Sri Lanka Restaurants

  • Restaurants
    by Treshi
  • Restaurants
    by Treshi
  • Restaurants
    by Treshi

Sri Lanka Restaurants

  • DEVON Restaurant . KANDY

    A very organized and neat restaurant. Food is very cheap but still of good quality and well cooked and decorated. I enjoyed my meals in Devon because it was tasty and the service is excellent. The menu is huge with international and local cuisine. There are even Chinese dishes. Fish and meat and chicken are about 400 - 500rps. The rest are much...

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken

    Although I hate this kind of food, I tried once and found it delicious, because it seemed a real chicken I was eating and had the slightly spicy taste of Sri Lankan food. I am not sure if it's healthy but I 'd like to hope that they are using real walking local chickens .... However it was very tasty.You will find it on Dalada Vidiya street, the...

  • The Bake house, KANDY

    If you feel like just having a bite visit the famous Bake House on Dalada Veediya, the main street. It has a lot of baked delicacies to try. The sweets and different kinds of bread are displayed in the glass windows and the whole place smells so good that it is difficult to resist even if you are not very fond of fast food, like me. There are also...

  • Serendipity Arts Cafe , GALLE

    Its artistic environment invites you to come in. I just came in for a moment to have a look at the books and ended up eating and talking to the owners. I had a big chicken sandwich wrapped in some kind of pita bread, enormous and delicious. I paid 660rps.You are likely to meet with other art lovers and locals around the travelers' table surrounded...

  • The best brownies in Sri Lanka !!!

    This is on the corner of Lighthouse and Pedlar streets. It is an elegant coffee shop with a romantic environment.. It belongs to the Barista Lavazza international chain. It serves the perfect coffee and tasty sandwiches and other beverages as well as delicious salads and other tasty dishes.Tel : 091 2233099 mob: 077 6973218The pastry shop attached...

  • Hotel Mango Garden & Restaurant, KANDY

    Mango Garden is on the south slope of the lake. It is not too far from the lake road, so you can go up and down on foot. The people managing it are very nice and friendly.A large wooden veranda attracts a lot of people. It is pleasant and airy and has a good view, although it is going to be obstructed by a new huge construction being built.Anyway...

  • German Feast!

    Just returned home from a restaraunt ive been dying to visit for over a year! The Sovereign German Resaraunt, which is located in Nawala (Just a few metres away from my house) is simply sublime! I had my favourite, which is Chicken Cordon Bleu, and my Hubby enjoyed the Pot-roast Pork. Our dishes were accompanied with Mashed Potato, Mushroom and...

  • Must Visit

    Very good! Had freat food and service. Went to this restaurant twice and were happy both times. Good variety of dishes, including seafood and local sri-lankan cuisine.Freindly, good service. Rice and curry - Sri Lankan style

  • Best place for freash sea food

    Located in beach, serves fresh sea food, sri lankan, western and eastern foods. Prices are reasonable and good place for chillout on the beach. Highly recommended. We had lobster. It was delicious with vegetable rice and french fries.

  • Lovely place for al fresco dining

    We have dropped into this restaurant for breakfast on the way from the airport to Giritale.Excellent traditional set up, the place is clean and well-kept.Menu is quite rich, and mainly consists of Sri lankan curries and other typical local food.We've chosen omelettes with toasts, few curries and fresh juices.Food was good, however curries were a...

  • Polonnaruwa

    Let's face it - I'm not a fan of buffets.. usually the food is very indifferent and of no quality at all. Sadly this restaurant was not the exception. I guess I'll never understand why Sri Lankans are so fond if buffets The usual buffet-style Sri Lankan dishes - hot, spicy and not very good tasting. There must be better Sri Lankan food than this....

  • On the Beach

    This is one of many restaurants along the beach front in Unawatuna. The 3-wheel driver reccomended it to me. The tables or on the sand, with the surf not far away. They serve a good variety of food and drinks. The service is good, as is the food. Devilled Chicken

  • Good Local Rice and Curry in Kandy

    My 3-wheeler driver took me to this very nice restaurant. It is a bit out of town, but a very good experience. It is situated next to Wedamedura Auyerveda. I had a very good Rice and curry with chicken, at reasonable prices and good service. I can recommend this restaurant anytime!Remember when ordering Rice with Curry, you get about 6 side dishes...

  • Rice and Curry

    i see many reviewers saying you can find rice and curry anywhere and its mostly spicy. many erupoion people were unhappy with there food just for this reason. Sri lankan main food is rice and curry, but it does not mean that you cant find any other kind of food there. the most important thing is do your research. this will give u a good idea about...

  • Only Place for AUTHENTIC SRI LANKAN...

