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    thick jungle
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    The new additional fees
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    by davidjo Written Nov 21, 2013

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Many tourists end up staying here more than 6 months and arrive at the airport hoping to fly out but are refused to board as recently the immigration department change the procedure. If you stay more than 6 months you must go to the Immigration office at Intramuros and pay for an EXIT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE, as you will not be able to leave the country without this. This happened to an Italian friend of ours last month and unfortunately she lost her INTERNATIONAL TICKET AND HAD TO PURCHASE ANOTHER ONE.

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    Metered Taxis in Metro Manila

    by theguardianangel Updated Feb 25, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Honestly, I don’t like taking Taxis around Metro Manila because of inconsiderate and inconsistent fares! Taxis from the airports (yellow or ordinary) see the passengers (locals, tourists,foreigners) like walking dollars and are fond of tips.

    For example, when the taxi meter reflects an amount of 170Php, let’s say you don’t have that exact cash on your pocket, so you handed him a 200Php. Two things might happen, One- he’ll confirm if you have exact cash and he’ll say, he doesn’t have change for you, so you’ll just get off the taxi and give the 30Php as a tip and Second- He’ll just wait for you to get off his cab until you realize that your supposed to be 30Php change was already a tip.

    That’s what really happens here but in the provinces, the taxi drivers aren’t that greedy. They gave your change and if you give more than the amount you’re supposed to pay, they got ashamed and insist to give your change.

    Sometimes, they also have to offer a specific fare amount before they take you to your destination. Don't agree with them, they're only overcharging you. Find other taxis that will be willing to take you to your destination and charge the fare using their meters.

    Well, not all the Metro Manila taxi drivers are that greedy… there are a few people who are considerate too. People aren’t always the same but I’m just telling you things based on my experiences in riding taxis around the Metro. I just like to serve this as guidance when getting around the city.

    When taking the taxi, always have in mind these things:

    1. Always ask for the taxi meter on.

    2. Always ask for your change. All of us work so we need money too.

    3. Prepare coins and cash in your pocket so you can pay for the exact fare.

    Fun Alternatives: It would be better if you'll just take the other public transportations i.e. jeepney, MRT, LRT

    ordinary metered taxi long line of taxis
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    inland coron tour- select your own itenerary

    by alvinn318 Written May 15, 2009

    as there wer not much to do in coron, its best you select the itenerary and choose the best islands to visit to. if your booking office cannot do so, then its best you hire a boat and let them know the places you wanted to visit to maximize your stay in coron.
    start your day at the kayangan lake- be the first to arrive to give you a nice spot to leave your stuff. dun forget your mosquito repellant as there are plenty and plenty of huge mosquitoes like a size of a fly.. its best if you stay longer here and swim and have fun.
    then go visit the twin lagoon for a short experience of passing thru the small passageway leading to the lagoon.
    then go visit the banol beach for your lunch. best to stay longer for relaxation, swiming ang snorkelling. the best beach in coron.
    if your into snorkelling for som more , then go visit some few islands . pick up your choice, the other places are not so attractive already. more or less the tour will end at 2- 3pm. tour cost from booking office 650 /pax minimum of 5 people..but for Do it your own tour , hire a boatman and negotiate for a better price.
    oh by the way, i heard barracuda lake is a nice place too . however, it is more recomended for divers.

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  • yuet29's Profile Photo

    Visa Exemption Extension

    by yuet29 Written Dec 12, 2008

    The cost for the extension of visa exempted period from 21 days to 59 days costs 2020P. I did it in Legazpi and they said they only have one type of charge which is 3020P (1000P for the express fee)

    I dont need it in express as I have time here, I said.
    "You want it in 3 minutes or a week costs the same, we only have expressed charge."

    I consider it a tourist trap. I met traveler who done it in Boracay without hassle, 2020P, takes 3 days. In Manila, the express fee is forced as well.

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  • joiwatani's Profile Photo

    Don't stay in Manila

    by joiwatani Updated Nov 27, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Get out from Manila and you will enjoy the Philippines! Go island-hopping. Palawan, Boracay, Cebu, Bohol, or go to the Mountain Province: Benguet (Baguio City), Bontoc (Sagada).

    You will love the Philippines. There is so much hassle in Manila. I can't stand it. Neither could you!

