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Pulau Ubin


Changi Village


Mount Faber Scenic Park




Tanjong Pagar


Pulau Semakau


Changi Beach Park


Bishan Park


Kent Ridge Park


Lim Chu Kang


Yishun New Town


Seletar Reservoir Park




Kampong Bahru




Kampong Ubi


Pulau Tekong




Bukit Batok Town Park


Pearl's Hill City Park


Pasir Ris Beach Park


Symphony Lake


Woodlands New Town


Istana Negara


Tanglin Halt


Pulau Tembakul


Kampong Sungai Pandan


Sembawang End Park



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  • Sentosa Island

    Singapore Things to Do

    Worst experience ever due to combination of broken attraction and staff who really do not like customers ruining their chill out time. We prebooked a birthday party with two lanes for a group of 8-9 year old kids. Wave machine booked for 11am, at 11am on the dot staff wonder up and fiddle with the machine - it's broken. Nobody bothers to mention...

  • Raffles Hotel - Singapore

    Singapore Hotels

    Yes, it''s true, even the staff at the raffles hotel say that their iconic and historic hotel are...

  • Clarke Quay

    4 out of 5 stars

    Singapore Restaurants

    Had a great meal there a couple weeks ago with my wife. We had a ton of seafood for less than $100. The trick is to order several small dishes and share them. We ordered four and were stuffed...we wanted to try the crab and lobster, but decided to sample everything we could instead. Let me just say: this place did not disappoint. We had scallops,...


Pulau Ubin

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  • German Girl Shrine (3rd stopover)

    Pulau Ubin Things to Do

    A legend tells not only a story, but draws people to the monument for which it was made. A small yellow-colored shrine might not be attention worthy to many, but a German Girl shrine in a small island in this part of the world is certainly something to stir one's curiosity. According to sources from the internet, in 1914 after WWI, right in this...

  • Celestial Resort Pulau Ubin

    Pulau Ubin Hotels

    1000 Pulua Ubin Island, 508419

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Business

  • Bukit Puaka ( 2nd stopover)

    Pulau Ubin Things to Do

    After crossing over Jelutong bridge (from Jetty), not far ahead to the right-side of the track is Merbah Hut. This hut marks the start point to a hike up the highest hill in P. Ubin, Bukit Puaka, with the highest elevation reaching between 70 to 80 metres. There is no conspicuous signboard to catch the attention of passer-by to this viewing point....


Changi Village

See all 56 Changi Village Tips
  • Eat Fresh

    Changi Village Restaurants

    Subway Changi is located at a cosy place where many people come here to enjoy the beaches, the seas and the sun.After relaxing your body and soul, you may want to indulge yourself. Why not try Subway sandwiches. The sandwiches are freshly made to ensure that you get a healthy and nurituious meal.Need to perk yourself up after a hard work out at...

  • Changi Boardwalk

    Changi Village Things to Do

    This 1.2 km boardwalk hugs the Changi coastline from Changi Beach Club to Changi Sailing Club. The boardwalk is made up of four segmentsSunset Walk for a splendid view of the sunset over Changi Point, amid a backdrop of huge boulders.Kelong Walk: a stretch of the boardwalk with kelong stilts built over water, reminiscent of the 'good old kelong...

  • Changi Hospital

    Changi Village Off The Beaten Path

    Built in 1930's, together with an A/E opposite the road and several blocks of commando barracks cum Changi prison nearby, the Old Changi Hospital (OCH) is situated at Netheravon Road in Changi villages. It has quite a long and rich history for being the former hospital of today's modern Changi General Hospital in Simei and Toa Payoh Hospital...


Mount Faber Scenic Park

  • Take a Taxi to the Top

    Mount Faber Scenic Park Transportation

    The easiest way to get to Mount Faber, although not the most scenic path would be to grab a taxi anywhere in town and just go straight to the top. This is a pretty good place to start, as it drops you right off at the front door of the leisure area.Singapore taxis are very easy to hail, and generally are very inexpensive. If you don't drive, there...

  • Free Shuttle Bus to Mount Faber

    Mount Faber Scenic Park Transportation

    Free Shuttle Bus will pick you up from these places:Mount Faber Cable Car StationSeah Im Car ParkHarbourFront Coach BayTiong Bahru Plaza Taxi StandTiming : Monday - Friday (6.00pm to 3.00am)Saturday, Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday, Public Holiday (7.00am to 3.00am)*Shuttle service will not serve Tiong Bahru Plaza Taxi stand after...

