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    Sim Lim Square: Bad service in Sim Lim

    by Alvansng Written Jul 1, 2013

    Lemon Laws are consumer protection laws that provide remedies against defective goods (colloquially known as “lemons”), which fail to conform to the contract at the time of delivery, e.g. do not meet standards of quality and performance, especially after repeated repair. Such laws obligate sellers to repair, replace, or refund or reduce the price of those defective goods.

    To find out more about the Lemon Law and how it will affect you as a consumer or business owner, refer to the following:

    tourists can also file a coplain about the shop to CASE The Consumers association of singapore

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    by mueggldo Updated Apr 7, 2013

    Just got ripp off in Focuspoint Electronics PTE LTD in SIM LIM TOWER. I understand this is ar Market Place and you are suposed to bargain. But that they officially cheat an laugh at you when you come back to complain makes me angry. I just payed 130 Dollar for an adapter worth 10-20 Dollar, just because I'm new to photography and didn't know yesterday how they cheat on customers. There are many complaints about this company on the internet.

    They all should brought to court and the store to be shoot down. I thought Singapore has changed in the last 10 years.

    Police Officers passing by just said they can't do anything.

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  • Focuspoint Sim Lim Square: Completely Unethical

    by gmanInSingapore Written Jan 28, 2013

    Most unethical practice I have ever been subjected to! I was offered "big discounts" by a salesman, however even with these discounts the price quoted was well above the Manufacturer Recommended Selling Price (MSRP). I asked the salesman directly what the MSRP is, he told me S$900, when in fact it is S$200.

    I recommend never going here.

    What to buy: Nothing

    What to pay: You will pay about 2 to 4x what anything is worth.

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  • Elite 3 Shop PTE LTD: Do not go and buy things in Sim Lim Square

    by Ratanak Updated Nov 26, 2012

    I and my family had spent a few days of our holiday to visit Singapore where we expected to have full of fun and hapiness. Singapore is one amongst the popular places to visit in Asia, and We are happy to see the country well developed and we expected people also developed. A day left to home, iI and my family went to the shope named " Elite 3 Mobile PTE LTD" in Sim Lim Square. The shop looks like a trustfull shop with young sellers. I tried to seek for a mobile phone for my children from beginning I asked about the price of. SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII model and the seller seems to show his good attitude to be trusted in. The seller in this shop is very good at cheating, he tried to show like a magician with another model by showing a drop and strong scratch, and water proof and told us a lie that this is a new model just in promotion from the company with the price of S$738, haha... this is a 1 year old model of Galaxy Nexus that at the time its price just S$ 420. Because of we do not knw and we trust this man then we decided to buy as he suggested, when I asked the shop outside they said it is out of model and low price. I quickly called to the shop if he allow to exchange another model we like but he said no " No refund and No changeable" . We were so unhappy to hear that, and we released we got cheated by this shop. So in conclusion, if you are a trailer from other countries and if you guys want to be happy while staying in Singapore, you are not recommended to go and visit the above shop. Thie sellers in this shop have cheated a lot of tourists already, please find commends from many people from travel tour agency. If you want to buy things should go the brand shop such as Robinson, Best....... Additionally, we do not believe that such a developed country like Singapore supposed not to have this kind of cheating in public or especially for tourists.

    What to buy: You are highly recommended not to visit and buy things in Sim Lim Quare. This shop is not trustful

    What to pay: Do not expect to get cheaper price from this shop, in contrast you maybe got cheated like me and then you will loose a lot of money and unhappy during your visit. We are strongly requesting to the local authority to help protect tourists from this cheating shop in future.

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  • Sim Lim Square: Warning: Slim Lim Cyber Maestro #02-77

    by theo10 Updated May 5, 2012

    Bought a Sony mobile phone and the trader recommended to buy a high speed micro sd card as well. As I am not the specialist for everything I trusted the man and he offered me the card for 35 SGD. As I found out later that this card was not a high speed card especially for mobile phone but a normal cheap card for just 8 SGD to buy everywhere. I complaint hardly in the shop 'Cyber Maestro PTE LTD floor 2 number 77. But no chance to return the deal. I ask the tender if his aim is to tread me as a valuable customer or just to sell everything for the maximum price: His answer: Maximum profit is the point.
    I really feel like a victom!
    Please don't buy anything cause you will get ripped off!!!

