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    Crow Valley, Capas, Tarlac
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Capas Things to Do

  • Mud Pool

    Another activity that I failed to do, but crave to experience when I return is the mud pool treatment. For P500/person, you'll get to apply volcanic mud all over your body, then wait for it to soften and "stretch" the skin. The treatment promises to make you look younger.Note: You can use the Mud Pool for free if you availed of both Massage and...

  • Volcanic Ash Spa

    This is one activity that I failed to avail of at the PDC Pinatubo Spa because our group had to leave early. Definitely a must-do when I return. At P500/person, tired tourists will experience being buried in hot volcanic ash for 30 minutes. This is supposed to relax your tired body while it lessens body cholesterol. A friend who experienced this...

  • Stopover for Photo Shoot At Crow Valley

    You can make arrangements with your 4x4 jeep driver to stop at a safe place so you can take some pictures. Our group had the photo shoot at a place just before the skyway where the sight of lahar and pyroclasmic canyons, mountains and streambeds were simply awesome.

  • Relaxing Massage At PDC Spa Town

    After being "battered" by the rough 4x4 jeep ride to and from Mt. Pinatubo, what can be more welcome than a massage at the spa?The “Pina-thai-tsu” is a unique combination of traditional Thai and Shiatsu massage, with a few local massage techniques (hilot). This massage, taking about 1 hour + 20 minutes effectively improves blood circulation and...

  • Know The Story Behind Crow Valley

    There's more to Crow Valley than the vast lahar streambed where 4x4 jeeps take you to Mt. Pinatubo. Located at Camp O'Donnell, the Crow Valley was actually the main Bombing and Gunnery Range of the United States Armed Forces in the western Pacific. This 42-mile facility located about 14 miles from the former Clark Air Base was primarily used for...

  • Prepare For The Rough, Dusty Ride

    For Pinatubo Trekkers:Travel across the hardened lahar and O'Donnell Riverbed will take your 4-wheel drive jeep approximately 1 1/2 hours. Only the front seat has a seatbelt, so those seating at the back will have to brace themselves for the fast, long, bumpy ride. Before your jeep crosses Crow Valley, secure your hair with scarf/bonnet/safari hat...

  • Register & Pay Required Fees &...

    For Pinatubo Trekkers:First step to your Pinatubo tour is to register and pay fees (for environment conservation, access to Crow Valley, skyway toll, tour guide and 4-wheel drive jeep) at the PDC (Pinatubo Development Corporation) Spa Town, the jump off point for trips to the crater and lahar areas. This is also where you have to make arrangements...

  • Empty Your Bladder As Often As You Can

    For Pinatubo Trekkers:Coax you bladder to empty itself at the PDC Spa Town before you ride the 4WD jeep. The rough terrain, plus the excitement will surely make you want to answer nature's call, but you can't ask the driver to stop anywhere just because you have to pee. There are restrooms at the end of the skyway; be sure to go there before your...

  • Leave & Secure Your Car In Parking Area

    For Pinatubo Trekkers:If you brought your own vehicle, you cannot just leave it on the narrow street infront of Pinatubo Spa Town. Park you car in the designated parking area. I saw two vacant lots across the Spa being used as parking area. I suggest you leave your clothes (for changing after the trek) in your vehicle. Remember to double check if...


Capas Transportation

  • 4x4 Jeep

    To go from Sta. Juliana, Capas to Mt. Pinatubo, you will have to hire a 4x4 jeep at the PDC Spa Town. There are 4x4 jeeps which can accomodate 4 passengers; others can accomodate 5 passengers. Going to Mt. Pinatubo, your trail guide sits on top of the hood, but going back to Sta. Juliana, he half hangs and half sits at the back. Rental of 4x4...

  • Private Vehicle

    Since we travelled with a group, we opted to bring our own vehicles (vans & cars) going to and around Capas. We felt it was the best option in order to effectively control our time and movements.Route: From Manila, we took the North Luzon Expressway and exited at Sta. Ines toll gate. From there, we drove to MacArthur Hwy onwards to Bamban and...

