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  • Namhan River and bridge at Danyang, South Korea
    Namhan River and bridge at Danyang,...
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Tanyang Things to Do

  • River-side walk (Part 2)

    The interesting thing about the Danyang river-side walk is that in addition to the beautiful sceneries and relaxing pace, you can actually listen to soothing Korean music along the way. This is because there are music speakers located along the path and it plays very nice music which makes the experience a really good one.During autumn with the...

  • River-side walk (Part 1)

    The river-side walk is a relaxing stroll (about 2km) along the Namhan River with breathaking sceneries along the way. The walk starts next to the Danyang bridge and follow the river all the way to the area near to Danyang park and loops back to the town via the main road.Along the way, you will see various sights such as the Danyang bridge, river...

  • Guinsa Temple (Part 2)

    Up to 10,000 monks can live at Guinsa Temple at any one point. The black slate roof tiles found commonly on Korean temples is occasionally replaced by orange glazed tiles reminding one of those seen on the roofs of Beijing's Forbidden City. Some buildings resemble the Potala Palace in Lhasa with their use of height and vertical lines.The temple...

  • Guinsa Temple (Part 1)

    The Guinsa Temple is a good day trip out of Danyang (go to the transport tips section for more information on how to go there from Danyang).Guinsa (meaning Temple of Salvation and Kindness) is built in 1945 and is the headquarters of the Cheontae sect of Korean Buddhism. Guinsa is the administrative center of over 140 sub-temples and hermitages of...

  • Gosu Caves (Part 2)

    Here are a few photos taken at Gosu Caves, more photos are at the travelogue section of this VT page. Overalls, the caves are very impressive and temperature within the caves is quite cooling. However, do be careful as some parts of the caves are narrow and you need to walk down some metal staircases, including a long and narrow spiral staircase.

  • Gosu Caves (Part 1)

    The Gosu Caves are among some of the most famous caves in South Korea.In order to reach the caves, you need to cross the Danyang bridge, turn left and walk 10 minutes along the highway. The Gosu Caves consist of about 1.7km of twisting, turning limestone caverns have been outfitted with metal walkways and subdued lighting. Entrance fees is 4000...

  • Artificial waterfalls

    The artificial waterfalls next to the Namhan River is one of the town's famous landmarks. During summer, the waterfalls are in operation and are impressive. Apparently during night time, there are lights shining onto the wateralls. This is a must see when you are at Danyang town.Unfortunately I did not see the waterfalls in operation because I was...

  • River-side stadium

    There is an impressive river-side stadium located along the Namhan River at Danyang, just across the famous artificial waterfalls. When the artificial waterfalls are operating, you can sit at the stadium and watch it especially at night when the lightings are on as well.When I visited in November 2008, the artificial waterfalls are not operating....

  • Clock statue

    There is a metallic clock statue located just next to the river-side stadium along the river-side walk of Danyang town. There are benches around here for you to relax, and across the river on the other side is the famous artificial waterfalls of Danyang.

  • Welcome Bridge

    There is a bridge next to the Danyang Park along the river-side walk, where you can find a huge signboard welcoming visitors to Danyang town.

  • Tourism Visitor's Centre

    The Danyang town tourism visitor's centre is located just across the Danyang bridge on the other side of the Namhan River. You can obtain tourism information of Danyang town and nearby attractions here. Outside the centre, there are several huge monuments. The views of Danyang town from here are very beautiful. About 10 minutes walk away is the...

  • Town Bridge (Part 2)

    The bridge at Danyang town is very attractive at night (see photos) due to the colour neon lights on the bridge which will change colour frequently. I am quite surprise that a small town like Danyang has such an interesting bridge :-)

  • Town Bridge (Part 1)

    Perhaps the most famous landmark of Danyang town is its big bridge across the Namhan River, located near to the bus terminal and visitor's centre across the other side. This bridge is well photographed and appears on the internet.You can walk across this bridge to experience the Namhan River and go to the visitor's centre on the other side. From...

  • Danyang Town - Introduction (Part 2)

    Here are more photos of Danyang town, showing its location at the bend of the Namhan River. This is a lovely town to visit and I enjoyed my trip here in November 2008.

  • Danyang Town - Introduction (Part 1)

    Danyang is a relaxing small town at the bend of the Namhan River. If you want a few days getaway from busy Seoul, this is a good place to visit. It is about 3 hours bus ride south from Dong Seoul bus terminal in Seoul.You can explore the town to visit the local market, riverside-walk, park, experience town life in Korea, or visit nearby attractions...

  • Namhan River (Part 2)

    Attached are more photos of the Namhan River, and some more photos are at the travelogue section of this VT page. Overall, this is a very scenic river surrounded by hills and Danyang town.

