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Philippines Transportation

  • Use Local Transport.

    Working out how to get round by local transport was part of the fun. We enjoyed travelling on the jeepneys and we also enjoyed travelling on the tricycles. Unlike in more developed countries transport always seems to appear out of nowhere when you need it most.

  • Jeepneys are everywhere!!!

    Jeepneys are popular , cheap, and picturesque!!!They are imaginatively decorated..they are airy and allow for good views..If they only had softer seats!!!


    Although we found Philippine Airlines to be quite punctual and good service we were a little disappointed with the inflight snack, which hardly deserves to be called a "snack" . On our outward journey we were served 2 small packets of peanuts and a choice of coffee, tea or water. I chose coffee and found it to be very good, made from local beans....


    One way to reach the city on a budget.1 Catch the ECG Transport Express bus to Baclaran and walk around 500m to the LRT/MRT station at Baclaran, where all parts of the metropolis can be reached. 20 peso for bus and around 15-20 for train.See map and details of trains here

  • RECEIVE EMAILS ON PROMO TICKETS is the website for Cebu Pacific Airlines and in my opinion they are the leading budget airline in the country, (i have flown over 50 times with them). Normally it is not important when i fly so i buy promo tickets up to a year in advance for a few pesos sometimes. If you go to the website you can register to receive free...

  • Sail on by the Sulu Sea to Dipolog City

    This was my first time to go by ship from Manila to Dipolog. I was so lucky that i did it! It was not bad enough to experience how it feels to travel a long way home. Thinking that ships are wavy or makes me dizzy i was at first sceptical about it. But in a long run I liked it more and more. It took me two nights and two and half days to travel...

  • Taking overnight ferries in the...

    The Philippines has thousands of islands and even if it's becoming more and more common to fly between the islands the ferries still plays a large part in connecting this vast island nation.If you are connecting between two islands with a long disnatcne in between then you are likely to find yourself on an overnight ferry and i thought i would...


    When arriving at the various terminals in Manila there is a shuttle bus that runs every 15 minutes or so between NAIA and terminals 1, 2 and 3. The bus is actually a white shuttle van and costs 20 pesos and saves you messing around with crooked taxi drivers who will endeavour to rip you off.

  • To wear or not to wear.

    I should preface this tip by saying that I have been riding motorcycles on and off-road since the early 1970's and I have ridden in many places in Southeast Asia. This tip refers to the wearing or not of helmets. I fully appreciate that helmets do save lives and are a good thing so I hope this tip will try to explain the situation current as of...

  • Things to do while on the Ship

    There are enough things you can do on Board the Supper Ferry. I myself didn´t feel bored every minute of the day. All you can do is eat, eat and eat. Look to the TV or Movie, join the group animation activities. There was a Karaoke singing contests in which all you never can avoid but to laugh laugh and laugh because most who joined the contest are...

  • Beyond the clouds to Dipolog City

    There are three ways to travel to Dipolog City. The fastest means naturlly is by air. The airplanes are very comfortable and modern. The personnels are friendly and helpful. It is arong 45 to 50 minutes ride so the food service is mostly only small snacks like chips with orange juice or whatever. If you are hungry you have to buy the sandwhiches...

  • On the Grounds of Dipolog Airport

    MABUHAY!!! You are heartilly WELCOME on the grounds of Dipolog City! This is our small but growing National Airport of Zamboanga del Norte, Mindanao. We still have this old means of uploading Luggages and still using the rolling steps for the Passengers. Geographically examined this Airport has a very bright future coming because it is planned to...

  • Aerial View of Dipolog City

    The aerial view of the City is everytime to be seen before the Plane touches down especially when the weather is clear and dry. The Airport runway is long and wide enough that their is even a rumor to make this Airport an International Airport in Mindanao in the near Future because it meets the suitable conditions and regulations for a safer Runway...

  • online air tickets

    I regularly book online with PAL, Airphilexpress, Cebu Pacific And Zest Air, but i find that Zest is the only airline that advertises the all-in fare. By the time you finish booking with the others usually the advertised price is nowhere near the actual price.

  • Airlines going around the Philippines

    If you wish to fly from any point of Luzon (Metro Manila, Makati City, etc) to Visayas (Cebu City) or Mindanao (Davao), you can choose to ride a ship, airplane or a bus.The most common is by airplane since it saves time, convenient but the cost is a little pricey. You can book online for airlines locally and internationally through...

  • You will need this eventually.

    If you ride a motorbike for any length of time in the Philippines, sooner or later you will get a puncture, all the local riders tell me that. I know of one guy who managed five on a 200 km. ru. OK, that is exceptional but it is going to happen, especially if you ride off road a bit. This, then is your lifeline. Just about anywhere, including the...

