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  • Things to Do
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Ch'onan Things to Do

  • Cheonan samgeori park

    samgeori means are 3-way Intersection.Cheonansamgeori has been a strategic point of transportation and a place where culture has spread for a long time. The Samnamdaero, which starts in Seoul, parts here. One branch of the road passes through Byeongcheon, Cheongju, Yeongdong, and Chupungnyeong and leads to the Yeongnam region, including Gimcheon,...

  • Taejosan Park

    Taejosan Park is located at Mt. Taejosan. The park covers an area of over 81 acres. Visitors there may find a sculpture park, 6 camp sites, a grass field, tennis courts, and an outdoor performance area. There are many facilities for youths and families. Various cultural events are held here, and residents use the area for rest and relaxation.

  • Sculptures Park

    There are World famous Sculptors Park.Damien Hirst Armand FernandesRobert IndianaKeth HaringIsamu NoguchiBrad HoweC.I KimWang GuangyiRory Macbeth,and other famous Sculptures standed there.

  • Arario Gallery

    Arario Gallery's mission is to provide a special place for people of all ages and background to easily view and learn art through the variety of exhibitions from world-famous artists in contemporary art. and an installation of Damien Hirst's 'Hymn' in a glass box constructed to be apart of the building.

  • Monument to the Nation

    This Monument was symbol of Independence Hall. 51m high rise structured monument with on image of bird's wings hands in praying represents on everlasting spirit of the people and a will headed for the Independence and selfreliance of the people.

  • Independence Hall of Korea

    Independence Hall of Korea researches and displays the history of independence of Korea. In order to develop a national spirit, it was established on August 15, 1987 thanks to numerous donations. The hall was built over 980 acres. Visitors here may also see the Grand Hall of the Nation, Monument to the Nation, Unification Bell, and many other...

  • Postal Museum

    You can see the entire history of the Korean postal service if you come here. In February 2004, the museum was moved from Seoul to the Ministry of Information and Communication Officials Training Institute in Cheonan. Business hours : Weekdays 09:00 ~ 19:00 / Saturday 09:00 ~ 17:00 Closed : National holidays Admission : Free

  • Joabulsang

    This is the Bronze Sitting Buddha, located at Mt. Taejosan. The Buddha is 15m high, 30m in circumference, and weighs 60 tons. The length of the Buddha's ears is 1.7m, and the length of his fingernails is 0.3m.

  • Buddha carved on Rock Surface in...

    This Budda image was made in the early Goryeo period. It uses the natural rock surface and is an embossed carving of 7.1 meters. The eyes, nose, and mouth are distinct, and the cheeks look plumpy, making it a typical Goryeo Buddha image.


Ch'onan Restaurants

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    by hindu1936 Written Dec 22, 2005

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    Located right in the heart of Cheonan are so many places to eat that choosing one can leave you befuddled. Life can be simple. Kitty-corner from the Arario (artsy bakery restaurant) is a two story building . Look for the smiling pig in the window on the second floor. If you arrived by bus you can't miss the art shop restaurant. It is the one with the torso of a man in the window. On the bottom floor of the building across the street, in the far right-hand corner is The Pi-Bim -bap Shop. Shown here is Bim bim bap without the egg. Usually, there is an egg, but since I don't like uncooked eggs, I ask them to not even put one in. Getting the cook to make one hard is difficult. Also, there is no red pepper paste. If you don't want the stomach from hell and choose to leave out the pepper paste try "ko chew chahng ahn wahn hahmneedah." This type of restaurant is found everywhere, but this one is special because of the cleanliness, price and cheerful attitude of the owner.

    Favorite Dish: Bi-Bim-Bap is a simple dish of cooked rice, vegetables, served with a sem-cooked egg and a healthy dollop of red pepper paste which you stir altogether until everything is coated with pepper paste so there can be no escape from the eternally burning mouth. Without the pepper paste it is quite good. The side dishes will include a bit of sesame oil mixed with soy sauce which you can dip spoons of rice into for an extra taste. You can also order kim-bap here. Kim-bap consists of long strips of meat, vegetables, rice and squares of seaweed (kim). The rice and other goodies are rolled into the seaweed, then slice into easily managed pices about 1/3rd inch thick.
    Remember the pig in the window upstairs? That is our favorite Tong Casu restaurant. Tong casu is a pork cutlet. The one upstairs is the best I've ever eaten. Since it is one of my favorite meals, I am THE AUTHORITY on tong casu. This is the best.

    Bi-bim-bap This is where you turn right. Kim Bap
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Ch'onan Off The Beaten Path

  • Beopju-sa and the ride to go there.

    There aren't any buses to Beopjusa, so you will have to rent a car or bribe a friend. Beopju-sa is about 65 miles east of Cheonan, up in the mountains. The standing golden Buddha is one of the prettiest in Korea. Maybe not the biggest, but with the dark green setting of the trees behind, the blue sky trimming the mountain, it is one of the most...

  • Anmyeon-do beach

    About 2 hours west of Cheonan on hywy 21 is the small island of Anmyeon. During the early spring-May-June there are several flower shows. The beaches alone make the trip there worthwhile, but if you can visit during a flower show you will see some of the worlds most exotic plants. During the winter it is great to just enjoy the bright sunshine,...

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