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  • Sim Lim Square: Not to buy in sim limm square

    by varun_raj30 Written Mar 26, 2012

    I advice every one not enter shops in sim lim square as they are all big cheaters, they tell all lies misguide customers, I wanted to but cannon SLR camera EOS 550D I went to one of the shops in sim limm square 2nd floor when i asked the price shop keeper said it is 650sing$ he showed me the camera and after some time he says cannon SX40 is better than EOS 550D he convinced me to which i was convinced as I buying slr camera for first time and i was very eager to buy one finially he said SX40 is better than EOS550D and trusting shopkeeper and having good faith on people of singapore I bought camera cannon SX40 and then now I have come to know that SX40 is just higher version of digital camera and we cannot work like an SLR camera, I paid sing$999 for SX40 it is shock for me as I was told people of singapore are honest and sincere I would not have minded paying more as I have paid more for SX40 but if the shopkeeper had given an SLR camera a good model it would have been good for his reputation and reputation of singapore, this was my second visit to singapore and I had lot of regard for the citizens of singapore but now I will not visit singapore not recomend any one to visit singapore I feel sim lim square is spoiling reputation of singapore, I will write to the prime minister of singapore in detail. I know i will not get any response but I will write to the Hon prime minister of singapore and I will advice all my relations and friends not to visit singapore.Singapore is very good but Sim lim square is spoling reputation of singapore if the government ignores then it will be huge loss to singapore in way of tourisum, hope the authorities take immediate action as one place is spoling the entire reputation of the country. Shame on the shopkeeper. You have sweared on god now god will punish you.

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  • Pc geeks, Sim Lim Square: Avoid PC geeks

    by Sph4 Written Feb 15, 2012

    I have heard some good things about Sim Lim city so went and had a look for myself. I had the misfortune of going to to pc geeks in the building. While I'm sure that there are reputable traders in the store PC Geeks. I was asking for a part for an HP laptop and I had a part number. I should point out that as a tourist having been to Singapore previously I have not had any problems there but I was ripped off. I was dealt with by one of the staff there who then left to get me what he said was the part. On his return he had an HP part but when I asked him to confirm the part number for me he said it didn't have one. I paid for the item and left. I then checked on line to ensure that they had given me the right part and they hadn't. When I returned I was told that I was out of luck and they had a no refund policy despite them assuring me that it was the part that I asked for. I feel very let down by their actions. Iam out of pocket by $80 and feel that they lied to me to get a sale.

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  • Sim Lim Square Level 2 color of sunkist!: Ipad2 scam!!

    by yuki^^ Written Nov 22, 2011

    I have came to sim lim square after being heard of good discounts on an Ipad2. So i have decided to give it a try to buy an Ipad2 in sim lim square. I was first attracted to this particular shop on level 2, the shop shall not be name but u will see the color of the sunkist fruit and the word of the shop means to think beyond something. They say there with a large big attraction,' Ipad2 sale'! I tell you, they are not for sale and it is way sold beyond retail price. They actually purchased the Ipad2 at the retail price and they sold the Ipad2 for an additional 100 bucks to me.

    I was so stupid to have placed a 300 bucks deposit for the Ipad2 and it was so ridiculous! The shop I went to reserved the Ipad2 for only 630 bucks after GST! and when the shop took the Ipad2 to this stall. This sun shop sold me the Ipad 2 16GB WIFI at 730 bucks after GST!

    Not only that guys and girls, this shop has told me that they are reserving the Ipad2 and they reserve it for 2 months. I waited, so stupid! Actually the truth was that they gave a fake number to the supplier so that if the stock arrives, the shopkeeper say they never hear from the supplier and the customer's deposit will be safe until they can raise up the price and make sure they wont run to other shop to purchase the Ipad2! Such a scam!

    Not only that, when the stock arrived, the shopkeeper told me come back tomorrow in hope my Ipad2 will be sold away to another customer so that I CAN STILL WAIT!! I told them, No way, I want to have my refund back! They dare refused me! Obviously I say Iwill let the police settle this. They told me ok a discount of $15 which was $715 in which they explain my deposit cannot refund back so dammit I got to pay for this Ipad2 for 715 bucks.

    And you know what I have heard from my friends, they say the shop is known to have scam not only me but many customers who have willingly decided to purchase the products! If you would like to know the shop details, you may write to my inbox here.

    Always dont go to the levels 1 and 2, they are out to con you for the Ipad2! ridiculous! I went to level 3 and 4, and they sold it much cheaper and deeply, I regretted.

    What to pay: cheated sum of money!

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  • Orient Electronics #04-13A Sim Lim Square: Protector Screen

    by torres_0 Written Sep 22, 2011

    Never go to this shop on level 4 Sim Lim Square,the staffs there have no manners and poor service quality.
    I went to there to buy a screen protector for my Motorola Atrix,a young man approached me and said he has the matte anti-glare type for SGD10.I agreed the deal and he asked his colleague to paste the protector on my phone.
    After i left the shop,i founded that half of my phone front camera was blocked by the screen protector.I opened up my camera app and checked,and the picture was blur on the part where the camera was blocked by.
    I went back to the shop and told the staff can he adjust the screen protector,he was like shocked and keep saying that is impossible for the screen protector to block the camera and refused to help me.
    I approached another staff and show him the picture quality,again he keep saying that it is normal.WTF,he sold a screen protector that block my camera and still want to shirk his responsibility.
    No choice i left the shop and go level 1 middle area where a China aunty selling screen protectors.I bought a new screen protector from her,she was very polite and did a good job by pasted the screen protector nicely on my phone.

