Philippines Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by davidjo
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by paolodecastro
  • Always wear your life jacket!!!
    Always wear your life jacket!!!
    by davidjo

Philippines Warnings and Dangers

  • General Safety

    Manila Warnings and Dangers

    Been to Philippines some times now and two things happen to me, that could have caused trouble. This September i was walking in SM city in Cebu. Inside the mall, a VERY beautiful woman approach me, and asked me if i wanted massage. Only 400 peso for 1 hour. But she insisted that the massage should happen in a short time hotel not far from the mall....

  • Airport/Security Checks

    Manila Warnings and Dangers

    I travel through Manila's international airport - Terminal 1 - regularly on business travel. Twice in the last two months I have had valuables stolen from my checked bags. I am not sure who to contact about this but I would highly recommend that all valuables remain on your person when traveling through the airport in Manila. There are complaints...

  • Health and the Weather

    Manila Warnings and Dangers

    More and more places are becoming smoke free zones including Rizal Park as the sign warns you. Violators will face heavy fines so don't light up your cigarette while visiting the park. first offence 500-1000 peso fine and 8 hrs community service second offense 1000-5000 peso fine and 16 hrs community work third offence 5000-15000 peso fine.


    Every town has a market in the Philippines where you will find fake DVD'S which can have up to 20 movies on them, pop concerts or series from TV, all for just 50 pesos. As the authorities are clamping down on the fakes we often hear of place being raided in Manila and the DVD'S being destroyed. At the airports there may be a sign informing you that...

  • Sadly not for everyone.

    It is no secret that I abolutely loved my six months in the Philippines, there is so much to like there not least the fantastic people. I wish that everyone could go there, however this is sadly not the case. Although thankfully able-bodied myself, I am minded of a quote from another VT member that "everyone is a potential wheelchair user" and this...

  • COME HERE!!!!!----A BIG NO NO!!!

    If you beckon someone to "come here" when you are in a restaurant or need assistance in a shop never curl your index finger as we do in the West, because this gesture is only used for dogs. This is considered derogatory and means that you look down on the person. The proper way to attract someone's attention is to hold your hand out flat and curl...


    There is so much fake money on the streets in the country that now the government is even issuing warnings and how to detect it. Barely a month passes by without a huge cache of counterfeit notes being seized. In the olden days a tourist would be drinking in the bar in Ermita and hand over a $100 bill, only to be returned to him and inquiring if he...


    Unfortunately the country has a bad reputation for sex tourism and most of us foreigners who live here are against the sex tourist who comes specifically for this reason. Sadly there are nearly 1 million girls, guys and children involved in this business, but although it is illegal to sell or buy sex it is brushed under the table unless there is a...


    Philippines is home to more than 175 snake species and as i come from a country where there are very few snakes i treat each snake i see with caution, even though they are defensive creatures that usually slither away when they hear a noise, so if you are walking in long grass or vegetation carry a stick with you and wave it among the grass in...


    Certain governments warn their citizens about crime in the country but if you keep your wits about you, there is not much need to worry. As in other countries you must be careful of pick pockets especially on the buses, jeepneys and metro in Manila as often they will be crowded. Even long-time residents like myself have suffered from the hands of...


    If you are taking your laptop or other important items i suggest you take a voltage converter with you so you can use your devices. Normally the electric supply is 220 volts and 60 Hertz, where as in UK it is only 50 Hertz. You may also want to take a voltage regulator with you to protect your device against frequent power surges.Outlets in most of...


    Unknown to some tourists a G.R.O. is a guest relation officer, a fancy name for a bar girl who are nearly all available for a price! Normally these girls will work in bars, sometimes without a salary, but will get commission on lady's drinks. You may pay 100 pesos for your shot of Vodka and orange while you will have to pay around 300 pesos for a...

  • Airport Cabs: Centralized BS

    More friends are reporting airport cabs who are not using their meters. When a rider inquire on the reason, cab driver states that cab company has a new policy of centralized meters. Do not believe this! I would strongly recommend that you feign calling a friend or relative in the Department of Transportation and pretend to ask about centralized...

  • A delicate subject.

    I am trying desperately to think how to write a tip which, as the title suggests, is rather a delicate one. Certainly I do not want to offend any of many many Philippino friends who were so good to me during my recent six month trip but for a first time visitor I think it needs to be flagged up.Like many other places in Southeast Asia you will see...

  • DOGS

    Many dogs in the Philippines have not had vaccinations against rabies even though the city officials go from house to house providing free vaccinations, so no matter how cute a dog looks, stay away unless you know the owner.

  • Be Watchful. You Drive Your Own Issues

    Common sense Acommon Travel rules as to where ever you go.#1. Don't go where you shouldn't go.#2. Follow the rule of law in the country that you reside.#3. Adhere to the rule of law from your home country.#4. Respect and "pre-" read up on the culture(s).#5. Gain some familiarity with the country's national language prior to your trip.#6. Practice...

  • AsiaBill's Travel Tips For the...

