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  • Sim Lim Square
    by Ken88
  • Sim Lim Square
    by iori_
  • From details to big shops - all electronic
    From details to big shops - all...
    by vinc_bilb
  • Sim Lim Square: Avoid buying camera from cheater (2nd floor)

    by Ken88 Written Jul 20, 2014

    Was stupid enough to buy the Nikon S1(Price quoted from 1st floor is SGD 400) for SGD 800 and found out that the shop is in the list of consumer alert by CASE.

    Confront the salesman for a refund/exchange but keep getting the same answer: Boss is not in.

    On the spot, there were tourists-husband and wife from Australia facing the same issue.
    They were not expected to get ripped off in SINGAPORE.

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  • Sim Lim Square # 01-40: Terrible Experiance - They ruin the name of Singap

    by Lasanthag Written Jul 22, 2014

    Terrible. They are world class cheaters. Offered a phone for S$ 550/- They took the money and refused to give the phone asking another S$ 880/- . They cheat people nothing . Never ever go to Sim Lim Square for shopping. Shop number 40 Ground Floor. # 01 - 40

    What to buy: Cheating is there main business. Do not go to Sim Lim Square for shopping. They will ruin your money.

    What to pay: Nthing.

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  • Sim Lim Square: Pixel N Shutter at Sim Lim Square - Stay Away

    by vladp6 Updated Aug 23, 2014

    Pixel N Shutter Store 02-80 is cheating customers. The guy sold me a tampered glass screen protector for Sony Xperia for $70 after negotiating a price starting from $160. This screen protector appeared damaged with a crack in a week. When I've returned to replace it, the guy told me that there is no warranty and he would give me another one for $50. I went and bought the same screen protector for $30 on the third floor. Stay away from Pixel N Shutter.

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  • Sim Lim Square: iphone 4

    by timdark Written Nov 4, 2014

    I was cheated in Sim Lim Tower, that's the place where the sales cheated the buyer by adding more money to the bill when we are not paying attention.
    The Singapore Government and Law does not protect the customer well enough, we did call the police but they could not do anything with this. We're sure that they knew more than a few cases.
    Stop buying anything from Singapore, maybe you can find some thing cheaper there but if we keep buying things from there, we're going to be cheated, and the Singapore Government will not make any change. Stop traveling to Singapore. Stop buying things in Singapore.

    What to buy: Never buy anything in Singapore. NEVER, if we all NEVER buy things in Singapore, they will not cheat others.

    What to pay: NEVER buy anything in Singapore.

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  • Sim Lim Square "The Camera Shop": Fooled if Unprepared..

    by pinay Updated Apr 4, 2011

    "The Camera Shop" is located inside Sin Lim Square #01-43A. They have lots of variety of cameras, lenses and accessories to choose from but BEWARE! Their prices reach high as the ceiling and if you think you had a good deal because you haggled half of what he first stated then you're WRONG! I have a bad experience with this shop because I am not planning to be buying anything so I didn't have the chance to check for prices.. haggling half of what he stated seems fair but only to find out that it's still 2x the cost of what I bought. My vacation is okay but my experience with this shop is making the image of Singapore shopping bad.

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  • Sim Lim Square: Where NOT to buy a camera!

    by tourist1982 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Warning to all travellers!
    When buying cameras in Singapore DO NOT go to this shop.


    I was railroaded into buying a camera, overcharged and then when I went back to complain, the member of staff (Dencil) shouted at me, generally spoke to me very rudely and even descended into making racist remarks! Highly unacceptable manner of conducting business. I lodged a complaint and through my persistence I finally managed to get a free battery and memory card but I would have rather have got my money back.

    Note for all buyers, always make sure you know what you want 1st and what the rrp is and never let anyone force you into buying. Easier said than done!

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  • Sim Lim Square: Stay Clear of Generation on Ground Floor

    by worphco Updated Apr 4, 2011

    I recently bought a camera from this shop. The salesman was really nice and funny when doing the sales. He showed me wat liked, and i bought a camera. But unfortunately when i got home and opened the pack it was totally a different model what i chose. I went back the other day, and complained. They said will give u model but have to trade in this camera at 35% and get another one i wanted at a very high price. To top it all they were extremely rude, used abusive language, and even threaten to shove me off the shop. I had to approach the security and they informed the police, which ofcourse came, investigated , but didnt do anything other than to ask me to go to tourist board and register a case.

    What to buy: Dont buy ANYTHING from this shop

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  • Sim Lim Square: BEWARE BALLY Photo Trading

    by Panlalamang Updated Apr 4, 2011

    A small camera and electronic gadget shop on the second floor near the escalator. This shop Bally Photo Trading #02-91/71 with Tel # (65)6333 9160. The Sales person tricked me into buying a camera at a price much higher than its standard retail price making me believe that my first choice was a bad choice. He got my 300 USD and sold me a much cheaper model. For future buyers DO NOT BUY without doing research first. Beware of this store. One day I will get even! Bad Feng Shui for you!

