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  • me with taxi driver
    me with taxi driver
    by machomikemd
  • at a taxi
    at a taxi
    by machomikemd
  • with gps
    with gps
    by machomikemd
  • "on-call" taxis

    by gemi80 Updated Jun 13, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    there are additional charges applicable during peak hours (5-8pm if am not mistaken), for night (11pm-6am)..but what's rather frustrating for foreigners especially if you were not aware of this beforehand is--- it's soooo hard hailing a cab esp during peak hours BECAUSE ppl call the taxicab by phone...and if u don't know this, surf the net for the numbers(sorry wasnt able to store it) when you get stuck in the middle of busy area, with many packages to boot, u could just dial and call the cab..if you're in "roaming" mode of your handyphone, that would mean more expense, right?...if you don't want to spend more, look for public phone at hand...that would cost S$ my case, S$10cents is cheaper than to call thru my handyphone.but if u'r dead tired already and all u want is to get to your hotel, then who cares about what's cheaper or more expensive..

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  • aalayaa's Profile Photo

    taxi number

    by aalayaa Written Feb 8, 2006

    if you have singapore phone number and order your taxi through phone, the number of taxi they give you is the plat number.
    the order doesn't go through telephone but directly through satelite. they come so fast, 5-8 minutes.

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  • salisbury3933's Profile Photo

    From the airport

    by salisbury3933 Written Jan 28, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Taxis are not especially expensive in Singapore and a taxi from the airport into town is less than S$20.

    Although there is public transport, as we had a lot of baggage to carry, we thought it excellent value.

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  • Eurasian68's Profile Photo

    Taxis - General Information

    by Eurasian68 Written Jan 1, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Taxis can be flagged from hotels and taxi stands as well as on the streets. The initial flag down meter fare starts from SGD2.40, which covers the first 1 km. The fare then rises at 10cents for apx. every 225m covered. Extra charge, not shown on the meter may include:
    - A peak period surcharge
    - Surcharge for the trips originating from the Restricted Zone of the Central Business District
    - SGD1.00 surcharge from 6pm on eve of, to midnight of New Year's Day, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali and Christmas Day. Also, from 6pm to the eve of Chinese New Year to 12midnight of the second day of Chinese New Year
    - Midnight surcharge
    - A surcharge for radiophone and premier taxi service
    - An additional charge of at least SGD3.00 to 5.00 for trips originating from Seletar Airport, Changi Airport and Singapore Expo
    - An extra charge if you take a London Cab or station wagon taxi
    - Add 10% of fare for payment by credit card
    - Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) scheme charges for entry into the Restricted Zone and major Expressways vary depending on the day and time of entry. Charges range between SGD0.50 to 2.50. You are required to pay for ERP charges incurred during the journey.

    The charges listed serve as a guide. Different taxi companies impose different surcharges, so do check with the driver before you board a taxi.

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  • Carino's Profile Photo

    Taxi from/to the airport

    by Carino Written Oct 8, 2005

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Taking the taxi from the airport to downtow is the fastest and most convenient way.
    Price depends very much on the traffic. The cheapest fare I've ever go was 16 S$.

    On the way from the airport, the driver may ask which way you prefer. As you probably don't know, he will take the longer and therefore most expensiv one. But it is still cheap. Don't worry.

    On the way to the airport, don't forget to mention which terminal you are taking off from.

    Taxi in Downtown
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  • Taxis - it can take ages to find one

    by mke1963 Written Sep 25, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Taxis in Singapore are clean, modern and comfortable ...and have seatbelts in the back!

    However, it can take a very long time to get hold of one, especially in the evening in Orchard Road. I have twiced waited in a queue for more than an hour for a taxi! Generally while the taxis can pick you up anywhere, they are not allowed to stop on double yellow lines. In particular they will never pick up or set down on wavy double yellow lines (near junctions).

    There are taxi stands in many places, and long queues can form. Note that the taxi rank opposite Centrepoint Mall (i.e. on the other side of the road from the mall) is pointless. Taxis will stop at the stand outside Centrepoint!

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  • kphstar's Profile Photo

    Only way to travel

    by kphstar Written Sep 1, 2005

    Getting around Singapore in extremely convenient. There is a cab at every turn. And unlike places like Shanghai, here you won't have the hassle of drivers not speaking english or trying to take you for a ride. Singaporian drivers are the best that I've seen.

