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Asia Shopping

  • Mah Boon Krong - MBK

    Bangkok Shopping

    Lots of local stuff and electronics. Good place to shop and spend your afternoon at. You can also get your shirts tailored for USD20 and get it on the same day. It is also connected to Siam Paragon and Central where you can get higher end shopping. Clothes and local souvenirs

  • Sim Lim Square

    Singapore Shopping

    This store and staff did a great job of nearly ruining my time in Singapore. Like an absolute fool I fell for their nasty tricks and dodgy selling techniques, particularly from the fat guy with tattoo's and a ponytail (this one in particular was very nasty when I questioned him further) and the fake 'boss' who sits around like a Mafia Boss, doing a...

  • Chinatown

    Kuala Lumpur Shopping

    I think so many shops have in this area.. very busy @ night time.. clothes shops, bags shops, fancy items and also other shops there.. Price also cheap. malay and chinese foods available in that area.. I like hokkin mee... To get the best atmosphere you must go at night.. I think that area never sleep.

  • Discount Shops - Groceries

    Tokyo Shopping

    While many restaurants in Japan can be expensive, grocery stores offer a cheaper alternative for those in a hurry or on a budget. Grocery stores have a variety of prepared foods like ready to eat meals, prepared meats and vegetables, snacks, drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic), and fresh fruits and vegetables. Of course, if you live here or have...

  • Dongdaemun (Great East Gate)

    Seoul Shopping

    Dongdaemun is a famous shopping area near the Dongdaemun -- or Great East Gate. It has sporting goods, clothing, used books, carpets, and many other things at great prices. We spent about three hours here one afternoon and we saw just a quarter of the market or less. We looked at clothes, military surplus items, books, jewelry, kitchen supplies,...

  • Stores & Markets

    Ho Chi Minh City Shopping

    This is market for rich people or foriegner. yes of course they always start at a high price everythign here is overpriced for tourist. Just try to have fun talking them down. You don't have to be rude, its their job to rip you off. Besides, they only ripping you off for maybe $5 or $10. So....... Better to buy anything at Cho Binh Tay in...

  • Silk Market

    Beijing Shopping

    So I went to silk street today and wanted to give advice, after all this site definitely helped me! I've been 3 times, once to look, twice to buy, First of all prices, I know I didn't always pay rock bottom, but that's okay. Prices in Yuan and original asking price in brackets. Hollister jeans (so comfy) 100 (700) Diesel chinos 100 (650) Burberry...


    Mumbai Shopping

    It will be best to shop in Santacruz (West) for stitched Indian style dresses for women. Linking Road and ELCO on Hill Road in Bandra (West), Vile Parle (East), Dadar (West and East) are also good for shoes, designer style clothes and jewellery. Pramanik at Matunga and Gandhi Market near Sion are also worth visiting for better options. Mangaldas...


    Goa Shopping

    Anjuna Market takes place every Wednesday from October onwards throughout the high-season, from around 09:00am to 06:00pm. It was the hippies who brought about the trend of the flea market at Anjuna beach during the late 1960s, and it's just been getting bigger and better ever since. Even if you're not interested in buying anything, or don't have...

  • Anarkali Bazar

    Lahore Shopping

    Anarkali is the oldest bazaar of South Asia and is named after legendary girl “Anarkali” who was buried alive in 1599 by the Mughal Emperor Akbar for falling in love with the Prince Jahangir. See my travelogue on Lahore page. The bazaar is in front of Lahore Museum and on the side of Punjab University Old Campus. Spanning from Mall Road on one...

  • Souvenirs , Arts & Handicrafts

    Penang Shopping

    There are many places to shop for souvenirs in Penang. The Snake Temple has its space for the traders, there are two rows of shops at the left and right and a few shops in front of the street. You can buy the thing you like here, if you want more choices and better bargain margin, then Batu Feringhi hawker centre is a better place for Penang...

