Mustafa Centre - Little India, Singapore

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  • Mustafa Centre - Little India
    by GIPA
  • Mustafa Centre - Little India
    by GIPA
  • Mustafa Centre - Little India
    by GIPA

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    Mustafa Centre - Little India: MUSTAFA CENTRE

    by GIPA Updated Jun 5, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After visiting Little India area I kept walking along Serangoon road and reached Mustafa Centre , that was mentioned in my map. This is the place for souvenirs with good prices. I found led lights , fountains , magnets , t-shirts , landscapes of the east , home utilities , and Singapore flag , of course! Mustafa has three floors , with escalators. Don´t miss this place.

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    Mustafa Center: Shopping@Little India

    by HebaM Updated Sep 6, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Mustafa Center is one of Singapore's 24-hour shopping malls, which is located on Syed Alwi Road in Little India. a walking distance from the Farrer Park MRT Station on the North East Line.

    The department store at Mustafa Center consists of two shopping centers: one retailing jewelery and household appliances, and has a supermarket; and the other selling books, CDs and DVDs, watches, electronic goods, footwear and clothing. which caters mainly to the budget market. everything and anything under one roof. It's a huge place and it's easy to get lost and it's also crowded, so you'll need at least half a day in order to cover all the sections.

    I didn't find any suitable clothes or shoes for me and because I am not into fake brands bags it was hard to buy anything from that section. However I was impressed by the hair products section it has all authentic Indian Hair oil, cream, shampoo and Henna. I also bought chocolates and a cool wall watch as a gift.
    I didn't find anything else for me to buy. In my opinion It's a good shopping place for locals but not much for tourists.

    It was very hard to get a taxi outside the center so you better call one 'cause carrying heavy shopping bags while waiting for a taxi is not nice. I had to wait for ages to get a taxi, all the taxis I flagged down refused to stop.

    What to buy: Cheap items / Indian related stuff

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  • Amar_kirale's Profile Photo

    Mustafa Centre: Mustafa Centre

    by Amar_kirale Updated Apr 19, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Mustafa at Little India is shoppers paradise. I haven't seen a stores with such a huge variety of products. The variety and the range of products is mind boggling. It seems to be endless. By the time you are out of the shop, I am sure you need a foot massage. Best part is, it open 24hrs.

    What to buy: From chocolates to consumer durables, from stationary to grocery, from apparels to bicycles, from cosmetics to jewelry, from toys to electronic gadgets, from sports/exercise equipments to perfumes, from hardware to souvenir, from watches to digital cameras you get everything possible under the sun in this one huge store. If you want to shop in Singapore……this is the place…..everything under on roof.

    What to pay: Payment is in SGD. I think they also except forex but I am not sure. Hence confirm it before going. Check the website below for more info
    Before buying anything make sure that the same product is either not available or not cheaper in your unlike Bangkok, Singapore as a country is not know for shopping except for electronics.

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  • cablenwirelessguy's Profile Photo

    mustafa shopping centre: how to buy a camera

    by cablenwirelessguy Written Jul 3, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    a 24 hour supermarket where you can get all kinda electronic items to music,clothes,food,toys,stationery and almost everyting..need a week to explore the shop fully.

    What to buy: electronic items -camera
    mobiles, ipods, clothes , beer

    What to pay: there are lot of freebies with camera and mobiles..u will get 1 gb cards and other accesories look out for those

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  • robertgaz's Profile Photo

    Mustafa Department Store: Busy Little India

    by robertgaz Updated Jun 11, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Mustafa is an enormous multi level department store which has quite a good reputation with the locals for selling a huge variety of goods at very reasonable prices.

    Prices are fixed and displayed and you can browse all day without getting hassled by sales assistants.

    Pick your day for shopping there as it gets very busy on weekends with local shoppers. But Mustafa is open 24/7 so there is ample opportunity to spend a little cash.

    What to buy: The Mustafa Shopping Centre caters to all your shopping needs with goods ranging from food, clothing, shoes, sports equipment/ & Ccothing, electronic gadgets & appliances, jewellery and Just about anything else you can think of!

    Mustafa Department Store (webpic) Inside Mustafa Department Store (webpic)
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  • DarkRay's Profile Photo

    Mustafa: 24 Hours Shopping!

    by DarkRay Updated Feb 19, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Mustafa is the only megamall in Singapore that operates round the clock. What I like about Mustafa is that you can literally grab almost everything under the sun there, and at a good price. If you are like me, who is the kind of shopping who is too lazy to go around comparing prizes for products, Mustafa is a heaven to go to.

