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Puerto Galera Things to Do

  • Try the street food

    If you are walking around Sabang then you will find that there are many opportunities to stop and buy street food. My particular favourite are the deep fried bananas that are so sweet to eat. Two bananas on a skewer cost 10PHP.

  • Underwater Cave

    One of the coolest place in Galera is the underwater cave. I was scared though going there because we have to ride a canoe and the waves that time were pretty wild! Well, fortunately, we are still alive haha. It is a small cave and we were lucky that we were the only people there that time!

  • Snorkeling

    Puerto Galera has one of the nicest underwater scenery. I was able to see a turtle or a pawikan (i am not really sure).


Puerto Galera Hotels

Puerto Galera Restaurants

  • Rumulus Place

    Now, I have been writing online a good few years and I often get people saying to me “Please can you do an article about my place”. I mostly say no as it is NOT very often you find a place that is always good. Well I am going to tell you about a place now that is amazing. It is down to the owner/manager and amazing cook called Rumulus. This...

  • A Real Chef on White Beach Puerto Galera

    Now, I have been writing online a good few years and I often get people saying to me “Please can you do an article about my place”. I mostly say no as it is NOT very often you find a place that is always good. Well I am going to tell you about a place now that is amazing. It is down to the owner/manager and amazing cook called Rumulus.This Filipino...

  • Fantastic food

    I had dinner here on two occasions. The staff are amazing, incredibly friendly polite and helpful. Service indeed was first class. The menu was extensive and there was plenty of choice for me as a vegetarian. On the first occasion, I had vegetable tempura; there was a good variety in the selection of vegetables used and the batter was very light...


Puerto Galera Nightlife

  • Fire dancing

    I really love Puerto Galera's nightlife especially watching the ladyboys dance with fire by the beach! It is really entertaining, they are skinnier and sexier than most girls ahaha!

  • Bakla nights!

    Puerto Galera has the best nightlife (at least for me). There are 'shows' almost every bar like fire dance, dance shows, gay shows, you name it, they have it! Price of beer is between 60-80.

  • Sabang

    Sabang ist the worst place in the Phillipines where I came to. U want to be ripped off from nearly everybody just because you are a toursit? You want be discriminated? Come 2 Sabang an get the hole experienced of Filipinos which not thinking of you like a human but a walking ATM. They nearly all higher the prices when u not a filipno. That is bad....


Puerto Galera Transportation

  • Si-kat bus

    We thought out trip would be more comfortable if we took Si-kat bus but was very dissapointed with the behaviour of the lady guide. She wasn't very friendly and she doesn't really know how to deal and response to problems. She can't work under pressure and can really be angry not taking into consideration that her job is to make the passengers...

  • Banca

    A Catamaran Type banca is the most common transportation when going to Puerto Galera. The travel is 1 hour. Trips usually start at 5 AM. If you are in a hurry, fast raft is an option. And if you are afraid especially if there are dark clouds in the horizon,you can take Roro but it's boring. I prefer banca.

  • Galerian Lines- direct transpo to...

    This was the only boat which goes directly to and from Talipanan Beach. Odd, we were unable to try this one. Was supposed to but when we arrived at Batangas Port, Galerian lines' booth has not opened yet. It was due to open 9:30AM and we arrived 8am. Price is Php300 per pax one way.Please make sure though to note the price difference of the boat...


Puerto Galera Shopping

  • Snacks? Bottled Water? Ice Cream?...

    It may not be 7-11 or Mini Stop but this is perfect just in case you find bottled water at the hotel too expensive (you can buy the 5 liter ones, but better buy one when you reach the Batangas Pier) or you're craving for some ice cream or junk food or forgot to bring your shampoo or worse, sunblock! There's another mini-mart which closes a bit late...

  • Forgot Your Beachwear? Souvenirs?

    There are a lot of shops at White Beach that sell beachwear, flip-flops, toys for making sandcastles, inflatables, souvenir shirts and items, Mangyan woven bags and baskets, fancy jewelry, pearls and the colorful branklets (bracelet/anklets). The basic branklets are sold at 10 pesos for a bunch of three. Refrigerator magnets are sold @ 100 pesos...

  • Shoppings

    They have this shop called the Tree of Life,where they have this oils exclusively made from the the resort using the coco oils! Coco Oils,Nut Art,Summer dresses,Printed shirt exclusively designed by the resort,Paintings,Sea shells,Native bags,Wooden figurines,Accesories,Fasion Jewelries and a lot more! The prices are least expensive and unique!


Puerto Galera Local Customs

  • "Sir, throw some coins, please!"

    While some people find it amusing and entertaining, throwing coins into the sea for children to dive and catch encourages laziness and beggar-mentality. These kids are not to entertain but they are there to earn money. Mind you, they would reject if you throw 0.25 centavos. “Kulang pa sa pagod” (Not worth the effort), they reasons. Tourism brings...

  • A different type of Halloween

    PG residents celebrate Halloween on 1 Nov. Instead of dressing up and going for some trick or treating, kids here and adults too go caroling and making a lot of noise with makeshift drums made of tin cans, rattles using bottles filled with seashells to go with their singing.To show your appreciation, give them some coins. After all, they have sung...

  • Massage on the beach

    I really do not know if this is a local custom or a tourist trap, but anyway... you can get a cheap and sometimes effective massage from locals on the many beaches around Puerto Galera.They cost about $2-3...Hard part is to stand your coconut smell afterwards...