  • Shopping Areas

    Hanoi Shopping

    It's not just one shop, it's a whole street full of silk shops. Each one sells silk clothes as well as the fabric itself so that you can have a shirt or a dress tailored somewhere else. I guess that there are about 60 shops. I propose buying the fabric only - it's possible to have a shirt or anything else tailored in Van Phuc village, but if you...

  • Chirimen Craft Museum

    Kyoto Shopping

    The Chirimen Craft Museum in Arashiyama is not a museum at all; it is a store that specializes in items made from chirimen (a special way of weaving that creates a textured fabric). Perhaps what makes it a "museum" is simply that it has greater selection than most other places that have chirimen items. The shop has a wide variety of mobiles,...

  • Zainab Market

    Karachi Shopping

    Zainab Market is situated in the heart of City (Saddar) at the end of Zaibunnisa Street near Hotel Avari Tower. It is also at walking distance from other reknown hotels like PC, Sheraton & Marriot. Nearest markets are Zaibunnisa Street, Bohri Bazar Saddar. So it is a place for complete family shopping. Shop keepers keep latest variety of stuff...

  • Miscellaneous

    Delhi Shopping

    Connaught Place, built in 1931, is one of Delhi's most popular shopping centres. There is nothing that one cannot buy here. all branded company showrroms can be seen here.It also has several eating-houses. The state emporiam buildings are also located in this area so are the head offices of major banks, airlines and other such things of importance...

  • Night Market

    Chiang Mai Shopping

    This is Chiang Mai's main night time attraction, selling anything from clothes to souvenirs, wallets and crafts. Pretty much anything you can think of they have it here. Runs from 7pm-midnight every night. Anything from clothes to wallets, it has everything! As much as you want - most things are very cheap.

  • Jinnah Supermarket

    Islamabad Shopping

    This area is a somewhat upmarket shopping district in Islamabad. The Saeed Book Bank is excellent, you can get some real bargains and the books are the real deal, not the cheap copies available at most booksellers in Pakistan- they have a great range of art books, a large textbook section, fiction and a reasonably big Urdu language section, plus...

  • Mike Shopping Mall

    Pattaya Shopping

    Shame that mikes has gone down hill. My wife and I I recimave been visiting mikes for 5years and things have definitely taken a downwards turn. After paying 200baht (£4) to go into the pool area we we only to find dirty water in the pool and beer bottles every where you looked. The food we ordered turned up wrong (turned out to be another...

  • Local Markets

    Hat Yai Shopping

    There are hundred of vendors group together to form a market doing their business selling almost the same things. If you wish to buy something, prepare your Thai Baht and your time, do some window shopping and some bargaining. Give a price you plan to pay or reply with a smile. Ready packed Thailand snacks, shirt and clothes, leather products such...

  • Russian Market

    Phnom Penh Shopping

    I really like the Russian Markets, though it can be very hot and stifling in there, so get there early if you can. You can buy absolutely everything you could ever imagine here and the best part is a lot of the clothing is very good quality and in western sizes. They also now have a huge selection of winter clothing, jackets, jeans etc. Wander in...

  • department stores

    Osaka Shopping

    Not much different from other Takashimaya but i always find interesting deals when I go there. This one is particularly big and has good food on the first floor. One thing special to note is that the building it is in is one of the rare one that survived the bombings of the war alongside the nearby train station.

  • Shops

    Jaipur Shopping

    This shop sells every type of fabric you can think of by the yard. It also has ready made duvets, bedspreads, wall-hangings, soft furnishings and clothes. The merchandise is spread over 2 floors. You can take any style of outfit to the shop, choose which fabric you would like and have it made up in the shop and get it delivered to your hotel the...

  • Thamel Area

    Kathmandu Shopping

    The owner of the shop, Mr Shakti, is a very nice gentleman and seems quite honest with his prices. The Nepalese multicoloured precious stone necklaces are nice to buy. You can only find this type of necklace in Nepal and India. Silk bed spreads and wall hangings start at $15 USA and the pashmina shawls start at $6 USA. For a seven strand necklace,...

