Sri Lanka Favorites

  • Temple near Aluthgama, Bentota
    Temple near Aluthgama, Bentota
    by WStat
  • River Bathing..
    River Bathing..
    by Treshi
  • Afternoon Bath..
    Afternoon Bath..
    by Treshi

Sri Lanka Favorites

  • save elephants and villagers

    I'm not only more than serously keen on wildlife photography but I'm also an earnest conservationist and Ravi Corea's projects are great also to experience!!Please have a look at Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation SocietyTo be continued...

  • ETA : Document for obtaining your...

    Today we apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).ETA is not a Srilankan Visa.Its a document for obtaining your Srilankan Visa.You can apply on line by visiting the to Sri Lanka visiting for tourism purposes must obtain a Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) prior to arrival or on arrival to Sri...

  • Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee

    The official currency of Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan Rupee (Rs.) which is split into 100 cents.The most commonly found denominations are as follows:Banknotes: Rs. 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000.Coins: Rs. 1, 2, 5 and 10.In practice, we found that we mainly used banknotes during our stay and only occasionally got low value coins in our...

  • Beaches on the West coast.

    Miles of beautiful sandy beaches for miles in both directions from The Hotel Club Dolphin, but!The sand is so strange, it's not easy to walk on without something on your feet, as it is so sharp and the grains are so large. And as you walk along, you come up to little coves or rocky outcrops from the beach, and to our horror, these areas where...

  • Lion beer is the main beer brand.

    Lion beer is what you are most likely to see if you go for a drink in Sri Lanka and prefer beer.It comes in a lager version which is by far the most popular, but they also have a strong version aswell as a stout.The brewery is very old and founded way back in 1881 and is today partly owned by Carlsberg which they also market in Sri Lanka.The...

  • Sri Lanka is tea country.

    Sri Lanka is the 4th largest producer of tea in the world and it accounts for 12% of the GDP and creates an income of 700 million dollars a year to the nation so this is really somethings that matters here.The tea is grown up in the highlands in the center of the country where the conditions are good for such production and if you head for the...

  • Hotel are not always hotels in Sri...

    In Sri Lanka you will often see a hotel sign outside a small house serving food.They have a tradition of calling small restaurants for hotels in Sri Lanka and that can sometimes be a little confusing if you are looking for a place to stay for the night.In general you should look for a "guest house" sign if you need some budget accomodation in Sri...

  • Get some local insect repellant.

    Sri Lanka is quite bug ridden and you will find that evenings can often turn in to a lot of scratching unless you have some good mosquito repellant.the good news is that they make a really effective one on the island and it's much cheaper than the one from the international farmaceutical companies.It has a smell of lemon and smells less toxic than...

  • Superb!!

    Thank you everyone.. we had a really amazing time in Sri Lanka...As this is a Tip too I will like to add that we went in January 2012 for 6 nights 7 days. We were 2 adults with 1 infant (23 months).We did a car right from the airport for 7 days. From there we went on to Yala Lake View (in Tissa - 45 min from Yala National Park) stayed for one...

  • Travel in Sri Lanka

    If you can make it a 5 night stay, I would also suggest going to Kandy and doing day trips from there. Although the beaches in the south around Hikkaduwa and further are wonderful, to be honest, you can see wonderful beaches all throughout south-east asia. I would not stay in CMB. Depending on how much luxury and pampering you need will also...

  • Roadside restaurants

    Travelling by road between places, especially in the Hill Country, can be long and tiring. Thankfully there are plenty of restaurants along main roads where you can stop for a rest or a meal.I stopped at a roadside restaurant at Kitugala as I travelled from Nuwara Eliya to Bentota. The restaurant was in a lovely location next to a river and served...

  • Shopping close to Wattala

    Pegasus Reef is just 3km away from my home (Its my home town).. You have picked a very good Hotel to spend your holidays as they have refurbished the hotel and its in topping condition.. I used to stroll down the beach at night and dip in the shallow end of the peer (just 300m from Pegasus)Many of the large shopping centers your looking for are in...

  • Cell Phone charges for Tourists to SL

    a sim card in SL capital colombo is around 1-3 dollars and can be recharged very easily. SL has very good coverage in cell phones and most tourist should consider taking one and smsing their loved ones when they are here as well as for their added safety. The rates for SMS abroad to any country is only around US cents 5 per sms. call rates per US,...

  • High Days and Holidays

    Sri Lanka has lots of bank holidays, around 25 (comparped to 9 in the UK) the principle Christian and Muslim Holidays are honoured, there’s Sinhala & Tamil New Year and Buddhists celebrate each full moon with something called Poya Day. Shops, banks and offices close so towns can appear quiet while hotels and beaches get busy as richer Sri Lankans...

  • When monkeys attack

    When you go to Dambula, a Buddist Temple that was carved out of rock (supposedly by one man), there's lots of monkeys around. The monkeys occassionly come out and snatch stuff from people. There was a little 2 or 3 year old boy in our group. He could barely talk. His mom had given him a pouch of roasted cashews, and he was happily eating away...