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  • kenningst's Profile Photo

    Sim Lim Square: Electronic and Electrical Stuffs

    by kenningst Updated Apr 4, 2011

    All the electrical and electronical items you need is available in Sim Lim Square. Prepare to explore the whole mall to get the best price. All shops offer a slightly difference in price and so you will have to do a bit of asking around.

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  • Sim Lim Square: Buying a PS3 in Singapore - Be Careful!

    by baij Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Hi all I couldn't find a place to post about DISreputable shops so I hope you won't mind me posting here - I am aiming to post this info everywhere I can so others don't go thru the same crap I did today. I'm from the UK and in Singapore on holiday and looking for a cheap PS3 console. Went to Funan, Mustafa, Sony shops in Isetan, Best Denki, Harvey Norman - no PS3 in stock anywhere. Only place I could find it was Sim Lim Square at prices too good to be true - surprise surprise - they WERE too good to be true. The guys in Sim Lim Square are pure SCAM artists! Especially Harris at GAMES INNOVATION on the Ground Floor. He said I could buy a PS3 for 399 SGD and it was in stock. When we proceeded to talk he asked where I was from and when I said UK he said this PS3 was region-coded to Asia. I was fairly sure games were region free but Blu-Ray discs weren't but he said this was new in Asia and they had started region-coding the PS3 models and games to get around people buying them cheap and taking them out of Asia. Stupidly I fell for this and bought a "region-free model" from him for 560SGD (which happened to be the same price Sony Style shop quoted, I should have realised what was happening at this point). I wanted the White model so I paid a bit extra for that over the black one. I also bought a controller from him and he was trying to sell me other crap and not giving me any discounts or haggling at all. I got him to take it out of the box and test it all and it worked fine. Problem was I didn't have a UK game to test it with so who knew if it was really region-free or not? Got back to hotel and did more research on this and found on a forum that a guy in HK had exactly same kind of problem. I was so angry so I went all the way back and demanded a refund or difference in price and said this was not region free and that was just a story he made up to get customers to pay a lot more. He refused to refund me. Thankfully I had paid by credit card (for which they charged me 4 percent extra) but I threatened to cancel the card payment if he didn't refund me. Eventually after a lot of arguing I got a full refund. I then asked at a few other shops in Sim Lim Square and a lot of do the same trick. I eventually bought a black PS3 from another shop there for 450 SGD then he said GST was not included so I paid an extra 7 percent. Then I was told I had to buy two games (at vastly inflated prices even compared to the UK) and then he was still trying to convince me to take a region-free model even though no such thing exists as such! Thankfully even after paying over the odds for all of it I still came out 55 UK pounds better but with no warranty (only SIngapore warranty). The second shop also refused to even let me test the console in the shop although he agreed he would replace it if I brought it back the same day. Be warned - don't fall for the sim lim scam artists, don't believe anything to do with region coding, be careful what you pay for anything and use a credit card! It's worth the peace of mind! I hope this helps out some people.

    What to buy: Be very careful if buying a PS3

    What to pay: More than you bargained for!

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  • Sim Lim Square: Getting a fair deal when purchasing

    by iori_ Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Try these if in doubt or confused:

    1) Stick to the purpose of coming to this building (be it to buy something specific or just to browse).

    2) Words from neither the shoppers nor the salesperson should influence you to change your decision. Sometimes the shopper(s) IS the salesperson's friend.

    3) Always ask if the item is in stock. If the salesperson says the item is out-of-stock, go to the next shop that sells the exact item which you want to buy. It will seldom happen that many shops are out-of-stock for this particular item, then you may want to reconsider an alternative.

    4) Do not ask for copied or pirated software, there is none. Even if you can find any, it is still a better price getting from some other countries.

    5) Take some price lists and do price comparison for the item which you intend to purchase. This is a habit of the typical singaporean. If you do not compare like the locals, the shop will gladly pocket the extra $ paid.

    6) Ask whether there is a discount if payment is by cash (SGD). The typical VISA/mastercard service charge is 3% on top of the listed price.

    7) If you end up in doubt or confused by the choices or prices of electronics/parts that you see, simply walk away, you may retreat to the basement B1 food court to sort things out.
    Give yourself time to reconsider your purchase. You DO NOT get "closing down sale" or "once in a lifetime" prices here, this IS Sim Lim Square, try hunting some more years in this place and you will get the point.

    8) Tourists get tax rebates at the information counter (on the ground floor), bring your receipt (prove of purchase) and show it to the information counter, tell them you want to get a GST-rebate.

    9) Do not buy any mobile phones from level 4,5 and 6. Notice there are not many shops around selling mobile phones? This IS NOT a place to get a good deal for mobile phones, go somewhere else.

