Port Barton Travel Guide

  • Things to Do
    by lotharscheer
  • Things to Do
    by lotharscheer
  • Things to Do
    by lotharscheer

Port Barton Things to Do

  • To the Waterfall

    It's a very nice walk, about 3,5 km throu jungle and ricefields.From the beach after the last resort (Greenview Resort) starts a path and soon there is a fork,go to the right, the next fork lto the left. Walk straight up a steep hill past a cimetery and down, ricefields on you left, then again a fork, thake the way right, if lucky there might be...


    This trip is only available if you are staying at Thelma & Toby's Camping (details website below). It is a half day trip that costs only 300 pesos per person. We set sail around 8 am and headed to an area where we could see turtles, and we were lucky enough to spot three while snorkeling. We then moved on to a reef where we saw quite a few fish and...


    While you are in town check out the marvelous office of the Philippine Coastguard, who are situated by the beach just down from the Petron Station. They have a marvelous building which is a few meters of the ground overlooking the bay. You may check with them regarding the safety of trips going north or south to El Nido or Sabang. In any case they...


    Although island hopping is not so popular here as it is in El Nido and Honda Bay quite a few places are offering trips including a place we saw just after crossing the bridge at the north end of Port Barton on the way abck to the village. It seems that there are 4 tours on offer, and although i have been on a boat many times to various islands and...


    If you cross the bridge that leads to the north end of the beach you will see a few tables on the sand. An American guy serves drinks from late afternoon until around 8 pm while you enjoy watching the sun go down. You cannot miss this place as there seem to be many signs on the beach.


    As in El Nido and Sabang massage shacks have sprung up everywhere offering all types of massage. Most of the guest houses offer this service too, but it is always best if you can find another tourist who has experienced the massage as many people have just had basic training or none at all.


Port Barton Hotels

Port Barton Restaurants


    This restaurant only opened up a few weeks ago but it is in the street that is located one back from the beach. You cannot miss this place as there are colorful flags displayed outside along the street and the menu is posted on the outside wall. As well as offering various types of western food there is also 5 or 6 tureens with pre-cooked Filipino...


    Walter and Lily have been living in Port Barton for around 25 years and their restaurant is one of the better ones to visit as the price is reasonable and the servings adequate. They also have home made German brown bread. Each day you can see a blackboard by the entrance that lists the meals, and as you can see they are all around 200 pesos, which...

  • excellant food.

    JAMBALAYA is located next to Cabungan bungalows right on the beach. It does not look much but once you step inside you are in for a treat as there is free internet for customers, a book exchange, the coldest beer on the beach and wonderful food that you cannot find anywhere else in the country. It is a ramshackle native hut on the beach and the...


Port Barton Nightlife

  • sugarpuff's Profile Photo

    El Dorado Sunset Gardens: Not Local enough!

    by sugarpuff Updated Feb 7, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Situated at the northern end of the beach next to Greenviews, it seemed to be the only bar in Port Barton. Yes, the restaurants served drinks as well, but El Dorado make a point of advertising themselves as the Sunset Bar and having the coldest beers in the area. We didn’t go here at all because to be honest, I thought it looked like the type of place that foreigners would go and drink themselves silly, and I don’t like that kind of environment. They always had music playing and they have many flags from different countries hanging up. It’s not hard to miss.

    I found this description on someone's travel blog and it is exactly how I would describe it and possibly why I wouldn't want to go there...see point no. 2!

    "There are several reasons, however, why one might choose the El Dorado.

    1. El Dorado is jointly owned by an American of Italian descent, the mighty Dan Ficarelli, and his Philippino partner, Lucy. Dan goes out of his way to be of help, and his lively and vibrant personality makes all the difference to your stay.

    2. El Dorado has a fantastic round bar which attracts the English-speaking expatriate crowd (Yanks, Brits, Aussies, Kiwis, etc.) with their wives and girlfriends, as well as the tourist crowd.

    3. The music of the bar is second to none, and the prices are more than reasonable.

    4. El Dorado has the best-value meals in Palawan, with HUGE prawn portions at just four euros per portion.

    5. The best sunset views are from El Dorado."

    Dress Code: It's the beach!!!! Anything goes!

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Port Barton Transportation

  • Jeepney and Bus to El Nido

    Jeepney to Roxas leaves around 8 am, 1,5 to 2 hours or quite a bit longer after a haevy rainfall (the one i used had to be toed up the hill by a heavy earth removal machine, see my video), wait there for one of the frequent buses to El Nido.

  • Jeepney to Puerta Princesa

    Jeepney to Puerta Princesa leaves around 9 am go to the terminal at least 1 hour early to reserve your seat. 3 to 5 hour, 250 Pesos.Update: it's now a bus, at about 9 am and maybe also 2 pm, look at VT member "davidjo" traveltip!After rain the road can be terrible.


    Normally a bus leaves Puerto Princesa each day at 9 am from San Jose Terminal for P Barton, and the reverse trip also leaves from P Barton to Puerto Princesa at the same time. Just a few days ago a shuttle van service began operating between P Barton and P Princesa leaving from San Jose Terminal at 9 am and 2 pm, also leaving P Barton at the same...


Port Barton Shopping

  • Ayettes Bamboo House and Restaurant

    Ayettes has quite a selection of handicrafts for sale as well as postcards, sarongs etc. The souvenirs are actually in a small section of the restaurant.

  • A Resto with a little souvenir shop

    There are some souvenir items for sale at a small area of the restaurant such as t-shirts, local crafts made of wood and shells and some postcards.

