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    Sambokojin: Korean-Japanese Grilled Buffet and More

    by machomikemd Written Aug 2, 2014

    Sambokojin is the newest kid on the block on the Japanese-Korean Combination Grill and Buffets that are sprouting around the metro manila area due to the influx of a large south korean expatriate community and tourists going to the philippines. They have four branches at present and this is their branch at the Food Street of the SM Southmall (their other branches are in EDSA in San Juan, Quezon Avenue and Libis Avenue in Quezon City).

    It competes with the more numerous Yakimix Chain of Japanese-Korean Barbecue Grills and Buffet and they offer similar meals but with Sambokojin concentrating more of the grilled meat cuts which are mostly imported from australia and new zealand.

    Operating Hours. Mon-Fri 11:30am ¨C 2pm / 6pm ¨C 10pm
    Sat ¨CSun 11am ¨C 2pm / 5:30pm ¨C 10pm

    Favorite Dish: there are a lot of ready made buffets like shrimp tempura, chicken kara age, japchae, bulgogi, kalbi chim and more at the restaurant but the best is to cook the assorted imported meats and local seafoods in the smokeless grill and adding up the marinade which you have many kinds of korean and japanese marinades and dipping sauces at your table. there is an endless selection of grilled meats galore and an extensive dessert selection.

    the price of the buffet per person is 699 pesos (clean plate price) plus 90 pesos for the unlimited drinks like sodas and iced teas.

    be sure to call them in advance for reservations as the area gets really packed at lunch and dinner times.


    Monday to Friday LUNCH P 599
    Monday to Friday DINNER P 699
    Saturday ¨C Sunday and Holidays LUNCH & DINNER P 699

    Children¡¯s Buffet price:
    4¡ä- 4¡¯6¡å P 330
    3¡ä ¨C Below 4 ft. P280
    Below 3 ft. FREE

    70 Yrs Old and above ¨C 50% Off

    No Left Over
    Add P200 only for leftover
    Only One (1) Promo Applies. Valid Only On Regular Adult Price.

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    Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen: For Family Gatherings & Romantic Dates

    by nixca316 Written Nov 25, 2013

    Note: Price per dish varies from less than ten US Dollars(converted to Philippines Pesos) or more, but the price per person could reach to eleven US Dollars or more when the bill arrives, but it's all worth it!

    Side story:

    Mom and I met Marilou Tremblay when she still had a ceramic store at THE RUINS of BF Homes, Phase 1. She had a very pleasing personality and we easily got along. Marilou and I were almost the same age, but the difference was she was married and had kids. I wasn't married and I don't have kids(flesh and blood, I mean...i have kids that were born from my heart) so when it came to talking about things that only married people truly understood, they gelled.

    Anyways, sometimes back in the past she transferred her ceramic store to Concha Cruz(Pour La Maison) with, if my memory serves me correctly, with a cafe or a bistro. Then later on, for nine years, we enjoyed visiting Café Français, once in a while, Richard and Marilou were there. Before Café Français closed we were busy with a lot of things that we did not notice them disappear and we were kind of shocked to see Mulligan's in its place.

    Mom kept asking me how Malou(as we fondly called was) and I said, "I'm sorry, but I have no idea..."

    For several months now or probably for a year now, we've been noticing this corner house that was converted into a restaurant called MAMA LOU'S ITALIAN KITCHEN whenever we passed through Tropical Avenue. It just so happened that we were always in a hurry so we never stopped.

    Besides, it seemed empty.

    Later, we heard raves about it. Still, we thought it was out of the way so we did not bother.

    When a lot more people started talking about the place, I wanted to try it myself, but I could not find a companion. Sigh.


    Last Sunday, a friend of mine wanted to treat us out to dinner and she told us we were going to eat out at MAMA LOU'S. When something interests me, I usually research about it. I don't know why I didn't. Whenever it was featured on TV or on the paper, I only saw or read parts of it. If I paid attention, I would've known that the place was owned by Marilou's husband and kids...and I would've known that she succumbed to lung cancer last year, the very young age of 45.

    I only found out when I saw her picture on the wall. I felt sad and prayed for her soul.

