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  • Busy nights in Daegu
    Busy nights in Daegu
    by DSwede
  • Some friendly Daeguans
    Some friendly Daeguans
    by miketrudeau
  • Things to Do
    by Gryphon25

Daegu Things to Do

  • Visit Keimyung College

    The local college in Daegu is Kiemyung College. It is rather new, and the buildings are very beautiful. The college is built into a hilside. At the top is the church. All very spectacular.On the campus there is a re-creation of an ancient school and village. It shows in exact detail how an old village and school would look a few hundred years ago....

  • Night Markets

    There is a main pedestrian street that starts by the main Train Station and goes south into the heart of the old downtown.There are countless shops and boutiques along these streets, but if there are also plenty of street vendors out in the evening and early night hours.You can buy anything from clothes, shoes, souveneirs, DVD's to suitcases,...

  • Woobang Tower Land

    For a bit of family fun go to Woobang Tower Land. There are many rides. The main attraction is the camel back. There are activities for everyone. Woobang tower is inside the complex. There is an ice skating rink as well as a sky deck. The sky deck has a good view of a Daegu. If you are inclined to go abit over the edge you can do it. There is a...

  • Gatbawi

    Wow. What a beautiful sight. Gatbawi is a medicinal Budha situated on a peak in Palgongsan Park. It was built in the 7th century. It is most noted for the flat rock on its head. The panoramic view from the top is absolutely stunning. Legend goes that the Bubha will grant you one wish. So choose wisely. You should also have a go trying to place a...

  • Donghwasa Temple

    Donghwasa was found in the 5th century. It has since been rebuilt many times. During the Japanese invasion it was used by the monks as a headquarters. During Chuseok the main temple grounds are busy with children playing traditional games. It is also decorated with many colourful lanterns.The main attraction Tong-il Daebul is a 33m high medicinal...

  • Daegu Arboretum

    The arboretum is on the slope of Apsan. There is a nice variety of plants and lots of places to sit and relax. The highlights are the two hot houses. The one contains a huge variety of bonzai trees. The shapes and sizes are always different. The second hot house contains cacti and other desert plants from around the world. Walk carefully amongst...

  • Walking up Palgongsan

    A pleasant walk in the mountains and achance to get outside of Daegu. The walk is not too long or too strenous. It has an absolutely amazing view of Daegu. One option is to bring some food and some beer and have a picnic at the top. There is also a restaurant at the top cable car station. The food is good and well priced.

  • Suseong Lake

    Suseong is a nice quite relaxing place compared to the rest of Daegu. There are many places to sit and relax around the lake. You can even sit at some of the food stalls tables so long as you buy something. You can also rent one of the swan paddle boats and go out on the lake. You can also watch the sunset. There are many coffee shops and...

  • Slightly quiet walk in the park

    Daegu is very busy and there are many people but If you want to get a little piece and quite go to Dalseong Park. It is with in walking distance of Jungangno station. It is a bright spot of green and the view of downtown is quite good. You do feel a little sorry for the animals though.


Daegu Hotels

See all 36 Hotels in Daegu
  • Eldis Regent Hotel

    This is a 4 star hotel in the center of Daegu City. As you would expect, the rooms are perfect. Good...

  • Hotel Taegu Garden

    I have stayed here two different times. On both occassions the rooms have been clean, beds clean and...

  • Novotel Daegu City Center

    11-1 Munhwa-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, 700-733, South Korea

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

Daegu Restaurants

  • Russian & East Europe cuisine

    This restaurant is run by a family of immigrants. They don't speak much English, but their English is much better than their Korean. Thankfully though, they do have a few pictures of their menu dishes and know how to say the major ingredients.The portions are of decent size and cost is very reasonable The lamb is great. It does not have much in...

  • Tex-Mex and more

    The Holy Grill is run by a couple Canadians and staffed by some friendly Koreans. Therefore the menu, atmosphere and entertainment is authentically western and not something that is "Koreanized".There is a large flat screen TV that often plays the popular sports games or what ever else suits the mood. The tables, booths and bar are quite...

  • All you can eat, drink and dance!

    The Ariana Brau is a microbrewery, with three types to choose from (Weisen, Pilsner, Stout). From the hours of 6pm~9pm, the Ariana Brau is open as a restaurant.They do offer menu items, but you would be faulting if you did not simply opt for the all you can eat and drink buffet. For ~$17, you can fill your belly on good food (both western and Asian...

  • Great Indian near Kyungpook University

    The dishes might look small upon first ordering them, but the flavors are rich and they will easily fill you up, regardless of how hungry you are. This is a local haunt for many of the university students and teachers since it is 2F, immediately across from the Kyungpook Univ north gate.There are both western and asian tables so you can dine in...

  • Tres Magnifique!

    Presentation for each dish was as beautiful as it was tasty. Interiors were reminiscent of "French Country"...open beams, whitewashed walls, sturdy classic French tables and chairs. Waitstaff were dressed professionally in starched white shirts & black trousers/slacks. The restaurant came highly recommended and we're glad we made the treacherous...

  • Possibly the best (Western) lunch spot...

    Cafe INTO is a great little place, and if you go there any Sunday between now and October 2006 you'll probably see my wife and I, perhaps with a couple of friends, sitting at one of the four tables eating delicious food and splitting an afternoon bottle of wine.This tiny place was opened by a Korean master chef after he returned to Daegu having...


