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  • Western Bars and Hofs (Korean Bars)
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  • walterwu's Profile Photo

    Donghae: Donghae - Night Life

    by walterwu Written Oct 10, 2015

    When we were there in Donghae, it was on the Chuseok super holiday period.

    That night when we were in the hotel, the restaurants/night clubs stayed open until around 4-5am in the morning.

    On the other night (when it was a normal working day), the spots closes before midnight but the restaurant beside the hotel stayed open until around 2am

    This outlet stays open until 2am
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  • piglet44's Profile Photo

    All that Jazz: Jazz in Seoul

    by piglet44 Written Aug 3, 2013

    This is an elegant place in the heart of Itaewon entertainment and restaurant area.IT is best to get there early as it gets very crowded.You can eat and drink there and see live bands performing most nights and in between the acts there is a large screen with movies of famous Jazz musicians. Food and drink are also pretty good,although rather expensive of course.It was hard to find at first because we didn't realize it was upstairs so ... look up.

    Dress Code: No dress code.

    at All that Jazz
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  • Arial_27's Profile Photo

    Norabong: Sing the night away

    by Arial_27 Updated Feb 10, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A "norabong" is sort of the Korean equivilent of a karaeoke. Its a private singing room that you rent with your friends, party or whoever you come with. You can pay for the room by the hour, or by 30 minutes usually. It works the same way a kareoke would - you have a song book full of popular songs in Korean and English and can work the machine yourself, and order beer and other drinks/snacks into the room. Its really fun, especially when you're with your friends and can watch eachother sing. Drunkeness is a must :)
    Norabongs are very popular and can be found almost anywhere. All you really need to do is go up to someone on the street and as for "norabong" and they should be able to point you towards one. Especially if you're living in a city (I'm not sure how common they are in rural areas.)

    Be careful though, as there so exists something they call "sexy norabongs" where I'm assuming there is less friends singing, and more random naked Korean girls dancing in the private rooms. You should know right away what kind of place you're in. One time a group of my friends stumbled into a sexy noraebong by accident and got strange looks from the staff.. We knew right away we werent supposed to be there.

    Norabong-ing with co workers

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  • Arial_27's Profile Photo

    Party hotspots in Busan

    by Arial_27 Written Feb 10, 2012

    There are 4 main nightlife districts in Busan: Seomyeon, KSU, PNU, and Haeundae beach. You can see all 4 of these locations if you look at a Busan subway map. The first two are almost within walking distance of eachother, but PNU and Haeundae are a little out of the way (depending on where you're staying of course.) Of all of them, things tend to get messiest in KSU. It has the largest party atmosphere of the four since all the bars are close together so you can easily mingle at one for a while and walk next door to meet your friends at another. There's also a lot of decent food in all of these places.

    Most bars and pubs you will see will have mixtures of Koreans and foreigners in them. There is definitely a foreigner community in Busan and if you live there, you will walk into a bar always seeing someone you know.

    There are several Korean-dominated bars where you don't see many Westerners. But generally the main stream ones full of English teachers are easiest to find. Drinking can get expensive, so watch the exchange rate. Its not Thailand.

    the streets of KSU, 2010 partying it up at my goodbye party in Seomyeon Eva

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  • Arial_27's Profile Photo

    Foxy's: My favourite place in Busan

    by Arial_27 Updated Feb 10, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of my old fave places to go out dancing in Busan. There are 2 floors, large dance floor space and the drinks are decently priced (you get 1 free drink with admission). There tends to be a lot more Koreans here than foreign people, but I never feel out of place, especially when I'm with my friends. The Korean youth usually gladly welcome foreign partiers; almost every time I'm there I end up getting jiggy with a group of Koreans - guys and girls - that I just met. The only downfall of this place is that it isn't overly easy to find, but a lot of people tend to know where it is if you're in the general areas. It costs 10,000 won to enter before 10pm, and after that its 15,000. I've never made it before 10pm, but I imagine it would be pretty empty. Around midnight, it starts to fill up just like any place.

    Its pretty clean here too, good bathrooms, and theres a balcony if you need to cool off.

    Also, things tend to close annually in Korea, so I apologize if this place doesn't exist anymore.

    Dress Code: You need to dress up a little, since its one of the 'nicer' places.

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  • acommon1's Profile Photo

    Your choice of locatoins: Anywhere

    by acommon1 Written Sep 11, 2010

    Ok, if you can not find a fun place to party in Seoul then you have "issues". You can either party where the locals or expats or soldiers hang out. Take your choice.

    The women tend to be welcoming and lovely.

    Dress Code: Depends on where you are going. Most bars don't have a dress code.

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  • Ilike2trvl's Profile Photo

    Clubbing in South Korea

    by Ilike2trvl Updated Jun 6, 2010

    As for the night life, I will mention three locations and then talk about each from a male and female point of view. While it has been some time since I was last there. I have been there a time or two before and nothing had changed since we arrived. The first place I will write about is the Dragon Hill Inn. This is the military's 5 star hotel, it has restaurants, show shine booths , dance club and places to eat.

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  • hongik university street: Indie band club and nights of youngers!

    by fabulous36 Updated May 29, 2010

    Hongick university is central place in academy of art.
    So around the hongick university have various tourist site.
    Especially, nightlife is highlighted. Indie music is unfamiliar, but many indie club is popular for all the people in plesent. It is allow to teenager different from other nightclub.
    You can have fun with artistic music with people who have same hobby in indie music.
    Also, it have usual nightclub for only adult and it have singing room where have good facilities.
    Feel the youth and vitality. And radiate your youthfulness too!
    In addition, hongik university street have freemarket for rookie designer. It is very fascinating choice for shopping unique accesories and clothes and many kind of things.

