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    by SquishyDumptruck Written Aug 24, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Prostitution is legal. Hookers working in brothers take exams every 2 weeks. Beware if your friend is a street walker or is from nearby country in Singapore only for 2 weeks on "visitor visa".

    Note 1: Didn't hire any hookers, can't provide prices.

    Note 2: Read David Brazil's "No Money, No Honey!", it neither glamorizes nor degrades prostitution in Singapore. I believe it is updated by co-authors.

    1) Desker Road - Ready to see women over 45 hooking? Won't find them on Desker Road, but on a back alley between Desker and Rowell Rd (goes east-west, starts east of Serangoon Rd and goes all the way to Besar). On 4pm Sunday, 10 store fronts left their doors open and you can see each having 3-5 women staring back. Local friend said they wouldn't talk until you enter to negotiate prices. The work is done in small rooms inside the store. My friend also said local rate is SGD $12, and most clients are construction workers from India/Thailand (who are paid SGD $20 daily). I found this hard to believe: (a) sex for US$8, (b) the woman were yucky. By the way, it is very safe to walk around here.

    2) Geylang - You can find more googling for "Geylang". We drive and didn't get to check out the aquariums. From the car, some streetwalkers were very pretty. Hard to believe local rate is only SGD $40 for a short time (but tourist discount is SGD$80-100). There are even white women, as I saw 4 in front of a love hotel. Many pretty Chinese ones too. Tons of men, guessing Indian/Malaysian, just loitering in the area.

    3) Clark Quay - A classy tourist area. You will find some working solo or with a friend, but nothing obvious. I was propositioned two nights in a row by different girls.

    4) Orchard Towers (4 Floors of Whores) - Didn't go, but read this is where you spend SGD $200-300. Aussie friend said the name came from 4 dance clubs over one another: 1st floor are cheap women, 2nd floor are pretty girls, 3rd floor are tranvestites, and 4th floor is a pricey club where women are gorgeous.

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  • just_chill's Profile Photo

    Geylang- Red light area

    by just_chill Written Sep 16, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Books and booklets that I read before visiting S'pore described it as amazingly clean and strict city under law. Clean it is, but only where more visitors travel. You can say a face make-up. To see the "other" side of S'pore, do visit Geylang area, especally in the evening. More specifically, Lorong 4,8,10,12,16,18 are complicated areas where u can see numerous prostitutes. The area is also gangsta- area.

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  • vinc_bilb's Profile Photo

    Saturated by working girls

    by vinc_bilb Updated Aug 5, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Prositution is legal in Singapore, but I was thinking this is something you could deal with if you want and discreet enough if you're not interested (like done in Chijmes place).
    This was clearly not the case around orchard road / scotts road junction.

    I'm no more naive, after my "cultural alignement" in Kuala-Lumpur, and I had sometime excellent discussions with "discreet and fair working girls", in a mutual respect.

    But, coming back in orchard road after a 3 hours evening tour was a shock: I was stopped all 10-20 meters by chinese (?) very young girls, speaking only the minimum set of english words, provocant. Seating 15 minutes for relaxing and giving some calls was clearly an error.

    I'm used to be tolerant, with respect and fair when I am sought and after having declined some offers, but I felt verry irritated when I was stopped all 10 meters, loosing progressivly my supposed fairplay.

    Too much is too much and the day after, I put a badge on my shirt labelled as :

    I want to be alone during the night.

    This made my walk better. A local friend, asked about, told me this is not so visible and agressive normaly. But during vacations + a lot of peoples coming here just before the olympic games in china, sex business opportunities have been well caught with a lot of temporary workers.
    Business is business?

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  • shao_ken's Profile Photo

    Fake Massage Palours

    by shao_ken Written Jun 13, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In Singapore, there are many massage palours. Be wary of these massage palours which provide "extra service".

    Some tell tale signs: The ladies are standing at the door, pulling your arm/hand and saying "massage? $20." The ladies are mostly from Thailand and China. These ladies will wear very sexy clothes that show the cleavage and their thighs by wearing mini skirt. Some usual places where such massage palours can be found: Orchard Towers, People's Park Centre, Geylang and other places.

    How to tell whether are they doing clean business? These are some things u must look out for. The ladies should be well dressed by wearing jeans/long pants or 3/4 pants. Their top should be just polo t-shirt or t-shirt. Some may have uniform.

    A place where u can be sure of: Pearl's Centre (beside chinatown OG. It is a orange n green building.)

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  • singapore - prostitutes 4 floores etc

    by sugartastistic Written Apr 24, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I'm a woman. I've been to 4 floors of whores. It's harmless and a good laugh.I want to beat the 'sailor' and all blokes who sleep with 'whores' who think they are somehow above the woman they sleep with. These girls are normal, nice , cool women who close their eyes and hold their breath and think you are just a paycheck and neither they nor I would sleep with you under 'normal' circumstances. The sailor who slagged them off is probably a stinky, diminutive litle prick who would NEVER have intercourse with women unless he pays. (FACT GUYS - IF YOU"VE GOTTA PAY, YOU'RE A LOSER - SAILOR OR OTHERWISE) I am incensed that he wrote about the girls as though THEY were somehow dirty and had the kind of diseases only people like HIM spread...eeeeurgh i can't begin to imgaine how rancid he is. I guess that's why he became a sailor...because woman wouldn't sleep with him unless he showed the green stuff - and i don't mean his saliva either, though am sure it's as bad as his breath. Poor guy. We all know what sailors prefer anyway....and it aint ladies. Why else would you put yourself away with a group of buff fellas for months on end?!!