  • Traditional wear

    Hyderabad Shopping

    There are hundreds of shops in Laad Bazaar and other places, such as Sultan Bazaar in Hyderabad, that sell bangles. It's so difficult not to buy all of them...there are so many really remarkable pieces You can negotiate price, but the price itself is often really low, so don't worry and shop!!

  • Theingyl Zei Market.

    Rangoon Shopping

    This market is much cheaper than the Bogyoke Aung San Market, and the one most frequented by the locals. Whilst it does not have the same range of souvenir and tourist appealing merchandise, there are plenty of things of interest and allure for the ardent shopper! We were the only tourists in this market on the day of our visit - and we attracted...

  • Namdas and Carved Walnut handicrafts

    Naran Shopping

    Kaghan is well known for its woolen shawals and "Namda" (woolen rugs). Carved walnut handicrafts are also available and could be nice gift. Great varieties of handicrafts are available. artificial jewelry and gems are also available but prices are very high. Bargain as much as you can to get the deal.

  • Osu Shopping Arcade

    Nagoya Shopping

    The shopping street near Osu Kannon Temple is a popular place for both locals and tourists to shop. There are some shops where visitors can buy Nagoya souvenirs, but most of the shops are regular stores, so you can also get some real shopping done. There are many clothing stores, along with specialty shops and some fun and interesting places to buy...

  • Bargaining

    Peshawar Shopping

    Beyond the Copper Market are a number of shops selling blankets and shawls from the Valleys of Swat and Kaghan. These are all traditinally made with intelectual style Made of hand-spun wool, these are predominantly in red or black colors with brightly patterned borders. A lane to the right leads to the Cloth Bazaar where all kinds of cloth and...

  • Yokohama Landmark Plaza

    Yokohama Shopping

    The photo is inside the Landmark from there you can go straight and procced to the other building for shopping also. Minato Mirai Area has lots of shopping might spend all your money:-) You can buy everything..check the mall infront of the ferris wheel,I really forgot the name of this place, I guess it's in 3rd or 4th floor...

  • Hunza Caps/Hats

    Hunza Shopping

    The Hunza hats are famous through out the whole world. They are available at all common shops in Hunza and are very cheap. Hunza hats are embroidered by hand and are a must buy in Hunza. Hunza hats are very cheap, for less than 10$. Dont forget to negotiate. You are in PAKISTAN.

  • Main Bazaar.

    Nathia Gali Shopping

    There are many colorful shops on main bazar where you can buy handicrafts, clothes and many other items. Fresh snacks , vegetables, fruits, juices, ice creams, coffee etc are easily available. Also there are many restaurants where you can go for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can purchase souvenirs, clothes and gift items at reasonable prices....

  • Ladies Market

    Kowloon Shopping

    This Shop Is Awesome! Theres LOADS Of Things To Buy, Cute, Fashionable, Cheap And Just Amazing! Whenever I Go Back To Hong Kong-My Birth Place-> I LOVE To Go There To Shoppin~! Its Always Crowded With People, And Lot Of People Buy Stuff From Ladies Market~! Some Of The People Who Sell Stuff Are Super Nice, Whilst Some May Not Be ._.~ Buh Anyway,...

  • Ginza

    Shinjuku Shopping

    Ginza is the high fashion area of Tokyo, and this place has lots of shops selling famous fashion brands so be prepared to spend more money if you want to shop here. If not, you can still come and experience one of the most famous area in Tokyo.

  • Zaza City

    Hamamatsu Shopping

    Zaza City is one of the most popular shopping complex around Hamamatsu station. It consists of Zaza West and Zaza Central. These two buildings are connected by the passage on the second, fifth and underground floor. Popular shops in Zaza City include: Uniqlo, ToyzRus, Haikara Yokocho. And at the Zaza Central there's Children's Plaza.

