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  • Long bar at Raffles Hotel.
    Long bar at Raffles Hotel.
    by cachaseiro
  • Four Singapore Sling.
    Four Singapore Sling.
    by Henrik_rrb
  • Expensive tourist trap...
    Expensive tourist trap...
    by Henrik_rrb

Most Viewed Tourist Traps in Singapore

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    Scammer Camera. Comp Specialist Pte Ltd

    by GaryOne Updated Dec 20, 2013

    I would not purchase from Camera. Comp Specialist Pte Ltd at 220 Orchard Road Singapore again. Suggest you give them a wide birth as well. If you have been scammed by these guys go to CASE, Consumers Association of Singapore. They are excellent and very helpful. The more complaints they get about this mob the better.

    I bought some camera gear from Camera. Comp Specialist Pte Ltd at 220 Orchard Road Singapore. and the deal was struck in Aussie $$. They then inflated the exchange rate and tax rate in their favour. Unfortunately I did had left Singapore when I discovered the discrepency. Also swapped Class 10 SD Cards for Class 4 and I suspect the camera had been used as the image counter didn't start at 1. In the end he effectively overcharged about $320 and CASE got $200 of that back for me. Highly recommend you contact CASE if you have any Consumer issue in Singapore, I was very impressed with them.

    Unique Suggestions: I wouldn't go to this company at all, they do not deserve anyone's trade.

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  • Camera.comp Specialist Pte Ltd Complete Scam

    by guntaas Written Jul 21, 2013

    We have been scammed by Camera. Comp Specialist Pte Ltd at 220 Orchard Road Singapore.
    We purchased a panasonic Lumix DMC FZ60 from camera.comp specialist Pte Ltd . It's actual price was about $500 and he sold us for $800. He also tried to sell us accessories for $260 and sold us for $80 forcibly. Surely some action has to be taken. Tourists are made easy prey by such shopkeepers. We customers are really annoyed. We came to singapore for purchasing but it will not happen in future after our this experience.

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  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    Qualitas Jewellery Factory

    by machomikemd Updated May 19, 2011

    most city tours of Singapore stop by here unfortunately and they have a briefing of the various jewels inside the factory and a little tour of the factory itself and then lead you to the main selling area where you will be overwhelmed buy lots and lots of jewelries like necklaces, rings, bangles, bracelets, arm bands and a lot more. I'm not the jewelry type of person anyway.

    Unique Suggestions: don't buy anything especially if your are not into buying jewels like gorld or jade or silver period! basically the price here are competitive it's just that I'm not into jewelry stuff that is why this is in the tourist traps.

    Fun Alternatives: none because all of the city tours of Singapore whether by big group of tour buses or private vans or cars will pass by here.

    address is: 70 Palmer Road
    #01-08 Palmer House Singapore 079427

    tel no: (65) 622-64226

    front to the factory jewels inside more jewels
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  • AlettaCrofton's Profile Photo

    Science Centre - not recommended

    by AlettaCrofton Updated May 10, 2011

    We were told by so many friends not to miss the Science Centre. We took a taxi from the hotel and it was a long trip to get there. Entry to the Science Centre is NOT free as many think. Groups of noisy and uncontrolled school children were everywhere. Almost all of the gadgets were broken. The most exciting thing was the electric chair and my sister in law volunteered to try it out. After inserting many coins, my brother go the chair to shake a little bit. No one got electricuted.

    Unique Suggestions: At least take some small energetic children along who can enjoy themselves.

    Fun Alternatives: Rather visit the Singapore Casino at the Waterfront!

    My sister in the electric chair! What is this?
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    'Ey, Hallo!

    by Strikinsmile Updated Apr 22, 2011

    Okay, so here you are in Singapore, excited and amazed by this island's cleanliness and orderliness. Minding your own business and dropped a wrapper by accident or missed the bin by an inch. If somebody calls your attention by saying "'Ey, hallo," it's actually "hello!" This could mean "excuse me" for locals.

    A woman tried to catch my attention on this a few years back, not knowing she was calling me. She repeated it several times because I didn't turn. I was expecting more like an "excuse me". :)

    Unique Suggestions: Just turn and politely ask what he or she wants. Then it's all good.

    Fun Alternatives: And, yes, don't litter. Littering is an offense.

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    Avoid Equinox Unless You've Got Cash to Burn

    by leigh767 Updated Apr 23, 2010

    Yes it has a good view of the city owing to its elevation in the city's tallest hotel, but you'll have to take the following in your stride:

    1) below-average food
    2) sky high prices
    3) snobbish, unhelpful service

    A full meal at Equinox would cost upwards of SGD 140/ USD 100, and as summarised above, the quality's not much to write home about. What a shame... could've been a fantastic restaurant if they weren't solely relying on the view, and little else, to bring in the business.

    Unique Suggestions: Go there for SGD 30 desserts it you must but best to have a proper meal elsewhere beforehand.

    Fun Alternatives: When it comes to restaurants with a view and good food, Hai Tien Lo at Pan Pacific Hotel would be a decent bet.

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  • erikute3534's Profile Photo


    by erikute3534 Written May 10, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    is just shops shops and shops everywhere!!!!! and seems like all people just shopping and shopping all the time!