    Sorry, but that will be my advice.

    I will come back and renovate this site.

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  • elsadran's Profile Photo

    Taxi drivers are unreliable..

    by elsadran Updated Nov 20, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Although the authorities are trying to eliminate this problem it's us that have to take measures. First of all never ever get into a taxi or tricycle if you haven't agreed on an absolutely clear and definite price. Even if you have done so the driver will try to quote a different one by the time you have reached your destination. Be firm and decisive . Don't look confused. Study your journey beforehand.
    If you are in a metered taxi ask them to use their meter and be careful on the route the taxi driver is following. It's possible that he make a big loop if he judges your knowledge of the journey is inadequate.
    If you are on a tight badget always ask someone you trust - the hotel staff or a local - about the price of your journey in question . Even so they might lie to you or avoid answering.
    When you hop on a jeepney in the countryside don't let him go with you only on the vehicle. He will probably charge the ride as a "private" one despite belonging to the public transport. Make it clear to the driver he should wait for more people to get on. Locals warned me about this!
    The first day I arrived at the airport of Manila it was very late at night so I had to take one of those company taxis which are supposed to be fair and safe though too expensive for the Manila standards. When we arrived at the hotel he ..of course asked me for more . To my complaint he stepped back mumbling a cheap excuse...
    On another occasion I knew the price was no more than 50 pesos. He asked me for 300 and after I firmly said no he begged me for 100. Another made a big loop before I had time to realize it.
    Generally, always negotiate unless you are a rich philanthropist...Have in mind that the official price is about 30p for the flag fall plus 1p for every 100meters so even if you have to cross the entire city of Manila 300 pesos should be enough.

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  • Angusdiver's Profile Photo

    The Airport

    by Angusdiver Written May 28, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    No hotel booked, so you get guided to the hotel bookers. They actually seem very honest and got us good rates and a good hotel.
    Watch the taxi driver as he kicked the ass out of over charging. There is a hotel guide that goes in the car with you he will ask for a tip.

    Unique Suggestions: Dont give the hotel guide a tip as he doesn't actually do anything. Try not to ask him anyting about Manila, just contain your excitement til you're in the hotel. the receptioniasts will answer most things. Whatever you do don't ask about dodgy adult spots as the hotel guide will insist/come to your hotel and try to take you to the place where he will get commission.

    Fun Alternatives: Book the hotel online as you can arrange transfer with them and it's way cheaper!!!! Believe me in the long run.

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  • robertpinoy's Profile Photo


    by robertpinoy Written Apr 5, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You go to a honky tonk joint and a girl starts talking to you, next thing you know she's asking for a drink from you and the gentelman that you are, you of course oblige. This drink will cost you at least $3.00 or you are sometimes charged on a per hourly basis ranging from $10-40 depending on the place you entered. If you stay for a couple of hours, this won't come out cheap and sometimes you're just forced to talk to the girl and sometimes even a group of girls. So buyers beware!

    Unique Suggestions: First ask how much the drink is and your next question is how many drinks is she required by management to drink in an hour. So more or less, you would know at the end of the day how much you will pay or are willing to pay. Because I have read and seen on TV foreigners being hauled off to jail because their tab was too excessive for their wallet. I further suggest that you regularly check you tab with the waitress maybe on an hourly basis.

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  • Traffic

    by seiki Written Aug 21, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When it comes of Traffic Philippines is a bit famous of it because of the heavy traffic. That is what my Aunt's told me. And yes i ecounter it. It makes my feel really dizzy. 20 to 30 min traffic going to Airport is what i encounter. Its my first time though, So i asked my Mom if it will takes a min before the taxi will start to moving again. and she said Yes!. In Japan, i haven't encounter traffic.

    Unique Suggestions: We were lucky though the taxi driver look a way to get out of that traffic way.
    Well, you will just wait i guess if your stock in! until your cam will start moving again.

    Fun Alternatives: at that time i was just playing psp. If you bring something in your bag you can get it and start reading or you can talk with the driver.

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  • akasimon's Profile Photo


    by akasimon Updated May 12, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Not as bad as people make it out to be. A very nice place to go on the off season if you dont mind the rain. If you can, you can get some excellent kite sailing in. Ja Man.Also it is great to be able to wander around without the crowds. It is still not that bad in the on season either except on weekends when it can be a bit of a zoo.