  • Jeepney:the official transportation

    Jeepney is our local transportation in getting around the city and in all of the provinces in the country, due to its cheap fare, 8.50Php being the minimum fare for 5-10 km. It’s also a practical way to spend money especially if the distance you need to reach is just a few blocks away.When you wish to ride a jeepney, you just have to wave your hand...

  • island hopping

    if you're a frugal traveler and want to go island hopping ...there are a number of ferries to choose from ...RORO feries that will take you to any island of choice in cheap prices ...about $10 to $20

  • Pedicab: 3 wheeled public transportation

    Pedicab is a 3 wheeled public vehicle that’s more commonly seen on the streets of Manila and in the provinces. It's like the manual version of a tricycle that goes around only for a short distance.Maximum capacity: 3 paxThe fares vary in locations. In Taft Avenue, Manila, pedicab fare ranges from 10-20Php per pax while in the provinces like in...

  • Airport Metered Taxis in Metro Manila

    The airport taxis, yellow colored ones, has an initial flag rate of 70Php which is very far from the regular flag down rate of ordinary taxis, 40Php.If you’re on a budget, you can take a taxi from the airport- NAIA terminal 2, up in the upper level of the arrival area, ordinary taxis are available there (ordinary taxis available 630am-8pm).from...

  • Metered Taxis

    People usually take a cab especially if they're late going to work, meetings, or appointments and sometimes when they aren't sure of the road to take to go in a certain place.Flag down rate starts at 40Php.But this isn't the practical way get around the city especially on rush hours (7-10am, 5-8pm), you'll just get yourself stuck in traffic.Please...

  • Flying Air Phil Express.

    I have flown Air Phil Express tiwce and they got me to where i wanted for a very decent price and that is of course the most important.I must say though that when i compare them to SEAIR and Cebu Pacific then they were not nearly as good.First of all they were delayed without end and i can see from my expreince that they schedule way more planes...

  • Traffic! Manilia traffic's stop and go!

    Private Driver--If you can afford it then hire a private driver that knows the local history. Also, they'll go off the beaten path. Gets you out of the tourist traps. You create the schedule. You outlay the perimeters of what you care to do and go.Walking--Do it. Get the feel for the city. Try it both afternoon and evening. This is a busy city with...

  • Tricycles

    Tricycles are comparable to the tuk-tuks of Thailand. Tricycles can only travel in a short distance so you can only see these vehicles in the corners of streets or subdivisions & these are commonly seen in the provinces.Usually tricycle drivers, wait for passengers to occupy all the seats of the vehicle before the passengers are sent to their...

  • Budget Airlines

    There are a number of budget airlines in the Philippines, the largest being Cebu Pacific.The fares may look attractive but read the fine prints. The lowest fare is non-cancellable, non-refundable and cannot be rebooked. Think twice before purchasing the lowest Cebu Pacific fare as it might turn out to be most expensive - in case you cannot get on...

  • Cycling the Philippines.

    I have been travelling around the Philippines by bicycle and while it´s not the easiest country in the world to cycle, it´s certainly doable if you have some experience in cycling.The traffic can seem real crazy at first, but it´s fairly slow in the Philippines and they are used to people along the road riding things that are smaller than cars and...

  • Small airline with really cool planes.

    Seair is a small Philippine carrier that has several domestic routes aswell as a couple of international routes to China.I have flown them domesticly and i really enjoyed it.They often fly with small Dornier airplanes that are turbo prop planes that are really fast aswell as really small and that gives you the feeling of really being onboard a...

  • Jeepney - like it noisy or not

    This is a common transport here in San Juan. It is always there, 24 hours a day. Each Jeepney has their own route mentioned in their signage. They go into the main as well as the small streets and different barangays of San Juan. You can choose from a wide variety of new or old units, quite or with ear-bombing-noise from their radio. Some drivers...

  • Diosdado Macapagal International Airport...

    Diosdado Macapagal International Airport is the ex US military base of CLARK. By April 1991, magma flowing beneath Pinatubo volcano caused thousands of small earthquakes and by June, the volcano was spitting out deadly sulfur dioxide gas. The US Air Force started evacuating Clark base. On 12 June 1991, Philippine Independence Day, Pinatubo erupted....

  • Travel by jeepney.

    The jeepneys are a very unique thing for the Philippines.It´s like a little minibus taht transport people around the big cities and also between cities.They originates from the end of the second world war where the US army left a lot of jeeps behind and they were then converted in to minibusses and used for public transport.Today you have factories...

  • Fly with the funny and friendly budget...

    Cebu Pacific air is the biggest budget airline in the Philippines.They have some extremely competitive prices and you should certainly look in to them if you plan to move around the Philippines while you are there.For a budget airline i find them quite ok and they have always been smiling and cheerful when i have flown them.You have to pay for food...