    There are actually 2 Mustafa department stores. The flagship store, which is open 24 hours, is located within Mustafa Centre, while the other one is located nearby, within Seragoon Plaza.

    The one within Mustafa Centre is usually the one which is more crowded, because it has a much wider variety of items. And since this outlet operates round the clock, you can literally get lost inside (all 6 storeys of it - 2 basements + 4 levels) without worrying about closing times. But the downside is that its hard to get from point A to B within it. The reason is because in order to stuff all the inventories within the store, the walkways are very narrow to maximise the display space. Coupled this with the fact that a lot of shoppers like to use shopping carts and like to tug along their babies along with their prams, it makes for an uncomfortably tight squeeze. So be prepared for that.

    The other Mustafa at Serangoon Plaza is another story though. Possibly because it is meant to cater to a higher class clientèle, the whole environment is much more pleasant, with brighter lightings, much wider walkways, better floorings and nicer displays with better organisation. However, despite this outlet having the same total floor space as the one at Mustafa Centre (despite spanning only 3 storeys here), the range of products is smaller, because this outlet predominantly sells the more expensive and higher end items. Due to this, the number of shoppers here is much reduced.

    Probably due to its heritage, both outlets are immensely popular with visitors from India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

    What to buy: A lot of shoppers visit Mustafa for their electronics, which is always consistently cheaper than the prices of the same products at the electronics superstores. There is a rather wide variety available as well.

    Gold is also a popular item and an obviously important part of Mustafa's trade, since they dedicate a very significant part of their retail space to it.

    Mustafa also have a very well-stocked supermarket section, with an especially excellent selection of spices from India. It is so good that some visitors from India actually go there to buy Indian spices back to India!

    Mustafa also offer some of the best foreign exchange rates around. The forex counters are right beside the main entrances to both Mustafa department stores.

    For tourists, you may wish to know that there is a GST refund counter at basement 2 of the Mustafa at Mustafa Centre, right within the electronics section.

    What to pay: Their prices are not necessary the lowest, but certainly far from being the most expensive. Despite them being a department store themselves, but unlike others, their prices are always below the recommended retail prices set by the distributors or product manufacturers. This is especially true for their electronic items ranging from LCD TVs, to Digital Cameras.

    Mustafa at Mustafa Centre The Always Crowded Mobile Phone Section The Supermarket Section The Vast Apparel Section The Popular Electronics Section

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  • a60's Profile Photo

    Mustafa Centre, Little India: A Taste of an Indian Shopping

    by a60 Written Oct 28, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Whatever you do when in Singapore, do not miss the Mustafa Centre, but don't bother going in the main entrance in Serangoon Road where all the taxi drivers take you. This part of the department store is geared towards tourists who do not want to experience a taste of India. Go down the side street towards the back of the building. There you will find entrances to where all the Indians and locals go to shop.

    Here, particularly on a week-end night you will have to jostle with all the locals who do their shopping here. The aisles are small and crowded, the cashiers flat out but it is an exciting place. If you have too many purchases you can take them outside and put them in "holding" while you go and buy more. The shop even goes across a laneway to another part of this vast complex.

    What to buy: Mustafa is the place to buy anything you could imagine. Apart from the usual watches, jewellery and electronics, you can buy virtually anything else. The ground floor has a great section of beauty products at a fraction of the cost that you would buy at home. Vitamins, a chemist, DVD's, CD's, perfume, costume jewellery, you name it, you can buy it.

    Downstairs is the clothing/material section. There are sarees on sale for S$20. This is 6m of material that can be used as exquisite curtains. They sell rugs from Turkey, underwear, womens clothing mens clothing and childrens clothing.

    Unfortunately I ran out of time, but Mustafa also sells homewares and groceries and I don't know what else I missed out on.

    Side entrance Signage at night
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  • Lyda1973's Profile Photo

    Mustafa: Spend here an insomnia night

    by Lyda1973 Written Oct 18, 2006

    Mustafa Centre is AMAZING!!!. 24 hours. We went at midnight until 2 a.m. and were a lot of costumers buying everything: electronics, food, medicine, clothing, appliances, etc.
    The supermarket is huge and just great, a lot of imported items, very organized and clean.
    Just outside you can find easily a taxi.

