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  • Sim Lim Square
    by iori_
  • From details to big shops - all electronic
    From details to big shops - all...
    by vinc_bilb
  • Sim Lim Square
    by kenningst
  • Sim Lim Square: Warning: Slim Lim Cyber Maestro #02-77

    by theo10 Updated May 5, 2012

    Bought a Sony mobile phone and the trader recommended to buy a high speed micro sd card as well. As I am not the specialist for everything I trusted the man and he offered me the card for 35 SGD. As I found out later that this card was not a high speed card especially for mobile phone but a normal cheap card for just 8 SGD to buy everywhere. I complaint hardly in the shop 'Cyber Maestro PTE LTD floor 2 number 77. But no chance to return the deal. I ask the tender if his aim is to tread me as a valuable customer or just to sell everything for the maximum price: His answer: Maximum profit is the point.
    I really feel like a victom!
    Please don't buy anything cause you will get ripped off!!!

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  • Elite 3 Shop PTE LTD: Do not go and buy things in Sim Lim Square

    by Ratanak Updated Nov 26, 2012

    I and my family had spent a few days of our holiday to visit Singapore where we expected to have full of fun and hapiness. Singapore is one amongst the popular places to visit in Asia, and We are happy to see the country well developed and we expected people also developed. A day left to home, iI and my family went to the shope named " Elite 3 Mobile PTE LTD" in Sim Lim Square. The shop looks like a trustfull shop with young sellers. I tried to seek for a mobile phone for my children from beginning I asked about the price of. SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII model and the seller seems to show his good attitude to be trusted in. The seller in this shop is very good at cheating, he tried to show like a magician with another model by showing a drop and strong scratch, and water proof and told us a lie that this is a new model just in promotion from the company with the price of S$738, haha... this is a 1 year old model of Galaxy Nexus that at the time its price just S$ 420. Because of we do not knw and we trust this man then we decided to buy as he suggested, when I asked the shop outside they said it is out of model and low price. I quickly called to the shop if he allow to exchange another model we like but he said no " No refund and No changeable" . We were so unhappy to hear that, and we released we got cheated by this shop. So in conclusion, if you are a trailer from other countries and if you guys want to be happy while staying in Singapore, you are not recommended to go and visit the above shop. Thie sellers in this shop have cheated a lot of tourists already, please find commends from many people from travel tour agency. If you want to buy things should go the brand shop such as Robinson, Best....... Additionally, we do not believe that such a developed country like Singapore supposed not to have this kind of cheating in public or especially for tourists.

    What to buy: You are highly recommended not to visit and buy things in Sim Lim Quare. This shop is not trustful

    What to pay: Do not expect to get cheaper price from this shop, in contrast you maybe got cheated like me and then you will loose a lot of money and unhappy during your visit. We are strongly requesting to the local authority to help protect tourists from this cheating shop in future.

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  • Focuspoint Sim Lim Square: Completely Unethical

    by gmanInSingapore Written Jan 28, 2013

    Most unethical practice I have ever been subjected to! I was offered "big discounts" by a salesman, however even with these discounts the price quoted was well above the Manufacturer Recommended Selling Price (MSRP). I asked the salesman directly what the MSRP is, he told me S$900, when in fact it is S$200.

    I recommend never going here.

    What to buy: Nothing

    What to pay: You will pay about 2 to 4x what anything is worth.

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    by mueggldo Updated Apr 7, 2013

    Just got ripp off in Focuspoint Electronics PTE LTD in SIM LIM TOWER. I understand this is ar Market Place and you are suposed to bargain. But that they officially cheat an laugh at you when you come back to complain makes me angry. I just payed 130 Dollar for an adapter worth 10-20 Dollar, just because I'm new to photography and didn't know yesterday how they cheat on customers. There are many complaints about this company on the internet.

    They all should brought to court and the store to be shoot down. I thought Singapore has changed in the last 10 years.

    Police Officers passing by just said they can't do anything.