    10) If someone else asks you to go somewhere else to buy your computer parts, claiming that it is cheaper, dont bother, you are already here. The widest range of NOTEBOOK,COMPUTER PARTS/ACCESSORIES IS in this place; check the price lists and see for yourself. However, mobile phones, general electronics may be cheaper in other places.

    My work in the computer industry as well as working with the people there had given me new insights when making purchases in this building.

    If you visit the 4th, 5th and 6th floors of sim lim square, you will find a whole bunch of shops filled with computer parts, accessories & electronics. The first 3 levels of this building are usually not meant for competitive shops selling computer parts (software & hardware) & accessories. Thus, these shops will either not have a price list or have no competitor shops anywhere in sight. These shops generally offer uncompetitive prices or services as they do not need to compete.

    Locals will frequent the 4th, 5th and 6th levels, most of these shops will have black&white price lists printed on A4 or A3 size paper. They are for you to take for comparing prices. That IS WHY the price lists are there in the first place. Otherwise you can download digital versions of the scanned price lists when you google for hardwarezone, look under price guides->price lists download. The prices listed in the hardwarezone website is generally not updated, always refer to the scanned price list and the date it was scanned.

    Every 9 out of 10 locals WILL compare prices from 3 to 10 shops before buying even the cheapest gadgets. That is the typical singaporean habit. If you prefer not to do it, you may end up bitter after experiencing a bad purchase, it IS common for tourist or even locals who do not compare the prices before buying. Well, some european tourists do not even check the prices back in europe for the same item which they want to buy, in many cases, the price is similar here and in europe. Well, my friend from europe bothered to check the price back in europe and decided not to buy since warranty will not be valid when brought back to europe.

    If you have checked the prices on the price list of at least 3 shops for the item which you want to purchase, price range of this item should not be USD$5 higher or USD$5 lower than the average price found on the price lists. If you have done the comparison correctly, you will only select a few shops to buy from. These experienced shops have priced their items very competitively, so bargaining will not be effective, the most you may get is a 2% cash discount if paid in full SGD cash. You may get a further discount if your total purchase is above USD$2000.

    I will like to hear your experience and comments while shopping here, please post them ! Happy shopping!

    What to buy: computer parts (software & hardware)
    IT accessories
    game consoles & games

    What to pay: Modes of payments:
    CASH (SGD, ask if there is any discount if paid in cash)
    VISA/MASTERCARD (ask how much is the service charge)
    NETS (FOR LOCALS, no discount)

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  • vpas's Profile Photo

    Sim Lim Square: Electronics in Singapore

    by vpas Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Sim lim is the best place to pick up electronic gadgets like laptops,computers etc..They have a wide range of Cameras,camcorders etc. also.
    The price range in Singapore is competitive.

    What to buy: Electronics and other gadgets

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  • Hi-V Trading: Hi-V Trading VERY BAD STORE

    by canoncam Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Do not go to this store "Hi-V Trading" located at level 1 Sim Lim Square No. Business Regn No. 52911149K, GST Regn No. 52-911149K. This store just scammed us for buying his over priced product. We asked them on the same day that we will return the item and ask for a refund that we just bought, but instead they just ignored us and acted like nothing happened. They are very good at talking and convincing buyers to buy their products. My tip is you should check other store's prices first before you buy the item.

    What to buy: Don't buy anything to this store.

    What to pay: Don't pay anything

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  • jambertdg's Profile Photo

    Sim Lim Square: Modders and Techie Paradise

    by jambertdg Written Aug 28, 2005

    Sim Lim Square is the premiere destination when it comes to IT and electronics. You can find the latest promotion and the lowest prices here. You can also buy recordable media to LCD monitor wall mounts to cooling fans to colorful IDE and SATA cables.

    What to buy: Be sure to check prices first at department stores such as Challenger, Courts and Carrefour for the suggested retail prices before going to Sim Lim Square. Also, you can check the manufacturer website for Singapore usually ends with .sg for suggested retail prices. Also, make sure the shop you are buying from is a STARetailer member which guarantees you that they only sell original items. Moreover, ask if the shop provides GST refund which you can claim at the airport or at lvl 1 Sim Lim Square. GST refund can be made if you spend at least 100 SGD on an item and accumulate at least 300 SGD on different receipts.

    What to pay: Whenever making a purchase, be sure to know what the package includes. Usually you can visit the manufacturers website and find out what the package includes. Also, ask for the warranty types such as manufacturer warranty, international warranty and the shop's warranty. Moreover, make sure that the price is GST included. Lastly, haggle and look for the cheapest price before purchasing.

    Sim Lim Square

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  • Sim Lim Square: Singapore is Poor.

    by oniku29 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    >>I am here to share a very bad
    >>experience about a shop "Mobile
    >>Hut" on the second floor of Sim
    >>Lim square.

    Me, too.
    I had also very bad and even sad experience at "Mobile Hut".
    This shop's poor feeling should be reflected with Singapore's poor nationality. I expect that Sinpapore becomes to be more developed.

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