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  • bryINpoland's Profile Photo

    Little India: Mustafa Centre

    by bryINpoland Written Sep 1, 2006

    Mustafa Centre is located in Little India and is a favorite for shopaholics being that it is open 24hrs. 4 floors, over 70,000 sq. ft. of retail space and more then 150,000 products, i guess you could call it a shoppers paradise.

    If looking for the best prices in Singapore, then Mustafa Centre is not the first place to hit. Prices are not high, but there is no bargaining at Mustafa.

    Though Mustafa Centre is not one of my favourite places to shop while in Singapore, if you are looking for everything under one roof, then i would recommend Mustafa as your first stop.

    What to buy: If not in the mood to bargain for Singaporian memorabilia, prices on souvenirs are not that bad at Mustafa though i wasnt impressed with there variety.

    Mustafa Centre
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  • imran8852's Profile Photo

    Mustafa Shopping Centre-Little India: Mustafa 24 Hours Shopping Centre

    by imran8852 Updated Aug 23, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Mustafa Shopping Centre Is Open 24 Hours! It's The Only Shopping Centre In Singapore That Opens 24 Hours. It's Easily Reached Using Transportation Such As MRT, Bus And Taxi. Simply Said, It's A Shopping Centre Which Caters To All Your Needs And The Atmosphere Is Nice. Avoid Sundays And Peak Hours From 8pm To 12am. Trust Me, You Don't Want To Be Caught In The Human Traffic Jam!

    What to buy: Honestly, This Shopping Centre Caters To All Your Need! Ranging From Food, Clothing, Shoes, Sports Equipment/Clothing, Electronic Gadgets/Appliances, Jewellery And Everything! All You Have To Do Is Look Around And Buy What Interests You.

    What to pay: It All Depends On How Much You Spend.

    Look At All The Products! Some Souveniers You Can Buy. Open For 24 Hours !

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  • litekimchi's Profile Photo

    Little India: Mustafa Center: 24Hour Shopping

    by litekimchi Written Aug 17, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Mustafa Center can be overwhelming. It is not an overstatement to say that it has everything. It sells groceries, clothes, electronics, jewelry, perfume and all other kinds of kitsch. Name it, they probably have it. They have got a money changer, a post office and a cafe.

    In the two visits I've, I never went past the grocery floor because I am always overwhelmed (and held in a trance) by their rows upon rows of chocolate shelves. I have never seen so many kinds of chocolates in my life.

    Mustafa is a store with a lot of color and character.

    What to buy: I find that grocery shopping here is cheaper than Carrefour or Cold Storage, so I bought a lot of treats/snacks from here.

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  • cokes's Profile Photo

    Little India: Mustafa

    by cokes Updated Aug 12, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is one large store. You can find anything in here from Electronics to clothing to food to anything. The nice thing about this store is that they open 24hours. Its busy and there is a couple of floors so if you looking for something in particular I think its best to ask someone who is working there or else you might find yourself searching for hours.

    What to buy: Here is everything in this store.

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  • socmattar's Profile Photo

    Mustafa Centre: Cheapest All-Under-One Roof

    by socmattar Updated Jun 17, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Don't get fooled into buying from the overpriced Orchard Road stores. Take a trip to a one-stop shop in Little India called Mustafa Centre. Everything you need from clothes to curries to CPUs, for a fraction of the price.

    What to buy: Electronics goods - Cheaper than most other developed countries
    Souvenirs (of course)
    Clothes, especially during the Great Singapore Sale
    VCDs - these are cheaper versions of the familiar DVD with almost the same quality

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    Mustafa---Little India: Hot Cheap Souvenirs

    by Applelyn Written Feb 11, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It has everything but it sells souvenirs from Singapore such as T-shirts cheaper than other places. You can also bring back some local snacks. It is also open for 24hours 7 days a week.

    What to buy: "Singapore" T-shirts, local indian snacks such as muruku.

    What to pay: About SGD 12 per t-shirt and a bottle of snacks is about SGD 10

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  • knerten's Profile Photo

    Mustafa's: Mustafa has it all --- and cheap

    by knerten Written Aug 12, 2005

    I thinks this is Singapore's only 24/7 department store. Not just that, it has most of what you will find at Orchard, only much cheaper! It also has a grocery store.
    Mind you, this is a photo of the "old" store; there is a brand new development right behind it, the Mustafa Plaza, which is more relaxing and less packed than the original Mustafa.

    What to buy: Anything

    What to pay: Much less than anywhere else


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