    My spirits were lifted when i tasted the food. If I loved Café Français before, I love Mama Lou's even better. The food is very aromatic and delicious. For a minute there, I was transported to something almost heaven-like.

    The place was filled to the brim and everybody seemed enjoying themselves. The reason why I, among other people, thought the place was empty was the face that the cars were parked along Tropical Palace on a straight line...a very, very long line. The turnover of clients was fast because people were waiting outside.

    The servers are very, very helpful and the place is very clean. It is busy, but lovers could still feel they are alone...well, that's my opinion.

    Spinaci Ravioli Pasta Vongole Braised Short Ribs Mama Lou's Iced Tea
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    Black Canyon Coffee: Traditional Thai, Fusion, Gr8 desserts & coffee

    by nixca316 Updated Mar 31, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I remember the first time we tried this place fondly. There are many fun food establishments in the newly renovated SM Southmall so we were very indecisive. Not meaning to be pragmatic or serendipitous or what, we agreed that whoever calls our attention first would be the "lucky one". The Black Canyon Coffee "greeters", in a non-imposing manner, invited us to try their resto/coffee shop.

    They were very welcoming and accommodating that we felt "at home".

    The food is very, very healthy. It's a pity they don't have sugar free desserts, but everything else compensates.

    Their food is mostly Thai, but with an international appeal.

    I can't say this is my favorite restaurant, but I would definitely eat here again when I get the chance.

    We have been here four times and each time was sheer delight.

    Read About them

    Their Facebook Page:

    Favorite Dish:

    We have yet to have favorites, but everything we tried is good. ;)

    They have award winning dishes indicated in the menu.

    Their desserts are's a good thing before I got hospitalized earlier this year for diabetes, I was able to taste them. I highly recommend them!

    Steamed Fish with Spicy Seafood Sauce <3 <3 <3 Sesame Crusted Fish Refreshing Thai Iced Tea Black Canyon Coffee Spicy Apple Salad
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    Samb&#333;-K&#333;jin Yakiniku(Smokeless Grill): Great selections, great service, good ambiance!

    by nixca316 Updated Nov 13, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sambō-Kōjin's Facebook Page

    One of the latest members of the Triple V family is now conquering SM South Mall. Filled with the freshest selections and wonderfully baked desserts, Sambō-Kōjin is now one of the favorites of the denizens of the Corporate World of Las Piñas City.

    The place is spacious and clean.

    Service is great think it's supposed to be a self-service restaurant, the crew is very happy to serve YOU.

    Sambō-Kōjin means "God of the Kitchen". This deity is the deity that is making use of fire to create good food instead of destructing buildings, houses and the like.

    The kind of fire this deity uses is smokeless and doesn't make one cough.

    Whenever there is a desire for Sambō-Kōjin to destroy, he cooks instead.

    So certain Japanese people turn to him whenever they are filled with fiery contempt and so that their anger will be transformed to energy that could be used for the good of humankind.


    *Cash and Major Credit Cards are accepted

    *They are open for lunch to dinner everyday(mall hours).

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    Maharaja North Indian Cuisine: Great food, ambience and owner(Dr. Raj T.)

    by nixca316 Written Oct 14, 2012

    South Mall's THE FOOD STREET, has only a few choices(so far), but all of them are very interesting. We have been going around first before we go back to the other restos there.

    Maharaja has caught our eye, but we chose to "overlook" it at first, because we thought it was very, very expensive.

    It looks a bit intimidating, but when we entered it, we were very much welcome.

    The service crew's very nice. They may not be experts in their field, but they are trying their best.

    Dr. Raj Tariq, the owner and General Manager, is doing his best to make sure that his clients are taken care of. He really is very, very nice.

    The interior design of the place is very apt with the theme of the resto and I always love it when I can see the kitchen. When you the kitchen, there are lesser anomalies, or none at all.

    The restrooms are small, but clean. The wash area's spacious enough anyway.

