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Pulau Semakau Things to Do

  • Intertidal walk

    When the tide is low at Semakau, you can catch many interesting marine animals, to name some we encountered there were: octopus, stingray, flatworm, nudibranch, jellyfish, etc.Check Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR) website for details, walk schedules and booking of the walk.Price for a guided walk for adults is $53.50 and for students...

  • Birding at Pulau Semakau

    Birding is another activity that you can do in Pulau Semakau. The remoteness of this place somehow attracts a rich diversity of rare birds that can't be seen on the mainland. So if you're hear on a birding trip, bring a pair of binoculars with you. The one that is given free on National Day does not count as one. Do check out my off the beaten page...

  • Checking out the Marine Life

    This little sotong (squid) is so cute that I've decided to put it here. It was spotted off the sea-grass lagoon in Pulau Semakau that day and oohed and ahhed by everyone in the group. Of course, it was released into the water after the trauma.

  • Checking out the Mangrove Trees

    Other birding your brains out, angling and wading the waters in Pulau Semakau, you can also check out the unusual mangrove trees by the shore. Many of these trees have stilt roots that poke eerily out the water for air. Many of these trees attract birds and mudskippers so it pays to hover near them.

  • Going for an inter-tidal walk

    Honestly, the best thing about going to Pulau Semakau is to check out what nature has to offer. Going for an inter-tidal walk ( walking along the shore when the tide is low) with a guide would be good idea as you'll appreciate what you see with understanding. And please remember, bring only the memories and photographs home. For pete's sake, don't...

  • Fishing at Pulau Semakau

    Besides the walks and birding activities, sport fishing is another activity you can do in Pulau Semakau. It's quite a worth while activity since I was told that black-tipped sharks were seen swimming in the lagoon and LARGE groupers were actually caught in these waters. Ah, sounds tempting doesn't it? Now to pour cold water over what I said, you'll...


Pulau Semakau Transportation

  • Boat ride to Semakau Island

    To get to Semakau Island you have to take a boat ride from Marina South Pier.The journey takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour.You have to book the trip from either one of these clubs:1. Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research - Intertidal Walk2. The Nature Society - Birdwatching3. Sport Fishing Association - Sport Fishing

  • From Singapore to Pulau Semakau

    Currently, entry to Pulau Semakau is restricted and there's only 3 groups with direct access there so you'll need to contact them before making a trip there. They are: 1)Nature Society organises birdwatching trips for members only at $25.2)Sport Fishing Association organises angling tours for its members at $30 and members of the public at $40....

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Pulau Semakau What to Pack

  • Pack your essential

    Travel light, bring a small bag with all your essential stuff inside, including foods & drinks as there's no convenience store in the island. For intertidal walk you are required to wear covered footwear, bring extra pair for after the walk. Always bring your medical supplies with you. Bring extra battery or film as no convenience store in the...

  • What to wear for an Inter-Tidal Walk

    Your idenity card or passport is crucial as the immigration police will only allow you to go thru the check point with it. As you can see, wearing high heels and a mini skirt is not a good idea if you're going to Pulau Semakau. Leave them at home and come dressed in cargo pants which can be folded . Tops with long sleeves are good as it will...

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Pulau Semakau Off The Beaten Path

  • Great Billed Heron

    One good thing about going to a nature reserve with experts is that you're gauranteed an ID of whatever creature you're looking at minus the head-scratching. I saw this unusual looking heron along the the mangrove reefs and was told instantly that it was a great-billed heron. Again, this was a rare sighting as it was not commonly found on the...

  • Large Billed Crow

    When you're in Pulau Semakau, you don't have to go all out to look for birds, they'll simply fly past you! A large-billed crow flew overhead as I was standing on the shore, cawing as it flew past. Intially I didn't give it a second look, but the folks from the National University of Singapore pointed out that it was no ordinary crow. It was a large...

  • Brahminy Kite

    There was a little Japanese girl in our group and what sharp eyes she had! She spotted at least 2 large birds In Pulau Semakau that day and got everyone excited by shouting out - "Eagle! Eagle!". How right she was.The NUS* folks scooped out the bird with the bino and identified the bird as the local eagle, (Brahminy Kite) since it had a white chest...


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