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Best Rated Restaurants in Taguig

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    Zong's The Fort: Singaporean Delight

    by nixca316 Updated Feb 20, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We love the atmosphere. It's very, very clean and even if there are lots and lots of clients, the waiters don't forget to serve us.

    The food is great.

    The price? Just right.

    Favorite Dish: You should try General Cho's Chicken, their noodles with mixed seafood(I let them remove anything that resembles shrimps because I'm allergic---but sometimes, I let them set it aside for the others who want to eat it), the fried tofu in salt and pepper, the spareribs in black vinegar. and of course, the duck! =)

    The Bratinellas w/ Peralta,Garrido,Trillanes,Agustin,Francisco Our dads =) Mistahs and wives
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    Pier One: Another Pinoy Fusion Restaurant

    by nixca316 Updated Sep 12, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It's wi-fi certified (so you can bring your laptops and other gadgets here), also a good night spot, food's okay, fun to be with your friends...and family.

    Revised article (Woman Today, Eat, Drink and Be Merry Section) March 27, 2002

    From its original location at Libis, Pier One Bar and Restaurant recently docked and set up shop at The Fort Square, Bonifacio Global City. The new branch, whose pier-like design was conceptualized by president and general manager Francis Juan offers an open-air ambiance, good-tasting food at affordable prices, great music and friendly people.

    Pier One at The Fort is a haven for yuppies looking for a place to unwind while the Libis branch attracts younger partygoers. No matter what their difference is, the best bands in town never fails to draw crowd with their acoustic, 80s, R&B and upbeat music.

    Pier One is also available for parties, corporate events and seated dinners.

    Favorite Dish:

    Please try everything =)

    The food and bar selection has also formed a following. House specialties include: the Pier One Lechon Sisig, Crispy Pata, Chicken Binakol, and Sinuglaw, among others. The bar boasts of both local and imported beverages at low prices.

    w/Bing, Harriet, Vecca, Mater, RJ so what was RJ staring at? Oh, the Al Fresco a.k.a. smoking section;p
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    Henry's Place by Good Earth: Where East really meets west

    by nixca316 Updated Nov 5, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    Burgos Circle, Forbes Town Center
    The Fort, Taguig City
    Metro Manila, Philippines
    Open Daily: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    Hong Kong Chef Henry Cheung, a kind looking gentleman, owns this place.

    My "Big sister", Joscephine Gomez, introduced me to this fabulous place.

    There is a welcoming atmosphere and they even serve you with a smile.

    I was happy to know that the menu was similar with the Good Earth Menu, because I am quite familiar with it. I love the food!

    Oh, and I could even recommend this to lovers as a place for dating. :)

    People with disabilities are treated with respect here (and all Good Earth Tea Houses).

    Favorite Dish:
    The vegetarian version of Lily on the pond (My big sister is right in calling it Lotus on a pond because it looks more like a lotus than a lily).

    Lily on the pond is usually made with its mix of vegetables and prawns in a spicy curry and white coconut cream sauces.

    They replaced the shrimp with taro and it's very, very...I think ambrosial is the closest description I can think of.

    Hong Kong Style Roast Duck Vegetarian Lily on the pond (aka Lotus on a pond) Asian Green Salad Ate Joscephine & her favorite Halu-Halo
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    Chez Karine Pâtisserie: Yummy French Desserts @ Serendra Piazza

    by nixca316 Updated Oct 17, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Karen Sy Yang had dreams of having her own Pâtisserie since she was a young girl. Well aware that it was not easy, she did not dive into it at once. In college she took up a computer course and after graduation, she carefully planned what to do.

    She is a princess in her own right because she's the youngest daughter of Business Tycoon, George Yang, the man who brought McDonald's to the Philippines. Yet, even if she was born with a silver spoon on her mouth, she remained unassuming and very down to earth.

    In Paris, she was determined to make her dreams come true and to make those dreams come true, she knew there was no fairy godmother who would magically conjure them. Instead, she had to work hard.

    Filled with passion, she dedicated herself in honing her skills and in the year 2002, she earned her Pâtisserie Diploma in Le Cordon Bleu, Paris.

