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    Guys! learn to bargain !

    by thelia18 Written Jan 21, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When you are in Philippines and outside´s Mall and u are going to buy cloths try to bargain them haft of its prices at least. But one thing the quality of cloths outside´s mall is very bad. try not to shop there. But something like soviniuer.

    Dont go in Philippines in High Season Like Dec untill april the hotels is very expensive special the spot places. Just go in Low season like June and Oct. then you get more cheaper rates of all hotels and is not so hot iether is normal heat, you wont burned like hell but you will be brown as you wish.

    Unique Suggestions: *** Important ***
    Pls try not to wear gold or expensive Jewerlys. They have lots of mug in Philippines and try not to walk alone special at night.

    Then when you are In Manila and staying at hotel and You are going somewhere and you need Taxi, the best thing to do is not to book a taxi at hotel is tripple prices of normal Taxi. OF course is normal they have standard prizes. Then when u try to get a Taxi outside try to get the plate number of the taxi and ask the licensce of the driver , write it up, special when u are going far away or outsides Manila, just take it for a security percursion. Then sometimes a normal taxi Driver outside s from hotel, they give a prizes, but dont take that if you think is so very high, ask the driver instead for running/meters, then u can get more cheaper.

    Fun Alternatives: Boracay Beach
    One thing too, when you are in boracay try to be smart, people are selling lot of things and they very expensive but if you go in market in boracay they are very cheaper. And if you gonna do some activities in Boracar like Jet skiing, snorkling,sail, scuba diving and excursion, try not to talk to the people ouside ´s hotel, cause they have double prizes, sometimes they have tripple prizes is u have bad luck. Try to go around and ask. Then you might find cheaper one and tro to bargain them. Jet skiing cost abt 45 dollats at outside´s hotel, but if you look around is just cost abt 20 to 30 dollars, is depends in person you find. snorkling better to join other people is just cost abt 15 dollars plus food and all day per person at least ur not alone and the other tourist too is there., but outside´s hotel coz more abt 30 to 40 dollars for one hour per person, but this one is more private. But the funny thing is you pay lots and you dont get food and one hour is not enought to see all Different corals in boracay. So be carefull okey. All i can say when u are there try to look around and ask. Asking wont do damage.

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  • mlt_t's Profile Photo will makes you nuts!

    by mlt_t Updated Sep 4, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The traffic along the City of Manila and other town cities you will pass by. Careful to travel when it's peak or busy hours between 7-8 am and 5-7 pm. So try to avoid this time of hours. You’re going to experience lots of traffic in different places in the Philippines. Even our Ms. President sucked with our traffic problem.

    Making extra lanes. When traffic slows or halts on major highways, adventurous drivers create extra lanes by using the road shoulders.

    If in doubt, blow the horn. The excessive honking is recognition that streets and roads are used as a public thoroughfare. Horn blowing is a warning to errand pedestrians that a vehicle is approaching.

    Unique Suggestions: Multilane streets are crowded with cars, buses, and people at the center of the community. You can also arrive and depart Manila by bus, the organization is about as good as the airport. There is not central long- distance bus terminal.

    Fun Alternatives: Tune in with radio while driving so you know what route is most advisable.

    traffic along Roxas Boulevard

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    Batad, Banaue

    by ligaya Updated Aug 15, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Beauty of the Philippines!

    Banaue Lies in the Ifugao Province. Here you can find the famous rice terraces, regarded as the 8th wonder of the world.

    Unique Suggestions: You can reach Banaue by car from Baguio. The drive takes you on a beautiful sightseeing trip around the Cordillera mountain range.

    For things to take home, silver craft and local weaves crafted by the residents of the Tam-An Ifugao village are a must.
    And for a taste of true adventure, only two hours away from Banaue are the terraced trails of Sagada-a breathtaking encounter with nature. Explore caves, scale the mountainside, or swim in natural pools.

    Woww! so attractive, right?
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    The Visayas is a group of...

    by ligaya Updated Jun 25, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Visayas is a group of islands between Luzon and Mindanao. The main islands are Samar, Panay, Negros, Cebu and Leyte, the latter famous as the island first sighted by the Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan in the 16th century and as the landing point for the American liberation forces in 1944. Samar and Leyte are linked by the San Juanico Bridge, the longest in the country.

    Tacloban City is the capital of Leyte this is one of a great place in Leyte. You can see some of the tourist spots there. One of them is a view of two islands which is the San Juanico Bridge connects the island of leyte (where tacloban is) with the island of Samar. A prominent feature of this brigde is its forms the letter L from the island of leyte and becomes a letter S from the midpoint between the two islands going onward to Samar. It is about 15 minutes to travel by jeep came from the city of Tacloban.

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    Beware of fake money dealers

    by whvcebu Written Jun 15, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Particularly in the tourist areas of Manila you will experience persons who offer extremely good exchange rates. Usually they show the tempting exchange rate on a piece of card board. Oftentimes tricks are applied when counting the Peso notes. you may not notice that from below they are pulling back some banknotes.