    Mode of payment:

    Cash and Major Credit Cards

    Schedule: Same as the mall :)

    Favorite Dish:

    An ice cream churner/maker or whatever you call my ilk, notices good ice cream and its "relatives" in an instant. The KULFI of this restaurant passes with flying colors. The ice cream slowly melts and the tastes of the pistas perfectly marries the taste of the "ice cream". (Ask for it!) 3 3 3 3 3

    The Korma and the Curry are great too.

    The Rose Lassi has a lasting effect. Until now, I dream of having it. 3 3 3 I never imagined a yogurt drink to be so refreshing.

    I have yet to try the others.

    BTW, they also serve beef here, maybe because of the Filipinos who do not worship the Holy Cow and for others...I think I'll interview Dr. Raj next time. ;)

    PhP 249 set meal Rose Lassi <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Kulfi <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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    Mystic Brew Cafe & Curios: A beautiful and ethereal experience

    by nixca316 Updated Sep 13, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Mystic Brew Café & Curios is a wonderful cozy and romantic place found inside a subdivision in the south. They serve delicious coffee, tea, and other beverages. They have a curiosity shop where different patrons can sell their wares and they Cultural nights filled with music and what have you.

    The food is very tasty too and the service? It's great...very personal, without "crossing the line".

    Deja vu was what I felt when I entered this. It's like I've been there before, but I really haven't.

    Well, I've been to Capitoline Hill when it was still part of BF Italia. We had some property there, but the realty project did not flourish, so we sold our prime lot. The clubhouse that we used to frequent is now for rent and it looks dilapidated, so unless I have business there, I do not really go to that part of town.

    My good friend, Jinkee, had a great experience the first time she entered the place that she thought of bringing me there. She also purchased a box space for her Hue've Got Paint biz, but that was just one of the reasons she wanted me to see the place.

    She loved the feel of the place, the good food and the coffee there.

    I love the "aura" of the place too. It's like I've been transported to another dimension.

    The place is clean and for me, that's another plus factor.


    Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

    11am to 12midnight



    Friday & Saturday

    11am to 2am

    Favorite Dish:
    What I have tried so far:

    Deconstructed Carbonara (they say it's for sharing, but since it's so good, I think it's just enough for one person)

    Basilisk Bites (Pesto Cheesesticks that are soooo yummy)

    Potato Cauldron (The are French Fries inside a mini cauldron or "palayok"...we tried the sour cream flavor and it's very, very good!)

    Chili-mint coffee (I tried the hot version with and without cream...both are wickedly good)

    The muffins (they don't just smell good and look good, they taste great!)

    Highly recommended (posing w/ the courteous staff) The dining area Deconstructed Carbonara Potato Cauldron Curiosity Shop (Box Shop Vendors)
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    Mystic Brew: Fall under the Love Spell

    by JinkeeR Written Sep 13, 2012

    5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I'm not really a coffee person. In fact, I frequent Starbucks more for the company, the caramel drink, and the desserts. When my good friend Ivy mentioned Mystic Brew, she said that her son was selling his original DVDs, and some storage items. I was intrigued. Later on, I decided to check it out for herself, but just seeing the website, I was already curious, and that was perhaps when the spell first cast itself on me.

    Of course, the first thing you would notice about any cafe is the ambiance. Mystic Brew is definitely my kind of place. Owned by an interior designer, it was quite fitting that although there were different elements in the place, it all came together perfectly. I wasn't a zen type of person, so this was a perfect place, lots of picture frames, decoupage table, and the loo? very nice too.

    I especially like the tree shaped decor, and the garden part outside.

    You Had Me at Pesto

    The menu was quite creative too. The menu was very big, which was probably a good idea for senior citizen customers. Aside from having the usual desserts, it had fries in a cauldron, basilisk pesto cheese sticks, and the hot choco drink. I had gingerbread coffee before and it was good too! I will definitely come back and try all the others.

    The food and the ambiance in Mystic Brew was excellent, but the staff were also very accommodating. Donning eye glasses, they asked me how my coffee was the first time I was there. They also had initiative to do things not normally done in other coffee places.