  • Namhan River (Part 1)

    The Namhan River runs through Danyang town and connects to a huge lake some distance away. During autumn when I was there, the river was very calm and the reflections of the nearby hills and trees can be seen. During summer, there are boat cruises along this river for tourists.There is a lovely riverside-walk at Danyang town about 1.5-2 km in...

  • Sobaeksan National Park

    Sobaeksan National Park is about 10-20 minutes drive from Danyang town and is suitable for people who love nature and trekking. You can trek up to Birobong Peak (about 1430 metres above sea level) within 6-7 hours return and this is a good day trip. During autumn in mid October to early November, the colourful foliage is very beautiful here.More...

  • Danyang market

    One of the attractions of Danyang town is the market which is located at the centre of the town. Every morning, many locals gather here and there are many stores selling all kinds of food ranging from vegetables, meat, seafood, fruits, spices etc. There are even shops selling kitchenware and a roadside bazaar with many items.More photos of the...

  • Take a boat at Chungju lake

    At Chungju lake, there are boat service that take tourists travel around. The tour take about 1 hour to see the hill, mountain and nature around the lake.

  • Fort of the underwater village

    This fort located on the another hill of the village. We can not walked there as it's too far, so we took photo from the distance place.


Tanyang Restaurants

  • 24 hour convenient stores

    There are several 24 hours convenient stores (especially the Family Mart chain) along the main street of Danyang as well as near to the bus terminal next to the Danyang bridge.These convenient stores sell foodstuff such as buns, cookies, instant noodles, drinks, diary products etc which you could purchase and eat at your hotel/motel room if you are...

  • Local Fish Hot Pot (Part 1)

    There is a local fish hot pot restaurant located just across the Danyang bus terminal, at the road junction next to the huge bridge. Unfortunately I cannot translate the name of the restaurant as it is in Korean language, but I have took some photos as attached.This restaurant serves a very delicious and spicy fish hot pot with rice and various...

  • Local Fish Hot Pot (Part 2)

    Attached are more photographs of the local fish hot pot meal which I tried while at Danyang. The hot pot is very delicious, hot and spicy, and is very suitable for a cold day such as during autumn or winter :-) The restaurant is also very cosy and relaxing.


Tanyang Transportation

  • Boat cruise along Namhan River

    During the summer months, there are boat cruises along the Namhan River which runs through Danyang town. Unfortunately, the boat cruises did not operate when I was there during Nov 2009. I guess it could be due to the low tourist season and also perhaps the water level of the river may be too low during autumn.

  • Walking to Gosu Caves

    If you are planning to visit the famous Gosu Caves from Danyang town, it is actually within walking distance. Simply cross the Danyang bridge near to the bus terminal. After that, you will see the visitor's centre. Turn right and the Gosu Caves can be reached after about 10 minutes walk from here. During autumn, the scenery of the walk is very...

  • Walking around Danyang

    To fully admire the charm and beauty of Danyang town (especially in autumn with clean cool air and beautiful coloured leaves), the best way is to explore the town and river side by foot.It is easy to move around as the town is not very big, with not much traffic. One of the attractions is the town market which you should visit in the morning. Also,...


Tanyang Warnings and Dangers

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    If you want to visit Gosu Caves, do take note that some portions of the route within the caves will require you to squeeze through tight places and walking down many steps of spiral metal staircases. It can get a little uncomfortable at times especially for people of bigger sizes.

    Stairways at Gosu Caves, South Korea
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Tanyang Off The Beaten Path

  • Hills surrounding Danyang

    Danyang town is surrounded by hills in various directions. There is a hill behind the town where you can actually trek up (I did not do it due to time constraint). Also across the Namhan River, you will notice that one of the hills has an observatory on top (see photo). Apparently, there is a road leading to the observatory and you can get good...

  • Danyang Park

    At the end of the river-side walk at the far side of Danyang town, there is a lovely park with local pavillions and various interesting statues. During autumn, this park is extremely beautiful with various colours of the autumn foliage. A must visit in Danyang especially during autumn. The "welcome bridge" of Danyang is also located here.

  • Tanyang Hotels

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Tanyang Favorites

  • Photography (Part 2)

    Attached are a few more photos taken at Danyang town. For more photos, please go to the travelogue section of this VT page.

  • Photography (Part 1)

    If you like photography, then Danyang town and surroundings offer a lot of opportunities in terms of the local people, town life, cave sceneries, mountains, temples, river etc. I took a lot of photographs when I was at Danyang and nearby Sobaeksan National Park.More photos are at part 2 of this VT tip.

  • Autumn at Danyang town

    Autumn is the best time to visit Danyang town for its colourful foliage colours. Middle of October to early November is the peak colour season. More photos of the autumn foliage is at the travelogue section of this VT page.


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