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  • Giant Wall Painting Re: 1st Apparition
    Giant Wall Painting Re: 1st Apparition
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  • Giant Wall Painting Re: Protection From Fire
    Giant Wall Painting Re: Protection From...
    by cyndymc
  • Manaoag
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Manaoag Things to Do

  • Basilica of Our Lady Of Manaoag Offering...

    The Basilica Gets crowded everyday from Pilgrims all over the Philippines and most people after hearing the mass and lining to have their handkerchief or towels touch the glass of the Statue of the Our Lady of Manaoag, they then proceed to the big covered offering area outside where the Pilgrim Image of the Our Lady of Manaog is housed and where...

  • Basilica of Our Lady Of Manaoag

    like what I've said, there are two Marian Pilgrimage sites in the Philippines and one of them is the Basilica of the Our Lady of Manaog and inside this huge Complex sits the Main Church where the Ivory Made Statue is housed and where daily hourly masses are done. the complex also houses the Our Lady of Manaog Museum and The big covered area outside...

  • Pilgrimage

    Since the Philippines is one of two predominantly Catholic Countries in Asia(the other one is East Timor), ther are many pilgrimage site of Roman Catholic Pilgrims and the two most popular is Antipolo in Rizal Province and Manaoag here in Pangassinan province. Our Lady of Manaog is the Patroness of the sick, the helpless and the needy hence many go...

  • Visit Our Lady Of Manaoag Museum

    Remember to pass by the Museum of Our Lady of Manaoag. It is a reliquary of religious icons (pilgrimage images of Our Lady) and articles, vestments, as well as gifts (perfume, jewelry,etc) of devotees to Our Lady. I personally find the dim light and quiet atmosphere in the museum "spine-tingling".Taking photos and videos inside the museum are...

  • Have Your Vehicle Blessed Before The...

    Just before each mass, the priest blesses vehicles of pilgrims. There is a designated area for vehicle blessing, where the owner-driver waits for the priest and participates in the prayers before the blessing. After the blessing, the owner of the vehicles is supposed to drop any amount as donation in a drop box, then transfer the vehicle to the...

  • Meditate in the Rosary Garden

    There is nothing so relieving for the weary soul and weak body than that undescribable peace one gets at the Rosary Garden in the compound of Manaoag Church. The Rosary Garden was designed to provide the devotees with a quiet place to meditate on the Paschal Mysteries (Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ) , and develop an intimacy with God...

  • Photo Shoot of Church's Architectural...

    For photo enthusiasts who like taking shots of old church's architectural designs, I suggest that as a gesture of respect to the Liturgy, you time it AFTER the mass. Also, you will have less difficulty as there will be less people distracting your view.

  • Pilgrimage to The Shrine of Our Lady of...

    Faith or religious belief is a personal matter... Having said that, I would like to share that there is something mystical about the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag which is a popular Catholic pilgrimage site. Famous for her powerful intercession and protection, Our Lady is known to "call" you at the appointed time. Whatever your state...

  • The Rosary Garden

    A quiet and tranquil garden located at the back of Manaoag Church, this garden was created to provide the devotees with quiet place, where they can meditate on the Paschal Mysteries and nurture their intimacy with God by praying the Rosary.I have seen some visitors praying in the garden, but I have also noticed that others were just hanging out...


Manaoag Restaurants

  • by elmo817 Written Apr 12, 2008

    This native-inspired dining place located 1-kilometer north of the Manaoag Shrine offers the best tasting Ilocandia dishes such as Tapang Kalabaw, Longganisang Iloko, Sinigang na Malaga, Inihaw na Hito, Pinakbet, Daing na Espada, Igado, and Kaldereta, among others. Also worth commending is their one of a kind pickled mango appetizer. The place is very cozy and relaxing. The prices are very affordable as well.

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Manaoag Shopping

  • Souvenir Shops and Food Stalls in...

    being a major Pilgrimage destination in the Philippines for Roman Catholics, there are lots and lots of souvenir stalls and food stalls here lining the road going to the church, located beside the car parks and just outside the basilica that sells various religious items like crucifixes, statues of Jesus, Mary and the Saints, Mass Cards and even...