  • Wonderful People ! Come and Visit Today...

    Hi !Am already here, got here as soon as I heard the war was over. Staying for 6 weeks. Safer than most countries now. This is my 6th trip, and it is wonderful!The whole nation was celebrating the victory ! Already traveled to Kandy, Trincomalee, and the Tea Gardens in the Mountains these past few days.Come and enjoy !Well the nicest place in Sri...

  • Buffalo Curd: First Aid for a Dodgy...

    By the roadside and in village shops everywhere you will find people selling buffalo curd or Mee Kiri in Sinhala (Mee = Buffalo and Kiri = Milk).Mee Kiri is my secret weapon against stomach trouble while in Sri Lanka, all that healthy live bacteria can wipe out unpleasant things going on in your tum, hardly my favourite thing about Sri Lanka but it...

  • Photographs

    Some Sri Lankan people may not have taken many photographs but they wouldn't let that stop them having a go.If you ask someone to take a photo that’s important to you, it might be an idea to check it first rather than just assume that it will come out ok.

  • Staying with Friends

    I read somewhere that Sri Lankan law requires all persons, including foreigners* who are guests in private houses to register at the local police station. I have been staying with friends in Sri Lanka for 10 years and I tried to do this once but the police had no idea what I was talking about.*This does not apply to individuals staying in hotels or...

  • The King Coconut

    If you are on the road and your water is running low (or you are simply looking for a safe alternative to sugary soft drinks) the water of the king coconut or thambili is available just about everywhere. Locals claim all manner of claims about the Thambili from just'cleansing the palate' to settling an upset tummy and that you can survive for...

  • Surviving the Monsoon

    I should really say surviving the rains as the 'Monsoon' is the wind, which brings the rain clouds along with it. Sri Lanka is beautiful whatever the weather and the European winter is still the best time to visit the west of the island for sun-worshippers but the weather has been unsettled in recent times and you might get rained on at any time so...

  • Cinnamon

    Spice has played an important part in the history of Sri Lanka, it was spice that first attracted the Europeans here and control of the spice trade led to hundreds of years of fighting, chiefly between Portugal and Holland for control of the Island. The most important of these spices is cinnamon and most of the worlds cinnamon still originates in...

  • Sinhala script

    The Sinhala language uses a particular alphabet which although resembles to some extent to Indian and Nepalese ones, it’s quite difficult to understand. Most of the Sinhala letters are curlicues, elegant swirls and fluorishes making up 58 letters. Straight lines are almost completely absent from the alphabet. This is because Sinhala used to be...

  • Moonstones

    Moonstones are semicircular slabs of hard granite gneiss or limestone placed at the foot of the flights of steps leading to ancient edifices and places of worship, they originated in India and were later introduced to Sri Lanka with the advert of Buddhism. It is here however that moonstones developed into magnificent pieces of art, richly decorated...

  • Money

    Sri Lanka is more expensive than India. The largest expenditure for a budget traveller would be accommodation (count around 5-8 euros/night, allow 10-12 euros for the capital), and some entrance tickets in most popular areas (7 euros, 1000 Rs) for places such as Pinnewala or Kosgoda. A global entry ticket (40 USD) allows one full day in each of the...

  • bona fide visas

    30 days visas are granted upon arrival for most passports (called bona fide visas), see list at Visa fees depend on nationality of passport, see list of fees here:

  • Weather in October / Spending Money

    I can give you a rough hint, what the weather in Beruwela could be like in October:last year (2007) there were exactly 12 sunny days (no rain), 7 sunny/partly cloudy days and 12 rainy days. Yet, rain does not mean to expect a 24-hour downpouring. Frequently it rains hard for 1-2 hours and gets then cloudy, partly sunny afterwards.Your spending will...

  • Expences while in Bentota.

    As to How much to take will depend on what you want to have and do.Meals at a Star class hotel should be about USD 10/- per person per meal.Drinks - A beer would cost approx USD3/- to 4/- Scotch 50ml USD 5/-, soft drinks approx USD 1/-Excursions - from Bentota. Elephant Orphanage - USD 100/- Turtle Hatchery, Kosgoda - USD 20/- to 30/- Galle Fort -...

  • safe

    Hi mate……Not a single tourist been effected in sri lanka , 23 years history of ethnic conflict. Also never kidnapped foreign person in sri lanka. I have personally experience the way local people treated fro foreigners effected even during the tsunami, they were very helpful and friendly.Terrorist never want to get disturb revenue which is coming...

  • Registration of a motor vehicle.

    Just thought I'll convert a forum reply to a tip.But on registration, if you are to but a brand new or unregistered bike the company that you buy the bike from will do the registration and all the parer work there is absolutely no hassel, if it is an already registered/second hand bike you might have to submit the parer work to the RMV ( registra...