    Later on she became an intern for THE Pierre Hermé, one of the most famous, if not the most, pâtissiers in Paris.

    After years of hard work and careful planning, finally, on Sunday, June 24, Karen's "baby" was introduced to the public.

    People passing by were curious, but the wonderful part about observing them was their faces after they took the first bite.

    They looked more than satisfied. They wanted more!

    Chef Karen wants to share "her" Paris with you, so if you're in the Bonifacio Global City, drop by Serendra. Her little bakery is easy to find, between two wonderful greats: Cupcakes by Sonja and Gelatissimo.

    If you have bulk orders you can email her at orders@chezkarine.com

    mode of payment: cash/Visa and Mastercard


    Favorite Dish: I have tried macarons from other French bakeries before, but my friend Jay and I agree that the selling point of her macarons are the fact that they just melt in your mouth. My favorite flavor is the very flowery Earl Grey Macaron. For some weird reason unbeknownst to me, I don't like Earl Grey tea, but I love Chez Karine's Earl Grey Macaron.

    The muscavado latte is a must try.

    So are the different mousse cakes and the gourmandise fraise.

    Among the mousse cakes, the caramel macchiato is ethereally wonderful.

    The potato chip cookie is interesting. This too, melts in your mouth.

    The mango panna cotta, as Claude described it, is even better than her favorite panacotta from a famous Italian Eatery chain. The mango is on the sour side, the panna cotta is a bit sweet...when eaten together, it's the perfect blend.

    The sablet chocolat is divine.


    My friend Jayson's photo album

    with Chef Karen Sy Yang Assorted Macarons et Strawberry Gourmandise
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    Aracama Filipino Cuisine: Enjoy Local Food in a Global Way

    by nixca316 Updated Jul 25, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Chef Fernando Aracama is one of the more popular chefs in our country because he is often seen in all types of media.

    I have great respect for this guy. He is just a bit older than me, but he has proven to many that he is someone you should take seriously.

    He has been researching, teaching, going around the world and the country, and he only gets better and better everyday.

    This "baby" of his found at The Fort Strip of the Bonifacio Global City, deserves his name, because whether he is there or not, the quality of the food and the service is intact.

    The place is very spacious and the ones who frequented the Embassy Super Club would have bitter sweet memories because of certain "events", but they wouldn't mind what has become of it.

    Chef Ferns, as he is fondly called by many, but Fern to others, transformed the place into a high end restaurant. He is an expert fusionist, adding some flavors of Europe into our Local Cuisine, but he also has some purely Filipino delights that is presented in a very cosmopolitan way.

    Operating Hours
    Sunday to Thursday 11:00am to 2:00pm for lunch and 5:00pm to 12:00mn for dinner
    Friday to Saturday 11:00am to 2:00pm for lunch and 5:00pm to 2:00am for dinner

    Favorite Dish:
    *Their version of Kare-Kare. Kare-Kare is a must try if you are visiting the country. It looks like curry, but it tastes like peanut soup. Aracama's version is thick, and like some of my favorite restaurants who serve Kare-Kare, the veggies and the shrimp paste(Bagoong) are set aside. It is very delicious and the presentation is acceptable to Filipinos and foreigners alike,

    *The Malunggay Cheese dip. Foreigners and Filipinos love this! Pureed Moringa leaves blended with cheese.

    *The Chicken Inasal is a must try. The Chef is from Bacolod and he knows his roots. Chicken Inasal is one of the pride of Ilonggos(People from Iloilo and Bacolod, & others who speak Hiligaynon). If you're allergic to chicken, just take the necessary precautions.

    *I love the Chocnut Ice Cream. I churn ice cream, so unless it's a popular commercial kind that I love, I am quite picky when it comes to the "home made" ones. This one passes with flying colors. Chocnut is a peanut and chocolate treat that is well-loved by Filipinos worldwide and the way Chef Fern concocted this is an epicurean delight!

    *The Salpicao de la Casa is something worth trying. I am trying to stay away from beef as much as I can, but I haven't given this up. This one is very, very tempting. As the name implies, it is a "house" specialty.

