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  • Things to Do
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Chonju Things to Do

  • Martyr Mountain

    Martyr Mountain is in the southern part of Jeonju next to one of several rivers that run through the city. The mountain is the final resting place of 6 Catholic missionaries who were killed for their beliefs. The mountain itself has a wonderful trail laden with crosses, biblical statues, and great views of the city below (on a nice day!). Near the...

  • DeukJin Park

    the park lies to the north of Jeonju close to Chonbuk national university. Towards the end of the summer thousands of lotus flowers bloom in Deukjin pond. It's quite beautiful. All through the summer you can see a water shows and rent rowboats and paddle boats.

  • Maisan

    Maisan is east of Jeonju about and hour away by bus. It's famous for the twin rocky mountains that lean away from eachother, that look like Horse ears. The Mountain is famous for Tapsa (temple) Over a hundred years ago the hermit Yi Kap-ryong built about 80 stone pagodas. They are still standing though they often sway in the wind. This temple is...

  • Gaeksa

    Gaeksa is the city centre. The buildings date from around 1471. . Gaeksa was used to accomodate important visitors. Rituals to honour the king were also held here. It's a meeting place for many as well as a hangout location for many old men. The downtown area sourrounding is also referred to as Gaeksa. To get downtown most people will simply tell...


    This festival is quite a young festival but it seems to be growing in popularity by year. There are hundreds of movies from around the world to be seen. It's definately worth going for a weekend if you are in the area. during this weeklong festival usually held in May, Jeonju is over run with tourists from korea and abroad. There are concerts and...

  • Happy New Year

    This gate is all that remains of the origional wall that surrounded Jeonju during the Chosun dynasty. There are various festivals that are held here throughout the year including the Pungnamun gate festival held in the spring. Every New years in Jeonju at the PungNam gate there is a new years concert with traditional music as well as rock and hip...

  • Buddha carved into a cliff

    This buddha image is really quite impressive. It is virtually unknown among many Koreans and travellers alike; for which reasons I have no idea. It is located maybe a 45 minutes easy hike past Sonunsa. It really should be more famous in the Korean tourism world but as of not it is really off the beaten track...

  • NonSan's Kwan chok temple

    Kwanchoksa boasts Korea's largest stone buddha. construction began in 968AD and was finished some 38 years later. The temple is quite attractive though it is located very close to a semi-busy road which detracts from the serene atmosphere. Nonetheless The buddha image is really impressive and worth seeing!

  • Martyrs Mountain

    Mt Chimyeongja can be seen from many places in Jeonju. The mountain houses many important relics including the remains of the Yu family who were excecuted in 1801. The mountain is very important for Korean Catholics. The walk up is very pleasant and if you could read albeit very interesting as there are signs everywhere. At the top there is an...

  • Tapsa (temple)

    Located at the foot of Maisan is Tapsa. It is famous for the mysterious 80 towers of rocks that were all built by one may (Yi Kap Ryong) some 100 years ago. The pagodas took 10 years to complete and Yi worked only had night. Some say tigers helped him. He told his daughter in-law that a heavenly spirit descended to Earth every night and helped him...

  • Gyeongijeon shrine

    It's one of my most favourite places in Jeonju. It's a peaceful park near the centre of town. I enjoy sitting in the cool shade of the trees in the summer months. Many old men hang out in the park in the day playing Korean checkers. Every Sunday from April to October there are live performances of Traditional music and Pansori at the front of the...

  • KumSanSa in the winter

    Kumsansa was one of the first places I fell in love with in Korea. It's a huge temple complex nestled away from the city in green mountains. I have been there many times since and always get that feeling. There are rarely more than a few visitors there, and you are pretty likely to see and hear monks praying.

  • Jeonju Paper Museum

    The Hansol paper museum records the history of paper making and usages since the age of the Egyptians. There is an interesting movie shown in english upon request. Most of the signs are in korean only, but I found the museum quite interesting. There are some displays on tradtional Korean paper making. You also have a chance to make a piece of paper...

  • sonyudo phosphorus

    I've never seen it before.. only in movies. it was magical and the night that I saw it, I declared it the number one natural wonder of the world. Science folk were trying to explain it to me, but nothing made sense. anyways on Sonydo the season supposedly lasts 3 weeks. when I was there it was Saturday June 7 2003.... so somewhere around there!....

  • KumSanSa

    I think that this is one of the most beautiful temples in South Korea. It is a pretty big complex situated a half hour outside Jeonju right in the mountains. It is a great place to escape. There are rarely more that a trickle of visitors which makes it really quiet serene place.


Chonju Nightlife

  • the only place to go...

    The infamous JukeBox... You Either love it or hate it... I love it. It's one of the few places that you can dance in Jeonju where you arn't subjucted to dance to really bad Korean night club dance music. The atmosphere is really energetic. Many of the Korean university students tell us that JukeBox is an escape from reality. They dance like crazy...

  • Hiddink

    Ever since the world cup, Korea has been obsessed the Gus Hiddink (Koreas Dutch coach) Whever you go in Korea you are bound to find something named after him. or a photo of him eating at a certain restaurant. We like this Hiddink for it's outdoor patio... although one has to watch out for the Mogyman (see dangers) casual..

  • The Nude Beach Bus Bar

    This is more of a joke.. the Korean Characters say "chicken" and "Hof" (which means draft beer) This bar has been adandoned unforunately so I was only able to take the photo and not actually enjoy enjoy the comforts of the inside!


Chonju Transportation

  • Airport shuttle from Incheon to Jeonju

    There is an express bus that leaves Incheon to Jeonju about every hour until the late evening.... No one is ever sure about the times but you can call 1330 and find out. It drops you off at the Core (pronounced Koa) hotel in Jeonju. Taxis are always waiting there. You can also take this bus to Incheon from the Core hotel. The last bus is about 3am...

  • boat to Sonyud

    The boat to Sonyudo leaves from Kunsan and takes about 2 hours. The schedule changes from day to day, so it's best to call ahead. the number for the Korean national tourist organization is 1330. you can get just about anyinformation about korea that you can imagine from this number.generally there are about 2-3 boats a day... they fill up quickly...

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Chonju Shopping

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    The area around Gaeksa is where the younger generation hangs out. There are many clothing, music, shoe, handphone stores as well as restaurants.

    downtown Jeonju

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Chonju Off The Beaten Path

  • JungSu Temple

    It's about a half hours ride out in the country. The temple is pretty small but really quiet there are no tourists. The resident monk is very kind and is well travelled... he's practicalle everywhere, yet you wouldn't guess by his lack of english (though I reckon he was embarrased to speak) We drank tea and he talked and talked. yo can do a temple...

  • Jeonju life experience park

    Jeonju Life Experience park was constructed to give tourists and locals alike a taste of the past. For 50 000 won one can spend the night in this traditional house... complete with traditional ondol heating and furniture. You receive a traditional breakfast, learn to play traditional instruments and get traditional etiquette lessons as well. It's...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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