  • SMART SIM card

    Before you get to Port Barton I suggest you buy a SMART SIM card as this will help you with phone calls to accommodation places and in general it's nice to have a phone that works at hand! When my credit ran out in Port Barton, I went to Ayette's Bamboo Restaurant and they had top up cards there. Ayette's sell top up cards in P100 and P300...


Port Barton Local Customs

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    If someone befriends you, go with the...

    by sugarpuff Written Feb 24, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had heard before I left to go to The Philippines, that the Filipinos were one of the friendliest people you would find in Asia. I always thought that the Thais were pretty friendly, but you know what, Filipinos really are incredibly hospitable! The concept of 'shame' is very important in Filipino culture and visitors should probably avoid offending or embarrassing anyone in public. Any food or drink offered should be accepted, as this is a sign of hospitality.

    Charles and I were invited to one of the boatman's houses the day after Foundation Day for dinner as it was his son's birthday and also Charles'. The boatman was probably a little on the drunk side and I was pretty sure that his wife would be left to do the cooking and preparation for our arrival so felt bad about it, but Charles said we should definitely go, and plus, it would be fun to see inside someone's house and the way they live! So we went! It was a little uncomfortable as we were given a lot of food to eat at a small coffee table on out own whilst they watched us and talked to us. When we had finished, they brought out their food which was totally different to what they had made for us and by that point we thought it might be our cue to leave. We all made polite conversation and managed to last about 45mins and then decided that we had all been polite enough and we should say our goodbyes!

    It was very kind of them to invite us to their home, and I am so glad that we went. I feel that we struck up a different kind of friendship to what most travellers would have with the locals and I hope when we decide to go back another time, and we will(!), that we will have that same relationship again.

    William the boatman manager (in orange)

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Port Barton Warnings and Dangers


    While we were snorkeling our boatman caught a local who was spearfishing. This is not only dangerous for the people in the water but it is also illegal. The culprit has been caught spearfishing more than once and considering he is from Greenview Guest House at Port Barton and was also taking people on a snorkeling trip it was absolutely disgraceful...


    When walking on the beach at Port Barton you will see lots of dog poo so it is best to wear shoes at all times to avoid picking up any infections. Even after the poo has been washed away or cleaned up the parasites can live for days on the beach and even if it looks clean it may not be worth the risk walking bare-footed. I have one friend who is...


    If you are driving north on the Northern Highway it is quite easy to miss the turning to Port Barton which is between markers 124 and 125 kms. I have missed this on two occasions but keep your eyes open as there is no warning of the turning coming up, but you can see a few advertising boards at the turning. If you reach Roxas you will know that you...


Port Barton Tourist Traps

  • Getting to Port Barton from San Vicente

    We left El Nido at 530am headed for San Vicente where we would then take a boat to Port Barton. We had already taken a jeepney from the San Jose intersection so we thought we would take a different route this time. We had been told it would be 4 hours from El Nido to Itabiak (the intersection to go to San Vicente), then a short ride to San Vicente...

  • Mini van to Port Barton from Puerto...

    There are some mini vans who will tell you that you have already missed the bus to Port Barton and that you need to take their van to Roxas / San Jose / San Vicente (wherever they choose that day!) and then catch the jeepney from there. At first I was a little confused with jeepneys, buses, vans, mini-vans and from everything I had researched...

  • Port Barton Hotels

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Port Barton What to Pack

  • Pack little, buy when you're there!

    One bag per person...no more! Weight of our bags was about 12 kilos each and a bit more coming back. If you take a flight from El Nido to Manila you are only allowed 10k per person, so pack accordingly! Getting on and off jeepneys and boats all the time, you'll be glad you packed lightly We were in our flip flops all day everyday...even to walk to...

  • Must bring

    Shorts and shirts are musts. a pair of rubber slippers which can provide your feet protection. It's good to have a snorkel or diving gear too although these can be rented from the pension houses. Fins are necessary especially because some rocks are sharp. a wide brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses will provide some protection. you have to bring...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Port Barton Off The Beaten Path

  • davidjo's Profile Photo


    by davidjo Written Apr 12, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This trip is available from Thelma & Toby's Camping (details below) and can either be part of a snorkeling trip or you can reach it by kayak from the camping site. Upon reaching the beach a guide will show you the way to the waterfall. It is a 10 minute walk and will pass through the village before the path enters the jungle and you scramble up the side of the hill before reaching the falls. The pool is ideal for cooling off while taking a swim. If you decide to take a kayak from the campsite which will probably take around 30-40 minutes depending on how fit you are. There will be no charge for the guide but there is a donation box and i suggest 20-50 pesos should suffice.

    Repairing the net small sari sari near the beach reaching the village cool dip enjoying the pool
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Port Barton Sports & Outdoors

  • diving

    EASY DIVE is located towards te southern end of the beach and has been established for perhaps 10 years by the German lady who owns it. When i was there it was the off season but there were renovations taking place at their office


    A variety of diving options are offered at this diving outfit, who also have a branch in El Nido. Business is very quiet in the off season. It is located next to Summer Homes.

  • Go Diving

    There is some good diving and snorkeling. Doris (german, english, french) from Easy Dive is there since 12 years, a bit disorganiced but knows the area quite well.2 dives 2500 Pesos, you can also join for snorkeling 250 Pesos. There is a second diveshop at the other end of the beach, more expensive, probably better organiced but since they are...


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