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  • Things to Do
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  • jumping off the cobo
    jumping off the cobo
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  • Things to Do
    by reklund

Siargao Island Highlights

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    rebeccadv says…

     Fabulous beaches, islets, people...what more could you ask for 

  • Con
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    xtina_santiago says…

     Transportation may be difficult 

  • In a nutshell
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    blackace says…

     Another place that reminds you how beautiful the Philippines is! 

Siargao Island Things to Do

  • Dune Buggy Tour

    General Luna now has Dune Buggy tours and rentals for those who dont like driving motorbikes. The tour lasted a little over two hours and there are 8 buggies and a lead UTV with a guide in it. The cost of the tour was 1400 peso for two people. The rental is where you go on your own was 300 pesos per hr, 3 hr minimum which is way cheaper than...

  • Sohoton Tour

    These are the Pricelist for Sohoton Cave/ Bucas Grande TourEnvironmental Fee Foreign P150/ Local P50Rentals (Helmet/ Life Vest) P40Docking Fee P100Paddlers P100Boat Guides P165

  • Caob lagoon, same as yo ho ho islands.

    Reminds a bit of sohoton but way easier to get to. Caob lagoon is located at the municipality of Del Carmen, about 10k past the airport. Its a hidden lagoon inside a small island that is only reachable with boat, and best during high tide. Inside the lagoon there is a huge cobo (philippino rest house) built that is for anyone to use, for a small...

  • beach volleyball

    There is one place on Siargao where they have set up a beach volleyball net and its at Kawili resort in General Luna. Just between the bar and the beach so perfect location for exercise, swimming and drinks! lol The beach there is the best in and around G.L

  • Surfing

    Siargao is mostly known for its superb surfing. From the fast break cloud 9 to the more mellow longboard wave at daku island, this is the perfect place for experianced and beginners alike. Every year billabong hosts the siargao international surf competition here, usually starts off in middle september and is not to be missed. The best surf here is...

  • Caribou tour

    We just had a great day riding caribou at the back hills of general luna here on siargao. Got the idea when a friend's birthday came up and wanted to do something different. We hired 5 caribou with driver, two people on each, a wagon filled with beet and off we went. So far the most fun I had here on siargao.

  • Jet Ski riding

    You can enjoy amazing Sea Doo jet-ski 215 HP ridng in lagoon by romantic Beach Villas or easy jump in 1 min to some lost island.

  • Sunset

    On our way back to General Luna from Dacu Island, we were just in time for sunset. I took shots of it. Really beautiful.

  • Nice House - Dacu Island

    We spotted a nice house in Dacu Island & thought it would be nice for our picture taking back drop. There's also a bonfire created with rock seats. Really nice place.

  • Tiktikan Lake

    Tiktikan Lake is part of another Sohoton Tour together with Crystal Cave. Entrance fee is P10 per head. For boating, you have to pay P5. You can take the boat to the other side & be guided on foot inland. The lake is huge but we didn't stay long for the long trip back to General Luna. It's best to leave early to avoid the strong waves.

  • Crystal Cave

    Visiting Crystal Cave is part of another tour in Sohoton together with the Tiktikan Lake. You have to take the pumpboat during high tide to reach the shore where a path will take you to the cave. It's best to have a good hiking shoes coz the path is treacherous. Take a good flashlight coz it's pitch dark inside the cave. It's a pity that the...

  • Jellyfishes

    Visiting Sohoton Cove is really memorable one for me. Imagine, swimming with countless stingless jellyfishes! They will really converge around you in the water like magnet. It's eerie coz you can feel them while swimming. I got to touch & hold them in the water. What an experience! Just with those jellyfishes, the long trip is well worth it.

  • Sohoton Cove

    Sohoton Cove requires 2 hours of pumpboat ride from General Luna in Siargao to be able to reach it but it is really worth it. I got to jump from high places to the deep water. It's really for the adventure lovers. Especially memorable are the stingless jellyfishes which you can swim with. They will get near you in the water. Imagine swimming with...

  • Guyam Island

    Guyam Island is my least favorite of the 3-island tour. It's a small island that you can roam around in a few minutes. It is reportedly offered a 7 million pesos price tag by a foreigner but was turned down by the owner. The beachfront is just ok. It is worthy of a short visit.

  • Dacu Island

    Dacu Island is easily my favorite in Siargao. In my opinion, it is better than Boracay which is crowded & commercialized. I love the emerald green color of the clear pristine water. The sand is powdery white. Sunset view is perfect. This is located just across General Luna in Siargao Island. I'll never get enough of this island.

  • Naked Island

    Naked Island, as it's name suggest is devoid of anything except for the fine white sand. There are no trees around. You can roam around the island in just a couple of minutes. The place is hot with no shades to take shelter. The waves here are strong but is still perfect for swimming.

  • Mamon Island

    Mamon Island is easily one of my favorite islands near Siargao. Nearby is La Janoza island, another popular island. Between these islands are corals perfect for snorkeling. I just love the beaches here which i consider one of the best in the country. The beauty of the place is just breathtaking. You have to travel for over an hour by pumpboat from...

  • Alegria Beach

    Alegria Beach is one of the recommended beaches in Siargao Island. Perfect for taking a dip & making sand castles with their fine white sand. Nice place to hang out in the sun.


Siargao Island Restaurants

  • Best in the island

    I've been to Kalinaw resort for dinner and it was just amazing.This place is first a resort but they open the restaurant every night for the walk inn. I was well welcoming and the food was great! Best pizza ever in the Philippines. They cook it in a wood oven right in the bar area. You have also choices of different starter as carpaccio, soup...