  • Take a Cable Car to Sentosa Island

    Mount Faber Scenic Park Things to Do

    Mount Faber is in fact the highest peak in all of Singapore (which is quite significant), but it is also a gateway over to the resort style island of Singapore, Sentosa Island. Mount Faber is located on the south side of Singapore, and forms a perfect line past the Singapore Cruise terminal and Sentosa Island. Sarah and I went to the top of Mount...



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  • Views of mountains & hills from my home

    Serangoon Favorites

    On a clear day, the following mountains and hills (see photos - not so clear due to limited zoom power of my camera) of neighbouring Johor state of Malaysia can be seen from my home at the Serangoon area of Singapore:- Gunung Pulai (Mount Pulai)- Gunung Muntahak (Mount Muntahak, where the famous Kota Tinggi Waterfalls are located)- Bukit Lunchu...

  • My home at Serangoon area, Singapore

    Serangoon Favorites

    Since June 2009, my home is an apartment in the Serangoon area. The sceneries of the surrounding areas from my home are very nice (see photos). Essentially, there are many housing areas in Serangoon e.g Little India area, Kitchener Road area, Bendemeer housing estate, Potong Pasir housing estate, Serangoon Central housing estate and Hougang housing...

  • River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodles

    Serangoon Restaurants

    Prawn noodles is a very famous dish in Singapore and the River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodles is one of the most famous in Singapore. Their prawn noodles are simple fantastic with very good chilli sauce, fantastic prawn soup and a large variety ranging from big prawns, small prawns, pork ribs, intestines, abalone clams etc. The price per serving...


Tanjong Pagar

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  • URA Centre and MND Complex

    Tanjong Pagar Favorites

    The URA Centre and MND Complex are two huge and tall government buildings located along Maxwell Road. These buildings have been there for many years now, and there are several good food centres near the buildings, namely:- Maxwell Food Centre- Amoy Street Food Centre- Murray Terrace Food Alley

  • Maxwell House

    Tanjong Pagar Favorites

    The Maxwell House is located along Maxwell Road, just across the road to the URA Building and Maxwell Food Court. There are some shops inside the building for you to do some simple shopping, the Murray Terrace Food Alley is just next to Maxwell House (there is a row of restaurants and eating outlets here).

  • Orchid Garden

    Tanjong Pagar Favorites

    There is a small Orchid garden at the junction of Tanjong Pagar Road and Craig Road, just next to block 7 of the HDB housing estate of Tanjong Pagar. This is a good place to rest and relax while exploring the Tanjong Pagar area.


Pulau Semakau

See all 15 Pulau Semakau Tips
  • Intertidal walk

    Pulau Semakau Things to Do

    When the tide is low at Semakau, you can catch many interesting marine animals, to name some we encountered there were: octopus, stingray, flatworm, nudibranch, jellyfish, etc.Check Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR) website for details, walk schedules and booking of the walk.Price for a guided walk for adults is $53.50 and for students...

  • Birding at Pulau Semakau

    Pulau Semakau Things to Do

    Birding is another activity that you can do in Pulau Semakau. The remoteness of this place somehow attracts a rich diversity of rare birds that can't be seen on the mainland. So if you're hear on a birding trip, bring a pair of binoculars with you. The one that is given free on National Day does not count as one. Do check out my off the beaten page...

  • Pack your essential

    Pulau Semakau What to Pack

    Travel light, bring a small bag with all your essential stuff inside, including foods & drinks as there's no convenience store in the island. For intertidal walk you are required to wear covered footwear, bring extra pair for after the walk. Always bring your medical supplies with you. Bring extra battery or film as no convenience store in the...


Changi Beach Park


    Changi Beach Park Warnings and Dangers

    To travel in such nice places as this is to find lovely secluded beaches. With so many beaches usually with few beach goers , Many visitors let their guard down and lay in the sun for too long. The most dangerous of all for sunburn is snorkelling as swimmers don't realise that they are being burnt as they are in the cool water. The sunshine around...

  • Catch the Sunrise here!

    Changi Beach Park Things to Do

    If you can wake up early enought, you may want to come here to catch the beautiful sunrise. I took this photo at around 7am. It will be good to standby at around 6.40am at the beach. I think the morning sun is beautiful. Sacrificing a few hours of sleep is worth it after all.

  • Watch the Sunrise

    Changi Beach Park Things to Do

    Here's one of the places where you can watch sunrise in Singapore, been hunting for Sunrise and Sunset in this tiny red dot~The sky will start to get bright at around 6.45am and that pic was taken around 7.15am - 7.30am when the sun's already up.