  • Money

    Sri Lanka uses the rupee as its currency (not the Indian rupee incidentally) notes come in 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 2000 rupees. It is easy to mistake the 500 rupee note for the 100 rupee one, which is annoying but not the end of the world. New notes Rs 2000, 1000, 50, 20 and 10 depicting Sri Lankan heritage sites are expected to be in...

  • City of Kandy

    Kind people, Places and events for any age or any taste Beaches, elephants, monkeys and other exotic animals, nature, Green trees all over, water falls, flowers, kind people

  • A complete package

    The people in Sri Lanka are very hospitable and helpful. We were there on our honeymoon and wanted to find an Indian reestaurant in Colombo one night. A local auto rickshaw driver (they call them tuk tuk) took all pain to call up his friends and taking us around multiple restaurants till the time we found one we liked (The Mango Tree). He even...

  • Little Switzerland ))

    Tea Plantations ( ex Ceylan..) are of course everywhere in the center of this country...but i don't like tea )))))))... Rice and Curry of Sri Lanka ...a real delice....Beautiful exotic fruits also...And so many Boudha's and Stupas )))Let's not forget the elefants..but without fences and not very wild ....You will see also everywhere people washing...

  • Sri Lankan people

    Sri Lanka has typically been overshadowed by its large neighbor, India. Most articles and books about Sri Lanka label it “a tropical paradise” and that’s no exaggeration. Birds you’ve never heard awake you even amidst the choking pollution of Colombo, the capital city. Outside the cities, things get even more lush, and you can cover a lot of ground...

  • Cultural Triangle Ticket

    Paying separate entrance for each one of the sites in Cultural Triangle may add a lot in your budget (around $15 each!!), so it is wise enough and a good value to get the rather expensive (by Sri Lankan standards) Cultural Triangle ticket. This cost around 40$ (!!) and covers six sights (Anuradhapura, Sigirirya, Polonnaruwa, Nalanda, Medirigiriya,...

  • A weird way to stay dry

    This guy must have forgotten his umbrella. When it started to rain, he took shelter underneath this elephant.

  • The Bhuddist Flag

    THE BUDDHIST FLAGYou will see the Buddhist flag everywhere in Sri Lanka - at temples and in the street. It was designed by Colonel Henry Steele Olcott, an American journalist, in 1880 and first raised in Sri Lanka in 1885. It is a symbol of faith and peace and used to represent Buddhism everywhere.Although fairly recent, the five colours represent...

  • Elephants

    They are not to miss but going on an elephantsafari was for me the most fascinating thing i have done there. So there are no elephants at all and when you look next they come walking from the bushes. Not fast but step by step they come closer, small ones big ones.The pictures shows the Pinewela elephant orphanage. There they look after elephants...

  • driving

    Self Driving - I have driven in many different countries without a problem. But after personally witnessing Sri Lankan driving skills, its definitely a challenge only for the locals.Buses - they are very cheep, always full to overflowing, very hot and often unroadworthy. But if you want the trill give them a go, but make it a short trip, and sit...

  • Experiance Sri Lanka to the maximum

    You can see everything on Sri Lanka. You can have a nice day at the hot beaches one day and the next day be cold in the brittish weather in Nuwara Eliya. You can see the coconuts groving in the backyard off your hotelgarden and stop your cars to let a wild elephant over the road. You can have a religous experiance in a buddhist tempel or have a...


    UNESCO World Heritage sites in Sri Lanka, the ones I have visited are marked with *Ancient City of Polonnaruwa (1982) *Ancient City of Sigiriya (1982) *Sacred City of Anuradhapura (1982) *Old Town of Galle and its Fortifications (1988) Sacred City of Kandy (1988) *Sinharaja Forest Reserve (1988) Golden Temple of Dambulla (1991*for information only,...

  • Lovely Landscapes, Beaches and a lot...

    The historical Triangle with the lovely landscapes in between your stops!Go and watch people living their normal life! These rich green and so mountainious landscapes on our round trip! The beautiful beaches and coasts.

  • The people

    The Sri Lankans are some of the nicest people I have met. They are friendly, always willing to talk and even when they are trying to get you to buy something they are always polite. The elephants in the orphange will always be one of the most awsome sights I have ever seen.

  • Cultural Triangle Ticket

    If you will be visiting more than one of the cultural triangle sights-you really need the inclusive ticket. It costs around $36 usd. The price has gone up since the tsunami. This ticket covers the following sights:Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Ritigala, Nalanda, and Medirigiriya-plus a few sights in Kandy. The ticket is good for 60 days from...


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  • Mount Lavina Hotel

    One of the colonial type of hotels situated in Mt Lavinia about 40 minutes drive from the Colombo...

  • Earl's Regency Hotel Kandy

    We reserved this hotel by booking/com and stayed with my family. We were lucky to selected this...

  • Tamarind Hill

    No: 288 Galle Road, Dadella, Galle, 80000, Sri Lanka

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

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