  • Bus transportation going to Vigan/Laoag...

    If you are taking the bus from Manila enroute to Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Nortge, make sure to take the Partas Bus. The local fare is P550.00. The bus is airconditioned and it is very comfortable. There is one in Cubao. The Partas bus has luxury buses going to Vigan and/or Laoag. The trip to Ilocos Sur is about eight hours. Compute your bus trip time...

  • manila to hundred islands

    from manila, one can either ride a bus or hire a van to get to alaminos city. a bus ride will take at least 5hours and will cost 600 pesos or more for one way. once you get to alaminos city, find a tricycle that goes to lucap wharf which is just less than 15minutes from the city. at the wharf, you'll find a couple of boats for rent with the driver...

  • manila to tinuy-an falls

    first things will be a lot easier if someone from the area is with you. we flew from manila to butuan city using PAL and from there, we got to a bus station to bislig. the plane trip is less than an hour while the bus ride took at least 5hours(im just guessing now). we hired a tricycle to get to the barrio where the falls is located and...

  • From Cebu to....

    I insert here a Schedule for the OceanJet Going to anf from Cebu different directions including the pricesAnd also the Schedule to Dumaguete form Cebu Island Departing BATO

  • Jeepneys

    Jeepneys are extremely inexpensive. They only cost P6.50 a ride (as of May 2010). However, there are a lot of jeeps going many different places. You have to know where you are going. You don't want to end up in a bad section of town and not know how to get out. On the flip side, I figure that if I do end up in an area that I do not know, I can...

  • SIN-Panglao Island via CEB

    Why take one when you can both activities in Bohol (via Panglao Island)? I just did both but too lazy to post my pictures and videos due time....maybe.Take an international flight from Singapore to Cebu via Cebu Pacific (also flying the route: SilkAir, Malaysia Airways and Cathay Pac). I checked cheapest direct flight using their website...

  • The jeepney!

    Jeepneys are apparently ex Us military jeeps. They are used as public transport within cities and between towns all over the country. They are often decorated with outlandishly flamboyant designs. In cities they are usually quite comfortable, at least for short rides. In the provinces, especially in mountainous areas and when packed ceiling-high...

  • ZEST Air

    Zest Airways is an airline which started as Asian Spirit.ZEST AIR has a fleet of 2 Airbus A320 and 5 MA 60 (Xi'an Aircraft Company of China).Destinations:From Manila to Caticlan, Bacolod, Busuanga, Calbayong, Catarman, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Kalibo, Legaspi, Marinduque, Masbate, Naga, Puerto Princesa, San Jose, Tacloban, Tagbilaran, Virac.

  • Flying In and Out of the Philippines...

    If you want to explore more of the island-Asian experience in the Philippines, you may want to consider flying into Cebu and using that city as your base. Manila has, unfortunately, become a little unwieldy and inconvenient especially if you want to experience the real Philippines/Southeast Asia. Manila, I must add, has a lot of historical focal...

  • Cabs at the Mactan International Airport...

    Once you arrive in Cebu (Mactan International Airport) and pick up your luggage, there is a well-staffed tourist desk across the baggage turnstiles. Just ask or confirm the location of your hotel, and get an "estimate" of how much time and money it will cost. As soon as you exit the airport, you'll see on the right a "travel" desk for...

  • Going around

    These are the most popular form of transport for short journeys all over the Philippines. Originally they were constructed Jeep which were left by the US Army after Worldwar II.In the provinces it is important to negotiate a price in advance.There is no timetable, they are leaving when full of passengers. If the cabine is overflowing you also can...

  • Trikes

    I found the best way to get around is trikes. There is always one there when you need it, wherever you are. However when in Angeles city, expect to pay 100php each way. In Manila you can pay around 15php each way. You can use the Jeepneys which cost about 8php each way but can be very slow. We bought a fridge/freezer for my wife's family and the...

  • St. Jude PArish Driver/TourGuide Service...

    Contact Person : Joel AgcaoiliTricycle no: 007Contact no: 09294358301Contact Person : Marlito MuraoTricycle no:116Contact no: 09286618304Contact Person : Ronald RoceroTricycle no: 053Contact no: 09182497655Contact Person : Amor SamianoTricycle no: 300Contact no: 09195712905Contact Person : Boyet EduTricycle no: 153Contact no: 09214954092Contact...

  • Buses in the Philippines

    If you dont have a choice, you dont have a choice. But if you have a choice, there is always 3 types of buses here: ordinary, first class and deluxe. Same as Malaysia, singapore or thailand, when they have aircon they tend to turn it to the lowest temperature and you will be whole night freezing. So I always want something cheaper than ordinary and...


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