    I know that SGD 10 is a little only,so i never blame the staff and i even ask him politely"can you please help me to move and re-paste the protector so that it wont block my front camera?".
    I not even asking them to rebate or change a new screen protector for me,and they just show me "not my business" face and pretended to be very busy.

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  • Sim Lim Square: Never trust sales people

    by nevertrust Written Sep 16, 2011

    HAI CHEW ELECTRONICS - Bought two Ipad 2, one Iphone 4, three Ipad 5in1 connector from Hai Chew Electronics at Sim Lim Square last week.

    Got ripped off with the 5in1 connector, bought 3pcs. for S$ 90 EACH (what was I thinking!) while other stores also in Sim Lim sell exactly the same at S$30 each. I returned immediately to Hai Chew to complain of the overpricing however they would not entertain any returns which was also indicated in their tax invoice "no return or exchange of goods will be entertained" so I cannot really fight with them.

    I have always been a careful buyer, I research market prices before buying except for the accessory which was a last minute decision to buy. Didn't have internet at that time and I was pressed for time also. Sigh... so disappointed.

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  • Sim Lim Square: Cheated

    by Ericyeo Written Sep 2, 2011

    Do not buy at IGADGET Electronics LLP #01-42 on the ground floor of sim lim square. We bought a Ipad2 and a iphone 4 the salesmen cheated us. When we asked for the price ipad is sgd 1000.00 iphone4 32g 980.00 when ask for the unlocking of the 2 equipment we are not told of a charges of SGD250.00each which we are paid an extra of SGD500.00. this shopkeeper/salesmen are NOT HONEST DO NO buy at this shop.

    Total we end up paying 2488.00 without GST.

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    Sim Lim Square: Shopping Centre with Bad Reputation

    by walterwu Written Aug 19, 2011

    Most locals would go into and viewe prices on the pricelist section of the website. The pricelist (downloadable in pdf) are updated at least once a week.

    Sim Lim Square is one of the best places to head for when buying computer related products and accessories but do remember to avoid Level 1 and 2.

    As for myself, after scanning through the downloaded pricelist, I would go to Sim Lim Square and head straight for the shop with the cheapest and buy it off them. They have printed pricelist on the sales counter and just point or ask for the product you want. No issues. Rational being that on weekends it is so crowded that you may end up spending too much time there.

    Being shopping there since 1990s.

    My favourite shops are Bizgram, Fuwell, Cybermind, Best Bargain.

    Must remember to avoid shops on Level 1 and 2 where Sim Lim Square got its bad reputation from.

    Funan is another good place to shop for igadget but prices are a little more expensive because it is situated in the city centre.

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  • iGadget: Sim Lim Scam - AVOID

    by dewdew Written Jul 13, 2011

    please do not go to Sim Lim. I almost got cheated of $515 today. I cried, called the police, and argued for 3 hours and by 9pm received full refund (by luck). Do not go to iGadget on 1st floor.


    Read my blog and you'll understand:

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  • Sim Lim Square: IPAD 2 shame

    by groundzerored Written Jun 11, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    the shop is in the 1st floor infront of nubox selling IPAD 2 and nikon cameras and lenses

    What to buy: I brought an IPAD2 in sim lim to a shop infront of NUBOX on 1st floor. the shop sells basically nikon items cameras lenses but does have an IPAD 2 on the shelf display. I was suppose to buy my ipad2 to nubox but with no luck its out of stock. so i decided to get to one shop infront of it. I asked for the price it said to be 800sgd before GST, after gst and additional charge bec. i chose the white one it came to 888sgd.before that I asked him,"is there charges for unlocking or something bec.some sellers told me some stalls here charge for unlocking" he replied what unlocking?its unlocked. so cleared in that part.. so agrred and payed via nets, after unpacking and testing, while i was pinning my card number to cashier the guy went out with my IPAD2, he came back after 10mins saying he did activated the ipad2 and sent it to a so called APPLE GUY. then he was asking for additional 262SGD??!?! what the hell??!?where did it came from??he said it was activated and so to have the itunes the facetime and appstore available on the ipad. I almost ended paying for the highest model of IPAD2 well infact i only got the lower one....SCREW IT!I didnt complained because I paid in nets. but if I paid in cash I would argue to give my money back...lesson learned the hard way. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER BUY ON SIM LIM. I hope this comes a lesson to everyone. they are 101% cheaters.


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  • ELITE 3 Mobile - Sim Lim Square: Got ripped at this shop

    by chace_bass Written May 28, 2011

    Do not buy at this shop or at Sim Lim square. I was tricked to buy 2x the original price of a mobile phone and they will even convinced you to buy accessories which are also over priced.

    What to buy: It's much better and safer to buy electronics in big upscale malls. Do research for prices of gadgets you wanna purchase before actually buying. I learned my lesson the hard way. I was too tired going around Sim Lim square, got confused that I was sweet talked to purchased more than 2x the original price.

    What to pay: More than your actual budget or 2x, even 3x the original price

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