    *Lumpia Bangus...I never thought I would love this, but I do. Smoked milk fish in wonton like wrapper has a very interesting taste.

    *As much as I love street food, my stomach cannot handle them lately...I think I'm getting old. (LMAO) I'm glad that Aracama offers CLEAN fish balls with sauces that will take you to cloud nine.

    *Another viand that I thought I wouldn't like is KANSI. For me, it's better than bulalo and sinigang. Aaaaaaah.

    *MY ULTIMATE favorite is the MISO SEABASS...words cannot describe how much I love this!

    *The Salads! Healthy and delicious, indeed!

    *The desserts are feast to the eyes and are very, very delicious too!

    Pili Tart Mozzarella Malungay Dip with Melba Toast I love their presentation of this eggplant dish Chicken Inasal! :)
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    Elias by Crisostomo(Bonifacio High Street Central): Enjoy their Local REVOLUTIONARY food

    by nixca316 Written Jan 10, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is just short and simple. :)

    Elias is a character in El Filibusterismo that is the alter ego of one of the main characters, Crisostomo Ibarra.

    The restaurant's ambiance is neo-colonial. The savory dishes are delicious and filling. The desserts are great and the service is OK. :)

    They deliver(of course, in the nearby places only) +632 2121212

    For catering inquiries: +632 6387527 or +63917 8577622

    For those dining in, they accept major credit cards and cash.

    Local Delicacies Atchara ni Ibarra Callos de Aguinaldo Pampano with Tausi and Tofu
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    Trattoria Poggio Antico, Tuscany, McKinley Hill: Where great food & great art can be found

    by nixca316 Updated Aug 12, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Someone who is very familiar with Italy would surely be at home here. A trattoria is somewhat more informal than a ristorante, but the food, usually heirloom recipes, are not of lesser quality. You can relax with family and friends. Enjoy good food, wine and coffee. They also have good entertainment in the evening. Just visit their Facebook page for updates.

    The owner, Mr. Roland Lorilla, is a Filipino, but somehow, he has captured the spirit of a true trattoria. He has traveled all over the world, yes, including Italy, to study about their food and culture.

    Without sacrificing the true Italian flavor of Tuscany, you can also tell the service crew if you have allergies and they would gladly customize your order. I have seen many posts of different restaurants where they hate customizing food for clients(meaning, they'd rather lose you as client than customize your food) and I'm glad that this is not one of those places.

    If it weren't for the gig of our friend Dr. Angelito "Ace" S. Agcoili that night, we wouldn't have been able to have this great experience.

    Approximately, 2 people would spend a little more than US$20.00, but it really would depend on what you would order. Four people could split a whole pizza and two people could split the pasta order. It also depends on your appetite.

    Mode of payment: Cash, Visa, Mastercard and American Express

    Favorite Dish:

    Their food was created with some of the finest ingredients. SO FAR, these are what we tried:

    Pasta Vongole
    This is one of the dishes frequently ordered at this place. Observing other people who ate this makes one realize that it brings happiness...probably, if a person is in dire straits, momentarily, all of his or her cares would simply fly away.

    Pasta Bolognese
    Since this is the "easiest" type of pasta dish to make, I was thinking it would taste just like an ordinary type of red meat sauce. I was wrong. The Barilla pasta smelled wonderful. I don't know if they added lemons to it or not, but it was a bit citrus like in aroma and taste. The meat sauce tasted grace and I love the feeling I had after finishing my share.

    1/2 Verdure and 1/2 Margarita Pizza
    This brick oven thin crust pizza tastes wonderful. Adding the sauce and other ingredients transports you to cloud nine. Sheer delight in every bite. ;-)

    Good wine selections

    You would definitely not just pick this up, but you would also enjoy every bite. The ingredients married well and with every bite you would enjoy the perfect combination of espresso and mascarpone (plus all those other great ingredients). It goes well with wine or black coffee. Molto delizioso!

    complimentary bread and spreads Pasta Vongole One of the best Tiramisus in town 1/2 Verdure 1/2 Margarita
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    Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen: The Ramen with the perfect bite etc.

    by nixca316 Updated Oct 24, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Long introduction...you can skip this is you wish

    Blame it on our nannies. When my "angels" (my two special brothers who are now in heaven) would cry at night, they would feed them ramen to make them stop (not knowing that they should have given them gluten free noodles). Since they would make a whole pot, they would extend the graces to us.

