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Sri Lanka Things to Do

  • Day Trip

    Colombo Things to Do

    I visited Sri Lanka last December 23rd to 31 2014. My Accommodation Transport and all the tour organized by Chamika from They have very new vehicles and they are packages are very uncommon. i went to Hot Ballooning tour in Dambulla. Yala jeep Safari, Knuckles range tracking tour, Whales Watching Mirissa, Miyanganaya '...

  • Temples

    Colombo Things to Do

    Saman Jayamaha is a fantastic guide and driver. He has a comfortable Prius. He will tailor your tour to your style of travel and interests. He loves to travel so will be offering a number if interesting facts along the way.

  • Beaches

    Colombo Things to Do

    The main entrance to the beach is accessed by step over the all two sets of railway lines. I immediately feel the ocean breeze around me as I remove my flip flops at the centrance to the beach. A couple of resident dogs lie snuggled into the sand at a depth that offers some coolness to their parasite riddled fur. Nearby, a tiny stall sits unevenly...

  • Galle Face Green

    Colombo Things to Do

    One of the major things to do in Colombo mentioned in my guidebook and on any travel website you care to go on is a visit to Galle Face Green, so I did. Now it is great to have a green space in the middle of any major city, and doubly so if it is beside the ocean but I really don't see what all the fuss is about nor why it is so popular. Certainly...

  • Cinnamon Gardens - Viharamahadevi Park

    Colombo Things to Do

    The green space of Viharamahadevi Park isn't all it could be but it still represents one of the city's largest open recreational areas. There isn't much to do here apart from walk in the shade of the trees and soak up the ambience. In the middle of the day this is a favoured spot for people to spend their time sleeping out of the midday sun, which...

  • Museums

    Colombo Things to Do

    In the centre of the bustling, noisy and marginally manic Pettah (market) area of Colombo stands the rather fine building you see in the main image which houses the Dutch Period Museum. It is a building with quite an interesting history and dates to the very late 17th century when it was constructed by the Dutch Governor of the area, a chap called...

  • Zoo

    2.5 out of 5 stars

    Colombo Things to Do

    I should preface this tip by saying that I love Asia and just about everything about it. It is the continent I have travelled most extensively in and, whilst I hope to visit other continents, I remain drawn here. I should also say that I do not particularly like zoos as I am inherently against the idea of wild animals being caged, often in...

  • Shopping

    Colombo Things to Do

    It is a very strange thing that generally speaking I hate shopping and yet I love markets, specifically those in Asia. My virtual Tourist pages are full of tips on them. I am not sure if it is the sights, smells (particularly delightful on this continent), sounds or just the general hubbub and sense of life about them but I never pass up the chance...

  • Forts

    4 out of 5 stars

    Colombo Things to Do

    Fort area, earlier known as Kolonthota, is the place the Portuguese landed in the early 16th century. They developed it and, to protect their economic interests, built a fort there in 1588. In 1656, the Dutch conquered this fort and established their sway over Colombo. In 1815, the British gained control over it and made it their administrative...

  • Buddha

    Colombo Things to Do

    There are places and places to see in Sri Lanka but just about every place in Asia offers ruins, colonial cities, temples, and natural wonders. This puts a pilgrimage to Sri Pada, AKA Adam's Peak, in a class in itself. A huge footprint at the top of the mountain is said to be Adam's (say the Muslims), Buddha's (say the Buddhists), Siva's (say the...


    We arrived in Anhuradapura late in the afternoon, some friends I had met in Negombo and me. It was raining hard . The taxi took us to the hotel we had found in our guidebook but the price they quoted was really overrated and we were all very angry and left. Finally the taxi drivers took us to a nice little guest house: : LIEVIS Tourist...


    You can get a one-month visa on arrival at the airport. It costs 35 dollars or 30 euros. Then you have to renew your visa in Colombo or Kandy. This costs 3.500 Sri Lankan money. For the extension you have to go to their office: IMMIGRATION OFFICE COLOMBO 10 no. 41, Ananda Rajakaruna Mawatha tel: 94-11-5329000It's easy to find all the information...


    From Negombo I took a bus to Wyangoda where I could catch the train to Kandy. This is a shorter way to go if you are staying in Negombo. You consume a lot of time waiting for the train to come but still it's better. The view from the train window is really amazing. At some point you can see the Bible rock far in the distance.Arriving in Kandy I...


    Unawatuna , or Una as the locals like to call it, was my favorite place, not because I like so busy places, but because I found a quiet and surprisingly remote guest house in the middle of all this overbuilt chaos. I also appreciated the beautiful sea which is perfect for swimming. Una's bay is protected from the currents and big waves so you have...


