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Sri Lanka Shopping

  • Jewelery in Unawatuna

    There are plenty of jewel shops in Unawatuna. The one mentioned here I happened to go in to look for some little gifts and the owner seemed to me a very serious and nice man. His jewels and gems are all guaranteed and the prices are logical.It is on the main seaside road.FARHAN GEM & JEWELLERYYEDDEHIMULA RD UNAWATUNAtel: 94 91 4916419 94 91...

  • Ravi Jewels, KANDY

    If you are interested in buying jewels there are several shops in Kandy , usually reliable enough. I can recommend this one only because I asked them for some information and they seemed very knowledgeable and efficient.95, Colombo Street, KandyFor 22 Carat Sovereign and Pawn Brokers081-2205045

  • clothes and textiles

    Kandy is a good place to buy some nice and cheap clothes and textiles of very good quality. There are several shops in the center and you can easily find them. I found some very nice loose trousers, in beautiful colors only for 650rps each. You can also find t-shirts and fine scarfs and a lot more in C-MART.No.46, Kotugodella Veediya,...

  • CANON Service, COLOMBO

    If you happen to have a problem with your canon camera or equipment, the most knowledgeable and efficient service is: CANON PHOTO HUB 40, Edward Lane, Colombo 3 Bambalapatiya tel 2590578 ( near Galle Road)I found it after a lot of research, and they seem responsible and knowledgeable but they have to keep your camera for a long time if a part has...

  • local crafts, Art Gallery, book store,...

    I was first introduced to this place in 1982 and has been a great fan and admirer of the founder Barbara Sansoni and her vision to bring rural crafts in to modern living supporting the artisan and helping to continue these traditional crafts. At Barefoot you would find the highest quality Sri Lankan local crafts hand made exclusively for Barbara...

  • Supermarkets

    These supermarkets are all over Sri Lanka. They have a good variety, including toiletries, fresh produse, spices etcYou will most probably get what you need from these shops.It is also a great place to buy gifts like nicely packed spices etc, at cheap pricesGoing to a local supermarket is usually on my list of to do things, I don't know why, but I...

  • A great variety

    This is a very nice place to do shopping for souvenirs and handicrafts from all over Sri Lanka. Prices are very reasonable and fixed. Laksala is a state corporation under the Ministry of Rural Industries and Self Employment Promotion is set up to preserve and develop traditional skill of the craftsmen. TextilesJeweleryMasksBrass wareTea Very...

  • at least tea, spices and masks

    There’re many shopping opportunities around the island, with many souvenir shops flourishing around tourist attractions.Prior to buying wooden items, check with the Wood Carving Shop in Polonnaruwa, who sells a wide variety of wood products of various sizes, from smaller statues to large furniture items, from any type of wood in the island, form...

  • Buying Gems

    If you like Gems you are going to be tempted to stock up in Sri Lanka but as ever you need to be on your guard, trading for gems is like trading for anything else so even with reputable, established traders the deal you get will depend on your knowledge of the trade and your skill as a negotiator.Sri Lankan salesmen are highly skilled in the art of...

  • Buying Gems

    If you like Gems you are going to be tempted to stock up in Sri Lanka but as ever you need to be on your guard, trading for gems is like trading for anything else so even with reputable, established traders the deal you get will depend on your knowledge of the trade and your skill as a negotiator.Sri Lankan salesmen are highly skilled in the art of...

  • Wood Carving,Sculptures and Much More

    This shop is run by a brother and sister, and is a treasure trove of wood carvings, batiks, sculptures,gifts and all sorts of locla crafts. They will ship to anywhere in the world and give everyone personal service Batik,Tea wood carvings and much more. Bartering is expected .

  • Buy a Saree and feel like a queen :-)

    I bought my Saree in a cloth shop in Alambantota, Southern province. The housekeeping manager from the Oasis hotel told me that a Saree costs from 500 to 1000 rupies if it is a normal quality. Better qualities you get as off 1200 rupies like the one I bought with embroideries. Buying a Saree you need an underskirt, a small blouse and a 5 metres...

  • Tea souvenirs and gifts

    At the various outlets around the country of the MLESNA TEA CENTRE you will find really nice tea porcelaine and tea of course. Really nice gifts and beautiful tea cups and pots. Keep same space in your luggage for this really nice stuff ;-) depends on what you buy - from a small souvenir up to expensive ones you will get everything

  • Authentic Gemstones

    The Aida Resort is quite an unusual place. Not only is it a hotel and a restaurant but it also has the most stunning gemstone shop. Combine the visit with a boat trip and then lunch in the lovely restaurant at the side of the river. Now we hear all the time " do not buy gems unless from a reputable source" Well I can highly recommend this source....

