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Sorak-sanmaek Things to Do

  • Bronze Buddha

    On the path to Sinheungsa Temple, there is a great bronze statue called Bronze Jwabul Statue, which is well over 10 meters high and what a sight and I must take pictures of It, It reminds me of the Bronze Buddha in Nara, Japan.

  • Sinheungsa Temple 1

    Sinheungsa Temple is a short 10min walk away from the Sorak Park entrance hence many visit because of its close proximity to it. Sinheungsa is a temple which used to be called Hyangseongsa. On the path to Sinheungsa, there is a great bronze statue called Bronze Jwabul Statue, which is well over 10 meters high. Just beyond the statue, which is on a...

  • Sinheungsa Temple 2

    Cross a bridge called Hyeonsugyo then past it, there is a long stone wall with a Cheongwang door, and you can enter the temple. At the entrance there are four Cheonwang (king) statues (Jiguk Cheonwang with a sword, Damun Cheonwang with a lute, Gwangmok Cheonwang with a tower, and Jeungjang Cheonwang with a dragon), placed on both sides. The...

  • Sinheungsa Temple 3

    Sinheungsa is located 10 minutes walking distance from Sogongwon ticket counter, and many people visit because of its proximity to Sogongwon and hence this is part 3 of our trek to it, with the main gate entrance.

  • Religion in Korea

    The primary religions in Korea are Christianity and Buddhism.Despite it's late arrival in Korea, Christianity is the primary religion of about 21% of the total population. Christian churches and cathedrals are common throughout the land. South Korea has the second highest rate of Christianity in eastern Asia, with the Philippines being first....

  • Drink at hotel!

    After Having been Refreshed in the Hot Springs of your hotel, then you can indulge in Drinking Party with your buddy in your room since there is no nitelife in the resort! you can buy liquors and foodstuffs at the 24 hour convenience store in the resort and cook the foodstuffs in your room!Kanpai!


Sorak-sanmaek Restaurants

  • Fried Mackarel and Sundubu

    Like what I've Said, local small korean restaurants specializes in one type of meal plus just a few of other choices, this korean restaurant (I can't read the name since it is in Hangul) specializes in Sokcho city food which is fried mackarel and the Sundubu (uncurdled bean curd) hence you can see it at the pictures below. The Mackarel was not that...

  • Daemyung Sorak Resort Cafe

    the food is no that spectacular, the cafe is open 24 hours and caters primarily to foreign guest since most koreans just cook their meals at the hotel rooms. well not much since the breakfast buffett was included in our package so We've just eaten bacon, eggs, rice, sausages, some korean porridge and some kimchi. the meals were just average.

  • top of sorak cafe

    At the Cable Car Stop near the Top of mount sorak, you can buy refreshments, hot meals, junk food and other food stuffs, the price is a little bit expensive than below though.

  • Eateries & Windmill Hotel

    Just before you reach the entrance of Mt Sorak National Park on the other side of Cheongbong bridge and Seorak bridge, there is a row of shophouses which serve local Korean dishes, which are mianly kimchi and hot meat cooked over a huge pan. You can have your meals here along the way to Mt Sorak National Park. Next the shophouses is a hotel shaped...

  • Korean Barbecue beef or pork.

    I recommend to Seoul Barbecue RestaurantBeef or pork kalbe with Vegetable. Beef or pork kalbe Barbecue.

  • Sokcho The Fresh Seafood !

    You should try the seafood in Sokcho as it is famous,especially the squid dishes which are very tasty.


Sorak-sanmaek Transportation

  • Use A Car

    If you are not fond of Riding Tour Buses, then just rent a car so that you can go places or if you are wealthy, then get a private tour for 2 to 3 people (which cost double the tour price) which uses a car with the driver also acting as the tour guide.

  • Top of Sorak Cable Car

    Here at the Top, You can Buy food and drinks at the snack counter or just hang around and enjoy the view of go to the top peak (200 meters above) or go to the fortress at 100 meters below. the cable car is about 800 meters long and the trip takes 5 minutes each way. Trips interval is about 20 minutes and the cost for a round trip ticket is 7,000...

  • Cable Car

    the cable car to the top of mount sorak is about 800 meters long and the trip takes 5 minutes each way. Trips interval is about 20 minutes and the cost for a round trip ticket is 7,000 won. it is open everyday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


Sorak-sanmaek Shopping

  • Buy Suppiles at Gas Station

    A Gas station nowadays also acts as a rest stop and a convenience store, so during your 4 hour travel from seoul to Mount Sorak, I suggest you stop at a gas station to buy supplies for the long hike and walking that you will do when you enter the Sorak National park! depends on what you buy

  • E - MART Near the Express Bus Terminal...

    ‚QFloor big MART You can buy everything ! Bread,fruits,coke,shoes,bagA lot of products. Cash or credit card.

