
    = (108.15 x 19.50) + 163.10
    = 2,108.93 + 163.10
    SP = P 2,272.03
    This means that the SP should not be lower than P2,300 per cavan (with consideration of course on the amount earned from by-products).

    This also means that the cost of palay bought which was P19.50 was very expensive unless there is a predetermined computation that the seller was willing to shoulder due to previous commitments.

    Further, the buyer of palay grains should monitor the prices of the Ricemill which ideally should be less than P1.00.

    The question of why the prices of rice is high is still due to the rule of "Supply and Demand". Wether the supply is controlled by some sectors to appear that there is artificial shortage is another question (Which I would like to believe). This is aside from the fact that this is the time of the year where harvesting is affected by continous rains brought about by typhoons.

    @VGC Ricemill @VGC Ricemill Dryer using Diesel @VGC Ricemill Mechanical Milling
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    Calapan City Hall - Your City, Your Home

    by isolatedpawn Updated Oct 3, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Calapan City Hall is the seat of Calapan Government. Calapan is the City of Discipline and Good Character. Calapan City today is a dynamic agropolis - a city whose economy is anchored on agriculture but with vibrant commecial sector making it the business center in the province.

    Vision & Mission

    One Calapan: A model city of good governance and competitiveness – home to God loving, productive and happy people with discipline and good character.
    The City of Calapan shall initiate and sustain programs, projects and activities towards city development through transparent and participatory governance.

    I noticed that there is a seal stating that it is ISO Certified. I thought certification is given only to private corporations. In my research I found out that third party certification bodies provide independent confirmation that organizations meet the requirements of ISO 9001. With that I would like to believe that the city meet the standards on services to be given to the constituents and fulfillment of its vision and mission.

    Calapan City Hall ISO Certified Dedication Chess in the City Chess In the City
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    Calapan Airport

    by isolatedpawn Updated Oct 3, 2013

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    I was about to put this page in my Transportation Tip but deleted it in the end for reason that airplane is not a regular means of transportation in going to and from Calapan City.

    Calapan Airport was established a long long time ago to cater cargoes that need immediate transport. It is utilized by the President of the Philippines during his visit to the province and other government officials during special occasions and during elections. Lately it is facilitated by FSI - Flying School International who operated a two-seater and a four-seater airplanes for flying lessons for local and even international students.

    Want to fly? The two-seater is $156 per hour while the four-seater is $223 per hour.

    Closest Airports to name a few are:
    1. Pinalamayan Airport, RPLA, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines
    2. Fernando Air Base, RPUL, Batangas, Philippines
    3. Marindoque Airport, MRQ, Gasan, Marindoque, Philippines
    4. Mamburao Airport, MBO, Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines
    5. San Jose Airport, SJI, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

    I was told that the airplaines can go as far as Palawan Airport.

    @Calapan Airport @Calapan Airport @Calapan Airport @Calapan Airport
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    Exercise When There is Time

    by isolatedpawn Updated Sep 27, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After undergoing angioplasty for suffering a massive heart attack, its time to exercise when there is time.

    I was lucky to be alive!

    Last June 15, 2013, I was fortunate that during the heart attack, I was in Batangas near Mediatrix Hospital where at that very momment the specialist was there to undergo angioplasty. (In normal cases, the doctor will be coming from Manila and the trip will take at least 3 to 4 hours due to heavy rains). I was subjected to numerous morphine injections to relieve the pain that I was experiencing.

    When I recovered I was required to undergo CARE - Cardiac Rehabilitation for 8 sessions where I do light workouts so I will gain self confidence.

    Months later I was and still am getting ready to face the world! Though it means taking timeout from work, it was the right decision so I can conquer the world not only virtually soon.

    I realized now the importance of good sleep, good food and right exercise and I intend to do just those.

    Upon returning home I enrolled at Sai-O Gym where I can be supervised by an expert. It has almost all the amenities except for the absence of high tech Thread Mill.

    Sai-O Gym has a new slogan to attract clients thru "Buddy Buddy for a Discount". A client with a referral is intitled to discount. For only $12 a month, what more can you ask for?

    It is located in Lumangbayan, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines (Near Neo Calapan Mall)

    Sao-O Gym @Sai-O Gym @Sai-O Gym @Sai-O Gym @Sai-O Gym
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