    Yes, the ramen they cooked were instant kind, still, it made us appreciate Japanese noodles or any kind of noodles for that matter.

    My friends who would dine with us would say we make spaghetti(the authentic Italian kind) seem ordinary because we have it almost all the time. When we were small, we were never out of food. When I battled with my weight, of course I would deny that I love food, but now, I admit it. I'm really a foodie.

    I learned to cook around three or four. Among my MANY ambitions was to work in a fancy restaurant in Switzerland or France, but after studying how to cook formally, I knew in my heart that I am not cut out to be Chef because, even if I could follow instructions to the letter, my knife skills were terrible and I get stressed when I'm working with other people. OK, I'm one of those who would rather do it all alone, with assistants doing only the food preparation or the deep frying(I hate doing this myself).

    Anyways, I am super duper digressing already.

    Let's go back to eating ramen. ヽ(•‿•)ノ

    I love ramen. My doctor prohibited me eating the nstant kind so I'm happy that they serve good authentic ones here in the Philippines too. There are places that have disappointed me, but I'm glad that there are those places that send me to cloud 9.


    There's a very welcoming feeling when you enter this place. Normally, I would prefer the soft いらっしゃいませ (irasshaimase)---like in KIMPURA---than the loud one, The servers "here" do the loud version, but it's not as overpowering as one those buffet places somewhere out there.

    According to the Asia Tatler Dining article with no byline, Japanese contemporary artist Sensyu Yasuko, designed the place to give it a warm feeling.

    The people responsible for bringing this awesome place in town is the magic team(according to the FB page): Chef Ueda Hidehito, CEO of Y.S. Food, Masanori Ogata, and Public Relations Director to Philippines from Japan, Kenji Komuro.

    To the three of you...I mean four(including the designer), the staff and the crew, おめでとうございます (Congratulations!).

    They have a Ramen Bar and function rooms that can serve 12 to 40 people. You can bring your family and friends to enjoy the different food and drinks.

    Mode of payment:
    Cash and Major Credit Cards

    Articles about Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen:

    Awesome Planet's Review

    Asia Tatler Dining's "Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen in Manila"

    A Visit to Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen at SM AURA

    I highly recommend this place Aka Tonkotsu Ramen Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen Takana Ramen
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  • nixca316's Profile Photo

    The Mango Tree: Thai Cuisine At Its Best

    by nixca316 Updated Oct 21, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are three Thai Restaurants that are very, very dear to my heart:

    People's Palace (VT "review"),
    JP's Thai Cuisine(VT Review), and Benjarong Royal Thai Restaurant in Dusit Thani(I have yet to write a review. There are lots of restos that I've been to and loved that I have written about yet, fyi).

    This one is now my fourth favorite Thai Restaurant.

    The interior decoration is stupendous and you would admire the cleanliness. The staff is well trained and we were served very, very well with a smile.

    The food is very, very delicious. From the appetizers to the desserts you would be transported to cloud nine.

    They also have a wide array of some of the best wines in town and have a long list of mixed drinks you can enjoy.

    Their Thai Iced Tea is divine. Mom and dad enjoyed theirs with lemon and I enjoyed mine with milk. Since the milk tea craze, I don't think I'm lactose intolerant anymore and I super duper love Mango Tree's Thai Iced Tea.