  • Wanna buy a hat....?

    Spacious and airy...a delightful place to shop. The sound of gentle waves lapping the shore make this shopping trip very relaxing. No pressure from salespeople. just stroll around and choose what you want. Hats....for the beach, to keep out the sun, to go on a trip, to attend a funky wedding!! However much you can get it for...after the...

  • Tout free shopping

    Try not to do your shopping in a tourist area, even if you manage to escape the touts (and so avoid paying his commission) the prices for a western tourist will almost certainly be hugely inflated. Hop on a bus and head inland to somewhere not mentioned in the guidebooks (Matugama is good from Bentota and Beruwala) and do your shopping there, you...

  • Handicraft Emporium in Colombo

    Laksala is a government-run emporium with fixed prices that are quite reasonable. You can buy all manner of handicrafts here, including woodcarvings, brass, lace, clothing, masks, etc. There are branches of Laksala in several Sri Lankan cities and tourist resorts in addition to the one in Colombo.

  • Fed up with rice and curry?

    Village shops are often little more than huts and from the outside they appear to sell nothing but rice and toothpaste but if you get stuck in there are often all kinds of goodies to add spice to your visit or simply to vary your diet. In your tourist hotel the staff will vary your diet and rice and curry is a rare treat but off the beaten track...

  • By your gifts in Kandy

    Their are alot of handycraft around and its all so well made. Batiks, wood carvings, brass, stones and more :-) You find out!

  • Bargain, bargain, and bargain

    You may see many locla hand crafts or antique such as old Dutch coins or whatever in Sri Lanka. It is hard hard to say what the right price is. Try to discount the amount to 30% first before you jump into the trap. If not success, then just shop around and learn what the bottom price "should be". Happy bargainning.

  • Bargains Galore !!!

    This 5 storey department store specializes in branded clothings with prices as low as one tenths of original price. Case in point: Ermenegildo Zegna, Boss and Paul Smith long sleeved shirts, less than USD20 !!! Ralph Lauren polo shirts, USD7.As expected, with the low low prices, the place is naturally chock full of people. Expect long queues at the...

  • Try some Sri Lankan marshmallows

    I found these marshmallows in a Kandy grocery stall in the central market. I am a sucker for homemade marshmallows. The bag says, the marshmallows come in five flavors, but i couldn't tell the difference between them.

  • get some vanilla beans

    One of Sri Lanka's biggest export is of spices. If you live in a country, that doesn't produce spices-you will find that they are much more affordable here than back home. In Singapore, most of the spices are the same price. (except for vanilla beans). In Europe and the usa-cloves and other spices can be quite expensive.The best deal is the lovely...

  • Goods for sale

    All over Sri Lanka there are antique and handicraft stores. They sell locally made goods. Usuallly masks, batik, silver work, and basket work. In Kandy, for antiques head to Waruna Antiques.

  • Pick up a chocolate cashew bar

    Always looking for unique gifts. The cashew chocolate bar is quite a good and cheap gift to give people back home-plus it's pretty tasty. The chocolate and cashews are both grown in Sri Lanka. If you drive from Kandy to Colombo-you will see many women selling cashews. You can find these chocolate bars all over Sri Lanka.


    Odel's is a great shop in Colombo,set in a mansion which has been converted into a modern shopping mall,complete with a cafe and sushi bar.Here you can buy designer clothes,books and knick-knacks all at very good prices.


    All the money we took to Sri Lanka we didnt even spend half of it and bought wood carvings,clothes,ceramics,masks and musical instruments and tea of course. Wood carvings,elephants,spices,clothes and tea. not very much at all,everything is so cheap!!


    This is the best shop we found in colombo,it has the cheapest brand named clothes ive ever seen you will get lots of bargains,from jackets, tops, shoes,handbags everything for any age. Nike jackets,billabong t shirts, elle bags,marks and sparks underwear,versace wallets and belts. marks and sparks knickers 30p a pair,nike jackets 2.50 elle bag...

  • Tea... real tea

    Any tea factory has an adjoining bar/shop where you can sip a cup of tea and then buy some tea to bring home. You'll find several types and qualities of tea, but after having visited the factory you'll know which one to get. One funny detail: the really nice packages and baskets contain the lowest quality tea and sells for a high price, while the...

  • ~~~ bargaining ~~~

    At tourist places you as a foreigner can presume to get an item offered at the DOUBLE PRICE!But there's hope you can bargain for the "half" price! It's fun, too. This does not work at department stores, airlines and branches of international corporations though. clothes

  • Shop Till You Drop!!