    Unique Suggestions: Go in the off season. Make friends on VT who are from the area. :-). Fly in and for Gods sake dont drive. Mad drivers! They dont turn their lights on at night!

    Fun Alternatives: Palawan Island. Still relatively unspoiled but getting there. Fantastic diving, fantastic scenery. Most coastline small towns are just as nice except for the beach and the Philippines has many, many of those. Also good diving can be had almost anywhere along any coast, as long as you have access to diving equipment.

    Looking down the beach
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  • hunwagner's Profile Photo

    Beach resorts

    by hunwagner Written May 8, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As is common everywhere in the World, popular beach resorts in the Philippines also seem a whole world apart from the rest of the country.
    The few I visited were invariably overpriced, unfriendly places with fat Western men and ugly local bar-girls.
    And usually, resorts aren't even on really nice beaches!

    Fun Alternatives: There are plenty of beautiful, unspoilt beaches in the Philippines where you can have a much more pleasant time - IF you don't need the resort facilities!

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  • hunwagner's Profile Photo

    The cities

    by hunwagner Written May 8, 2005

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Let's admit it: cities in the Philippines tend to be ugly, dirty, poverty-stricken, functional sort of places. A few of them do have some historical attractions - with Vigan being a true gem, the only city worth visiting in its own right - but most only serve as gateways to the attractions of the countryside.
    Cities are usually more expensive to stay in than rural areas, too.
    In short, unless you thrive on nightlife, shopping, or have family or friends to visit, treat cities in the Philippines as places to get through as quickly as possible.

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  • StefanosS's Profile Photo

    Air Conditioning

    by StefanosS Updated Mar 17, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In Philippines an air-conditioner is a symbol of luxury and you have to pay for it. Air-con taxis, air-con rooms, air-con shops are always more expensive.

    Unique Suggestions: First of all you have to decide if you need an air-con. Personally I didn't need it, temperatures between 28-30 deg are familiar to me, and on my first week in Philippines I caught a cold because of air-cons.

    But there is more to discuss on the subject, especially about hotel rooms, bungalows and cottages. Trying to raise the price of cheap accommodations, the owners buy imported scrap air-cons from junk-shops to equip the rooms. The result:
    The scrap air-cons are so noisy that you have to turn them off for sleeping, while their efficiency is also questionable...

    Fun Alternatives: If you decide that it worths paying for an air-con, the first thing to do when getting in your room is to check how it works... and decide if you will stay in this room or not...

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  • whvcebu's Profile Photo

    Recently (2004) Fake Money Dealers ....

    by whvcebu Updated Feb 16, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    have changed their "tactics" basically....

    Although the "excellent rates" are still offered by contact persons on the street, but the actual "Change transaction" is done in a "prepared " Money-Changer Office!!

    Unique Suggestions: If you feel you have run into such a trap and have received substantially less than you should have, call the nearest policeman and arrange the reimbursement from this fake office with him against a small "tip" .

    Police is on a clean up against these elements.

    Fun Alternatives: Change only with "authorized Money Exchange Dealers". They are certified with an official seal and certificate of the Central Bank.

    Beware of Fakes
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  • whvcebu's Profile Photo

    Female "Students" in Nightlife?

    by whvcebu Written Feb 9, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In every city where entertainment belongs to the service of a bar you will have to excersise some caution. Naturally this applies also for Manila.
    In most of the bigger restaurants one will have to pay a cover charge or table charge, although sometimes one will have to ask afterwards for what the amount had been paid.

    Unique Suggestions: Therefore, it is quite adviseable to ask the waiter or at the reception what is included in the charge or which kind of program will be shown.

    Be also very cautious when the waiter will ask you whether you wish to be entertained by a charming nice student.In many cases these students turn out to be professional hostesses and charge you 300 Pesos per hour or even more.

    Be aware also that a "Ladies Drink" will cost you up to three times as much as the same drink you are drinking, although sometimes there is nothing but tea in such Ladies Drinks.

    Fun Alternatives: Avoid second and third class night clubs, if you are not familiar with the location.

    The better nightclubs with shows are in Pasay City, Makati and Quezon City, though these VIP Clubs do not guarantee that the "Inexperienced" will not be harmed. Take care!!

    Illuminated Nightspots
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