    Favorite Dish:
    1. Yum Pla Duk Foo(Crispy catfish flakes with mango salad)Crunchy and juicy at the same time
    2. Yum Mamuang (Green mango salad with peanuts and grated coconut)-I love the bite of the grated coconut...the blend of the sweetness and the acridity
    3. Tod Mun Pla Spicy fish cakes---YUMMY
    4. Tow Hoo Phad Med Ma-MaungStir-fried tofu with cashew nuts, capsicum and onion
    5. Tow Hoo Song KruengSautéed tofu with mushrooms and vegetables in light soy sauce--DELIGHTFUL
    6. Phad Thai JayThai stir-fried rice noodles with mixed vegetables and tofu(Vegetarian delight!)
    7. Khao Pad Kai Vegetable Friend Rice with Egg (They have big servings so just order the smaller one if you're just 2 or 3)

    Plus the desserts!

    a-ròi= Delicious

    dii, wí-sèt=Wonderful

    Khawp khun kha=Thank you (well, I'm a woman...if you're a guy you say,"Khawp khun khrap")

    Khawp khun makh= Thank you very much!

    wah-dee=Casual between friends, "Hello!" Formal greeting is Sawadee :)

    Green Beef Curry yum pla duk foo(Catfish Salad) mun cheum (Cassava with special coco milk sauce) Tub Tim Grob (Rubies in Cocounut milk) Chicken in Pandan Leaves
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  • nixca316's Profile Photo

    by Sonja- Serendra Piazza: Designer Cupcakes

    by nixca316 Updated Jul 3, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sonja(Sohn-jah not the Russian pronunciation) Ocampo is now a household name. There are lots of people who go to the Serendra Piazza just to purchase her beautiful and delicious cupcakes.

    She is an expert in cupcake making because she worked at the famous New York Magnolia Bakery known for fabulous cupcakes and other baked goodies. Yet, she did not bring a Magnolia Bakery clone here, instead she created her own brand.

    She researched about cupcakes and her own creations are what we enjoy now. Ergo, Cupcakes by Sonja is definitely NOT a misnomer.

    Some of her creations are too cute to eat, but you just have to dig your teeth into them, because you will regret it more if you don't try them.

    She also makes wedding and party cakes.

    info@cupcakesbysonja.com for general inquiries
    orders@cupcakesbysonja.com for orders

    Bakery Hours:

    Sunday to Thursday 10am to midnight
    Friday to Saturday 10am to 1am the following day

    They are open everyday except Good Friday

    Major Credit Cards are accepted

    Favorite Dish: I love the nutty cupcakes/pies and the ones with berries especially Down Home Blueberry Buckle.

    I also love the Valrhona Milk-Choco Hazel Tart...it's oh sooo good.

    She can customize cakes and cupcakes for you, your family, your friends, your colleagues, and others.

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    Wildflour Cafe + Bakery Fort Bonifacio: A great dining experience!

    by nixca316 Updated Oct 24, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place looks, well, maybe not ordinary because it looks a little beyond that, but the first time I visited it, I told myself, "This is it? What's the big fuss?"

    People have been raving about this place and I have been mighty curious. I almost became disappointed, but about a minute later, I started to find out why.

    The smell of the place is wonderful.

    Freshly baked goodies and the freshly brewed coffee filled the place.

    The welcoming smile of the service crew and the people enjoying their food food also added to my curiosity.

    When we got the menu, again, my spirits were dampened, but when the food was served, I felt I was in heaven.

    The presentation and taste? Superb!

    Would I recommend it to my friends?

    That's what I am doing right now. I hope that my other friends and family could visit this place and have the time of their life.

    Steak and Eggs on top of Kimchi Rice Freshly Baked Goodies ❤ Foie gras with Jellied Port Wine on top ❤ Asparagus Omelette
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  • nixca316's Profile Photo

    Lartizan Boulangerie, Serendra Piazza: French Bakery and More

    by nixca316 Updated Sep 17, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    "A taste of good bread"

    Call me vain, but I got attracted to this place because of its name. I wonder why I never noticed it before. Oh, I know. It's because we always pass through the side facing Bonifacio High Street.

    We were at Serendra for two reasons. The first reason was because I missed Chez Karine so much. Every time we intended to go there in the recent past, it was raining cats and dogs. Most of the time, my seven-year-old nephew was with us, so we did not want to risk it.

    Today, we were at St. Luke's very, very early, so when the clock struck ten, we thought of dropping by Serendra because I was craving for the low glycemic Coco Pudding at Chez Karine, but we were too early. The place was closed. Boohoo. Until next time, Chez Karine.

