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  • Jeongeup town from afar, South Korea
    Jeongeup town from afar, South Korea
    by victorwkf
  • Scenery on the road from Seoul to Jeongeup
    Scenery on the road from Seoul to...
    by victorwkf
  • Street scene of Jeongeup town, South Korea
    Street scene of Jeongeup town, South...
    by victorwkf

Chongup Things to Do

  • Jeongeup Town (Part 1)

    Jeongeup (sometimes pronounced as Chongup in English) is a relative small town of about 140,000 people. This town is located at the Jeollabuk-do province in southern part of South Korea, somewhere in-between the more famous cities of Jeonju and Gwangju. The main Honam Expressway is just next to this town, so transportation by bus is convenient....

  • Jeongeup Town (Part 2)

    If you want to experience life in a typical Korean town, then Jeongeup could be an ideal choice. However, you must be prepared for the language barrier (hardly anyone knows English here). Also, the town itself does not have many major attractions, as most of them are located in the nearby areas, especially Naejangsan National Park which is famous...

  • Attractions around Jeongeup town

    Unfortunately there are not many major attractions in Jeongeup town itself. However, there are quite a number in the surrounding areas, namely:- Naejangsan National Park and attractions (a few kilometres south of Jeongeup, famous national park worth visiting. See my VT Naejangsan page for more information and photographs).- Jeon Bongjun's Old...


Chongup Restaurants

  • Interesting fruits

    There are some stores along the row of shophouses next to the Jeongeup Express Bus Terminal which sell some interesting local food, including the fruit shown in the photograph (unfortunately I did not know its name). This fruit resembles a mini-banana surrounded by a soft shell. Apparently you are not supposed to chew the fruit when eating it. You...

  • Grab a snack at Express Bus Terminal

    If you are hungry or thristy while waiting for the bus at the Jeongeup Express Bus Terminal, there are at least 2 stores at the main building selling some food and drinks. Normally during the bus journey around South Korea, there will be at least one rest stop along the way for people to go toilet, buy some snacks and drinks again so this is rather...

  • Chongup Hotels

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Chongup Transportation

  • City buses at Jeongeup

    When you are at Jeongeup town, you will notice that there is quite a good network of city buses (without air-con) moving around the town and surrounding areas.If you are going to Naejangsan National Bus, then you need to take bus number 171 at the bus stop near to the train station or Jeongeup Express Bus Terminal. Bus number 171 comes about every...

  • Going to Jeongeup by train

    Besides taking the express buses, another way to reach Jeongeup town is by train. There is a train station at the heart of Jeongeup town so it is very convenient. Personally, I have not taken the trains as I am too used to taking the express buses instead. For more information, you can visit the official website below in English. In fact I am very...

  • Seoul to Jeongeup by Express Bus

    One of the best ways to get from Seoul to Jeongeup and back is by taking the express buses from the Seoul Express Bus Terminal (see website below) to Jeongeup Express Bus Terminal. The Seoul Express Bus Terminal is very big and located at the south of the Hangang River at Seoul, in fact it has two terminals next to each other. For buses to...


Chongup Favorites

  • Interesting "car"

    At the bus rest stop on the journey from Jeongeup back to Seoul in October 2007, I came across this interesting "car", most likely for people to take photographs. Very nice decorations and a work of art indeed :)

  • Scenery - Seoul to Jeongeup

    The scenery from Seoul to Jeongeup by express bus (about 3.5 hours) is very beautiful, passing through agricultural land surrounded by green mountains, steep valleys, rivers, towns etc. During the heart of autumn season, many of the trees will be very colourful which will add onto the beauty of the experience. Personally, I enjoyed the scenery of...

  • Rest stops along the bus journey

    One of my fondest memories of bus journeys around South Korea (including my trip to Jeongeup and Naejangsan National Park) are the rest stops along the journey. These bus rest stops are very clean, neat with huge toilets to cater for many people from many buses. Also, there are lots of food and drink stores there, as well as tourist information...


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