Puerto Galera Warnings and Dangers

  • Lack of any banking facilities

    Although we had a great holiday in a great location we found that there are a distinct lank of banking facilities. We stayed at Sabang Beach and there is no ATM or Bank there. Even if you go to PG town then apparently there is a bank but its ATM is inside so you cant access it on the weekends.Hotels can help give you cash and add it to your room...

  • Overloaded Ferry

    Just few day ago I and my family boarded the apparently new shipping line M/B Willem to return to Batangas. The maximum capacity of 95 passenger was already reached, probably over. Just before departure time, a jeepney with an other 20 passenger arrived at the pier. To the disbelief of all passenger, the crew tried to pursue this group to join. All...

  • The Everyday Attitude

    The place is too commercialized and touristy. Every local (those who get in touch with the tourists) thinks that everyone who get their asses in Puerto Galera is a rich man. These people hound you the moment you step on the boat/roro from Batangas port.Hinay-hinay naman kayo. Some of us are just ordinary excursionista.


Puerto Galera Tourist Traps

  • Overpriced transportation

    I saw some ridiculous prices for jeepneys from Sabang to White Beach, but those prices are for renting the entire thing for a set period of time. Don't even look at that, but ask for the public jeepney to Puerto Galera town and then rent a trike from there to White Beach. It should be 100 peso. Coming back can be a problem. The public jeepney from...


    The tourist trap is not being a Filipino and having a white skin and very easy to steal bellybag.The tourist trap is not understanding or being able to speak their language.Sailing on a ferry that is not seaworthy between islands. Often they will put new paint over the ferry to cover-up the badly needed repairs to make an impression of good...

  • Inflated prices

    Look out for numerous locals selling items on the street. They are pretty persistent and have lots of energy. They usually stick to the busy parts of town and hang around the street corners. Also watch out for fruit sellers who bring produce to your door they will double or triple the going rate. Smile and walk away


Puerto Galera What to Pack

  • Bring your own bottled water

    sunglasses sunblock lotion and moisturizer -- THIS IS A MUSTparacetamol, mefenamic acid, cotton, betadine or any antiseptic for wounds, bandaids, *take bonamine before riding the boat as it can really get rough on the seas especially if the waves are big Food & beverage are very expensive at White Beach, PG. I recommend that you buy your own...

  • Bottled water and Cash!

    Ziplocs and extra plastic bags for wet clothing (or for barfing on the boat) aqua shoes... sunglasses... caps or hats anti-dizzy meds for seasickness, pack sachets of shampoo, comditioner, moisturizer/lotion insect repellent, facial wash or feminine wash instead of bringing bottles so that your bag won't be too heavy and you can just throw it...

  • travel light

    try to bring one big bag and thats just it!! dont bring too much clothes coz you wont need it..shorts and blouses would be just fine.. bring more bathing suits!! hehehe if you forgot your swimwear, you could buy there from 250-500.. bring your first aid kit!! we were stung by small jelly fishes.. dont ever forget your camera!! coz we forgot...


Puerto Galera Off The Beaten Path

  • Dive at Verde Island

    If you are diving in Puerto Galera then ask your dive centre about diving at Verde Island. It is approximately a 50 minute journey away and the majority of dive centres will put on a trip for you subject to minimum numbers. I went with Blue Ribbon Divers, we left at around 9:15 in the morning and over the day did three dives, the first was off the...

  • Herpaworld

    Close to White Beach is a reptile farm, with all manner of snakes and a few crocs.The owner is German and they have lots of information in English. You'll need to take a scooter to get here though.

  • Mount Malasimbo

    if you're already tired of doing nothing at the beach, try climbing the mountain at the back of whitebeach, it may not be an easy one but it's definitely worth the try. warning though, there are a lot of leeches on some part of the trail so be alert and have a rubbing alcohol ready.


Puerto Galera Sports & Outdoors

  • Diving with Blue Ribbon Divers

    There are a plethora of dive centres in Puerto Galera to choose from. I opted for Blue Ribbon Divers and I was not disappointed. Staff were very knowledgeable and the PADI instructors were first class. Jeff, the local dive guide was amazing at finding the many different species of sea life that inhabit these waters. I really enjoy macro diving and...

  • Spoiled for choice

    There are so many dive operators in Sabang, and lots of smaller fish to see, dive sites include Monkey Beach, Sabang Point, Sabang Bay, West Escado and Sabang Wrecks. Scuba tank, BCD, flippers, weight belt, mask.

  • Scuba-diving in PG

    There are many wonderful dive sites accessible from the Sabang beach of Puerto Galera.We went to the follow dive sites for our: - M/V Alma Jane ( depth 30 meters) - Hole in the wall ( depth 12 meters) - Canyons ( depth 30 meters) - LaLaguna Point (depth 3 to 18 meters) - Sabang Wrecks (depth 18 meters) - Shark Caves (depth 25 to 30 meters) -...


Puerto Galera Favorites

  • My Second Bora

    The light colored sand is nice to look with the colorful pebbles and the clear waters. If you don't feel like seeing a lot of people but want to stay at White Beach, then you can swim at the left most side of White Beach, coz it is more quiet there. I highly recommend the beachside massage! Actually, I miss the serenity and simplicity of Muelle...

  • The region

    Puerto Galera is a city in the north of Mindoro, the whole region uses this name though. Popular places include Sabang (the resort where I stayed), White Beach Big Laguna and Small Laguna.

  • beaches

    there's no airline going to puerto galera... you have to travel either from the sea or by land,,, you have to reach first batangas then you can reach puerto galera,,, when you need help just text me or give me a call,, 09194499143,,,


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