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Coron Things to Do

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  • Kayangan Lake

    5 out of 5 stars

    this will be pictures of the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden or Pulau Tasik Dayang Bunting which is located along Langkawi Islands of Malaysia in The Andaman Sea of which is a Rival of Kayangin Lake of Coron. the only attraction in Pulau Dayang Bunting is the freshwater lake which is a good 10 to 15 minute hike along a steep hillside going up and a...

  • Climb Mt Tapyas

    4 out of 5 stars

    Mount Tapyas is located in Coron Town (different from Coron Island as Coron Town is located in Busuanga Island) and is a famous hiking activity in the town. The Mountain (actually it is just a hill as it is just 680 feet (210 meters) height and to differentiate a hill from a mountain, it should be 1,000 feet (334 meters) in height or more). If you...

  • Maquinit Hot Springs

    4 out of 5 stars

    We came to Coron on the afternoon of February, with little time left we went to Maquinit hot spring. We rode a tricycle through unpaved roads and when we got there the sun already set. The place was surrounded by mangroves, there were two small pools and one big one. The smaller pools were hotter than the bigger pool as if the bigger pool was not...


Coron Hotels

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Coron Restaurants

  • Only Coffee Shop Area at the Coron...

    B.O.G. Coffee House is the only food chain located inside the departure area of the Francisco B. Reyes Airport as there are many food outlets outside the airport. I heard they also have two Branches in Coron Town but I did not have time to visit It as I did not stay in Coron Town (only did the day tour from far away huma island and back). This...


    The first day we passed by this restaurant and decided to give it a miss, but we were in the area a couple of days later and decided to eat there. The restaurant was basic but the service was fine, beers were cold and the food good. My wife ate a Filipino favorite, sinigang which is a tamarind soup with fish. I went for the fish and chips which was...


    Dali Dali means quickly, quickly and is worth trying this restaurant out. You cannot miss it as the front of the restaurant is covered in photographs of the meals on offer, including the history of kimchee. As the name suggests service was fast and we had two noodle dishes with kimchee, but unfortunately i cannot remember the name . The small...


Coron Nightlife

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    Otto's Bar is on the National Highway just as you enter the commercial area on the left. The bar is nothing special but you can sit upstairs where the bar is located and watch the locals from above. Otto himself is an elderly Austrian who has been thee for 14 years. The bar is small and i they ever get 10 customers it would be crowded.


    WE were inquiring about the price of the zipline which is an eyesore down by the area that has been reclaimed by the sea, just in front of Lualhati Park, and they mentioned that they had a Happy Hour on the small cafe/restaurant on the sea just where you buy the tickets for the zipline. A SM pilsen 30 pesos, a SM light 35 pesos from 6-10 pm! What a...

  • Dance the night away

    This Disco Bar opened just opened recently when I was in Coron. The P100.00 entrance fee is consumable you can have 1 free beer of 1 glass of Vodka + sprite. I chose my favorite red horse beer of course. The place for me is cozy with nice crowd and more secure with friendly and helpful staff in navy hats. The disco music is current and it has a bar...


Coron Transportation


    Montenegro has just started a daily boat service to El Nido for 1,700 pesos. It goes back and forth in one day and takes 4 hours. I am not sure if this boat is still operating but there are other boats that make the trip every day except for Saturdays at a similar price

  • Native Banca for Island Hopping

    The Main Things to do in Coron Town is Island Hopping and Snorkelling and Wreck Diving and this is done via the native philippine banca, which is made of sturdy wood and with bamboo poles as balancing beams at the sides and a single diesel engine at the back, the seating configuration is along the sides of the boat and an average large banca can...

  • Coron Boat Jetties

    Coron Town has many mini boat Jetty's from various tour companies and local individual boat operators plying the tourist trade as most of the coron tours as Island Hopping Tours as unlik it's rivals in the Andaman Sea like Krabi or Pulau Langkawi, Coron Town (on Busuanga Island) does not have a decent beach, all the beaches of coron down are at the...


Coron Shopping

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  • Souvenir Shops In Coron

    Coron is now on the Beaten Track and Hordes of Tourists (both foreign and locals) now cram the town and due to this there are now many souvenir shops in and around Coron Town and even at the Airport of which you can buy assorted souvenir Items and foodstuffs that are native to the area ranging from dried fish and squids, cashew nuts, various local...


    Should you decide to buy pearls at the last moment there is an air-conditioned shop inside the airport which sells pearl necklaces and other jewelry. Around the islands there are many pearl farms and pearls are cheaper here than in other parts of the Philippines, but be sure to bargain hard.


    Should you forget to pick up some souvenirs in the town there is a souvenir shop outside the airport that sells local snack food like cashews as well as t-shirts, wooden carvings and pearls.


Coron Local Customs

  • Coron Fridge Magnets

    I am an avid collector of refrigerator magnets and whenever I travel, I usually buy them as part of my souvenir collections of the local area that I've visited and here in Corn and Busuanga, is no different. always remember to haggle when buying the souvenir items. The refrigerator Magnets go for as low as 35 pesos if you know how to haggle (but if...

  • Kasadyaan Festival

    Philippines is also known for colorful festivities and I’m lucky to witness the “Kasadyaan Festival” of Coron which happens on the feast of their patron St. Augustine. The streets are adorned with “banderitas” and saw some street dancing and some show to their little plazuela in front of the Coron Town hall. There's also street dancing competition.