    Perhaps proof of the lovespell in Mystic Brew were the romantic couples there whispering sweet nothings

    Favorite Dish: My favorite dish so far is the basilisk pesto cheese sticks, its really yummy and unique. I would have ordered it again the second time I've been there, except that I wanted to try everything before repeating an order. But that's just me. Maybe it just means I really plan to frequent the place

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    Burgoo- SM Southmall: Rediscovering an old time good neighbor

    by nixca316 Updated Sep 10, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You might be wondering why my review title is like that. We used to have this mini food establishment chain and our pilot branch had Burgoo as its "neighbor". Mr. Albert Alavera, its Managing Director, was very friendly and did not treat us as competitors, but as allies.

    When we folded temporarily or not sometime ago, it was hard for me to enter any Burgoo branch. I was happy for them, but I was sad for us.

    Now, a few years later, I was happy to let myself enter one of its branches: The Newly Renovated SM Southmall.

    I love the feel of the place. It is very spacious, but you wouldn't feel ignored because there will be surely someone to take care of your orders and other needs that are not beyond their capacity, of course.

    Favorite Dish:

    Fried Calamari
    Mozzarella Sticks
    Sta. Fe Spring Rolls
    Mashed Potato Mexicano
    Angel Hair Classico
    Linguini with Clams
    Spinach Grilled Salmon
    Cream Dory Milanese
    Fish 'n Chips

    Spacious, lots of elbow room Fish 'n Chips Juicy Hamburgoo beef w/ savory fries Just right...not too sweet! ;)
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    Greenwich: Pizza, Pasta & More!

    by cyndymc Written Jul 31, 2009

    Greenwich Branches are either restaurants or fastfood stalls. Thr Greenwich Branch that we frequent in Las Pinas is a fastfood stall at the SM Southmall Food Court. The stall has a clean, uncluttered look. Diners get a number upon payment. Their number will be called as soon as their order is ready.

    Favorite Dish: We love Greenwich's Lasagna Supreme. My grandson says it almost tastes like my own cooking. The lasagna is cooked al dente; the sauce is very good; served with a garlic stick; they don't scrimp on the cheese topping;-)

    Lasagna Supreme Greenwich, SM Southmall Branch
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    Chef d' Angelo: American-Italian Cuisine & More

    by cyndymc Written Jul 16, 2009

    Chef d’ Angelo is an Italian-American fast-service restaurant known for its huge servings of chicken, pizza, pasta, burgers, salads, rice based meals and waffles. It also serves delicious cakes.

    Favorite Dish: Chef Supreme Pizza (italian sausage, pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, pineapple, onion, green & red bell pepper,black olives and special homemade tomato sauce)

    Sometimes, we order other low-cholesterol food like Fish & Chips, then regret not having our usual order of Chef Supreme Pizza again.

    Chef s' Angelo SM Southmall Branch Ordering Counter, Chef d' Angelo Spaghetti w/ Carbonara Sauce Caesar Salad (Small) Chef d' Angelo's Mouth-Watering Cakes
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    SM Food Court: Fast Food

    by cyndymc Written May 31, 2009

    SM Food Court offers the shoppers a wide variety of fast food" local cuisine, Chinese cuisine, seafoods, vegetarian dishes, local delicacies, dumplings, shawarma, all kinds of chicken dishes, varied snacks, etc. I like the ambience of the Food Court at SM Southmall; it is cool and looks so clean. The children's amusement center is just beside it, so parents can eat while their children play. It is also adjacent to the SM Department Store, so shoppers can eat before or after shopping.

    Favorite Dish: I like Pata Tim at Chin's Express. It is tender and cooked the Chinese way that I like- not so sweet, not so spicy.

    Local Cuisine & Chinese Cuisine Options
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    Sbarro: Italian Cuisine

    by cyndymc Written May 31, 2009

    I like the ambience of Sbarro (w/ decors & lighting to go with special events for the month); I go back for snacks or lunch/dinner because of the food (delicious and big serving for the price); I particularly am impressed by the cleanliness (alert staff clean up after the diners to give way to new guests); more importantly, I like the friendly service.

    Favorite Dish: Lasagna W/ Meat Sauce (Delicious big serving,can be shared by 2)

    Lasagna W/ Meatballs & Red Sauce Sbarro on Mother's Day Lasagna W/ Meat Sauce Pastas White Cheese Pizza
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