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  • Alvansng's Profile Photo

    Sim Lim Square: Bad service in Sim Lim

    by Alvansng Written Jul 1, 2013

    Lemon Laws are consumer protection laws that provide remedies against defective goods (colloquially known as “lemons”), which fail to conform to the contract at the time of delivery, e.g. do not meet standards of quality and performance, especially after repeated repair. Such laws obligate sellers to repair, replace, or refund or reduce the price of those defective goods.

    To find out more about the Lemon Law and how it will affect you as a consumer or business owner, refer to the following:

    tourists can also file a coplain about the shop to CASE The Consumers association of singapore

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  • Sim Lim Square

    by hepf Updated Sep 26, 2006

    What to buy: Sim Lim Sq is for locals only.

    Tourists who shop there will pay higher prices. This is a guarantee.

    Check prices with other shops before you proceed to Sim Lim Square.
    Try Challenger at Funan Center. All items are fixed prices.

    Note down Challengers prices before you head to Sim Lim Square.
    It may help you save you lots of money when you shop at Sim Lim.

    Salesmen in Sim Lim Square mostly do not get salaries.
    They depend alot on sales commission.
    Their favorite customers are Australiansand kiwis.

    Many of these salemen will not hesitate to up their profit margins to as much as 300%.

    That said, Singapore is still the best shopping paradise - if you dont go to Sim Lim Sq i.e.

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  • In general: Sim Lim Square Trick

    by Viviantan Updated Apr 4, 2011

    A lot of distributors or wholesales are actually located in shops further within Sim Lim Square, ie. not around the escalator. If you are planning to buy in bulk, it's best to haggle there than at the front part. This is usually the case for ink cartridge, ipod, ipod cases, mobile phone, mobile phone cases distributors.

    So, do your homework when you visit Sim Lim Square. Make sure you explore thoroughly.. that is of cos if you have time to spare. If not, don't bother. Just get it from any shop that is convenient.

    What to buy: Ink cartridges, toners, phones, mp3 cases, mobile case or pouches

    What to pay: Start from $4, if you look hard.

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  • Lyda1973's Profile Photo

    Crazy shopping

    by Lyda1973 Written Oct 18, 2006
    4 more images

    Sim Lim Square (electronics. Bugis Station)

    Bugis Village (inexpensive items. Bugis Station)

    Marina Bay Area (nice and big shopping malls. City Hall Station): Raffles City, City Link, Suntec City all linked by the Station; Marina Square and Millenia Walk are next to it. Is a huge area for shopping with air cond, restaurants, cafeterias, really nice clothes and sports, nice people. Only in this area you could spend an entire day from 10 am to 10 pm and not to be bored.

    Orchard Area (the biggest shopping area in SIN. Orchard Station): Centrepoint, Paragon, Lucky Plaza, Far East Plaza, Wisma Atria, Ngee Ann City are only some of the malls that you can find there in both sides of the road.
    In Christmas the lighting are gorgeous.
    Restaurants and cafeterias everywhere.

    The shoppig malls in Singapore are very nice buildings, very modern, clean, organized and sell goods of quality and fashionable .
    You can get a refund of 5% GTS on purchases taken outside the country in most of the malls and stores throughout the city.

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  • Sim Lim Square "The Camera Shop": Fooled if Unprepared..

    by pinay Updated Apr 4, 2011

    "The Camera Shop" is located inside Sin Lim Square #01-43A. They have lots of variety of cameras, lenses and accessories to choose from but BEWARE! Their prices reach high as the ceiling and if you think you had a good deal because you haggled half of what he first stated then you're WRONG! I have a bad experience with this shop because I am not planning to be buying anything so I didn't have the chance to check for prices.. haggling half of what he stated seems fair but only to find out that it's still 2x the cost of what I bought. My vacation is okay but my experience with this shop is making the image of Singapore shopping bad.

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  • Sim Lim Square: Where NOT to buy a camera!

    by tourist1982 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Warning to all travellers!
    When buying cameras in Singapore DO NOT go to this shop.


    I was railroaded into buying a camera, overcharged and then when I went back to complain, the member of staff (Dencil) shouted at me, generally spoke to me very rudely and even descended into making racist remarks! Highly unacceptable manner of conducting business. I lodged a complaint and through my persistence I finally managed to get a free battery and memory card but I would have rather have got my money back.