    Tangalle (or Tangalla) is very beautiful. The majority of hotels are on the seaside road. It is a very green and breezy town. The center is about half an hour away from the beach.The beach is very long and has several separate parts with different names. Goyamboka beach, Coconut beach, Medaketiya beach and a mile away is the exotic Marakolliya...


    Mirissa is a place where you can really feel you are on vacation. It is green and not overbuilt, surrounded by vegetated hills, and gifted with a wonderful beach. The most enjoyable time was in the evening when we headed to the beach restaurants to have a delicious meal. The tables are right on the sand and later on, when the sea rises the waves...

  • ELLA

    One of the most visited places in Sri Lanka, Ella holds its fame deservedly. The town is built on the beautiful mountains with tea plantations and cloud forests, offering great views and enjoyable walks in the spectacular countryside. You can climb Ella's rock or Little Adam's Peak, or visit picturesque waterfalls very near. There is also a small...


    I liked Jaffna for something I can not explain even today. Maybe it was the sense of abandonment you feel walking around the city, that makes you imagine you are in a different time. You can still see the results of the cruel war. Bombed houses are scattered around the streets next to nice colonial houses or abandoned little villas with big gardens...

  • Royal Botanic Garden , KANDY

    You will easily spend a whole day in the beautiful botanical Gardens. They are built on a quiet large area of 147 acres ( 59 hectares). There have 4000 species under cultivation and 2 million visitors every year.They are located in Peradeniya, and opened in 1821.You can read all the information in the pamphlet they give you at the entrance, which...

  • Train from Kandy to Haputale

    The first class was booked up so they told me to come early the next morning to buy a ticket ( I thought I might be lucky and get first class) but no luck, I just bought a second class one. I sat on a bench on the platform to wait for the train and it was almost empty at that hour. So I was looking forward to the beautiful journey and the relaxed...


    Chilaw is a big town with nothing special for the traveler. There is a cathedral and some Hinduistic temples worth visiting, though. The beach is quite nice but it is usually very rough and not safe for swimming.But if you happen to pass by, you can stop and buy very fresh fish at the famous local fish market.


    One of the most spectacular places I have been in Sri Lanka. It is built on the ridge of a mountain , with amazing views on both sides. The climate is fresh and good for long walks in the unique countryside. There are tea plantations around, a monastery, other small villages and the famous Lipton's Seat lookout , so you have many options for...

  • Jungle Beach, UNAWATUNA

    A refreshing swim in the crystal waters of this beautiful little beach makes an excellent day trip.You take the seaside street and go on until you reach the end where there is a sign to turn right. Then again you go on for 10-15 minutes and then the road goes uphill and the journey becomes very picturesque as your path has an excellent view to the...


    Galle is a must see, in my opinion, because of its unique atmosphere. The colonial houses, the clean streets, the artistic air , the elegant bars and restaurants and the famous Fort surrounding the old city make it an interesting environment and an exciting visit .The Fort was built in the 18th century by Dutch architects and it is a perfect...


    I enjoyed this picturesque little town very much. The beaches are wonderful, the people are nice and very helpful . There are some decent guest houses near the beach.As I was staying in Rasika hotel just 2kls south, I visited Ambalagoda twice by bus.What you will gain here is a peaceful and relaxed stay as most tourists head for busy Hikkadwa....


    Hikkadwa is the most touristic spot in the country. That's because the sea is very good for swimming, surfing, diving and snorkeling as there is a reef with corals, a few colourful fish and big turtles.. The corals were destroyed by the tsunami...There are a lot of hotels and guest houses that meet all the budgets. The cheapest I found in the...


    Entering the country Negombo or ColomboWell, this is not a difficult dilemma as Negombo is a seaside town and it's pleasant and more relaxing to land there after a long flight. It is much closer to the Airport. And if you need to visit Colombo it is a short and easy bus ride to the capital. Negombo is a pleasant town with a lot of temples of...

  • “Seenigama” Diving, HIKKADWA

    If you decide on a dive or snorkelling in Hikkadwa, “Seenigama diving “ is a good choice because it is part of the “Foundation of Goodness” , a charity organization helping poor village people improve their lives.The money you spend with them go directly into the Foundation of Seenigama Dive Lanka is located...


    This is the original diving center in Unawatuna. The instructors are nice and very professional, with official PADI dive master certificates. It is open from October 15 to the end of April. Visibility changes according to the weather and sea currents.There is snorkeling, diving for beginners, PADI courses, Boat Trips, whale and dolphin watchingThey...

  • Malwatte Maha Vihara Monastery, KANDY

    Malwatte Maha Vihara Monastery is convenient to visit. It is right on the lake road.There is a small exhibition inside with interesting items used by the high ranked persons of old time. I saw a hand chariot where the king was carried, some items of daily use and many very old documents. Some of them are 1000 years old. There was even an old...

