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  • Morning exercise
    Morning exercise
    by tanamay
  • Photo from the pier, Mauban in the background
    Photo from the pier, Mauban in the...
    by tanamay
  • The broken end of the pier
    The broken end of the pier
    by tanamay

Mauban Things to Do

  • Try these foods

    Mauban has foods and cuisines not found in other places.Try these Mauban cuisine with a twist:* 'Binalawang Santol' - meat of unripe santol fruit cooked with small shrimp in coconut milk* 'Pinangat' - 'gabi' (taro) leaves, chili and slated fish cooked in coconut milk.* 'Ginangang Galungong' - 'galungong' (scad) fish cooked in water or vinegar.*...

  • Dahoyhoy Falls

    Visit Dahoyhoy Falls in Barangay Macasin.Swim, cool off, picnic, relax. Be careful, the rocks are slippery.Bring your food & drink but remember to clean afterwards.These photos are taken during summer, during rainy season the flow of the water is different due to large volume of water.

  • Morning Exercise at Gat Uban Park

    Join the locals at their morning exercise (dancercise) at the Gat Uban Park.Be there by 5:30 am, join the group of health buff, follow the leader, swing to the music and be healthy.

  • Sunrise at Seawall

    Wake up early and go to the town's seawall early in the morning to watch the sunrise or jog/walk back & forth from Gat Uban Park to the southern end.Or go north to the "pantalan" to watch the sunrise.

  • Rizal Hill Park (Calvario Hill)

    Visit the Rizal Hill Park (locally known as Calvario Hill) in the middle of the town and get a panoramic view of the town.Climb the 50+ steps up to the top or try the easier back route without those steps and go down via the concrete stairs.At the top of the hill park is a monument of Dr Jose P. Rizal, our national hero.Coming down the concrete...

  • Feast of Dr. St. Bonaventure

    Dr. St. Bonaventure is the patron saint of the town of Mauban and his feast day is celebrated July 15th (before 2006, it was wrongly celebrated on the 14th, the church says).Days before the event, people get ready for the feast day: novena masses, festive feelings, ferris wheel, rides, variety shows, games, bargain shops ("feria"), cooking sweets &...

  • Summer in Mauban

    The best time to visit Mauban is summer, especially Holy Week when most people take time off for a four-day weekend. The Catholic faithful have a Good Friday procession around the town where life-size images of 'Poon' (saints) go around the town (around 20 of them) . The ownership of these 'Poon' are handed down from one generation to the next and...

  • Beaches

    Mauban is bounded on the east by Lamon Bay (Philippines Sea) so lots of beaches abound. Beaches I remember since childhood are Bulwagen, Malasor (lighthouse), Sampitan and Cagbalete island.Bulwagen is the nearest beach from the town, around 10 minutes ride along a concrete road. It is near the coal power plant and I think the sand now are darker...

  • River swimming

    few distance from Villa Cleofas is the River where you can enjoy swimming or just stay by the shore and enjoy the scene

  • Festive Month of May

    Festive month of May in Mauban means - festive. Aside from Virgin Mary's 'sagalas' are the celebration of the feast days of Patrons from different Barangays. There is an almost daily Fiesta at different places - visit to families, friends, food, dancing, sweets, 'lambanog', etc.Some barangay are best visited via banca ride across the bay. Ride...

  • Trekking Mauban, Alitap Falls

    This activity is very suitable for adventure seekers, or people who loves to hike and fond with nature. From Mauban Port you start the the trail will take you 2.5 hours to reach the falls, trekking for 1.5 hour in the beach, then 30 Minutes in farmland and lastly 30 minutes of trekking in the stream to reach the falls. This activity will definitely...

  • Trekking Mauban Dahoyhoy Falls

    Most tourist miss this activity, while in Mauban make sure to indulge yourself with nature. This is a beautiful waterfalls.


Mauban Restaurants

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    Pagoda sa Pilaway: Seafoods plus

    by tanamay Updated Jul 2, 2009

    Pagoda is a nice place for seafoods, fish, shellfish, meats cooked as soups, grilled, fried. Ask what they suggest. Drinks, beer, karaoke. Dine overlooking a creek or on the air-conditioned karaoke room.

