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  • Pundaquit Shore-Camara and Capones Island
    Pundaquit Shore-Camara and Capones...
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  • capones island
    capones island
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  • 9.00 bus to Iba
    9.00 bus to Iba
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Pundaquit Things to Do

  • Explore Pundaquit River

    The road in Pundaquit ends when you reach the river, but you can usually wade across it if it is not the rainy season. From the other side it is only 3 or 400 m to the end of the beach where sometimes you will find a small stream emerging. Follow this stream 200 m inland and you will come to Pundaquit Falls where it is possible to splash around in...


    Trips can be taken to Camara Island for around 700-800 pesos. From the shore it looks as if there are two islands but it is possible to walk between them at low tide as they are actually only one island that is connected by a white sandbar, not visible from the shore at Pundaquit. At high tide the sandbar disappears as it is covered by water. There...


    We settled on the beach at the rear side of the island, but also explored another two, all three beaches were sandy but when you entered the water the sand was soon replaced by slabs of rock. It would probably be better if you visited the island at high tide. The rock formations are quite interesting with some overhangs. It would have been nice to...


Pundaquit Hotels

Pundaquit Restaurants


    There are a few places along the road that serve rice soup, chocolate rice and macaroni soup.......but that is about all, so if you have not brought an adequate supply of food with you i guess you have to make do with what there is.I personally purchased pandesal from the pandesal man, bought a couple of bananas if they could be found, then walked...


    Unfortunately when it comes time to eat you will probably be disappointed unless you bring your own food or your resort offers meals. There are a few turo-turo joints around the village, the best of which seemed to be run by a friendly lady named Daisy. You will find her simple place 10 meters on the left from the tricycle station. She has a simple...

  • Just local

    There is no restaurant in the area so one can only eat on the resort and it's very expensive for me. But in San Antonio there are local restaurants lined near the Town hall. It's cheaper and you have plenty of choices.


Pundaquit Nightlife

  • bonfire at theisland

    like from wat is posted there are no resorts nor electricity in the island.. u can have a bonfire and do some ghost stories which is very conducive to have it. bring some battery operated stereos and have sound trippin...

  • Overnight stay

    No, there's no B & B...just kidding;P Again, there are no resorts/facilities on the islands. However, we met some people who have stayed and camped overnight. Before you try this, possibly get more info from the resorts in Pundaquit/locals to be sure it's safe to do so.

  • Pundaquit Hotels

    3 Hotels in Pundaquit

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Pundaquit Transportation

  • LOCAL TRICYCLES--- extremely...

    The local tricycles in this part of the country are extremely small and can only take 3 passengers, (unlike the ones that can take 5 passengers where we live). If you are big (or even not that big!!), like me it is almost impossible to sit in the seat with your wife or partner as there is just not enough room. It is with great difficulty that i...


    The tricycle station is easy to find and situated just as you enter the village. There are always 9 or 10 trike drivers waiting their turn to take a passenger. Unfortunately there is a waiting shed which is falling apart, but most trikes have a plastic sheet which will protect passengers from the rain.Regular fare to San Antonio is 30 pesos.

  • LEAVING PUNDAQUIT is not so comfortable...

    We had to leave Pundaquit around 7 am to meet a friend in central Luzon which involved taking a bus to Olongapo for another connection. No problem leaving Pundaquit by tricycle to San Antonio but Victory Liners passed by, each of them full so eventually we boarded a local bus to Olongapo which seem to stop every few hundred meters or so to pick up...


Pundaquit Shopping


    Unfortunately in Pundaquit it is extremely hard to find fruit unless someone has just harvested their bananas. Vegetables too, are few and far between. I only saw this one stall with a meager collection of vegetables on offer and a few bananas, so bring your own fruit from Manila or Olongapo.


    There are a few souvenir shops springing up but i found the one just as you enter the village on the right hand side to be the best. They sold t-shirts, key-rings, sun glasses and a few delicacies to eat. There were two friendly girls manning the store who never seemed to stop giggling.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Pundaquit Local Customs

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    by davidjo Written Jul 20, 2013

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    The pandesal man starts selling his pandesal from 5.30 am, but he does this from his tricycle honking his horn as he drives around the village stopping every 100 m or so. When the locals hear the horn they will rush to the back of his trike to purchase bagfuls of the hot pandesal to eat with their coffee. Usually it is all gone by 7 am so if you want some i suggest you get up early and listen for the honk-honk of his horn

    bright and early

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Pundaquit Warnings and Dangers


    The island of Capones is a military reservation area so you must not leave your litter behind, but i am afraid i discovered many empty bottles of alcohol that were left behind by visitors, so please try to clean up after your picnic or overnight camping expedition.


