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Jeju (city) Things to Do

  • Ilchulbong Peak

    Seongsan Ilchulbong is an extinct volcanic crater that one could climb and come down from within an hour. There is a concrete pathway and stairway to the top with 2 rest stops along the way. Once you reach the crater rim you are rewarded with a magnificent and majestic view of the eastern coast, which is why the place has been designated a World...

  • Hallim Park

    This is a garden park that contains many exotic plant species as well as some birds and small reptiles. It's nice place to visit and walk around in plus there are 2 caves to explore though there are no stalactites or stalagmites to appreciate. You can also view a replica of a folk village to see how ancient Jeju natives once lived. There are cafes...

  • Minors keep out!

    Jeju Love Land is essentially an open air museum dedicated to sex, a garden with various statues and displays of pornographic art (if there's such a thing). There is even a store that sells all manner of sex toys, aids and gadgets.Admission price is 7,000 won and it is open from 9 am - 11 pm.

  • A very breakable place

    Anything that's made of glass, especially colorful ones, can be found here. Not just those made in Korea but from the world over.Open year-round from 9 am - 5 pm. Admission price: adults - 9,000 won, teenagers - 8,000 won, children below 12 - 7,000 won.

  • Climb the Sunrise Peak

    Seongsan Ilchulbong is an extinct volcanic crater that one could climb and come down from within an hour. There is a concrete pathway and stairway to the top with 2 rest stops along the way. Once you reach the crater rim you are rewarded with a magnificent and majestic view of the eastern coast, which is why the place has been designated a World...

  • Teseum - the Teddy Bear museum

    I know it's kid stuff but some of my lady companions wanted to go here so I had no choice but to come along. As expected, the place shows not just teddies but all sorts of stuffed animals in various get-ups, from an African safari to fairy tale characters. Very cheesy, I know. But if you're with kids and teeny-boppers, well you just have to oblige...

  • Samyang Black Sand Beach

    Samyang Beach Is known as black sand it's location near to CityBlack Sand-Bathe is known for effective Neuralgia, arthritis, obesity, dermatitis, flu, athlete's foot also The marine leisure festival is held annually in summerso Samyang is croweded with people in the summer

  • 3rd Annual Delphic Games

    We went to the Delphic Games in Sinsan Park and Jeju Cultural Center. There was more hype than what we actually saw, which is common in South Korea. There were supposed to be 50 countries represented, but we only saw 6 mentioned. Out of the 6 about 4 were Asian countries. There was supposed to be "ethnic fare" there, but when we got to the eatery,...

  • Folklore and Natural History Museum

    This museum has sections on Jeju-do's natural history, flora, fauna, folklore, local culture, and much more. This is an excellent starting point for learning about this special place.


Jeju (city) Hotels

  • Jeju Royal Hotel

    The hotel is centrally located and is just a block from the main pedestrian street where restos and...

  • Lotte Hotel Jeju

    2812-4 Saekdal-dong, Jeju City, 697-130, South Korea

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel

    1255 Samdo 2-dong, Jeju City, 690-032, South Korea

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

Jeju (city) Restaurants

  • D_Shannon's Profile Photo

    by D_Shannon Updated Oct 10, 2003

    . Cheju is famous for food – seafood, horsemeat and, apparently, pheasant. Our chef took us out to the backyard and let us watch as he expertly caught and beheaded a large bird for our dinner. Our meal came in courses – or stages, as the owner’s son (a Japanese major at university) proudly explained. It started with all the usual side dishes, plus some raw pheasant heart (tough and pretty tasteless), and then strips of meat were brought out for us to cook ourselves on the table grill. We wrapped the meat in lettuce and ate it like samgypsal. Then a pot of salted water with onions and mushrooms was placed on the grill and we were given thin shavings of raw meat to dip into the boiling water to cook. Each piece only took a couple of seconds and then we were to dip it into a mustard sauce and eat it with lettuce. Our third course was probably the best. Suejebee (a kind of thick, glutinous rice noodle) and buckwheat noodles were added to our pot of water, as was any leftover meat from the previous two courses. We let it cook for a while and then ate it like soup. Yummy, yummy, exploding tummy!

    Favorite Dish: "Kkwong" = pheasant

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Jeju (city) Nightlife

  • D_Shannon's Profile Photo

    by D_Shannon Updated Oct 11, 2003

    You can't go to Korea without sampling soju (Korea's answer to Japan's sake or Mongolia's vodka) and you certainly can't go to Cheju without trying the local brew - it's so strong that apparently they can't even export it to mainland Korea! For proper atmosphere, head to the scummiest-looking soju tent you can find, and make sure you have to use the bathroom at least once (you might wanna bring along a flashlight and some tissue).
    Remember, Koreans will think you're weird if you don't order "anjew" (snacks) with your drinks, so you might wanna also get a fruit platter (and that way you can also try Cheju's famous mini-oranges).

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Jeju (city) Transportation

  • Hitchhike

    Yes, it's safe! Korea has got to be one of the safest countries in the world, and on tiny Cheju, a small-town atmosphere prevades. Even if you don't stick out your thumb, locals are apt to stop and ask you if you need a ride if they happen to be going in your direction.This is particularly useful when you're leaving Halla mountain and you have a...