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Mauban Transportation

  • Tricycle

    To get around Mauban there are lots of tricycles.You can hire them also to bring you to beaches but subject to your agreement beforehand. Anyway, they have unwritten tariffs fares for these out of town trips.Or, you can walk. It is not that far and it is healthy.

  • Going around in three wheels

    Going around the town of Mauban is by means of tricycle. Fares are depending on the distance of your destination

  • Mauban Hotels

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Mauban Shopping

See all 3 Shopping in Mauban
  • Binanging Saba

    At almost any street corner where lots of people pass by you will see vendor selling 'binanging saba' (grilled plantain banana on skewer).Buy and taste it, it's good. 'Binanging Saba' (grilled plantain banana on skewer). PHP five pesos per skewer.

  • Sweets

    Buy sweets as "pasalubong".You can buy Pili Tart, Peanut Tart or "Pastillas".There are a handful of these entrepreneurs making and selling sweets around the town.You can call and order from them.

  • Lambanog of Mauban

    Mauban Lambanog is different because all are made from 'sasá' (nipa palm) and not from coconut trees. They are made in the barrios where these nipa palm abounds, especially near the river going into Bgy Rosario and to other barrios.No hangover compared to coconut lambanog!


Mauban Local Customs

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    Mauban 'language'

    by tanamay Updated Jul 1, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are a first timer at the place you will notice our accent, especially as you go out farther from the town.

    Be ready also to understand words we use here, they are Tagalog alright but its use is 'regionalism'. Some words may have different meaning than what you know

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Mauban Warnings and Dangers

  • No Smoking

    On the corner of Camposano and Malvar Streets in Barangay Daungan you will find this signboard.You can see it on your right if you are entering the town, coming from the north.But, I still see lots of people smoking. Hmmm...

  • Emergency Numbers

    This list of Emergency Numbers is posted at the entrance of the Cagbalete Terminal in Mauban Port ("Pantalan") for people's guidance for the town of Mauban and Island of Cagbalete. emergency."No smoking,Wear your shirtInside and outside the Terminal"

  • Drying "palay" on the road

    After the summer rice (palay = oryza) harvest farmers used to dry their harvest on the main road.The photos below are taken from "Mahabang Tan-aw" in Barangay Baao. "Mahabang Tan-aw" is a long, more than a kilometer, straight road in Barangay Baao in Mauban and farmers use almost half of the concrete road just to dry their rice grains harvest.Makes...


Mauban Off The Beaten Path

  • A Walk up in Barangay Soledad

    Do a morning walk up Barangay Soledad to experience the uphill trails.Enjoy the view of the town.The uphill trail is good for your cardio.

  • KM 159

    Kilometer post 159 found in Barangay San Lorenzo, Sitio Aluhin (north of the town) with 1 km to town.This means Mauban is located at Km 158.I still remember those bus rides during my student days showing on the bus ticket that Mauban is at km 164, a six km difference.

  • Pantalan

    View of the "Pantalan" (Mauban Port) where you take boats bound for Cagbalete Island, Polillo Islands and other places.


Mauban Favorites

  • Delicacies of Mauban

    If it is in season try 'Kuráy' a small, dark, hairy terrestrial crab found and catched mostly from the island of Cagbalete. Usually cooked in coconut & coconut cream locally called "tininghi".Try fruits found in this place like:'liputi' - (lipote; Syzygium curanii) a wild tree berry in season during summer; if it is sour, shake it with salt in a...

  • ATMs

    There are three ATMs in Mauban.One is operated by UCPB and can be found beside the front gate of Quezon Power Plant in Barangay Cagsiay I. It is 6 km north of the town proper or a 5 minute drive on a good concrete road. There is no UCPB branch in Mauban.2nd is operated by Landbank, beside the municipal hall (corner San Buenaventura & Plaridel...

  • Pansit Habhab

    Buy and eat pansit habhab the way the locals do, from a square piece of banana leaf.Pansit habhab can be bought almost everywhere in town - restaurants, eateries, sidewalk vendors, ambulant vendors or vendors on wheels. Eat it from the square piece of banana leaf by slurping (habhab).We met Mang Carlito selling pansit habhab on a bicycle with a...


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