    1.)Always carry small change;saves you being annoyed by reply, "sorry no change"2.) Ask someone about taxi or jeepney, tricycle fares before you getin. Pay & walk away. NEVER ask "How much?" because the price goesup the more you talk. A moving taxi is busy so tends to be an honesttaxi vrs parked taxis waiting 4 victims. Tip the taxi driver P10to...

  • AsiaBill's Next 5 Travel Tips for the...

    6. ) Forget about the 2 words "WHY" & "SHOULD" or you get constantheadache trying to understand why things happen like they do in placesoutside your own country, especially the Philippines. Acceptance isthe preferable attitude. There are too many things for you toquestion, so it's better for you not to start. So just relax/ enjoythe positive...

  • Traveling in Mindanao

    Hello, while I can't say that is true for all of Mindanao, I was cautioned when I was there about 12+ years ago but, it was a business trip to National Steel and had to go. It was not comfortable at all from the drive to the plant from the airport and the airport was another story. My Philippine business associate was also quite uncomfortable about...

  • balut

    Balut. Ok, locals will often try to get you to eat this. Be informed, balut is a duck egg with a duck embryo formed. depending on the # of days old the egg is, it can have a beak and feathers. i never tried this, but for what it's worth, a friend did and she quite liked it.

  • Keep it simple and be vigilant!

    If you're planning to do a lot of shopping and walking around Manila (or anywhere in the Philippines) avoid wearing outlandish clothes that scream "tourist"...and keep the accessories to a minimum. Don't ever flaunt too much jewelry so as not to attract unwanted attention from criminals.

  • Serious danger spots for tourists

    In general the Philippines are completely safe, much more so than London or New York. However, there are a handful of small, isolated areas that should be avoided. They are so far from anywhere that tourists are likely to go that it is almost not worth mentioning, but here I go anyway. Also, ask locals before trekking into any remote or mountainous...

  • Is Mindanao that bad?

    I have read of many warnings about travel on the island of Mindanao. I spent 5 weeks there in 2009 travelling from Dipolog up to Camigian Island and staying near Sindangan. I saw no evidence of any problems which do exist further south in Zambonga City. Mindanao is a big island and is not all affected by the muslim rebels. The people were very...

  • If you are not religious....

    Religion is a big thing in the Philippines and asking what religion you are will nearly always feature in a locals top 10 list of questions for you. If religion is not your thing then be prepared for some questioning......but try to avoid getting into a heated debate.

  • Balut/Balot

    There is a "delicacy" in the Philippines that the locals will try to convince you to try... It is Balut. I've been told that generally speaking, it is only available from street vendors and only after dark. While this should make anyone naturally suspicious, I had heard how wonderful this "delicacy" is. So naturally, my Filipino friends knew that...

  • Beware of Fixers For Visa Extension!

    For overstaying travelers, it is always best, and safer to do things legit than thru some fixer, so as not to jeopardize your status.You'll find all possible answers to your questions on visa extension on the following links:

  • Short-change Money Changers

    Beware of Money changers located at the corner of mabini and san andres, Manila and Bamboo money changer near farmers, Araneta Center, Quezon City, Philippines. They usually have men serve as look out near entrances. These look outs will surround and intimidate the victim when they complain about their short changes. They lured me (victim Sof C.)...

  • Travelling Alone.. - surprise!!

    I am sure most of you expect me to start warning you about guerrillas and thieves and abductions...Well, nothing is happening here. People are most friendly, kindhearted, talkative and polite. I liked them. I made many friends. Some families kindly asked me to be their guest in places with no accommodation. I respected them and they gave me their...

  • Do not read if you have Cockroach...

    The Philippines is a beautiful country, and so a lot of creatures will want to share it with us. Cockroaches are ubiquitous and tenacious even in the most classy of neighborhoods. The country is a tropical paradise with humidity appreciated by a lot of bugs. So, don't be shocked with seeing a roach or two --- just scream, run or shout for help...

  • Taxis

    This is'nt really a warning just what I think. In Las Vegas I pay $25.00 to go on a 10 minute drive to the airport which is about 1200 pecos, in the Philippines sometimes they would just give me a price sometimes use the meter and the meter is a lot cheaper.It would never be over 200 or 300 pecos for a 30 to 45 minute ride so if your from a rich...

  • Should I travel alone in the...

    Your friends say not to travel to the Philippines and you ask: "Is it really that bad?"I'm not sure what the people are saying. As many above have noted, you need to be as careful as anywhere in the world, including parts of Sydney, I bet.Here's my general tips for safe solo travel: - Guard your passport. It maybe one of the most valuable items you...

  • Prevent passport loss

    Your passport is one of the most important things you own. Someone asked what to do if it were lost, but I think these things are best handled by prevention. Here are a few tips: When moving around - Hide your passport. This could mean in a secret inner pocket or under-clothing wallet. Don't use it unless needed and certainly don't flash it...

  • Be careful in departing the airport

    My boyfriend left the airport going home to Sacramento and forgot to remove his cellphone from his backpack pocket because he was so busy arguing with the customs official to have his photo equipment hand carried. Only when he got home that he realized that his phone was missing from the backpack pocket. I know my boyfriend's partly to blame and...