  • Get your own........

    Best way is to have your own transport. Rental car agency are aplenty to be picked up from the airport. The cost normally is included when purchasing a package tour from the mainland. It's more convenient. You can plan your trips around to avoid droves of tourists in big buses.

  • Jeju (city) Hotels

    36 Hotels in Jeju (city)

Jeju (city) Shopping

  • Tom_Fields's Profile Photo

    by Tom_Fields Written Dec 1, 2006

    Downtown Jeju-si is a good place to find unusual local souvenirs, or whatever else interests you. There are plenty of stores, so shop around before buying anything major. You can just browse, as I did.

    What to buy: All kinds of merchandise.

    What to pay: Know how to bargain.

    Downtown shopping mall Furniture store A fruit store A busy street in the downtown shopping district

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Jeju (city) Local Customs

  • Jeju Do Tolharubang or Stone Grandfather...

    .Jeju Island; a place of myths and legends, is an island, so rich in the beauty of natural scenery and exotic in culture, that it keeps attracting tourists both from home and abroad. Among the things representing traditional culture in the island is the "Tolharubang" or Stone Grandfather Guardian; stone images of man with a humourous smile on his...

  • Ever Been to Scotland, or any Other...

    What did they do with all those rocks..? Well Jeju is a Volcanic Island, and full of stone, just like Hawai'i, and just as the ancient Hawaiians used the ubiquitous basalt to build EVRYTHING, so too did the ancient Jeju Islanders. You've already seen picture sof the stone houses. Now you see the rocks used as rocks walls.These walls often demarcate...

  • Pumpkins and a Thatched Roof?

    The Gourds and Pumpkins grow very nicely on the roof, especially since both plants are water loving, and Jeju in the summer has the 'Chang Ma' or the summer monsoon. So it rains like %&$#!These vegetables would grow huge, and in Traditional Korea these veggies were well utilised. The weight of the pumpkins and gourds would help hold down the thatch...


Jeju (city) Warnings and Dangers

  • Timing for Halla

    Halla is a great mountain to hike: you can take the bus halfway up and the rest is stairs. You can go up one way and down the other (don't worry; buses, taxis and friendly locals are all available to get you back to your hotel/car). The problem? Often the last 200 meters (the really difficult part) is closed off so the vegetation can regenerate.The...

  • In the can.........

    Needing to go to relieve some discomfort ladies???My experience in Korea took me to comfort rooms or toilet facilities that are really clean....However, the stalls have doors (sliding) on some and no locks. I was really surprised by an old lady charging in, hehehebtw, squatting is the way to go because normally, there's only one stall where you can...

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Jeju (city) Tourist Traps

  • jaam's Profile Photo

    by jaam Updated Jan 16, 2003

    Most of the points of interests in this island seems to be geared for tourists....The one I was so disappointed with was The Shinyoung Cinema Museum. I was expecting a "micro" universal studio type theme and it didn't even come close. Mostly posters and photos of past and present korean starz....This site is more suited to the older local tourists and local movie buffs....

    Unique Suggestions: Don't hang too long inside not unless you really are in to Korean movie stars. Go out the back because a really nice setting awaits you there....Find yourself a spot, open up your drink and soak up some sun....The view of the ocean is outstanding....
    Ignore the other tourists armed with cameras shooting pics. They are unavoidable anywhere in the island that's been written up as places to see.

    it's here.......

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Jeju (city) Off The Beaten Path

  • Go Collecting Chogae (Clams) along the...

    Jeju Is famous for Seafood. Seafood is almost synonymous with seafood. Its even possible to eat whale here. Yes, :o/ !Anyway fresh Sushi (Hwae) is wonderful here, and surprsingly cheap. Also Jeju Island Haemeul Tang (seafood soup) is well known throughout the country. At low tide all over Jeju, you will see women and children collecting Chogae...

  • Jeju Is a Major...

    Jeju Island is very gardened. The Island is famous for two main crops, Tangerines and garlic. Both are ubiquitous. But also other crops are grown. Flowers are becoming a popular crop.Go and have your photo taken in a Tangerine orchard. Everyone does it. Some orchards even have 'Photo Places' and charge one or two thousand won ($1-$2). I Like...

  • Take a Romantic Stroll around secluded...

    As I said earlier, Jeju is an Island for lovers. It is best known in Korea as a Honeymoon destination, not only because there are a fair few traditions on the island aimed at young couples, like rubbing the nose of a Harubang to cocieve a son as your first child.Jeju is also a beautiful Island, dominated by a moutain, and ringed by bays and...


Jeju (city) Favorites

  • The food, the beach, the landscape are...

    The beach!!!! The caves in Hallim Park.... and the women selling freshly caught sea creatures in Dragon Head's Point. Having to eat the best porridge I've ever had in my whole life!!! "snails" being the source of flavor :)

  • Symbol of Jeju Island: Dolhareubang

    Dolhareubang¡¦ means ¡¥stone grandfather¡¦ Today, the word, ¡§Dolhareubang¡¨, is so famous that it is used greatly on the inside and outside of the country as a logo of stores or companies. It also appears as the trademark of televisions and the name of columns in books. Even the word, Dolhareubang, is interpreted as a guardian god in Mongol...

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