  • Nature Spa - UNAWATUNA

    I am sure all travelers feel like having a massage and some relaxing time to treat their tired bodies. And we deserve it!!!This massage and spa place is at the beginning of the central beach of Unawatuna and the people there are nice , smiling and friendly.You can choose among *aroma therapy*Ayurveda Full Body Massage*Head and Shoulder Massage*Foot...

  • Little Adam's Peak, ELLA

    It is easy to climb Little Adam's Peak and it is not far from Ella . So you can go on foot from your hotel or you can rent a scooter and only climb the hill on foot.At the foot of the hill you can see the tea workers who are usually dressed in local dresses and eager to take their photo at a small reward. The view gets better and better as you go...

  • The accident

    THE BUS TO THE END OF THE WORLDDecember 2012.It was early in the morning when I got up and rushed to the bus station. My destination was Kandy. There was only one public bus to Kandy . As it was the slowest I tried to avoid it. As if I knew... I went to the private buses, I asked about other routes through other towns. But there was nothing...


    I generally don't like big cities except if they have a unique character or beauty. I usually stay in the capital of each country for a few days just to get to know the basics. In Colombo I didn't even try. I found it a chaotic and annoying city. Every time I had to go , it was a nightmare for me. The hotels are expensive, the streets are too...

  • South West to Galle

    Further down the West coast to Galle, and a place where you will have heard so much with regard to the destruction of the Tsunami, you will find loads of great places to eat and great entertainment. Lots of hotels and great beaches. I think if I were to return to Sri Lanka, this is where I would look for a hotel instead of the one further up the...

  • Turtle Sanctuary

    You have to visit the turtle farms and sanctuary, because they need you to donate to help them look after these creatures. The owners make a living too of course, but so what, as long as these creatures get a chance, it's cool by me. I do like turtles.

  • Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

    You just have to check this place out. The elephants aren't all tied up, one or two are because they are nasty or in Musk when the elephants testosterone levels in an elephant in musk can be as much as 60 times greater than normal.Anyway, it is really nice the way the staff look after them, and then take them all for a swim and a wash and you can...

  • Sigiriya

    Sigiriya is massive tower of rock nearly 200 meters high. And 'Lion rock' fortress is witness to the civilization of Ceylon during the years of the reign of Kassapa I.We got as far as the entrance gates, and were confronted by a huge cueue that we just didnt want to stand in as it was far too warm that day, and Im sure there isnt always a cueue...

  • Dambulla cave temple.

    After a bit of a climb up loads of steps and a hill full of monkey's chewing gum, yep, they were chewing gum that rotten tourists were giving them for a laugh, we got to the cave temple and it was really really interesting.Not usually my thing, but I found it amazing and well worth a look.

  • Visit Tsunami shrine.

    This was such a sad area to visit on the West Coast of Sri Lanka. Sad, and yet amazing to see at the same time. To wonder how so many people lost their lives, and how so many lucky ones survived this horror.As we drove along the West coast, there were graves, and little bits of houses that where washed away. And we visited a turtle farm that had...

  • Yala National Park

    If you are a animal lover than this is a must do. You hire a driver and they take you all through the national park where you will see all sorts of fauna and flora! It was truely amazing and one of the best days of my life.

  • Walk the beach, swim the ocean

    Our first couple days in Sri Lanka we walked the beach, swam and ate. The ocean is the warmest I have ever felt. Feels like a warm bath! There was one day we headed down and everyone was out of the water. We finally asked and a little girl told us there was a huge "salty" in the water. Kinda freaky but way to cool! You can watch the fishman...I...

  • Climbing Adams Peak- The Piligrimage

    Adams Peak is unique in the sense that people from all religions have a reason to climb the peak. We saw many Biddhist and Hindu deities being worshipped while climbing this peak. Also a couple of ideally situated massage centers.

  • Watch the elephants bathing at Pinnewala

    This whole pinnawala experience for me at least has always been about this activity, every day the mahouts steer a herd of elephants across the road and through some touristy shops into the Maha Oya river running across Pinnawala. The sheer joy the elephants display at entering the water is amazing! Young and old alike they literally submerge...

  • An impressive elephant orphanage at...

    This is the one constant in all 3 trips of mine to Sri Lanka- ofcourse like most other places to visit this is very touristy!! But as a keen wildlife enthusiast I never cease to be impressed at the sheer joy these elephants experience while taken for a bath at the river across the road. It is an absolute pleasure to watch their actions and...


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  • Mount Lavina Hotel

    One of the colonial type of hotels situated in Mt Lavinia about 40 minutes drive from the Colombo...

  • Earl's Regency Hotel Kandy

    We reserved this hotel by booking/com and stayed with my family. We were lucky to selected this...

  • Tamarind Hill

    No: 288 Galle Road, Dadella, Galle, 80000, Sri Lanka

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

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