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  • Obey the Law or face a fine.
    Obey the Law or face a fine.
    by cokes
  • Maybe not that far.
    Maybe not that far.
    by Blatherwick
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    Don`t Step Out of Line

    by cokes Updated Aug 11, 2006

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    Singapore might be very strict but due to that I must say that Singapore is very safe and very clean. You may not cross the road if the robot is not green and you may not run across the road anywhere or might get a fine for J-walking. Chewing gum is a big no no. I think you allowed 1 pack of gum and thats it when you enter Singapore. You are only allow to smoke in certain areas. The Big No No is drugs , yep just like in Malaysia and Indonesia its punishable by death. Make sure to take note of these signs in the lifts ,trains and wherever you are in Singapore of the Rules and Regulation and just abide by it.

    Obey the Law or face a fine.

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    Mandatory death sentence for drug possession

    by aukahkay Written Feb 23, 2006

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    Singapore has one of the toughest drug laws in the world. The Misuse of Drugs Act places heavy burden on the accused to prove innocence. Under the act any person found in possession of more than the prescribed amounts is assumed to be trafficking. Any person who has in their possession a key to a premises where drugs are found is assumed to be possession of the drugs. The act states not being in physical contact with the drugs is not a defence to the charge.
    Under the Schedule 2 of the Misuse of Drugs Act,[3] any person found in the possession of more than the following quantities of drugs receives a mandatory death sentence:
    Opium: 1,200 g, containing more than 30 g of morphine
    Any controlled drug (except opium): containing more than 30 g of morphine
    Diamorphine (Heroin): 15 g
    Cocaine: 30 g
    Cannabis: 500 g
    Cannabis mixture: 1,000 g
    Hashish: 200 g
    Methamphetamine: 250 g

    Also receiving death sentences is any person caught manufacturing
    Morphine, or any salt of morphine, ester of morphine or salt of ester of morphine
    Diamorphine (Heroin) or any salt of diamorphine
    Cocaine or any salt of cocaine

    Singapore welcomes visitors from all over the world. However, it is absolutely essential that you enter Singapore free from drugs. When you fill up the white immigration card, there is a warning at the back of the card on the death penalty for drug trafficking.

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    Singaporean Laws

    by Blatherwick Updated Aug 9, 2005

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    Laws in Singapore are generally strict. Practices such as the ban of imports of chewing gum and heavy fines for littering, spitting, and not flushing in public toilets have led some to label Singapore a "nanny state". There is also a stringent censorship of the media including magazines, newspapers, movies and TV programmes. Sexual behaviour such as pornography and homosexual intercourse are illegal in Singapore. Some offences can lead to heavy fines or caning while murder and drug trafficking are punishable by death by hanging. According to an Amnesty International report, 400 people were hanged between 1991 and 2004, which the report claimed is "possibly the highest execution rate in the world" per capita.

    The combination of tough laws, low corruption and high transparency has created a society which enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the world, and this has often been cited by foreign companies as one of the reasons for investing in Singapore.

    Maybe not that far.

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    Careful what you buy, could be problem at airport

    by xtephen Written May 4, 2005

    One of a favorite activities was shopping in China Town, which is saying alot since I am not much of a shopper.

    I had a slight lapse in judgement in one of my purchases. I was looking for something that looked old, so I could have a rememberance of my trip to Singapore. I bought a pipe from one of the outside vendors in China town.

    On my flight out, I was chosen to have my bags searched. As they were digging thru my bags, I had the realization that what I had bought was a very old hash pipe. That coupled with the fact that Singapore has the death penalty for drug dealers made me a bit nervous. Once the airport security found the pipe, they grilled me for several minutes about what I was going to use it for before finally accepting the fact that I had purchased it simply because it looked old & ornate.

    I would avoid buying anything that even resembles a smoking device, it isn't worth the hassle.

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    Do not do criminal acts in Singapore

    by Skylink Written Feb 26, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had very enjoyable visits to Singapore. However, if you have criminal intentions, I would wait until you return to your home country before you act on them.

    When entering the country, the card that you must fill out has a warning that there is a death penalty for drug smuggling. I saw in the newspaper about a man who was sentenced to be hung because he shot at a policeman. (He was also suspected of a murder but had not be put on trial for that crime). Another man contested a traffic ticket all the way to the High Court. The High Court must have been annoyed because they increased his fine 10 times to $700.

    This is not to say that government officials are stern and mean. When leaving Singapore at the Malaysian border, the guard gave me a form saying that I would save time if I filled it out on the return from the day trip to Johor. At the airport, the guy commented that my passport was new, didn't have any stamps and that there were tourist brochures nearby if I had questions about the country.

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  • Must wear clothes

    by joanniel_k Updated Jun 4, 2004

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    sorry guys but Singapore's not that liberal. it's really hot sometimes n u might just wanna take off your shirt to cool down, but it's actually a crime to do so. indecent exposure. At the beach, topless for guys and bikinis are fine, but no topless or nude sunbathing for women. Not even in your hotel, if u like to walk around naked in e room, keep the curtains closed, cos if someone sees u n calls the police, it's another indecent exposure crime! So here it's actually considered your fault for letting peeping toms peep.(??)
    another thing: about drugs, u can get them easily at certain districts and clubs, but it's death penalty for being in possession of a certain amount. There're raids of seedier disco districts every once in a while, n roadblocks pretty often. drinking n driving is also taken v seriously. ur choice, but i'd advise not.

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