  • Busuanga - Boracay Connection SEAIR

    SEAIR is opening new flight from Busuanga to Caticlan (Boracay) on 22 Oct every SUNDAY 12:15h. Caticlan to Busuanga is on THURSDAY 12:15h (already existing).


Coron Warnings and Dangers


    When we were in Coron we wanted to take the day trip to Calauit Island but there were not enough people who were interested in taking the tour on that particular day so we left our names and cell number with the tour agency so they could call us if there were enough people for the next day. Unfortunately they did call us wondering if we would like...


    When your boat anchors at Coron Island so the tourists can see Kayangan Lake there is a marvelous map giving details of burial grounds, reefs, sanctuaries, beaches, lakes, hunting grounds, protected forests. The island has been given to the local Tagbanua people and tourists may enter certain parts of the island only.


    The sign says it all--- you will be bitten, accused of trespassing or being cruel to dogs. The owner is French and is very humorous, but enter at your own risk. Believe me it is worth it as the food is good.


Coron Tourist Traps


    Palawan is famous for growing cashew trees but the price of cashews on the island of Busuanga seemed to be very expensive as at the time of our visit the stores were selling them for 700 pesos a kilo. If you are continuing your journey to Puerto Princesa you will pay half that price or even less. Cashew harvest time is normally between February and...

  • Overprized Packages

    If traveling on an off-peak season, it's best to just go there and rent a boat by the pier beside the marketplace. Online tour packages, as well as those offered in your resort/hotel, are most likely over prized. We booked a package for 10 online, but when we got there and inquired with the boatsmen on the pier, their offer is much less and we...

  • Don't be fooled by more expensive tour...

    Try to book ahead if you want a hassle free vacation. Try since they can help you find a group to join so split tour cost. They are DOT accredited and safe.Heard from another thread swedish guy patrick does not provide enough life jackets for the tourist. Text coast guard in the area in case your tour provider does not have...


Coron What to Pack

  • Bring Light Colored Clothes and Flip...

    The Philippines is a tropical country and Coron Tpwn is included with just two seasons, the summer season and rainy seasons and since the area is humid, I would suggest you just bring T-Shirts more so the light colored ones as to somewhat deflect the heat instead of the dark colored ones which absorb heat. Also Bring Jeans and or walking shorts...

  • Bring A Water Proof Camera or Smartphone

    since water proof cameras are now very cheap, we always make a point of bringing waterproof cameras to take pictures and videos of our swimming travels whether on the beach, scuba diving, swimming pool, waterpark or what have you. also there are now waterproof camera cases available for smart phones like otter or life proof which you can take...

  • Bring Sun Block

    off course the main reason people go to Coron is to go to the various Isolated beaches and snorkel at the lagoons and at the Kanyangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Siete Pecados, etc and secondly to see the ecotourism sites. being a tropical area, you will easily get sun burned by just snorkelling and swimming and it is best to have a sun block lotion...


Coron Off The Beaten Path

  • Stay At Huma Island in Busuanga

    Actually We were staying at Huma Island off Busuanga that is why I don't have a restaurant review or hotel review of nightlife review of Coron as it is located more than 2 hours away by van to Concepcion Jetty and another 30 minutes to the Island (where we booked our day long Coron Tour). If you want to feel five star luxury accomodations in...

  • Watch that big waves!

    During my tour C composing of Malcapuya Island, Banana Island and Bulog Uno and Dos Islands waves are the big challenge in getting to these Islands especially when the weather is not that good. I have visited coron during Habagat season or southwest monsoon the reason why the waves are bigger than that of summer days.

  • Experience a different kind of diving

    Our dive in the barracuda lake is a totally different experience. The divemaster calls it a science fiction dive because of the very unique underwater topography. This is also where I first experienced a thermocline and a halocline.


Coron Sports & Outdoors


    Governor Joel T Reyes Coron Sports Complex, which is named after the ex-governor who has been in hiding for more than 2 years as he is accused of murdering an environmentalist, but his wife remains mayor of Coron. The complex looks as if it needs tidying up but who knows what may be taking place there when you are in Coron. It is usually used for...


    There are always locals playing basketball at the Coliseum, whether seriously or just practicing. If you are any good maybe they will let you join in.

  • Japanese ships victim of US Air Raids...

    In 1944, after a few surveillance flights over the area, US military intelligence (try not to laugh at the paradox of that...) noted that several of the small islands around the Calamian Island Group were in fact moving... so the order was put out to bomb those islands.Among the sunk or wounded were the Kyogu Maru, Kyokuzan Maru, Olympia Maru,...


Coron Favorites

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  • Lots of Tour Options in Coron

    If you don't have an itinerary in Coron and would like to do the various tours and island hopping and snorkelling activities (that is if you are not in a package tour) then don't fret as there are various tour companies that offer various Tour Packages in and around Coron and Busuanga like different Island Hopping Options (ranging from 1,500 to...


    At Busuanga Airport quite often flight are delayed, particularly when there is bad weather but inside the departure terminal there is an a/c snack bar where you can enjoy various snacks anf good quality coffee.


    Most hotels and guest houses will have a laundry service but if this is not available you can find Joanne's Laundry Service near Angel Motorbike Rental just before you reach the Coron Bistro on the National Highway


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