    It has an enormous range of mens womens and kids clothes bedlinen,towels,underwear,shoes, handbags,purses,toys,sportswear et etc etc all at unbelievable prices.I have done most of my Xmas shopping there for the last 4 years.tip take an empty case with you! Marks and Spencer,Nike,Gap Next Columbia,Tommy,etc etc etc!!! Van Heusen mens shirt £2.50...

  • ~Serendipitian Saris~

    I returned with 2 lovely saris, which I bought from a local shop, Also my husband had a shirt made for him. It was ready the next day & the quality was excellent. I think it was only £7.00! We had a Serendipitian Party when we got home, just so I could wear my Sari !! (~_~) under £20.00

  • Tea of Course!

    Most of the tea plantations & certainly the ones open to the public have shops where you can by their tea. I dont actually drink tea, but you just have to buy a box of tea if you are in a Tea Plantation ! (~_~)

  • Wooden Goodies

    Here is a small section of products made at Ambalangoda on the South West coast, although these products can be found in all the tourist towns over the Island. Not to everyones taste, Im sure. But you have to appreciate the craftsmanship involved in the making.

  • Jewelry

    If you intent to buy your wife/husband something really worthy, you are certainly right to buy it in Sri! But don't forget to bargain and make sure to buy at a certified shop! Their safires are absolutely gorgeous and they tell you a lot about safires and how they are worked at . Still quite expensive but less expensive than in any other country,...

  • Sari in Kandy, handycraft everywhere

    Shops, specialising on Saris. Kandy. (Sorry, we were taken there by our driver - on request - so I don't know the address!) As I always loved Saris, I "forced" my husband to come with me to a shop in Kandy, which specializes on Saris. Our driver took us there and I was through to bits with what was on offer. I assume, we paid more than a...

  • Unusual gifts at Pinnewala

    There is a shop at the riverside in Pinnewala that sells notebooks made from recycled elephant dung. It was definitely the most highly appreciated present I brought home for Christmas. About 70 rupees.

  • ayurvedic treatments

    This place sells ayurvedic oils and spices, and also offers treatments (head massage, body massage, steam). They also tour you around the garden, showing how things grow and what their ayurvedic uses are.The actual massage facilities are pretty primitive by western standards. The massage was good, though, and I really found the steam treatment...

  • Shopping for saris

    This was one of about 6 or 7 shops in a row that all sold saris. We don't know if our guide (in the picture, on the left) knew the proprietors of this one, or if he had only been there before. This shop had lots of sari materials of differing quality, along with some other dresses and blouses, etc. The sari material itself ended up costing about...


    I was a hut on the beach at Beruwela and inside was a tiny man with an old treadle sewing machine, he was very friendly`I go England` he said `no f**k``err, really` we replied`yes` he said very seriously `I like no f**k``oh.... good` we said`yes... very good place...Norwich in no f**k`the light dawned, he meant Norfolk I had a suit made, my...

  • Why Not Bring Home A Chair?

    If you have enough space in your backpack, you could always bring home a chair. Why not? Handy things when you need somewhere to sit. The ones you can pick up at Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage are a bit special though. They are elephant scenes carved into thick leather and stretched over a collapsable frame, which will fit into a backpack when...

  • Batik textiles

    You will find plenty of batiks in Sri Lanka. Especially in Central Sri Lanka, batiks are popular. You can find batik shops and gallery where you can find shirts, lungi, shawls, wall hanging and more with beautiful batik designs.

  • Mask

    Mask from Ambalngoda is one of Sri Lanka's most popular traditional crafts. Originally used for rituals, this wood carved and painted masks are now seen hanging at house front for protections.There are various sizes of mask available with different characters. Smallerst one starts with approximately SLRs. 40. There are different qualities which...

  • Chocolate and Cigarettes

    Sri Lankan shops in tourist area's sell almost every-thing, but be careful when buying chocloate and perishable good as some of it has been in the sun all day for weeks, it's best to buy those sort of goods in a supermarket, in some places the chocs are kept in the fridge, but check the sell by date as out of date goods will give you stomach...

  • Shopping Paradise - Sri Lanka

    it is one of Sri Lankas good and popular shopping mall. Most tourists are hanging around here to chosse lots of stuffs. Garments, perfumes, gift items, shoes as you wish


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  • Earl's Regency Hotel Kandy

    We reserved this hotel by booking/com and stayed with my family. We were lucky to selected this...

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    No: 288 Galle Road, Dadella, Galle, 80000, Sri Lanka

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

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