  • Handicrafts, Tropical Fruits & Native...

    You need not go far; just outside the Church is a line of food stalls, fruit stands, and handicrafts stores. Rattan handicrafts from Pozzorubio; tropical fruits (mangoes, chicos,guavas,etc); native delicacies ("Tupig", Ilocos chichacorn, Calasiao "Puto",etc) Your P100 will go a long way; you'll have lots of fruits/delicacies already.

  • Religious Articles and Souvenirs

    The Manaoag Church's Religious Stores (there are 2) have all kinds of souvenir and religious items - keychains, car decor, fans, t-shirts, hats, stampitas, novenas and statues/wall hangings of Our Lady of Manaoag, calendars, posters, candles, Holy Water bottles, etc. There are other religious icons/articles for sale at very reasonable prices,...


Manaoag Local Customs

  • Be Healed With The Holy Water

    Devotees normally dip their hands in the Holy Water receptacles by the main doors and make the sign of the cross to pay respect and give honor to God. There are others who not only dip their fingers to make the sign of the cross. I saw a couple literally sprinkling their children with Holy Water, as they prayed for their healing. At Manaoag Church,...

  • Go up the Veneration Room

    Devotees patiently line up to go to the Veneration Room which is at the 2nd floor behind the altar where Our Lady of Manaoag is enthroned. The line ends at the back of Our Lady where through a small opening, devotees are allowed to touch the gown of Mama Mary. This Filipino tradition is common in Shrines with miraculous religious icons, and is done...

  • Light Candles To Lift Up Prayer...

    It is not surprising to see devotees light not only 1 but many candles when they visit the Shrine. A special prayer is said before lighting the candle offering. Candles are lit either as a gesture of thanksgiving for granted favors, or as a way of lifting up prayer intentions for one's self or other people.


Manaoag Tourist Traps

  • Parking is Free, But Not Outside The...

    Parking is free at the Manaoag Church compound. But if the parking lot is full and you have no choice but to look for available parking space outside, be forewarned. Don't think all the boys/men who approach and guide you in parking your vehicle mean well. They will direct you to the side streets or vacant lots where you will have to pay them later...

  • Overpriced Candles & Religious Articles

    Despite the presence of security guards, vendors of candles and religious articles are able to slip into the church compound and parking space. If you succumb to their pitiful stories re: why the have to sell candles and religious articles, you'll be surprised to know later that their prices are MUCH higher than that of the church religious...

  • Hustlers of Manaoag

    It was my first visit to Manaoag on Aug. 5, 2007. I'm not a devotee of the Our Lady of Manaoag icon. I just accompanied my sister and other family members there. Upon reaching the area, young men carrying candles asked me if I was going to the church. I said yes. He motioned me to follow him. I did. He led me to an open parking space located on the...


Manaoag Off The Beaten Path

  • cyndymc's Profile Photo

    by cyndymc Updated Mar 28, 2009

    Just a few kms. from the church (I don't have exact address, but any local can help you with directions on how to go there) is the Virgin's Well where reportedly, water miraculously sprang from a field in a valley owned by a farmer who dreamt of Our Lady of Manaoag instructing him to give out healing water to the sick. When we went there years ago, there was no road going down to the valley, and our car had to traverse bumpy dirt road.

    Faucets have been installed to make it easier for pilgrims to get water. We were allowed to get free healing water; fortunately, we had empty mineral water bottles. There are some enterprising locals who sell big plastic bottles to pilgrims who don't have empty bottles.

    There is a small pool, as well as some private cubicles where sick pilgrims can take a dip or shower. Miraculous healings have reportedly been witnessed.

    To make it even much easier for pilgrims to avail of the healing water from the Virgin's Well, the Dominicans have gotten a regular supply of the water, and freely give to interested pilgrims upon request. Just bring your empty mineral water bottle or Holy Water bottle to the counter near the Vehicle Blessing Area and the church volunteer will gladly fill it up for you. (Please!!! No pails or drums!!! )

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