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Philippines Tourist Traps

  • Taxi drivers are unreliable..

    Although the authorities are trying to eliminate this problem it's us that have to take measures. First of all never ever get into a taxi or tricycle if you haven't agreed on an absolutely clear and definite price. Even if you have done so the driver will try to quote a different one by the time you have reached your destination. Be firm and...


    Many tourists end up staying here more than 6 months and arrive at the airport hoping to fly out but are refused to board as recently the immigration department change the procedure. If you stay more than 6 months you must go to the Immigration office at Intramuros and pay for an EXIT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE, as you will not be able to leave the...

  • Metered Taxis in Metro Manila

    Honestly, I don’t like taking Taxis around Metro Manila because of inconsiderate and inconsistent fares! Taxis from the airports (yellow or ordinary) see the passengers (locals, tourists,foreigners) like walking dollars and are fond of tips.For example, when the taxi meter reflects an amount of 170Php, let’s say you don’t have that exact cash on...

  • inland coron tour- select your own...

    as there wer not much to do in coron, its best you select the itenerary and choose the best islands to visit to. if your booking office cannot do so, then its best you hire a boat and let them know the places you wanted to visit to maximize your stay in coron. start your day at the kayangan lake- be the first to arrive to give you a nice spot to...

  • Visa Exemption Extension

    The cost for the extension of visa exempted period from 21 days to 59 days costs 2020P. I did it in Legazpi and they said they only have one type of charge which is 3020P (1000P for the express fee)I dont need it in express as I have time here, I said."You want it in 3 minutes or a week costs the same, we only have expressed charge."I consider it a...

  • Don't stay in Manila

    Get out from Manila and you will enjoy the Philippines! Go island-hopping. Palawan, Boracay, Cebu, Bohol, or go to the Mountain Province: Benguet (Baguio City), Bontoc (Sagada). You will love the Philippines. There is so much hassle in Manila. I can't stand it. Neither could you!Sorry, but that will be my advice. I will come back and renovate this...

  • The Airport

    No hotel booked, so you get guided to the hotel bookers. They actually seem very honest and got us good rates and a good hotel. Watch the taxi driver as he kicked the ass out of over charging. There is a hotel guide that goes in the car with you he will ask for a tip. Dont give the hotel guide a tip as he doesn't actually do anything. Try not to...


    You go to a honky tonk joint and a girl starts talking to you, next thing you know she's asking for a drink from you and the gentelman that you are, you of course oblige. This drink will cost you at least $3.00 or you are sometimes charged on a per hourly basis ranging from $10-40 depending on the place you entered. If you stay for a couple of...

  • Traffic

    When it comes of Traffic Philippines is a bit famous of it because of the heavy traffic. That is what my Aunt's told me. And yes i ecounter it. It makes my feel really dizzy. 20 to 30 min traffic going to Airport is what i encounter. Its my first time though, So i asked my Mom if it will takes a min before the taxi will start to moving again. and...

  • Boracay

    Not as bad as people make it out to be. A very nice place to go on the off season if you dont mind the rain. If you can, you can get some excellent kite sailing in. Ja Man.Also it is great to be able to wander around without the crowds. It is still not that bad in the on season either except on weekends when it can be a bit of a zoo. Go in the off...

  • Beach resorts

    As is common everywhere in the World, popular beach resorts in the Philippines also seem a whole world apart from the rest of the country.The few I visited were invariably overpriced, unfriendly places with fat Western men and ugly local bar-girls.And usually, resorts aren't even on really nice beaches! There are plenty of beautiful, unspoilt...

  • The cities

    Let's admit it: cities in the Philippines tend to be ugly, dirty, poverty-stricken, functional sort of places. A few of them do have some historical attractions - with Vigan being a true gem, the only city worth visiting in its own right - but most only serve as gateways to the attractions of the countryside. Cities are usually more expensive to...

  • Air Conditioning

    In Philippines an air-conditioner is a symbol of luxury and you have to pay for it. Air-con taxis, air-con rooms, air-con shops are always more expensive. First of all you have to decide if you need an air-con. Personally I didn't need it, temperatures between 28-30 deg are familiar to me, and on my first week in Philippines I caught a cold...

  • Recently (2004) Fake Money Dealers ....

    have changed their "tactics" basically....Although the "excellent rates" are still offered by contact persons on the street, but the actual "Change transaction" is done in a "prepared " Money-Changer Office!! If you feel you have run into such a trap and have received substantially less than you should have, call the nearest policeman and arrange...