  • Tsum

    Dushanbe Shopping

    TSUM (ЦУМ) describes itself as the Central Department Store. It is a one-stop-shop for all your tourist and ex-pat needs. It’s actually an indoor market with several ATM’s and plenty of currency exchange kiosks just outside. Inside you will find all the modern electrical goods and spares you could possibly ever need. Upstairs is...

  • Bazaars

    Pakistan Shopping

    Raja Bazaar is in Rawalpindi. Seething with people, you will discover ally ways stacked with good things to buy: Flowers, fabric, pots and pans, food, sewing machines, and anything your heart desires. Its the atmosphere which is intoxicating. I could have bought 12 tea cups for $1 Australian dollar - but alas i couldnt carry them home.

  • Ladies Market

    Hong Kong Shopping

    With over 100 stalls of bargain clothing, accessories and souvenirs, ladies market provides a one kilometer stretch on which to practice your haggling skills. It gets its name from the huge amount of clothing and accessories on sale for women of all ages Strolling around can keep your eye wide open, where you'll find everything on sale....

  • Chatuchak Weekend Market

    Bangkok Shopping

    Chatuchak is a very huge open air market. Everything in Thailand can be found there. They are center of local thai product especially clothes, ceramics and handicrafts. I also went to a pet section, here you can find people selling giant lizard and many ugly reptile, not Komodo, but I think it's the same race. I don't like reptile but it's fun...

  • Mustafa Centre - Little India

    Singapore Shopping

    Mustafa Center is one of Singapore's 24-hour shopping malls, which is located on Syed Alwi Road in Little India. a walking distance from the Farrer Park MRT Station on the North East Line. The department store at Mustafa Center consists of two shopping centers: one retailing jewelery and household appliances, and has a supermarket; and the other...

  • Bukit Bintang

    Kuala Lumpur Shopping

    like what i've said, at the periphery of the main shopping and dining areas of Bukit Bintang lies the various factory outlets of various souvenir items that sells mostly to tourists on day long Kuala Lumpur tours and beyond. Dong-A Batik Factory is one of them and is located along the factory souvenir shop rows near Jalan Imbi,at Jalan Utama and...

  • Akihabara

    Tokyo Shopping

    Kotobukiya is the leader in Japanese character figures and their huge store in Akihabara is a collector's dream! They have floor after floor of gorgeous figures and character items from Japanese anime like Evangelion to American comics and movies, like Batman and Iron Man! The prices are not discounted but for Americans like me, it's cheaper than...

  • Myeongdong

    Seoul Shopping

    We have no intend of do some shopping in Seoul, but we are looking for souvenir and restaurant. So in our mind we could find it in shopping street of Myeongdong. Our hotel is nearby so walking is not very far. Before I realize Seoul has to be a shopper's paradise and I know Myeongdong is one of the very well-known shopping street in Seoul. This is...

  • Clothes

    Ho Chi Minh City Shopping

    I travelled to Vietnam from Singapore for a holiday. Prior to arriving I researched and emailed a few tailors about making a traditional 3-piece morning suit, I spent a lot of time explaining the fabrics I wanted, the style and my stature to help with the quote. I was responded to by Kien from Cao Minh who quoted USD$500-1000. I explained to him...

  • Wangfujing Street

    Beijing Shopping

    most prestigious department store in beijing, it is comparable to Bloomingdales. Unlike shanghai, beijing has less luxury department stores and this is the most popular, situated in the hip wang fu jing street, it carries many foreign brands such as Calvin Klein, Nina Ricce, Gucci, Prada, Lanvin etc. The first floor is home to cosmetic brands such...


    Mumbai Shopping

    I went here a number of times and each time I had to direct the taxi driver (one of whom had never been and was so impressed he bought himself a shirt!)! When I was left stranded in Mumbai (volcanic ash blah blah blah) I ran out of clothes and so this market was a gem! The best way to do your shopping here is to have a mooch about, look at the...


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