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  • Prostitution in Singapore

    by hardlinerblog Written Apr 24, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You can pretty much endulge in as much Sin as you are willing to tolerate. On one trip a friend and I tried to have a pleasurable encouter every day for 6 days straight, we had to utilize medication on the 4th and 5th days.

    We visited Gayland distric several times, I don't remember the street number but it was obvious which establishments had the goods. We entered, were met by the madam, we discussed what we wanted and negotiated a price. In most cases we paid 150 Sing, I'm sure the locals get it for 1/2 that. We sometimes had to wait as the girl was taxied from another house to ourse. Sometimes we were served by the house girls.

    Your money bought you a 45 min session with a very expereinced yet young woman who provided fulfilling service in this time. They spoke some english, some were Thai, some spoke cantonese.

    We too visited the Orchard Towers actually during the day. We visited a massage parlor where we were taken to the massage rooms where the woman discussed with us the terms of added service including complete service. Similar price though I got my girl down to 125 for a 40 min good time.

    The best service I ever found was through a friend where I was introduced to a phone number and a web page. You had to join a discussion group, then were part of the club and with the phone number could call up and say when I was coming to town, and what I was looking for. I was given a date and time and was told where to go. It turned out to be a hotel near orchard street. This was apparently where this opperation was being run. I would arrive 5 min early, text the "scheduler" that I was there and about 3-5 min later he texted me with the room number. Each time (maybe 1/2 dozen different times) I went to the door, tapped lightly and was let in. After tea and chit chat, was provided a bath, and then spent the rest of my 90 min with a very proffessional curtious woman. This "club" often had sales, so some times early morning meetings were discounted significantly yet quite enjoyable. I even took advantage of the double offer. I expected something similar to what I'd whitnessed in various movies seen in the past, but found the experience was only what you made of it. Thuroughly enjoyed these threesomes and the cost for 90 min was about 250 sing.

    I also found an easy way to meet less legal workers was simply to ride the hotel elevator about midnight to 1am. Each time I tried this, within about 3 trips up and down, enevitably a lady of the evening would step in heading down. They try to make eye contact and that is all it takes, if of course you like what you see. The prices of these engagements can be quite a bit less, but there is more risk. I took advantage of this method several times, once with two girls for 100 each, another time I found a partner for the evening for 300. This was actually quite nice, I paid for this all night service 3 nights in a row once and simply enjoyed the company, one night, not even taking advantage of the willing partner. Yes I admit I just wanted to snuggle all night. She even left at 4 am with me to the airport and saw me off to head home like a girlfriend might. watch out if you give them your phone number, in this case I received several text messages for weeks after I came home.

    One more interesting encounter was actually in the legitimate hotel massage parlor. I had paid for a 1 hour sweedish massage, which was performed with excellent experienced hands. After she noticed that I had become slightly arroused so she simply asked if there was something easy she could handle for me. For an extra 50 Sing I was completly satisfied with the overall service, even allowed to pay her later on in my hotel room, since her bosses frowned on this extra activities.

    overall an outanding place to grow your list of sins.

    Had some similar experiences in Penang but the service was not quite as nice and was a lot cheaper, about $45 US for 90 min if you could get her to stay that long.

    Too many good memories, too many sins.

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  • zuyao's Profile Photo

    Safe Place

    by zuyao Updated Mar 22, 2007

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nothing to worry about when you are in Singapore. This is the probably the safest city in southeast asia and crime rate is low. Even when you are walking alone in places like Little India or Geylang (red-light district) you'll still find yourself pretty safe and comfortable. Nevertheless, all usual precautions should be taken. After all, don't be the first one to be hurt!

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  • Sex or anything

    by Fatman123 Written Feb 16, 2011

    Thing are go wild in orchard tower level 3,you can have sex or anything inside the phillipines pub,I wonder what are the police in singapore are doing,singapore is such a strict country but this kind of thing is happening.

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  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    Sex Shops

    by machomikemd Updated Jun 12, 2011
    4 more images

    I find it quite interesting to have sex shops in Conservative Singapore and i have researched the shop and here are the details hehehe (still I cannot believe that sex shops are present in deeply conservative Singapore and it is a pity that I don't have time to check this shop out).

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  • Singapore 4 Floors Of Whores

    by CaptainVik Written Aug 14, 2011

    I've been Mickied once in my life and that one time was in Singapore.

    I was on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the Orchard Towers (AKA 4 Floors Of Whores) in Singapore hanging out with the Thai ladies.

    Next thing I know I wake up 10 hours later on my ship. I slept right through my watch. Thankfully I made it through that experience with both kidneys intact but honestly things could have gone much worse.

    Lesson learned: Watch out for Thai whores and don't drink out of a glass. Only drink straight from the bottle.

    Captain Vik

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  • deeper_blue's Profile Photo


    by deeper_blue Written Jun 18, 2012

    The district in the east called Geylang is quite active by night with lots of bars, however there are a large number of sports/girly bars round here. Be aware and watch your wallet.

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