  • Female "Students" in Nightlife?

    In every city where entertainment belongs to the service of a bar you will have to excersise some caution. Naturally this applies also for Manila.In most of the bigger restaurants one will have to pay a cover charge or table charge, although sometimes one will have to ask afterwards for what the amount had been paid. Therefore, it is quite...

  • Guys! learn to bargain !

    When you are in Philippines and outside´s Mall and u are going to buy cloths try to bargain them haft of its prices at least. But one thing the quality of cloths outside´s mall is very bad. try not to shop there. But something like soviniuer. *****Hotels****Dont go in Philippines in High Season Like Dec untill april the hotels is very expensive...

  • will makes you nuts!

    The traffic along the City of Manila and other town cities you will pass by. Careful to travel when it's peak or busy hours between 7-8 am and 5-7 pm. So try to avoid this time of hours. You’re going to experience lots of traffic in different places in the Philippines. Even our Ms. President sucked with our traffic problem.Making extra lanes. When...

  • Batad, Banaue

    Beauty of the Philippines!Banaue Lies in the Ifugao Province. Here you can find the famous rice terraces, regarded as the 8th wonder of the world. You can reach Banaue by car from Baguio. The drive takes you on a beautiful sightseeing trip around the Cordillera mountain range.For things to take home, silver craft and local weaves crafted by the...


    SO nice and wonderful place to visit, this is the toaist temple in Cebu City. Don't forget to bring the Camera during your visit here.

  • The Visayas is a group of...

    The Visayas is a group of islands between Luzon and Mindanao. The main islands are Samar, Panay, Negros, Cebu and Leyte, the latter famous as the island first sighted by the Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan in the 16th century and as the landing point for the American liberation forces in 1944. Samar and Leyte are linked by the San Juanico...

  • Beware of fake money dealers

    Particularly in the tourist areas of Manila you will experience persons who offer extremely good exchange rates. Usually they show the tempting exchange rate on a piece of card board. Oftentimes tricks are applied when counting the Peso notes. you may not notice that from below they are pulling back some banknotes. Furthermore another trick is not...

  • skip Manila, head straight to Cebu

    Manila is an overrated, over-populated, over-polluted city. It is hard to enjoy the sights because you will be trapped in your vehicle most of the time due to bad traffic jams. A thirty minute ride can take about two hours! I was born and raised in Manila but even I found it hard getting used to. Don't get me wrong, I still love Manila but I just...

  • Taxis--Defenitely needds to be chosen...

    Taxis- are great to get around, but beware they will take you for a ride! That ride just might cost you a nice penny! As much as possible try using taxis that the hotel have in front. Ask the concierge at your hotel to give you tips on which Taxi will be the best and ask how much a ride to a specific place is applroximately. Tell the driver that...

  • Tourist = rich

    Ususally Filippinos think that if you are in the Philippines you must be rich therefore they will try to get some more money out of you! This is general with the Taxi drivers, tricicle drivers, beach vendors, massage girls ... Be a bit courageous, act like being familiar with prices and don't hesitate to offer the half of the price what you just...

  • The Island of Cebu and Cebu City

    The easygoing and beautiful port city of Cebu, where Magellan marked the beginning of Christianity in the Philippines by erecting a cross; in the early 1500's.

  • Go to the airport departing...

    Go to the airport departing passengers curb for Manila airport taxies. Get a cab that is dropping off departing passengers. Either ask the driver if his meter is working or agree on a fixed price of maybe about $3 or 150 PHP to downtown.The regular arrivals curb is full of sharks who will readily over charge the unwary.

  • Biggest to fall in...

    Biggest to fall in love with the beauty...No other traps as far as I did experience. Just follow common sense and your own open minded but follow your own plans. I rented this banga (boat) which comes with the 'boat-boy' for the entire day, visited 5 idillic islands, and cost me about US$20.

  • I can give you some warnings...

    I can give you some warnings but one of our fellow VT members gives tips and warnings that are helpful and funny at the same time. Go to Cmbning Page on the Philippines. I agree with most (not all, ok, most) of the things Chuck is talking about.

  • Negotiate your Taxi ride...

    Negotiate your Taxi ride before hopping in in Manila. In Baguio, the meter price is the norm and you have kinder drivers. At night spots that offer ladies to talk to or GRO's (Guest relations officer) or 'Ladies drinks' are 5 times more expensive than a normal drink($4 to $5).

  • Beware to buy in sidewalks...

    Beware to buy in sidewalks if your looking for bargains. There are lots inside the malls.


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