  • Believe it or Not, you need a Wallet

    Nature reserve or no, Sorak does have shopping opportunities at the bases as well as at the top.Souvenirs are much better at the Sorak entrance (not Osek) and you can pick up beautiful wind chimes and all manner of trinkets and climbing accessories for sky-high prices. At the top of the mountain, make sure you bring some cash with you for hot...


Sorak-sanmaek Local Customs

  • Buy and Taste local foods and sweets

    taste the local delicacies! they are available everywhere and prices starts at 3,00 won to 10,000 won for different sweets!

  • Rock the Tottering Rock

    It's seems customary for any Korean or any visitor to Mount Sorak Park to rock the tottering rock . Yes, almost half of Korean's population has rocked this gigantic rock so it's really surprising that it's still standing there. Give it a go when you're there but don't rock so hard that it falls off its base and rolls down the hill. The local hikers...

  • Sorak-sanmaek Hotels

    0 Hotels in Sorak-sanmaek

Sorak-sanmaek Warnings and Dangers

  • Near the DMZ

    We were surprised when we were there to hear in the news of a North Korean spy on the loose nearby as Mt. Sorak is located just south of the Demilitarized Zone on the Eastern side of the Korean Peninsula. So we were reminded that both Koreas are technically still at war. There are traffic signs of "Beware of Tanks" along the way just to remind us...

  • The crowds

    During the popular summer and autumn months of July to October, many people visit Mt Sorak National Park (mostly local Koreans), especially during the weekends. Because of this, it will cause massive jams in all areas, especially getting into the park, the cable car ride as well as the various hiking trails.

  • Mist, rain and slippery paths

    If you intend to do hiking at Mt Sorak National Park, be prepared because the mountains get misty and rainy quite often resulting in poor visibility, cold weather and slippery paths. Bring the appropriate attire and equipment to prepare yourself for these conditions.


Sorak-sanmaek Tourist Traps

  • Avoid the cable car at Mount Sorak...

    If being crammed like a sardine in a Korean can doesn't appeal to you, avoid the cable car at Sorak Park. Yes, you'll also have to wait about 1/2hr to 1hr to be packed like a sardine. Get some exercise and scale Gwongeumseong or Ulsan Bawi instead. It's less crowded, you'll get to see beautiful things along the way and you won't have to hear piped...

  • Avoid the cafe at Sorak Cable Car...

    The food and drinks at the base of the cable car building is expensive, for God knows what reason.... Avoid buying food and drinks while waiting for your cable car to arrive. I believe the mean management over there is just taking advantage of the hapless tourist who have to wait an hour for their cable car to arrive. Eat at the top of...

  • Expensive food

    The food & drinks in the park is expensive but you do not have much choice anyway because there is no place else to get them.


Sorak-sanmaek What to Pack

  • D_Shannon's Profile Photo

    by D_Shannon Written Oct 13, 2003

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: It's cold. Wear breathable clothes for hiking and bring a warm fleece for the evening. You need decent hiking shoes/boots. If you're going in the winter, you need shoe spikes (you can buy them there).

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: What, you leave home without this stuff? Make sure you've got enough toilet paper.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: A tent would've helped since there were no rooms, but you can do without if it doesn't rain. You do need a warm sleeping bag, and a cushioned floor mat would help. If I was going again, I'd bring an inflatable pillow. You also need a camping stove, a pot, and water containers. And, of course, plenty of ramyeon and tuna!

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Sorak-sanmaek Off The Beaten Path

  • Reminders of a Grim Past...

    This statue is a grim reminder of the Korean War . Not many know this but Mt Sorak was the site of a fierce battle. Lots of soldiers fought and died here due to the harsh, cold conditions...

  • Of Perriers and Monks

    Rumour has it that a monk discovered a wonderful, life-giving spring in Osaek. Yes, the story was wonderfully... bizarre as the monk later disappeared ( maybe he got a green card or something ) . But the water supposedly gets rid of all ailments so give it a try. It tastes exactly like Perrier as it's naturally carbonated. I don't know about the...

  • Of Middle Eastern Men and Pots

    Now, before you think that the pots belong to Ali Baba and that 40 thieves are lurking inside those pots, let me just state for the record that the only middle eastern men I've seen in Korea were the ones protesting outside MyongDong Cathedral.They were to strike against the inhumane working conditions they were subjected to. The pots that you see...


Sorak-sanmaek Favorites

  • Map of Sorak

    Map of Mount Sorak National Park are located in Strategic Areas and are written in Korean and English but I would suggest that you can just get free brochures with the maps included at the ticket booth before buying the entrance tickets to save you time plus you can plan your mode of exploring the park! the free maps and the large maps around the...

  • Try their Bean Curd (Sundubu)

    Unlike most bean curd in asia, here in Sockcho city, they like it uncurdled. It taste different from the curdled ones and is sort of bland but you must taste it since it is a specialty here! cost is 3,000 won an order with free kimchi and is available everyhwere!

  • Try the Fried Mackarel

    This is a Specialty of Sokcho City so I would Recommend that you Try It. Is costs 12,000 won an Order (with rice and lots of kimchi) and is available everywhere!


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