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  • Path up to Birobong Peak, Sobaeksan National Park
    Path up to Birobong Peak, Sobaeksan...
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  • Stone marker on top of Birobong Peak (1439m)
    Stone marker on top of Birobong Peak...
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Sobaek-sanmaek Things to Do

  • Trekking (Part 4 of 4)

    The last part of the trek (about 1km) is to the top of Birobong Peak (about 1430 metres above sea level). During this part of the trek, you will be above the tree line and the surrounding is all grass. In the summer months around July every year, this part of the trek is filled with beautiful pink flowers of the Azalea plants.On a clear day, the...

  • Summit of Birobong Peak

    The reward for the 6-7km trek (or climb) one way is reaching the summit of Birobong Peak at about 1430 metres above sea level. There is a stone monument here that marks the summit as well as some seats for you to rest and admire the sceneries (too bad it was cloudy when I was there).Sobaeksan National Park is a very big park, and there are other...

  • Trekking (Part 3 of 4)

    After leaving the half-way rest stop, this section of the trek is tougher as it is steeper and the path is rocky and narrower. Do take your time and be carefully of slipping from the rocks. If you are tired, rest for a while and continue (you have enough time to make it to the top).You will also notice that the trees here are getting shorter due to...

  • Trekking (Part 2 of 4)

    After the first 1-1.5km of easy walk, the next 1-1.5km or so will be tougher as the terrain is more steep. Take your time, walk slowly and enjoy the scenery especially in autumn season.The trail is wide, so no problems here. After about 2 hours walk, you should reach the mid-way rest stop area about 1035 metres above sea level (see my tip at the...

  • Trekking (Part 1 of 4)

    The first 1-1.5 km is rather simple and terrain is rather flat. The trail is wide along the mountain stream, and you need to cross a few wide bridges. Enjoy the scenery here.

  • Park Headquarters

    After walking about 200-300 metres from the park entrance via a well-laid path through the bridge and Darian Waterfalls, you will reach the park headquarters area. You can get maps of the various trekking trails here, as well as get some brochures and even sign a guestbook. There are toilets here as well.If you need further information, you can...

  • Bridge

    There is a bridge you need to cross to view the Darian Waterfalls and get to the Sobaeksan National Park headquarters area, which you would officially start your trek (or hike) up to Birobong Peak.The surrounding views from this bridge is very amazing, especially the mountains and forests.

  • Darian Waterfalls

    While heading to the Sobaeksan National Park headquarters area from the park entrance area, you will walk through a bridge (next VT tip) and there is a waterfall here called the Darian Waterfalls. During the rainy summer months, there would be a lot of water at the waterfalls. However when I was there in autumn, the water here is very little...

  • Sobaeksan Park Entrance Area (Part 2)

    Attached here are more photos of the beautiful entrance area of Sobaeksan National Park. After you trekking to Birobong Peak, it is worthwhile spending sometime here to relax while waiting to take the public bus back to Danyang town.


Sobaek-sanmaek Restaurants

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    Rest stop during the trek up Sobaeksan

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    During the trek up to the peak of Sobaeksan, there is a rest stop halfway up the peak (about 15km from the park entrance).

    There is a shop here where you can get some cold drinks (about US$1 per can) as well as have some simple snacks before moving on again. There are also toilets here as well.

    The rest stop is very popular because it is the only one on the way to the peak. If you are tired and need a rest and some drinks or food, this is the place to do it :-)

    Rest stop on the way up to the summit of Sobaeksan
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Sobaek-sanmaek Transportation

  • Taxi from Danyang to Sobaeksan National...

    If you want a more confortable ride from Danyang town to Sobaeksan National Park or travelling in a group of about 4 people, you can consider taking a taxi instead of the bus.There are taxis waiting at the taxi stand just outside the town's bus terminal next to the river and big bridge, especially in the morning. The taxi cost less than US$10 per...

  • Bus from Danyang to Sobaeksan National...

    The best and cheapest way to reach Sobaeksan National Park from Danyang town is to take the bus. The bus interval is about 1 hour and it costs less than US$1 per trip. Total time is about 30 minutes which will send you right in front of the park entrance to the national park.Where to take the bus from Danyang? Well, you can take it at the bus stop...

  • Sobaek-sanmaek Hotels

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Sobaek-sanmaek Warnings and Dangers

  • Warning (Weather & Clouds)

    Being in the mountain areas, the weather can be very unpredictable so bring raingear and enough warm clothings especially if you are trekking in the autumn months.Also, it can be cloudy from 1,000 metres above sea level onwards. This will reduce visibility, so walk slowly especially in the rocky trail areas.There are many local people doing this...

  • Warning (Trekking)

    When trekking up Birobong Peak, do take note of the followings:- This is not a simple walk, so you must be reasonbly fit.- Wear proper attire, especially good trekking shoes.- Bring raingear along, as the weather can change quickly.- Bring along enough water and some food, as well as some first aid medication and plasters.- Walk along the trail and...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Sobaek-sanmaek Favorites

  • Flora of the mountains

    The plants change as you move up the mountain. Below 1,000 metres, you will see the usual temperate forest. Between 1,000 to 1,300 metres, the trees are shorter with wavy shapes due to the poorer soil conditions and cooler clouds gathering. Above about 1,300 metres, the tree line is reached and this zone only consist of grass and Azalea shrubs...

  • Maps and Signages (Part 3 of 3)

    Attached are more maps and signages:- Map of the mountains which is located on top of Birobong Peak.- Photos of the pink Azalea plants near the summit which bloom during summer.- Map of the park entrance area.

  • Weird tree bark

    Towards the top of Birobong Peak, there is an interesting and weird tree bark as shown in this photo. There is a signage explaining what this is, but unfortunately it is in Korean language which I do not understand :-)


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