  • Victory Bus Liner, jeepney and 4x4 truck

    148 bus fare and 5 pesos for insurance fee to capas tarlac. 22 pesos jeepney fare going to patling and the 4x4 truck which waited for us in patling. We paid 2950 for the 4x4 truck. Its adviceable to leave metro manila very early so that you will enjoy the place.


Capas Warnings and Dangers

  • Use The Skyway With Caution!

    For the past 7 years, the recommended trail to Mt. Pinatubo crater has been the 30-km nature-formed streambed along O'Donnell river where 4x4 jeeps bring tourists for an hour of rough ride to a point where they have to trek for two hours more before reaching the summit/crater. However, with the Skyway (a shortcut trail for the 4x4 jeeps to pass...

  • Just warning....

    Do not go to Mt. Pinatubo alone and without telling anybody that you will head here. Many have become lost or trapped here in sudden landslides. Be prepared for emergencies. Make sure you bring some communication devices like mobile phones (have a spare battery) or two-way radios so you can call for help. Ask for the help of a tour guide or bring...

  • Capas Hotels

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Capas Tourist Traps

  • Very Expensive Coke In Can!

    We were so thirsty after the travel and trek to and from Mt. Pinatubo. Immediately after we have freshened up, we headed for the Spa Restaurant to have some fruit shake or cold drinks. Since their fruit shake (which by the way is only banana shake; no other choice) was not available, we ordered Coke Zero and Sprite in cans. Service was so slow, it...

  • Lahar Field....

    This road is a little known to other people, lightly used, but now passable road to and from Angeles- Porac, Pampanga- Dinalupihan, Bataan for time saving shortcut for vehicle. It can cut from 30- 45 minutes of driving time, by avoiding traffic plagued areas in San Fernando, Bacolor, Guagua and Lubao roads. There is only one problem ?coz your going...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Capas What to Pack

  • Pack Light

    Beltbag and small backpack Cargo shorts/pants, trekking shoes or sturdy sandals with good traction, tees/top made of light breathable material, hoodie/windbreaker, hat/scarf. (Be sure to bring extra clothing & towelette. You really have to freshen up and change after the trek) Sunblock, band-aid strips, wet wipes, anti-allergy medicine (if you...

  • Take Swimsuits

    A small backpack is ideal for this day trip. Take extra clothing, you'll surely need it. Do make sure that you take a pair of swimsuit because you might want to take a dip in the crater lake. :) Take a bottle of strong sunscreen. Make sure you have a waterproof bag or an extra plastic bag for your camera because the 4 x 4 might cross the...

  • What to bring:

    Whether traveling on a day or overnight, always bring with you your backpack. For a day tour bring extra shirt, three liters of water or health juice, a pair of sturdy walking shoes plus sandals, light meal and a pair of strong legs.For overnight guest, bring your own tent, sleeping bag, and a warm jacket, cooking equipment and full meal in...


Capas Off The Beaten Path

  • cyndymc's Profile Photo

    Greet The People At The Aeta Village

    by cyndymc Written Dec 29, 2009

    On the way to Mt. Pinatubo, you'll see some Aetas walking or riding a carabao cart at Crow Valley. You will also pass by a small Aeta Village. Give them a warm smile and wave to greet them. I was being teased for being "Miss Congeniality" because I waved at all the Aetas we passed by. If your 4x4 jeep can't/won't stop, just toss in a plastic bagful of candies/cookies for the children.

    Aetas Aetas Aetas Aetas
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Capas Favorites

  • mlt_t's Profile Photo

    The site your going to see or view

    by mlt_t Written Jun 26, 2004

    Favorite thing: Before the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo this place is like a normal site of house and rice field but now your going to see lot of this... so horrible... its shocking but now poeple from this place are used to it and life must go on even they lost lots of their houses.

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