    After 2 nights in Colomobo we wondered how we would manage for food in sri Lanka..the Restaurants served only a very Bland TOURISTY VERSION of Sri Lankan food and we asked our driver enroute to our next destination that we wanted REAL lankan food and not some upmarket place serving passable cury and we were DELIGHTED when he stopped a bit...

  • Probably the Best Place to Eat in Tissa

    Nice food in a garden setting We had rice and curry, mixed rice and noddles for four, with drinks it was less than Rs1000

  • Lovely Local Food

    This is a local place above a bakery in Aluthgama, it is owned by a German man and the food is excellent,from the outside it doesn't look very much ,but don't let that put you off. It is very cheap and the portions are enormous!! Mixed Fried Rice, absolutely delicious.

  • good Indian food

    the food was excellent, particularly the naans and paratha.We walked around Colombo and most decent restaurants seemed to be in hotels but most only had buffets, we went to above to order ala carte and it was a good value overall. cheese and garlic naan; spicy, cheesy and certain to make you breath curl peoples hair

  • Best Thai Food court in Colombo

    Very nice and great experience if you had thai food in Sri Lanka. Not really the same you had in Thailand but better then nothing.Nice decor and excellent shopping mall. Pad thai seafood and tom yam soup.

  • The best chinese restaurant in Colombo

    As for me, chinese cusine is a must if you reallt like chinese dishes. I had a great time and very excellent food in the restaurant. Nice staff and comfort place to dine.The variety of the menu is widely. Chilli crab,claypot beancurd,stir fried chicken in drak chilli sauce and wanton soup. YUMMY..!!!

  • Variety of Asian food

    The foodcourt had alot to offer from different cuisine. Its cheap and nice. Crowded during weekend. Dont expect to have a seat upon your arrival. There's a Thai stall that mostly promote thai dish. The tom Yam seafood soup not that bad. But here in Sri Lanka, the meal is really a big portion.Try the Chicken Tom Yam Soup and Phai Thai. Cost around...

  • Sri Lankan food

    Now if you're fond of Indian food, here's some good news for you. In culinary terms it shares much of its large neighbour. Unfortunately I am not, so I found the local cuisine repetitive and hot, hot, hot. What is to be found easily around is rice and curry. In fact everything (chicken, fish, meat) is with curry. If you don't want to have your...

  • Good food and great prices

    If your trip takes you along the A4 road through Ratnapura have your driver stop at the excellent Lindys Restaurant and Bakery at Batugedara (just to the south of Ratnapura towards Haputale). There are no inflated tourist prices at Lindys, the owner manager has many years of catering experience in Sri Lanka and abroad, his place is well managed,...

  • Small family restaurants

    Along the coast, especially areas where travellers stay, you can find simple, family run restaurants. Usually just a small room in a house with a few tables, they can give you a chance to sample good traditional food. The selection is whatever they have on hand at the time...typically fresh fish, lamb, vegetables, curries etc. Finish off your meal...

  • Fast food in Colombo

    I'm really not the kind of person to eat alot of fast food, but I guess I just got a bit tired of curries in Sri Lanka, so on our last day we ate at both KFC and Pizza Hut within 24 hours. But even these American icons have a Sri Lankan flavour to them here; Pizza Hut Express has three varieties of pizza - spicy vegetable, spicy chicken, and...

  • Great seafood in Galle

    We were very happy to find this place which fills a void in Galle Fort, where we had a hard time finding budget restaurants. It is small and intimate with just three tables, and it has a very nice view of the ramparts, good food, cheap prices, and friendly service. It began in October 2005 as a juice bar (hence the name), but people kept requesting...

  • Good veg curry dinner in Anuradhapura

    This guesthouse has a very nice set vegetarian dinner for Rs 300. It comes with rice, three or four curries according to the menu though we were served five, plus salad and dessert. We weren't very hungry so we asked if we could share one dinner between the two of us, and they brought us more food than we could finish but still only charged us Rs...

  • Cheap pizzas and curries in Galle Fort

    Apart from the guesthouses, Aruna's restaurant is one of the few budget options for eating in Galle Fort. It's a tiny family-run place with just four tables. They do pretty good pizzas and curries, and the service is quick and the price reasonable. Since there is no staff other than the couple who live there and run the place, they may close...

  • Good seafood in Tangalla

    This guesthouse does a very good job of preparing fresh fish, and at a price much lower than many of the neighbouring establishments. It may take a while for the food to come, but the wait is worth it. I recommend the grilled fish with mixed salad and chips (Rs 200). Their continental breakfast for Rs 260 is also very good.

  • Very good Indian food in Kandy

    This large restaurant (also a hotel, see my accommodation tip) has two very extensive menus, one for Indian food and the other for Chinese. The 'banquet hall' upstairs is usually quieter than the main seating area. The Indian in particular is very good, though it can get pricy when you add in all the rice, naan, juice, tax, service, etc. A full...