    Note for all buyers, always make sure you know what you want 1st and what the rrp is and never let anyone force you into buying. Easier said than done!

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  • Sim Lim Square: Stay Clear of Generation on Ground Floor

    by worphco Updated Apr 4, 2011

    I recently bought a camera from this shop. The salesman was really nice and funny when doing the sales. He showed me wat liked, and i bought a camera. But unfortunately when i got home and opened the pack it was totally a different model what i chose. I went back the other day, and complained. They said will give u model but have to trade in this camera at 35% and get another one i wanted at a very high price. To top it all they were extremely rude, used abusive language, and even threaten to shove me off the shop. I had to approach the security and they informed the police, which ofcourse came, investigated , but didnt do anything other than to ask me to go to tourist board and register a case.

    What to buy: Dont buy ANYTHING from this shop

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  • Sim Lim Square: BEWARE BALLY Photo Trading

    by Panlalamang Updated Apr 4, 2011

    A small camera and electronic gadget shop on the second floor near the escalator. This shop Bally Photo Trading #02-91/71 with Tel # (65)6333 9160. The Sales person tricked me into buying a camera at a price much higher than its standard retail price making me believe that my first choice was a bad choice. He got my 300 USD and sold me a much cheaper model. For future buyers DO NOT BUY without doing research first. Beware of this store. One day I will get even! Bad Feng Shui for you!

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  • nomadig's Profile Photo

    Sim Lim Square: All Electronic Gadgets You Need & Even More

    by nomadig Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Singapore is the best place I've ever been for buying electronics. The most convenient venue for purchasing audio-visual gadgets is Sim Lim Square. All the newest and fanciest stuff outside Japan (and thus interconnecting with the rest of your stuff) are available here, with several different prices.

    Prepare for hard haggling and deals with several acts: arguing, pondering alternatives, arguing, walking out, coming back, setting price, more arguing and finally finding the suitable price. Check the base price first from Best Denki or some other store that shows the prices and offers no opportunity for settling the price.

    Remember that some stores will put an extra charge for buying with a credit card. Try to get rid of it with hard negotiations and acts of desperation. Make sure that you get all required guarantee slips and GST forms to claim the taxes.

    Sim Lim Square is not reachable by the MRT, so its easiest to take a taxi.

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  • jambertdg's Profile Photo

    Sim Lim Square: Modders and Techie Paradise

    by jambertdg Written Aug 28, 2005
    Sim Lim Square

    Sim Lim Square is the premiere destination when it comes to IT and electronics. You can find the latest promotion and the lowest prices here. You can also buy recordable media to LCD monitor wall mounts to cooling fans to colorful IDE and SATA cables.

    What to buy: Be sure to check prices first at department stores such as Challenger, Courts and Carrefour for the suggested retail prices before going to Sim Lim Square. Also, you can check the manufacturer website for Singapore usually ends with .sg for suggested retail prices. Also, make sure the shop you are buying from is a STARetailer member which guarantees you that they only sell original items. Moreover, ask if the shop provides GST refund which you can claim at the airport or at lvl 1 Sim Lim Square. GST refund can be made if you spend at least 100 SGD on an item and accumulate at least 300 SGD on different receipts.

    What to pay: Whenever making a purchase, be sure to know what the package includes. Usually you can visit the manufacturers website and find out what the package includes. Also, ask for the warranty types such as manufacturer warranty, international warranty and the shop's warranty. Moreover, make sure that the price is GST included. Lastly, haggle and look for the cheapest price before purchasing.

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  • Sim Lim Square: Singapore is Poor.

    by oniku29 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    >>I am here to share a very bad
    >>experience about a shop "Mobile
    >>Hut" on the second floor of Sim
    >>Lim square.

    Me, too.
    I had also very bad and even sad experience at "Mobile Hut".
    This shop's poor feeling should be reflected with Singapore's poor nationality. I expect that Sinpapore becomes to be more developed.

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