Daegu Nightlife

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  • Westerners hangout with live music

    Commune's Club has a subtitle of Lonely Hearts, but do not let that fool you. Weekends usually see this place alive with all sorts of foreigners and a few of the westernized locals.The club is in the basement level, so no windows and the acoustics might not let you hear the band from the street.Even if this is not your type of scene, this is where...

  • night life

    O.K. your wondering about the cherry club by the U.S. base, well, im by that base and its what we call a "juicy club".There are girls there that work under contract and they sit and talk with you if you buy them a drink.It has lights and music and all of that stuff.Its not that big of a club but if you pay enough money to one of the girls ifs she`s...

  • NEW HiP hOp SpOt

    The club is NEW!!! Just opened. I havent went inside of it yet but in passing they played pretty good music. I dont know the dress code, but if its a hip hop type of club, there is probably no dress code. That doesnt mean that you should dress like a scrub tho. Come Clean!!!

  • Da Rock

    Gypsy Rock is a decent sized club, compared to korean standards. It has a hip-hop part which is downstairs and a techno part which can be found upstaris. The hip-hop portion of the club charges a cover, normally 5 thousand won or approximately 5 U.S. dollars. Its probably the best club in the city. It opens at 10 and closes well after 3. Its...

  • Western Clubs in Daegu...

    there are a few places downtown, Elvis club that was mentioned was old school and shut down a long time ago, turned into head bang bang...the biggest place to go is Gypsy rock but if you go on a weekend before 1 a.m. you'll just find tons of american g.i.'s and korean girls...Kiss me club is sometimes bumpin'...Funkaholic too...there is the beer...

  • Elvis Is In The House!

    Good beer and good decor with lots of modern music playing really loud. The beer comes in huge pitchers with dry-ice smoke billowing out of them and lights that change the colour of the beer from red to blue to green in the bottom. Free popcorn, good service, and some westerners hang out there. Staff speaks some English. Reasonable prices, and you...


Daegu Transportation

  • Daegu Recharge Card

    I recommend you get yourself a transportation recharge card. It is very useful if you plan to do alot of sightseeing around Daegu. They cost W 2000 and can be bought at most subway stops. You can also recharge it at all subway stops. You can use it pay for the subway and local busses. You also get a discount rate on the subway system.

  • City busses

    The city busses in Daegu are very cheap, and unique in that they come in three different flavours. There are the community shuttles, which are the cheapest and dirtiest, the regular busses, which are pretty much like any city bus you've ever seen and cost a fraction more than the community shuttles, and then there are the deluxe busses, which cost...

  • Daegu Hotels

    36 Hotels in Daegu

Daegu Shopping

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  • Yes, there are Western goods in Korea

    CostCo... if you do not know what that means, then maybe this store is not what you are looking for.All goods are sold in bulk, but they key here is that they are western goods... the items that are hard to find in Korea. All goods from back home are available... including those somewhat harder to find items, like Turkeys near...

  • Bikers from the world unite

    Simply put it is a Harley-Davidson shop. There are two stores in Korea, one in Seoul and one in Daegu. If you have a bike, this is the only place to get parts. If you like their clothes is the the only place to get genuine HD attire The clothes are mostly for the local Koreans. You better search for a LARGE and make sure it fits.Most local Koreans...

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Daegu Local Customs

  • Table Buttons

    In many Korean restaurants, there is a button on each table with which to call service. When you press it, a bell rings and someone comes promptly to your table. It's a great detail once you get used to it. When we first got here, being the polite and passive Canadians that we are, we were at first reluctant to so obtrusively call a waiter instead...

  • Pass with two hands

    When you pass money or anything else of value to a Korean, hold whatever it is with both hands. Alternatively, you can hold it with one hand and touch your elbow with your other hand. I think the latter is an informalisation of the former.

  • Hiking on the Weekends

    The Koreans of Daegu love hiking. The city is surrounded by forested mountains, and riddled with trails. On nice summer weekends there is an exodus to these mountains, and the trails fill up with people decked out in hiking gear.In Canada, there are people who bike to work every day and yet wear the most scientifically advanced biking gear, and...


Daegu Off The Beaten Path

  • How to get to Haeinsa

    In my opinion the best way to get there is from Seo-bu Bus station in Daegu. There are about 15 buses a day to the Haeinsa area from Seo-bu Bus Station. The price is about 7,000W. It should stop in front of the Gaya National Park building. Then it will cost about about 10,000W to get to the Haeinsa turnoff. Then its a 1 km walk to the temple and...

  • SPA valley

    A perfect place for relaxing.The SPA valley has a bade pool, SPA, steam room, water park and a fitness center.It also has a souvenir shop located at the first floor where you can purchase items such as armatheraphy, health products and character goods (eg. Sdalyi dolls - the character of SPA valley)

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Daegu Favorites

  • miketrudeau's Profile Photo

    by miketrudeau Written Dec 14, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Supposedly it never snows in Daegu during the winters, but in the middle of of November 2005 we got an overnight two inches or so. So there you are. Sometimes, it snows in Daegu! How informative a tip this is!
    Seriously though, although the sun shines about three hundred and fifty days a year here, the winters can be bitingly cold, and there's a wind that just whips right through light jackets as though they were nothing. Be warned!

    Snow on the garden in Daegu
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