  • Dont miss this hidden gem!

    Hospitality OUTSTANDING! (Good job Viktor) Viktor and his staff were proabably the best I have ever encountered in my travels. Dont let the look of this place drive you away! The prices here are perfect, the food tastes a lot more than he charges for it. The Spaghetti bolonese is the best in the island for only P195 ($4.20) I had some HUngarian...

  • Dont eat here!

    glass of water has a cost!!! im so disappointed!!! and the waitress who served us is so slow!! no common sense!! and she hesitantly gave us table napkins!! grrrr.. the pizza is not that yummy, after a few minutes, it gets harder and harder to eat.. they should close their place!


Siargao Island Nightlife

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    Baywalk of Siargao

    by Yob Updated Jul 18, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you want to enjoy locals and tourists singing their heart out in an al fresco setting, this is a nice place to visit at night. Beers are sold at a very cheap price - P20/bottle. They also have variety of food choices for pulutan.

    Dress Code: Casual outfits will do. Formal attire is a major no-no in this place.

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Siargao Island Transportation

  • Car Hire

    We hire this car through a friend who lives in Siargao. The driver/guide charges P400 daily excluding gas to tour around the island for the whole day. With gas, you'll be spending around P2T per day. The guide, a pastor is knowledgeable about the island & is quite friendly. His sister/companion can even cook for you if requested. The car however...

  • Cebu Pacific Air

    Cebu Pacific Air now flies direct Cebu-Siargao route. We took the promo fare of P500 per way offered by the airline. It was a 72-seater ATR plane. Travel time took 50 minutes. Schedule is every MWF noontime.

  • Pumpboat

    You need to hire pumpboat from General Luna to really experience the beauty of Siargao. The resort we stayed at, Jadestar Resort has it's own pumpboat so it was convenient for us. Their price is negotiable. For 3 island tours (Dacu, Guyam & Naked Islands), they charge P1500. If including Sohoton Cove, that would be P4T. For our last day, we went...


Siargao Island What to Pack

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    by beachaholic101 Updated Mar 15, 2007

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: backpack bags/overnight bags/gym bags/sling bags

    " trolleys please..."

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: shorts/ board shorts--bring lots!
    jacket-must have!
    your fave swim suits
    pj's---lots of mosquitos during the night
    towel---don't ever forget!
    lots of tops -to over lap your swim suit if you dont wanna walk around in your bikini
    Shirts for men - weather is unpredictable, it could be cold in the evening!
    /topless is not advisable

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Tissue ---hard to find if your resort doesnt sell supplies
    Feminine Napkins ---if you're expecting your period plz do bring your pads, you might find it
    hard to buy it at night(trust me on this one! hehe)
    Mosquito Repellants -must have!

    Photo Equipment: Bring a waterproof/underwater gear for your cameras

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Flashlight

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Siargao Island Sports & Outdoors

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    4 more images

    by prettycharmzzzz Written Apr 26, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Surfing Waves - Your guide to the the wonderful world of surfing the waves. If you are interested in the sport of surfing and want to find out information on learning to surf, waves, surf reports, surf videos, surfing equipment. surfboards and accessories then you have come to the right place. Visit Siargao Island.

    Equipment: SURFBOARD::

    The Surfboard is the essential piece of surfing equipment. Without it you ain't surfin'. The modern surfboard has come a long way in design and construction since the Hawaiians started surfing on wooden planks. The modern surfboard is hand shaped by professional shapers out of foam and finished with a fibreglass coat. They are light and strong, and the cutting edge of surfboard design changes as quickly as a cold surfer does on a windy day. Let's have a look at what the different bits of the surfboard are called so that you can sound knowledgeable when talking your mum into buying you a nice new board.


    Wetsuits is a must if you are the average surfer and want to surf all year round. You are one lucky surfer if you are fortunate to be able to wear your boardshorts all the time, or rich enough to follow the summer all year round. Wetsuit technology has come on an awful long way since the first restricting rubber fetish outfits. Now they are super light, super stretch and some don't even have zips!


    Surfboard Wax is exactly what it sounds like - wax for your surfboard. Ohh, no great revelations in this section then!. There are many different types of wax out there and they all do exactly the same thing - they stop you from slipping off the surfboard when you are either paddling or up surfing. At the beginning of a surf, Surf Wax is applied to the deck of the board in the positions where the feet will be placed. It can also be applied to the rails where the hands will be gripping for duck diving or popping-up.

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Siargao Island Favorites

  • air travel, bank & pansukian

    welcomei think its better if you can go first to cebu city then take cebu pacific going directly to siargao island.There is a bank in dapa municipality near the municipality of Gen. Luna just a thirty minute jeepney ride.There is also a five star resort (pansukian) where you dont need a mosquitero. the fine white powdery beaches plus the perfect...

  • Island Hopping

    Best to deal with the local fishermen when you want to schedule your Island Hopping. They will offer you the 3-islands tour for only Php1,000 for the whole boat (doesnt matter if 10 of you are coming). When you book with resorts/hotels, they will tend to over-charge. Better talk to the local fishermen ;p

  • Surf Rentals

    If you are on a tight budget but is so into Sufing, avoid renting boards near Cloud 9 because shops there charge BY THE HOUR and not on a per-day basis. Better to go to J-Spot, board rentals cost 300/per day but when surf season comes it goes up to 500/per day (still cheap though compared to paying on an hourly basis).


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