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  • A British colonial house at Seletar, Singapore
    A British colonial house at Seletar,...
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Seletar Things to Do

  • Dam at Lower Seletar Reservoir

    There is a very scenic dam at the Lower Seletar Reservoir which joins the areas of Seletar to Yishun (please visit my VT Yishun page for more details). One side of this dam is the Lower Seletar Reservoir while another side is the Straits of Johor which is a channel which is the border between Singapore and Malaysia. More photos are at the...

  • Farms at Seletar

    There are still some farms remaining in the Seletar are, mainly vegetable farms, flower farms and tropical fish farms (Singapore is one of the largest exporters of freshwater tropical aquarium fishes in the world).

  • Roundabouts & roads

    One of my best memories of Seletar is that there are several roundabouts there, the most famous being Picadilly Circle (yes, it is the same name as that in London). Also, the roads here are lined with beautiful scenery and British colonial houses, giving you a feeling that you are in another country rather than Singapore.

  • Seletar Country Club

    Within Seletar is the famous Seletar Country Club which is nestled nicely among the beautiful environment. As expected, this country club has its own golf course as well as driving range. There is also a Chinese restaurant here as well.

  • Jalan Kayu

    Jalan Kayu is the road leading up to Seletar from Yio Chu Kang Road. There are many shophouses along Jalan Kayu, of which the famous Roti Prata (an Indian style pancake) store is located. A lot of locals will come all the way here just to eat the famous Roti Prata.

  • Piccadily Circle

    Although the famous Piccadily Circle is in London, there is actually a Piccadily Circle at Seletar! This circle is located just next to the main entrance, and in fact a lot of the roads at Seletar are named after British.

  • Seletar Airport

    Seletar Airport is now a commerical airport for small private planes. Long ago, it used to be the main airport in Singapore and used extensively by the British during the colonial days.

  • Sungei Punggol (Punggol River)

    There is a very scenic river called Sungei Punggol (Punggol River) which is located next to Seletar. You can see this river very clearly if you drive and cross the bridge from the Sengkang and Punggol area from the east to the Seletar area. On the banks of this river are mangrove trees which are very typical of this tropical region.

  • Just like another country

    When you are at Seletar, it really feels like you are at another country (e.g. in Europe) as the scenery, buildings and atmosphere here is so different from the busy skyscrapers of Singapore. These photos are good examples of what I am talking about. After so many years, I still love this place very much.


Seletar Warnings and Dangers

  • Danger at Lower Seletar Reservoir

    Although the water looks good and calm for a swim at Lower Seletar Reservoir, it is not allowed to swim or fish here, and note that the water is deep and sometimes the tide gates will open resulting in lots of water pouring into the sea.

  • Army Camp

    There is an army camp inside the Seletar area near to the airport, so be careful when you are near this place. Try not to take any photographs of the camp as it is not allowed.

  • Seletar Hotels

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Seletar Favorites

  • Side entrance & Lower Seletar Reservoir

    The main entrance to Seletar is along Jalan Kayu Road, which you can either enter by Yio Chu Kang Road or the Seletar Expressway. However, there is another road entrance to Seletar located along Seletar Club Road which links to Yishun Avenue 1. The drive along this road is fantastic with beautiful views of the Lower Seletar Reservoir and its dam....

  • Deserted housing flats

    If you enter Seletar Farmway 4 from Jalan Kayu, you will see several blocks of deserted housing flats here.

  • Wildlife at Seletar

    Perhaps the most common wildlife you can see at Seletar are the migratory birds, which are common in the northern parts of Singapore. The most common bird is the impressive white egret like the one shown in this photograph.


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