  • Manila - Corrupt Cops

    I had some of the worst experiences in my life in Manila. After many rip-offs and attempted rip-offs and a horse carriage driver that was especially threatening, the worst experience of them all was with the Manila police. My Chinese friend and I were detained for hours by a corrupt cop demanding a 1400 peso, on-the-spot "fine" for carrying an open...

  • getting ripped off my cab drivers

    1, I have been in the philippines several times and you should make sure the cab driver goes by meter. If you dont be prepaired to spend at least 200x the amout to get you somewhere. They have fake price sheets that you are shown so you can believe what there saying. 2.. Also watch out going to malls mainly guys will walk up to you and ask for...

  • Hurricanes-Mt Mayon killed 1000 !!!

    On December 15th 2006 a devastating hurricane hit the central parts of Philippines. It was not the first or the last natural disaster as the Philippinos are used to living under the continual threat of hurricanes. It has become their way of life pulling themselves together and trying to go on with the remains of the catastrophe. Very often the...

  • TRaveling ALONE

    very answer to that question..DONT!!!its a question of "If you dont know, Dont GO"here there is muggers and robbers, bag snatchers and the like, just like any other country thats a third world, Common Sense must prevail.NEVER show your money around or pay before you get the goods.Never walk along dark streets you dont know.NEVER dress...

  • don't fall in love with this place...

    .. otherwise you'll have the same feeling as what Brasilian call SAUDADE...i love love love the Philippines...

  • Stop! Thief!

    Unwary travellers, specifically single males should take good care when dealing with Filipinas such as this one.After knowing them for a while you may start to take leave of your senses and get the urge to revisit the Philippines, spending all your savings on long distance phone calls and flights to and from europe. This woman stole my heart and...

  • Unreliable Cebu Pacific E-Tickets

    Just wanted to share this info from a friend and work colleague:I purchased tickets for my mom and sister using the Cebu Pacific website earlier this week and they were set to leave yesterday evening (April 17, 2007). As the policy for online booking is "book and buy" and because my family has been regular Cebu Pacific passengers, I had no qualms...

  • Manila - Makati, also other areas

    Careful when crossing roadsMMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority), which did not have a chance to catch the drivers without discipline has turned policies and acts against pedestrians very strictly! Yes, there is even a thread of getting jailed when crossing the roads on other than the designed crossings. Previously it was called...

  • H2O

    Be sure to drink bottled water while in the Philippines. While I was in Cebu, someone made a mistake and filled my water bottle with tap water. I only took a few sips and was sick the rest of the night.

  • Warning about Black Market Money...

    Many Filipinos will tell you not to use the black market money changers. This is good advice in that a lot of these money changers will cheat you. However, the exchange rate on the black market is generally higher than at the banks. The key is to remember the old adage that if it sounds good to be true, it probably is.I got taken by a classic...


    I deeply lament that while the Philippine Government encourages tourism, it had imposed certain indispinsable matter which would deter Filipinos from exploring the different islands. There are TAXES. If you see certain advertisement on travel packages in various destinations, please be reminded that the package price, usually, does not include...

  • Crime

    The Philippines is no where near the safest country in Asia. Some areas, such as Palawan and Mindanao are relatively dangerous. If you are going to these areas, you should check with your country's department of state. Beach goers and scuba divers have been kidnapped from these areas and some beheaded. Crime in the city is also common. A lot of...


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  • Oct 10, 2013 at 10:55 PM

    I've lived in the PH over 12 years and traveled there many times. I worked in a few areas including Mindanao (where I was followed). Please take the dangers and warnings to heart. The wonderful people you befriend may brag of your time together and it will be heard by someone with ill intentions. Esp. males do not get your photo taken w/ females, it will later be evidence of a relationship when it was only a photo. You take the photo to email much later, email is cheap, internet cafe is p5. Both of us have been offered prostitutes while standing near our spouse, even quickies in the Glorietta mall CR's. I had to refuse a business lunch with a Filipino who wanted a "closer" friendship to seal the deal. BTW I told his mom & did business w/ her. This & we aren't the flirting types. I find very little actual respect for family/marriage, on the surface yes, really no. Adultery, abuse is common. Don't pay other than on meters it encourages drivers to rip off others. Always ask for/check OR's. I've caught my credit card charges changed several months later. Have a plan B even w/ taxis or have the hotel help you get a local taxi and assure he gets the plate #. I always text the plate# to someone. Have the number of the tourism bureau and your embassy available at all times. Know your medical risks, options. People are put out on the street who cannot pay in advance. We don't pay a fixer, ever. We find out the price ahead of time, usually on the internet and then take care of things ourself. If you pay a fixer you are responsible/liable. We end up paying way more than locals for most things and after living there sometime realized our expenses were just US5k/yr fr/ S. Ca. and it isn't S. Ca. & as a foreigner you don't have any rights. A local can do something all day & a foreigner will be fined. Get used to seeing dead animals, begging children/some adults-always a sad story, drugged adults on the streets. Dress casual & don't wear jewelry. You'll be judged by how you appear & how you spend money, it is sad. You'll be kissed up to in the same way. Be happy to visit and explore but do take care.

Philippines Warnings and Dangers

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