  • Cheap, spicy buffet in Anuradhapura

    The creatively-named Why Not restaurant offers a lunch buffet for Rs 95, or Rs 90 for take-away. This includes rice and various curries, which are fairly tasty but also on the spicy side. The seating is at plastic tables on an outside patio. They also offer accommodation.

  • Pizza or pasta

    We were told about this restaurant by a young honeymooning couple and decided to give it a try after feeling a little curried out! They explained that we could reach it by turning left onto the beach out of our hotel , (the Riverina hotel) past the sarong shacks and there we would find this delightful terrace serving very good Italian food. Yes the...

  • Beautiful views

    We had gone along to this resort to take a boat trip up the river and were brought back to this restaurant, where the charming staff lead us to a table out on a balcony overlooking the waters edge. What views and what food! The service was impeccable and the food...well lobster was our first choice and it was fresh and juicy. There were meat dishes...

  • There's an elephant at my table!

    You can sit outside and enjoy the beachside. There is a large model of an elephant with an eagle clawing at it's back in the outside restaurant area.Update Nov 04 hotel and restaurant are closed, have been leased out long term to some German people, being refurbished at the moment but the massage room is open. Nice massage for 800 ruppees.Update...

  • Where the river meets the sea.

    A newly opened small beachside restaurant with tables on the beach or inside the simple style ground or 1st floor. Great views of the coast and the mouth of the Bentota river from the upstairs. Not a large menu but the food is good althought a little pricey but you are paying for the location.

  • Mango Tree was superb!

    This was a wonderful restaurant where we enjoyed our final meal before flying home to Canada. Wonderful decor, atmosphere, prices, service, the whole nine yards. It was a wonderful place to wrap up a wonderful visit. I highly recommend eating at the Mango Tree. Too many to list!

  • Don't miss the Fresh Seafood!!!!

    Last time in Nov. 04, this restaurant was not open. !!!! In Feb. 03 we really enjoyed this real small restaurant - nothing special at all. It is right behind the rails and you can watch a train passing by very slowley if you are lucky (it's an experience!). We went there every day at lunch time without really being hungry, just because of their...

  • Pumpkin Ravioli

    If you are looking for an excellent ambiance with outside eating in a lovely setting then 18 is the place to go in Columbo. The owner is Australian and hes got this place down to a T. The food is superb and the atmosphere really chilled. The staff are super freindly and efficient and all this at cheaper than hotel prices. Not far from the Columbo...

  • Colombo

    It's one of the restaurants of the Hilton Hotel, and it's located across the road, by the swimming-pool. It serves nearly authentic italian food and it's truly delicious. The dress-code is casual, and the place is very relaxed. Some seafood tortellini.. to die for! Lobster and king prawns were ok, but not memorable. We went back a second time for...

  • Sigiriya

    The food at the restaurant of the Sigiriya Village Hotel is very beautiful... it's actually more than beautiful, it's spectacular. It's a buffet, of course, but the chefs have taken their time in carving and decorating some pumkins and squashes. Very eye (and photo) catching. Despite its beauty the food looked like all the other buffets that we...

  • Nuwara Eliya

    The restaurant is spectacular: it was once the room where tea was sifted and graded, and wood abounds in the decor. The nearby kitchen is where the tea factory's engine room was. There are two menus: a sri-lankan buffet or a-la-carte western food. The buffet is the most expensive of the two. We had some a-la-carte meat - I don't even remember what...

  • Kandy

    Two very different restaurants for two different experiences: at the restaurant of the hotel suisse, located inside the hotel's ballroom, you go for the excellent food - at the Pub, in Kandy town you go for the atmosphere and for the beer, but the food isn't that amazing (it's still edible, though) Hotel Suisse: the flambés... everything flambé on...

  • Dambulla

    It's a nice hotel and restaurant set in a park, not far from the rock temples. I think it's mainly geared for tour buses, only we did not see any when we were there. The usual buffet food - quite uninspiring, with no particular qualities or demerits. particularly good was some grilled tank fish - and really horrible the buffalo curd

  • Menu-Western and Sr Lankan

    Aida in Bentota is a very good place to eat,it looks out onto the Bentota Ganga(river) and it floodlit at night. The food is excellent as is the service and there is wide selection of both local and western dishes. Last time I was there a meal (3 courses and coffee and 3 drinks each) was £31.00 for 4 people with healthy appetites. Rice and...

  • Best place to eat at Arugam bay

    A well runned restaurant, the owner a German and his Thai wife cook Sri Lankan, European and Thai dishes. Good food and friendly service.


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  • Earl's Regency Hotel Kandy

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  • Tamarind Hill

    No: 288 Galle Road, Dadella, Galle, 80000, Sri Lanka

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

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