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  • Off The Beaten Path
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Kanghwa-do Things to Do

  • Sinmisunichong

    This is unknown soldiers tombs of the time Sinmiyangyo, in April of 1871, the battle against the American fleet called Asia.

  • Ssangchung Stone Monuments

    These two Stone Monuments were erected to honor 60 Joseon soldiers, including General Eo Jae Yeon, and Eo Jae Sun, who died at the battle of Gwangseongbo in the 1871 war ( Sinmiyangyo ) instigated by the invasion of US naval forces.

  • Yongdu Dondae

    This strategically located fortification was built in 1679 during the reign of King Sukjong of the Joseon Dynasty. It was the scene of fierce fighting in 1866 when ships of the Franch Asiatic Squadron sailed into Korean waters and again in 1871 when ships of the U.S Asiatic Squadron entered Korean waters.

  • Chojijin

    This fortress was built in 1656 to protect the town from being attacked from the sea. As this place, the American fleet, Asia which was directed by Rogers from US in April 23 of 1871 and the Japanese fleet, Unyangho in August 21 of 1875 lounched battles against the artillery unit using artillery pieces.( History site No 225 )

  • Bugeon-ri Dolmen

    As one of the reresentative burial system in Bronze Age, it is a typical northern-styled Goindol ( Dolmen ) having a shape of table. It is the biggest Goindol that has ever been founded in South Korea which is 2.6m tall with 7.1m long and 5.5m wide top stone. It is UNESCO world cultural heritage Assets ( with Gochang and Hwasun Goindol )

  • Gwangseongbo Fortress

    Gwangseongbo Fortress was the exterior castle built in Goryeo Dynasty was repaired and in 1656, Gwangseongbo was constructed, and reconstructed built in 1745. Gwangseongbo Fortress is the last hard fought field of Sinmiyangyo andin April of 1871, the battle against the American fleet called Asia was on. ( Historic Site No 227 )


Kanghwa-do Restaurants

  • leeleebell's Profile Photo

    by leeleebell Updated Jun 8, 2003

    This is a dog restaurant - there are many many of these over Korea. So if you're really offended by this, beware of restaurants bearing signs of dogs or puppies, it usually means they're on the menu! (personally, I've never had it and never will)

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Kanghwa-do Transportation

  • Tourist Route Round Bus

    From Ganghwa-do bus terminal06:20, 07:50, 09:30, 11:10, 13:10, 15:50, 16:30, 16:30, 18:10, 19:45Bus terminal ?¨ Ganghwa historic museum ?¨ Derimi ?¨ Gwangseongbo fortress ?¨ Yongjinjin ?¨ Yongdang Dondae ?¨ Hwado Dondae ?¨ Odu Dondae ?¨ Gwangseongbo fortress ?¨ Deokjinjin ?¨ Chojijin ?¨ Hwangsan-do ?¨ Jeondeungsa Temple

  • Bus Terminal

    From Seoul to Ganghwa-do by BusDeparture from Sinchon 05:40~22:00( every 10minute )Take time 1hr 30minuteDeparture from Yeongdeungpo05:45~22:20Take time 1hr 50minute

  • Kanghwa-do Hotels

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Kanghwa-do Tourist Traps

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    by jckim Written May 6, 2005

    Ganghwa-do Dolmens, there are located at scattered far and wide, and difficult of access to Dolmens. only easily approachable dolmens are Bugeun-ri Dolmen site, Take a 15~20minute by bus from terminal.

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Kanghwa-do Off The Beaten Path

  • Watch unreal architecture

    Saw 3 houses that were build upside down or croocked.I am not sure about the exact location. Will verify soonest

  • Promenade to Yongdu Dondae

    From Gwangseongbo main gate and turn right, there are good walking promenade to Yongdu Dondae, take a time 10minute.

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Kanghwa-do Favorites

  • Bo or Jin

    Bo or Jin was small fortress, Ganghwa-do, 12numbers Bo or Jins located there, but only four numbers Bo or Jins ( Yongjinjin, Deokjinjin, Chojijin, Gwangseongbo ) reconstruct of the event

  • Ganghwa-do Dolmens

    There are quite a number of Dolmens( about 150numbers ), during the Bronze Age. Ganghwa, the area was listed along with the Ganghwa Dolmen ( Historic site No. 137 ) as part of a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO on December 2, 2002

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