    Dress Code: No special requirement in dress.
    (fundamentally, not allow pajama, office suit)
    But you should have had a mind for enjoy the music!!hahaha

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  • Seoul city: night limosine

    by sue91604 Written Aug 26, 2009

    Special Seoul Night Tour

    There is nothing more intriguing than taking a night tour of Seoul in a stretch limousine. After arriving in Incheon airport and dropping off your bags, get in one of our stretch limousines and prepare for an experience of a lifetime.
    Whether youfre looking for a romantic, an exciting, or an enjoyable time, gather your co-workers, friends or loved ones and begin your night on the town with our affordable Premium Limousine Service.
    The night will begin with you and your guests being picked up in style in one of our charming 8 passenger stretch limousines. You will then be taken on a 3-hour tour of all the best attractions in town, guided by one of our knowledgeable chauffeurs.
    The welcoming atmosphere and light of Seoul will provide you with warmth as you spend the night exploring the town.
    Also, you can enjoy various tourism sites of the Han River, Breaking the limitation of the current Han River tour by Water Taxi restricted to the limited section and time,
    Private and unique to your needs, our tours are the ultimate way to experience Seoul at night.

    Dress Code: no required

    seoul night limousine
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  • bryankang's Profile Photo

    PC cafe, McDonald's: night time relaxation

    by bryankang Written Oct 12, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you need more place for beer and wine, musical etc. I recommend
    Heywha Sub station in blue(4)line.
    But language barrier is still high.

    For the websurfing at night, Signboard of PC welcome your visiting, 1,200~1,500won ( around USD1.0 ) per hour, also you can eat small snack or cup ramen noodle.

    From July of thisyear, MacDonald's and Lotteria starts 24Hr serving.
    so you can enjoy and relax till you wake up from beer hang over.

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  • bryankang's Profile Photo

    Along the Han River: Fireworks in Seoul

    by bryankang Written Sep 30, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For VT members visiting Seoul thisweek,
    I will give you small tip for Firework

    Subject : Seoul international firework festival
    Date : 4th of October( Saturday )
    Time : PM 05:00~ PM 09:30
    Players: Teams from Korea and HongKong
    Eventplace : Han river civil's park in front of 63BUILDING in YOUIDO,SEOUL
    Webpage :

    if you are near the riverside of Hangang in Seoul, you can enjoy from any place.
    Although main spot is near YOUINARU STATION, you can enjoy it when you stand
    on the any bridge include Olympicgrand bridge 20km distance from 63Building.

    My family waited this event for year, but I cannot keep my promise with my kids because of my business trip to Washington State,USA.

    Wishing a good comments from you guys to share with my kids~

    Dress Code: Get a light jacket for evening temperature.

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  • Singing Chicken & Lucky 7 bars: nightlife, Okpo

    by markcwilkinson Updated Aug 24, 2008

    My tips on nightlife in Okpo would be - don't go there if you don't have to, but if you do, then 2 bars spring to mind.
    The Singing Chicken have several friendly bar staff who take the bother to remember your names if you visit. It's not a night club, but good music is normally played & it gets as busy as it is likely to get on a Saturday night where people dance on the very limited dance floor.
    The place is frequented by ex-pat's & is one of many of the, so called foreign bars of which Okpo seems to have far to many.
    Lucky 7 Bar is similar - a bit more plush, not quite as friendly, but still worth a go if your scratching for something to do.

    Seriously - Okpo is a ship buliding town & everything is geared around extracting money from visiting ex-pat's on business.
    The locals don't seem to mix - especiaially the women- & Saturday night usually comprises of hoards of ex-pat's walking the streets trying to find somewhere to go which is "happening". Take it from me - it isn't.
    There are many "juicy", or as I call them Hostess Bars such as the rather posh Lounge Club in which many a desparate lonely worker has been relieved of his wage.
    My advise- If the Club has a picture, or statue of a woman in the entrance or there are women who ask you to buy them a drink, cut your losses & get out.

    Dress Code: Singing Chicken & Lucky 7 Bar - no dress code required.

    The Singing Chicken's plush exterior

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  • Edith49's Profile Photo

    University District Jeonju/Seoul: Walking the streets

    by Edith49 Updated Feb 4, 2008

    I'm not much of a nightlife person, but we did walk through the Jeonju University District and Seoul University District at night just to see what was going on. It's crazy - there were people everywhere!

    Dress Code: It was the middle of winter when I was there so it was pretty cold and everyone was very bundled up although dressed casually. The cold did not seem to stop them from having a good time!

    Jeonju University District Jeonju University District Seoul University District
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  • mattdoc's Profile Photo

    Hongdae area: Nightlife in Korea

    by mattdoc Written Jun 30, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hongdae area near Hongik university seems to be where most of the variety and action is. Endless variety of bars and clubs and restaurants with their neon signs beckoning. Lots of hip hop places (if that is your thing)- not mine... Try - club complex that has QVO- hip hop and M2- House all under one roof. Alternatively just wander around and see what you like. Expat korean american college exchange students from Yonsei University were making their presence known by gyrating and suggestive dancing that had the natives blushing...

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  • pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo

    Karaoke: Nighttime Serenades

    by pieter_jan_v Updated Mar 12, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Karaoke singing is a favorite nighttime activity. Just rent a room for some hours and bring up the drinks. There are books around with all the popular Korean and International songs. Just sing auto-cued with the lyrics as displayed at the screen. And beware, you even can record the whole session by putting in your own music cassette into the machine!

    Dress Code: Come as you are.

    Local Karaoke

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