    Power Books, our other reason why we were there was also closed so mom and I decided to cross the street to Market Market where Manoy Oriel parked the car. Before doing so, we noticed the place. Hmmm. We decided to check enlarged menu on an easel. It's true. The prices of the food did not look cheap, but it looked so interesting. I could compare it to Wild Flour, Paul and TWG Tea Salon & Boutique. Mom and I decided to go in and try some breakfast items.


    *TUNA TURNOVER. Like all other turnovers that are cooked properly, this is very messy to eat because of its flakiness. From the crust to the filling, wow, my mind is blown away. For me, this is very, very delicious.

    *It's true, I've tasted better CAPPUCCINO from all over the world, but there's is not bad at all. It's actually good, if not great. Like my other favorite coffees, the aroma, the strength of the coffee and the taste leaves a good feeling. I love it!

    *Their OMELET made of organic eggs and truffle cream. Both mom and I enjoyed this and without our antihistamine, we were able to finish this without scratching our skin or catching our breath.

    *Fluffy PANCAKES with cream cheese and maple syrup. At first I said, "This is fluffy?" How could I easily forget about the Crepe? ;-) Of course, compared to the Crepe, this is fluffy.

    When I tasted it, I was very, very satisfied. It's so good.

    *This is a boulangerie after all. Of course, they have variétés de bon pain

    Mom teased me, "I guess you should find a guy with that 'last name'"

    *Tizan (Tizanidine) relaxes the tense, rigid muscles caused by spasticity. It is prescribed for people with multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, and other disorders that produce protracted muscles spasms.

    *The Surname/ Family Name

    FYI: Lartizan means a craftsman or an artist. L'artisan or L'artizan.

    SÄNTIS DELICATESSEN is another place where you can buy their bread.

    Truffles Omelet made with organic eggs Fluffy Pancakes Assorted Bread
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  • allelli's Profile Photo

    Polu Kai Grill: Try there Baby Back Ribs

    by allelli Written Aug 23, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is the firsts Hawaiian-themed restaurant that I visit , I have know idea what to expect if you say Hawaiian food. As you entered the place one thing you would notice it is full of tikis, and the waiters would gree you with an Aloha means welcome.

    Favorite Dish: I order Da Polo kai Baby Back Ribs falling of the bones barbecue ribs with there special sauce, my husband favorite grilled pork chop with lots of spices.

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  • allelli's Profile Photo

    Cupcake by Sonia: Just Ordinary cupcake

    by allelli Written Aug 28, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When I read that there is a newly open cake shop with a New York standard in Manila I immediately go to this bake shop, I am a cake fanatic, the place is cute and simple, but different for what I expecting, Nothing extraordinary about there cupcake, the sponge is dry and too sweet. For its price? Not worth it!

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    Sushi King Market Market: Affordable Delicious Japanese Food

    by nixca316 Updated Oct 26, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    ✮The food is clean and the servers are pleasant. It has a friendly atmosphere, but to me, it looks more of a student canteen.

    Anyways, the food tastes good and I was glad that their Ika Fry (Fried Squid/Calamari) did not harden up when it cooled down.

    ✮The place is not a five star restaurant, but a casual dining place. It's just a small kiosk selling tasty Korean and Japanese food that is easy on the pocket.

    ✮Our favorite server is John because he was so kind to RJ (my autistic savant brother), of course, when he was alive.

    Sushi King
    2nd Level, MarketMarket
    Bonifacio Global City,

    Business hours: 10am to 9pm
    Accepts major credit cards

    Tip: If you love using chopsticks, but hate the wooden disposable ones, bring your own

    Favorite Dish:
    We have yet to have favorites, but I must say, if you love spicy food, try the Osaka Maki. It's so yummy!

    The ramen's good, but I don't think it's what you call authentic, so if it's authentic you want, this is not the place to be.

    I still recommend this place to the budget conscious folks. You can enjoy good food at a very affordable price.

    (operated by Sushi King Japanese Korean Restaurant Inc. )

    Ika Fry Osaka Maki and Maguro (Tuna) Sashimi Katsudon Beef Ramen California Maki
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