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  • Sunset and pebbles in Mabua, Surigao City
    Sunset and pebbles in Mabua, Surigao...
    by crisgastardo
  • colorful parking that signifies major profession
    colorful parking that signifies major...
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  • sunset viewing at the rock formation in Anao-aon
    sunset viewing at the rock formation in...
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Surigao Things to Do

  • Island Hopping

    There are many small and big Islands to do the thing. Like going there and take a look. Since this islands are quite interested for the views and the place brings you something that you can really hold your breath with a doubt feelings what will happen. Scared? Hahaha dont be they says there is no harm in trying right?. But we havent time to drop...

  • Friendly Cute Butterfly

    As what I noticed this place had different kind of butterflies and so far they are friendly enough to fly in front of you and hop in your hand if you let them. This one butterfly and my li'l cousin get my attention even that the boy is all wet standing in the coconut tree it seems like the butterfly is banter him to play with. I was wow this is...

  • Surigao Hotels

    0 Hotels in Surigao

Surigao Restaurants

  • tavern

    The resto in Hotel Tavern is subdivided into several parts: there is an open-air covered area near the sea where the band plays, there is an air-conditioned portion (where me and my family ate) and there is another non-air con covered area.Food: The serving is generous. Presentation is good. And so is the food. They give you bread sticks with dip...

  • Best fried chicken in town

    I love this place. It is off the road about 50 meters, but most all pub. transport. will know it by name. There are a couple of nice swings outside the restaraunt for the kiddies to play on while your food is cooked. The tables and chairs are made from near petrified wood(dont try to lift them unless you have a strong back). Is great for casual...

  • Best Restaraunt in town

    The Tavern offers excellent food, as well as the most diverse Menu in Surigao. The atmosphere is upscale with a piano, and a staff that is expected at 25USD/meal + restaraunts here in the states, complete with it's own Dapperly dressed manager always on the floor to ensure the customer's satisfaction. The only restaraunt that I am aware of that has...


Surigao Transportation

  • Surigao Transpotation ;)

    Well, this one makes me smile. Traveling in Surigao would best be summed up by me as thrill seeking. There are no taxis here. PT is either by trike(a small displacement 2 or 4 stroke motorcycle, typically 125ccs, with seating for up to 6 inside. On rare occasions you will see someone on the roof). There are also Multi Cabs(Small displacement Vans...

  • Only Boat to Get There

    Not expensive after all its only 60 pesos individual (1 usd am not sure). They have schedules each destination but dont be worry of it coz there are many boats and its like every hour. Opps wait this boat is too small, You will ride bigger of this just in case though. But you can ask for special ride and am not sure how much it cost. You start...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Surigao Local Customs

  • diverdorr68's Profile Photo


    by diverdorr68 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    If you are planning on a visit to or moving to the Philippines, you should know things are different there. Though the appearence of dress is clearly western, the thinking and attitutes, may not be. Expect to meet smiling friendly people, quick to laugh. Expect to find an English speaking population. But, do not expect, in most places, to find western effiectiancy. That is NOT a bad thing. If you want to be in a laid back atmoshere, then you will want to travel here.
    In my town of Surigao, children are actually able to walk the streets without fear of criminals preying on them. People here know and stay in touch with most all relatives, even distant cousins. It is a society more about the strength of community then self sufficiency. In my book, that's a good thing. You can pick up the book titled "Culture Shock - Philippines" for a couple dollars on Thats where I got mine. About 15 dollars less then Barnes and Nobles. The book will give you alot of insight on the Philippine community, and what to expect. I hope you will decide to visit here, not just Surigao, but anywhere. This is a great place full of all the adventure you can handle. Complete with some of the worlds nicest beaches. As well as many other exciting places to visit, many of which, are not on the map.
    Here in Surigao we have everything from cave exploration to reef diving to photagraphy oppurtunities of some of the most breathtaking sunsets you are ever likely to find. Tavel is inexpensive here, with unlimited outdoor adventure on the menu.

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Surigao What to Pack

  • diverdorr68's Profile Photo

    What you wont find, or easily find.

    by diverdorr68 Written Apr 23, 2007

    Luggage and bags: If you are of a hefty build, make sure you bring plenty of clothes. A 2XL here is about the size of the average XL in the states. That goes for male or female.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: You will find plenty of bargains on name brand shoes here. But,if your foot is a size 10 or larger, you may be out of luck. Besides that, there are tons of shops for you to explore, most offer great bargains.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Ok, this was unexpected. For the best travel, bring them with you. Most toiletries here are only available in miniture size, from toothpaste to deodorent. Also, bring some of your own Toilet paper. The toilet paper readily available here is not of good quality, in my opinion. If you forget, you can get "Kleenex" brand, which is pretty good, at TT's

    Photo Equipment: Bring plenty of Digital Video Cassttes, as they are scarce here. We spend half a day running around town to find them, and they were'nt cheap. We finally found them at "Pat's Electronics". It's mainly a cell phone store, but they, and only they had the cassettes. We opted for Sony. I think we paid 5USD per 60 minute cassette.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Bring your snorkling equipment. I couldnt find any here. Bring your boots if you are having a long stay. You will need them sooner or later. Bring a good sunscreen, Surigao is located at the 10th degree longitude, so the sun is strong.

    Miscellaneous: Having said all that, you may understand why it is so inexpensive to travel around this area. It is not a major tourist attaction yet. For all your other needs you can take a ride to Butuan, where there is a Mall. It's about a 2 hours ride to the west of Surigao. Along the way you will pass by the unspolied beaty of Mainit Lake.

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Surigao Favorites

  • namiewa's Profile Photo

    Wow this Women is Talented

    by namiewa Updated Jun 6, 2006

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: A carver women living in this area i cant even imagine she is really talented by her innocent look and funny way of talking. She had made school’s entire statue of different kind of living creature in this world. From human to animals and not only that she had made small cute houses too like 1 feet tall and painted by different colors. In this Island where she can show her hand made stone and wood whittle people seems ignore what she created. Aling Belinda is living at this place for many years and doing all this stuff by not selling it makes me feel amazed to her. Since all this time she’ve been doing it with out payment can u imagine? Its not easy to carve such magnificent statue by your own with out any help. Alone doing this things she can be rich of her talent but staying at this Island can be worst it something that world left her behind. But even that while talking with her I found that her life and happiness is in this place. Keep UP the good work Manang Belinda and More Power...

    Fondest memory: To this Island you seem that this place is empty but not, as I meet this talented carver women living in this place. Who is funny asking me to take a picture of her work together with her to show and to share to others that there are someone out there who are talented as others. Maybe when i get back here i will probably buy one of her works which been displayed at her house. Well, she give one half wood carve face of a man to my Mom. I will miss her kindness to me and to my family. Just because this place dont have electricity my camera is already low battery at this time and cant recharge it.

    carve women with her baby (visiting may 2006) carve carabao (national animal in the Philippines) carve giraffe ( I adore you Manag Belinda) a little boy (She is really talented)
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