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  • interrailerz's Profile Photo


    by interrailerz Written Jun 16, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Well, taxis are THE way to move around in Singapore. I don't like them in Europe, they are way too expensive, and drivers are aggressive or ignorant, etc. Well, not here: there are extremely many taxies, that are cheap, you must NOT tip, the drivers are nice, talkative if you want to talk, but quiet if not, etc... You can wave them (for the normal price), and you can call them by phone: you just have to dial a number, and the system recognizes your position automatically, and when you arrive to the ground floor, the driver is already waiting for you...

    At your service

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  • tophat30's Profile Photo

    Taxis In Singapore City

    by tophat30 Written Jun 9, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The taxis are quite cheap and all metered.Also very accessable to flag down. From Orchard road to clark quay it cost us S$3 for two, cheaper than MRT.
    Comfort & YellowTop
    Fare Flagdown:S$2.40 10 cents per 225m for the first 10km thereafter 10 cents per 200m

    Typical Singapore Taxi
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  • xtephen's Profile Photo

    Cabs are cheap and knowledgeable

    by xtephen Written May 1, 2005

    The cabs in SIngapore are cheap and the drivers are all friendly and knowledgeable. I usually only paid $5 or less per ride.

    It also lets you get a better perspective on Singapore. One of the problems with traveling by subway is that it gives you a rather disjointed view of the area. Mixing in the occasional cab ride gives you a picture of how the city really lays out.

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  • Ramonq's Profile Photo


    by Ramonq Written Apr 23, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was surprised as how cheap the taxis were in Singapore. For a city that puts a high excise on petrol and car registration, it's a wonder that its very reasonable to get around the city in this mode of transport.

    However, I spoke to a few taxi drivers and they said that the government is stopping them from making decent earnings because of excessive regulations.

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  • littlegirl0130's Profile Photo

    Another alternative to move around SG

    by littlegirl0130 Written Mar 13, 2005

    So far the best taxi experience i had in terms of my traveling abroad is in Singapore...did not have any bad or unfortunate interaction with the i'm the fact that SG is small, so getting to one point to the next is pay wise, not bad...

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    by soulchic Written Dec 28, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    TAXIS AND MRTS are really cheap to catch if you are by yourself or with a partner catching MRTs would be good however if you are a family or there is 3 or more people you are better of catching TAXIS they will end up cheaper. They are everywhere and it will be easy to get one. There are different companies so there are different coloured taxis.

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  • Rachelynn's Profile Photo

    Silver, Yellow, Blue, Black or Green... Taxis!

    by Rachelynn Written Dec 7, 2004

    Okie, it really depends, to some, taxis are considered cheap, but to some it's pretty steep. They comes in a variety of colours! =)

    In Singapore, taxi drivers goes by the meter, strictly. It's not like bangkok where you can haggle the price. Once you get on the cab, the starting fare will be $2.40 SGD.

    There's a 50% surcharge after midnight and pls note that there are ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) surcharges if you enter the city area during certain hours.

    If you are taking a cab from the Tanan Merah Ferry Terminal or Aiport, pls note there's a $3 surcharge on weekdays and $5 surcharge during weekend and of course public holidays.

    For certain cabs, the plastic is or mastercard. Pls check with the cabby before you get in, if you only have plastic with you. Usually they will have car del-cals stating so.

    You can certainly ask for a receipt after payment ...if you wish.
    Singapore taxis can only take a maximum of 4 passengers. This is very strict in Singapore and passengers at the back seat have to put on seatbelts.

    City Cab which is yellow in colour
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  • imstress's Profile Photo


    by imstress Updated Nov 25, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    All Taxis are metered and has an initial flag down fare from S$2.40, which covers the 1st 1km. The fare then raises at 10 cents for abt 225m covered.

    Extra charges not show on the meter may include:

    trip originating from Changi Airport and Singapore Expo (S$3/5)
    peak period surcharge
    midnight surcharge (50% from 12am to 6am)
    holiday surcharge (S$1)
    phone booking surcharge (S$2.80 to S$5)
    London Cab or station wagon taxi
    Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) surcharge (S$0.50-S$2.50)
    Credit Card payment (surcharge of 10% of fare)

    Take your pick:
    Citycab (Yellow) = 6552 2222
    Comfort Cablink(Blue) = 6552 1111
    SMRT (White) = 6555 8888
    SMART (Green) = 6485 7700
    Premier/Silver Cab (Silver) = 6363 6888
    Trans-Cab (Red) = 6555 3333

    Yellow City Cab

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