    Furthermore another trick is not to pay the full amout and force the tourist to reject the deal. When returning the dollars to the tourist in many instances you will get back fake dollars.

    Unique Suggestions: Help comes usually too late and the persons run off.

    Fun Alternatives: Go to Central Bank accredited Money Changers. You will find their signs openly displayed. They are all over Manila and Makati. Their rates are little bit better than in the banks

    Careful when changing money
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  • skip Manila, head straight to Cebu

    by TRAVELCHICK29 Updated Apr 7, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Manila is an overrated, over-populated, over-polluted city. It is hard to enjoy the sights because you will be trapped in your vehicle most of the time due to bad traffic jams. A thirty minute ride can take about two hours! I was born and raised in Manila but even I found it hard getting used to. Don't get me wrong, I still love Manila but I just don't recomment it to tourists or visitors, it would just turn them off.

    Unique Suggestions: If you have to go to Manila, at least try to stay at the commercial areas such as Makati so you can enjoy the shopping and the nightlife without the headache.

    Fun Alternatives: Cebu o the other hand, is less crowded, air is fresher, close to the beaches, lots of resorts available within minutes from the airport. Cebu is just as cosmopolitan as Manila, there's lots of shopping malls, restaurants, and nightclubs around. Most Cebuanos speaks English more fluently than the common dialect which is Tagalog. Cebu is also a city of major historical importance. It is where the explorer Magellan was killed by the Datu Lapu-Lapu, and it is also where Christianity was born in the Philippines.

    Mactan Island, Cebu
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    Taxis--Defenitely needds to be chosen wisely!

    by msison Written Jul 24, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Taxis- are great to get around, but beware they will take you for a ride! That ride just might cost you a nice penny!

    Unique Suggestions: As much as possible try using taxis that the hotel have in front. Ask the concierge at your hotel to give you tips on which Taxi will be the best and ask how much a ride to a specific place is applroximately. Tell the driver that you only expect to pay so much for a fare and if they say it will cost a bit more ASK how much is a bit more before using him as your guide.

    Fun Alternatives: If you happen to be stuck and really need to get somewhere--PLEASE do not take a jeepney there. These are small buses that take the locals from point a to b, but just beware if you want to experience them. Most public transport do not have A/C, so if you've come acustom to the good life this is not for you.

    Jeepney for Transport

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  • Levente_D's Profile Photo

    Tourist = rich

    by Levente_D Written Feb 17, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ususally Filippinos think that if you are in the Philippines you must be rich therefore they will try to get some more money out of you! This is general with the Taxi drivers, tricicle drivers, beach vendors, massage girls ...

    Unique Suggestions: Be a bit courageous, act like being familiar with prices and don't hesitate to offer the half of the price what you just have been asked! It helps a lot also if you use some tagalog words (local language) because they will think that you are since a long time in the Philippines and not just a pleasure tourist.
    Believe me it works! I have 8 month experience.

    Sales woman at Sari Sari Shop

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    Go to the airport departing...

    by Philippines Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Go to the airport departing passengers curb for Manila airport taxies. Get a cab that is dropping off departing passengers. Either ask the driver if his meter is working or agree on a fixed price of maybe about $3 or 150 PHP to downtown.
    The regular arrivals curb is full of sharks who will readily over charge the unwary.

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  • PeterSt's Profile Photo

    Biggest to fall in...

    by PeterSt Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Biggest to fall in love with the beauty...
    No other traps as far as I did experience. Just follow common sense and your own open minded but follow your own plans. I rented this banga (boat) which comes with the 'boat-boy' for the entire day, visited 5 idillic islands, and cost me about US$20.

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  • elaine2u's Profile Photo

    I can give you some warnings...

    by elaine2u Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I can give you some warnings but one of our fellow VT members gives tips and warnings that are helpful and funny at the same time. Go to Cmbning Page on the Philippines. I agree with most (not all, ok, most) of the things Chuck is talking about.

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  • noell's Profile Photo

    Negotiate your Taxi ride...

    by noell Written Aug 24, 2002

    1 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Negotiate your Taxi ride before hopping in in Manila. In Baguio, the meter price is the norm and you have kinder drivers. At night spots that offer ladies to talk to or GRO's (Guest relations officer) or 'Ladies drinks' are 5 times more expensive than a normal drink($4 to $5).

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    by Nancemd Written Jul 5, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    SO nice and wonderful place to visit, this is the toaist temple in Cebu City.

    Fun Alternatives: Don't forget to bring the Camera during your visit here.

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  • frqtflyr's Profile Photo

    The Island of Cebu and Cebu City

    by frqtflyr Updated Sep 1, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The easygoing and beautiful port city of
    Cebu, where Magellan marked the beginning
    of Christianity in the Philippines by erecting a
    cross; in the early 1500's.

    Cebu City

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  • Beware to buy in sidewalks...

    by lemon4juice Written Aug 24, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Beware to buy in sidewalks if your looking for bargains. There are lots inside the malls.

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