    Be careful when hiring a bangka to the nearby islands or coves as a boat capsized recently and 19 people had to be rescued. The weather can change rather quickly from July through to November as we found out. We were enjoying our stay on Capones Island but around lunchtime the sea looked as if it was getting a little rough so rather than stay...

  • Mind your step

    Annoyingly, there was trash left on the beach by previous visitors. Be extra careful where you step. My cousin almost stepped on broken/chipped glass from a bottle. Not many things really irks me, but this is one of them. I don't understand why people cannot pick up after themselves. If we are to enjoy a beautiful place like this, we should take...


Pundaquit Tourist Traps

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    by davidjo Written Jul 19, 2013

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    Should you arrive by car there are very few places to park along the narrow road in the center of the village, but every available space is owned by someone and you will pay at least 100 pesos to park your car. You will see signs everywhere by the side of the road so choose a safe place to park as nearly all of the budget resorts along the shore have nowhere to park.

    parking fees

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Pundaquit What to Pack

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    by high_d Updated Aug 2, 2006

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    Luggage and bags: Pack what you think you'll need unless you're not planning to stay more than an hour. Your boatman probably will not stay and will only come back on the time you agreed upon.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Lifevests since again some of the hired boatmen do not provide these.
    Also maybe a change of clothes. For footwear, you may want to opt for some river sandals or something that doesn't easily come loose. When you get off the boat on the bigger Camera Island, it's hard to walk on the part of the beach where you have to step on corals and shells. I had somewhat of hard-time since I was wearing flip-flops.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Plenty of sunscreen unless you want a tan but then again you don't want to get sunburnt either.

    Miscellaneous: Snorkeling equipment
    Pack something to eat/drink; preferably water because it can get very hot even in the shade.

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    • Beaches

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Pundaquit Off The Beaten Path

  • Capones Island Lighthouse

    Since we did not get to go to Capones Island, we missed out on seeing the historic Spanish Colonial Lighthouse that's situated in the westernmost portion of the island. Also known as "The Faro de Punta Capones on the Island of Grand Capon". This lighthouse was built around 1886 and began operating around 1890. It is still operational, powered by...

  • "Whale" Island

    I nicknamed the smaller Camera Island,"Whale" Island because it resembles one. It was late May when I was here, still the summer season. Apparently, during the end of the rainy season (June-Sept) , a sandbar appears linking the two Camera Islands together. Pretty cool. The sandbar merely gets shifted due to the currents. So when I was there, too...

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Pundaquit Sports & Outdoors


    There is a surfing competition every year in August, and just so the locals get some practice in there is also one a towards the end of July. Surfers come from different parts of the country to compete. The heats are already posted in the village.


    There were a friendly group of long haired guys that had perhaps 15 surf boards for rent. They were all locals and live for the surf, sometimes traveling to different parts of the country to take part in competitions, but when i met them they were anxiously waiting for the first waves of the season to appear. You can rent their boards for 200 pesos...


    This place was about to open soon and was advertising scuba diving as well as fishing trips. It appeared to be Korean or Japanese run, and was not so far from the center of the village. I suspect that it will mainly cater for the Korean/Japanese clientele. There was a promo offer of 299 pesos to enter for 4 hours which included a free ice tea, use...


Pundaquit Favorites

  • Name this plant

    As I was taking a break from snorkeling, I sat down on one of those striped boulders and saw this pineapple-look-alike-tree. I have no idea what kind of plant this is but it was interesting that it grew out from under those striped boulders.

  • Enjoy the majestic views

    While relaxing in the warm torquoise waters, I can't help being awed by the mountain views facing Camera islands. Nature at its best, I have never seen striped boulders before until here...

  • Can I pick out a coral/shell?

    Camera Island: I am not sure if there are laws regarding picking corals/shells already on the beach. As far as I know, I think it's only illegal if you actually harvest it off from an actual living reef. Again, I am not sure so don't take my word for it. But if you decide to take a couple from the beach, how can you possibly pick??? Take a look at...


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