Bishan Park

See all 18 Bishan Park Tips

Kent Ridge Park

  • Southern Ridges Walk (Part 2)

    Kent Ridge Park Things to Do

    My wife and I went on this walk at the section from Kent Ridge Park to Alexandra Arches bridge during December 2008. We will go back next time to complete the other sections of this walk. At the section from Kent Ridge Park to Alexandra Arches bridge, the main attractions are:- Kent Ridge Park- Canopy Walk- Reflections at Bukit Chandu Museum-...

  • Southern Ridges Walk (Part 1)

    Kent Ridge Park Things to Do

    The Southern Ridges comprise a 9km chain of green, open spaces spanning the rolling hills of Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park before ending at West Coast Park. It is an area steeped in history and is home to some of nature's greatest gifts of flora and fauna. It is also one of the best spots in Singapore to catch...

  • The canopy walk at Kent Ridge Park (Part...

    Kent Ridge Park Things to Do

    My wife and I went to visit Kent Ridge Park again in Dec 2008 and took more photographs of the canopy walk, as well as tried out a portion of the new Southern Ridges walk. More photographs are at the travelogue section of this VT page, and information on the Southern Ridges walk are at my other tips on this "things to do" section.


Lim Chu Kang

See all 13 Lim Chu Kang Tips
  • The Kelongs

    Lim Chu Kang Things to Do

    The Kelongs are fish farms located in the sea, and there are some kelongs along the Straits of Johor at the Lim Chu Kang area. During one of my trips, I have a chance to visit one of these kelongs and some of my friends even bought some fishes for cooking.From time to time, I received enquiries on the location and contact number of the kelong....

  • Mangrove Trees

    Lim Chu Kang Favorites

    Because Lim Chu Kang is located near the sea of the Straits of Johor, the coastal areas are lined with mangrove trees which thrive in such conditions.


Yishun New Town

  • Is It Really Nice As What's...

    Yishun New Town Restaurants

    I heard many good recommendation of this indian rice stall located at Yishun NorthPoint. I am staying at Yishun and always see many people queuing up there.....I tried once......Really not nice as what had been recommended before.....I only can taste the hotness of the rice and nothing else.....I don't even know what I was eating except the taste...

  • Big Satellite Dishes

    Yishun New Town Favorites

    You will notice several big satellite dishes next to the Lower Seletar Reservoir. These belong to IDA Singapore and this is supposed to be their C&E testing centre.

  • Going to Yishun via MRT sub-way

    Yishun New Town Transportation

    The best way to go to Yishun area (northern part of Singapore) is to take the MRT sub-way system north from the city (north-south line). You can either alight at the Khatib or Yishun MRT station, and it is very convenient to move around as it is very safe and most of the local people are friendly and can communicate in English.


Seletar Reservoir Park

  • Local people

    Seletar Reservoir Park Local Customs

    Sometimes you will meet the local people catching various creatures in the rainforest, especially fishes in the streams. When we were there, we met the old man in this photograph who managed to catch a few big fishes in the stream using very simple techniques. Apparently, he is very experienced in catching fishes in this area.

  • Signboards, trails, shelters & ranger...

    Seletar Reservoir Park Favorites

    The various trails around the MacRitchie, Seletar and Pierce Reservoir areas are wide and well paved. There are very good signboards to guide you in the right direction, ample shelters for resting and ranger stations located at specific locations. As such, you don't have to worry much about the above.

  • The idyllic rainforest streams

    Seletar Reservoir Park Off The Beaten Path

    You will encounter some small and idyllic rainforest streams along the trails with clean and shallow flowing water. Take time to look carefully and you will find lots of small fishes and other creatures in or around the water.



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Kampong Bahru

See all 13 Kampong Bahru Tips
  • Mount Faber

    Kampong Bahru Off The Beaten Path

    Mount Faber is a famous hill located near to Kampong Bahru, and is the gateway to the popular tourist island of Sentosa with its cablecar rides. More information will be coming up at my VT Mount Faber page.

  • Contrast of the old and new

    Kampong Bahru Favorites

    On top of an overhead bridge near to Blair Road, you have a very good view of the old traditional buildings of Kampung Bahru, with a background of modern skyscrapers in the city area which clearly showcases the contrast of Singapore.

  • Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant

    Kampong Bahru Restaurants

    This is the only revolving restaurant in Singapore and it serves delicious Chinese and dim sum dishes. It is nestled on top of a flour silo located along Telok Blangah Road very near to the World Trade Centre, with the panoramic view of Singapore's skyline in the Southern part of the country. The restaurant's specialties include the much-loved...


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