    Unique Suggestions: look for extra gifts :)

    Fun Alternatives: hm... go to the Zoo to avoid shops and temptation to clean your credit card!!

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  • Ayuthaya Royal Thai Spa

    by Pappy50 Written Aug 26, 2008

    A pricey spa in the Meritus Negara hotel. We booked a ninety minute spa package for the two of us. It consisted of two "technicians" one for me one for my wife. The service started out Ok but then the technicians left the room separatetly several times for several minutes during the treatment room. When they were there, the "Thai" treament advertised was merely a mediocre effort at best (we travel extensively and are experienced in what to expect). So after 90 minutes of treatment there actually AT BEST perhaps only 60 minutes of attention given by the technicians.
    Upon speaking with the front desk about the time discrepancy, we were rebuffed and told this never could have happened. We were simply admonished for complaining!! It appears once they have you, they certainly have you, you have recourse whatsoever. I am very surprised the Meritus Negara allows this sort of business in such a nice hotel.

    Unique Suggestions: Under absolutely no circumstances would recommend this spa

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  • vinc_bilb's Profile Photo

    The best rates for tourists are ...

    by vinc_bilb Written Aug 1, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The best rates are ... not always where I was thinking :

    - Money changers: Carlton Hotel rates are better than those found in the money changer in Chijmes (just crossing the road)
    - Massages: 40S$ / Hour in Carlton Fitness Center, which is aligned with price you could find in Chinatown in small massages parlors, but 40S$ for 30 minutes in some malls around (Orchard road, ...)

    Unique Suggestions: Nothing special, just check before

    Fun Alternatives: Nothing special, just check before

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  • stevenchow's Profile Photo

    Durian - too expensive

    by stevenchow Written Oct 28, 2007

    There's a stretch of stalls selling durians along Geylang. I've recently been to one stall and we ended up with one durian that cost over SGD110.
    When i check, they actually sell the durian by weight. SGD35/kg.

    Unique Suggestions: Double check the price before buying.

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  • matjung's Profile Photo

    Sky Tower

    by matjung Written Jun 24, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Sky Tower is nothing else but a permanent ride which you would find on a fun fair or amusement park. It goes up, circles around a few time and goes down again. Not the best place to take pictures of Singapore.

    Unique Suggestions: Go there in the morning or afternoon.

    Fun Alternatives: Watch out for the Merlion and go there. It is cheaper, more entertaining, and you have a clear view to the City for picture taking.

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  • ratinacage's Profile Photo

    too cheap to be true??!!

    by ratinacage Written May 5, 2007

    for "non-local" looking buyers out there.sometimes when you ask for the price of a item in shops that do not display the prices,the sales people will give you a price way below the actual retail price.if you know the recomended retail price is at least 20% more than what he quoted you,you may think you got yourself a steal.BUT it usually is a scam.
    there are a few reasons why they will give you a price so low,sometimes as much as 50%off the RRP.
    one of them is to make you purchase all the other unneeded(professional) accessory at a much higher price,so in the end you actually pay more for the other stuff than the actual item itself.and end up with a bunch of accessory that you do not need.or they make you pay for the accessories that are suppose to come free. so you end up paying about the same or even higher price, for the same item.
    another one is they'll recommend another brand or model that is cheaper but they'll sell you at the same price range,i do not really know how this work,but it's still a rip-off somehow.

    this practise is prevalent in a few places,namely some shops in Sim Lim square,sim lim tower and places that sells electronic product without displaying prices.

    as the saying goes:if its too good to be true,......

    Unique Suggestions: do check a few shops before you make your purchase.check what is supposed to come with the main product itself and what is not,but needed.

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  • just_chill's Profile Photo

    Pulau Ubin- don't fall for soft words

    by just_chill Written Sep 16, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When u r in Pulau Ubin, u will find many bicycles shops with varying costs. Do take a test ride before u rent a bicycle otherwise u will be paying for a pain in the ass, literally. And also, if some smiling shopkeeper lady approaches u with a sample of some fruits to taste, don't misunderstand that it may be a free sample. Anyway, both these two traps are not that serious, are they?

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  • jlanza29's Profile Photo

    VAT refund !!!!!!!!!

    by jlanza29 Written Jul 11, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Well, Singapore is one of the best shopping destination in all the could buy just about anything you want here....and everywhere you go they tell you that you get the VAT back from your purchases if you are a foreigner which is true, but unless your buying a extremely pricey item such as $10,000 Patek Phillpe watch, it is not really worth buying such items.....example.....I wanted to purchase a pair of Bruno Magli shoes costing S$450 and my VAT REFUND would have been S$5 for such a purchase.....but the way they make it sounds it seems that your getting back 20% from the purchase and if I'm not mistaken S$5 is about 1% of the price.......really not worth it could get the same pair of shoes here in the US for same price and I don't have to deal with the hassle of carrying over the Pacific Ocean !!!!!! So make sure it's gonna be worth it to you when buying stuff in Singapore !!!!!

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  • Ramonq's Profile Photo

    Guided Tours

    by Ramonq Written Apr 23, 2005

    They take you to this Singapore Tourist bureau sponsored precious stone shop. You watch the workers chip the rocks to create gaudy artwork that is so expensive.

    Unique Suggestions: Speak to the workers who may be annoyed by all the gawking tourists.

    Fun Alternatives: Eat a durian

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