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    by h.ghabra
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    Brewery by the O.
    by cachaseiro
  • Brewery by the O in Colombo.
    Brewery by the O in Colombo.
    by cachaseiro

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    Brewery by the O.: My favorite bar in Sri Lanka.

    by cachaseiro Written Jan 4, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Brewery by the O.
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    Brwery by the O is a really nice watering hole in central Colombo inside the old dutch hospital, which is an old hospital turned in to a trendy place full of bars, cafes, restaurants and shops.
    But despite being in a trendy place and being really nice looking this place is not expensive at all with only 170 rupees for a pint of Lion Beer.
    That is probaply one of the reasons why the place is brimming with young sri lankans just about any day of the week and this is a place where you can turn up on a tuesday evening and still find a lively beer scene.
    The place is clearly a hangout for well educated sri lankans with free spirits and this was one of the few places i saw in Sri Lanka with lot's of local females both drinking and smoking.
    And this is NOT some pickup point for old foreign sex tourists just so you know it, but a real nice place if you want to speak to sri lankan youth where the majority has an academic background and an international outlook.
    Non smokers should be ware that this is a really smoky bar and if you don't like that then you can sit on the outdoor wooden tables.
    I personally liked the smoke and the vibrant scene you have there despite the place being a favorite hangout for the local bankers and that is even if i never smoked in my life myself.

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    Ballys: CASINO TIME :)

    by h.ghabra Written Oct 29, 2012

    There are many Casinos in Colombo.. all located in the same area ( Galle Road)
    most famous ones are Balagio and Ballys followed by Star Dust
    i went to Ballys and had a great time...
    Note: in all Casinos , Food,Drinks& cigarettes are free of charge as long as you are playing !

    Dress Code: Smart Casual

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    ColomboBar: Restaurant bars

    by sanjuboy Written Jul 16, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sri lanka beach

    I live in Sri lanka. Down below I will give you locations of all the local bars available in Colombo to sit and drink.
    1. Fort area-
    One bar In front of Fort railway station, Two just opposite same railway station, street name, Olcotte mawatha. One at Ricky cinema hall and, another two at slaves island in front of slaves island railway station and behind Nawaloka hospital, that's Union place.
    2. Thotalaga -
    Near Colombo harbor you find two adjoining harbor wall and one in the beach of mutwall fisheries harbor. Another one at the road junction edge of the harbor's mutwall end. Then again in Mattakkuliya near Viswike park you get two bars. Another one at the road junction in Thotalaga where you find a big bo tree at the round-about.
    3. Colombo town hall area-
    One at the start of Union place in Salaka building, one in-front of eye hospital, upstairs of Bake house.
    4. Dematagoda-
    Famous area for local bars, six big restaurant bars around the road junction for your choice.
    5. Narahenpita-
    One before Narahenpita road junction towards Borella town and at Borella town you find three restaurant bars, one towards Rajagiriya side and two towards Maradana side.
    6. Maradana-
    Two in Deans road and one near New Olympia theater.
    7. Kotahena-
    Two near Kotahena round-about and two towards Colombo harbor. Two from Armour street junction towards Maradana. One at Kosgas-handiya junction and one beer restaurant in front of Jazeema theater.
    8. Wellawatta-
    One at Sea side near railway station and one in Galle road. One in Mt Lavinia.
    Please note that all bars and restaurants serve liquor from 5 pm to 11 pm only. Thank you.

    Dress Code: Casual, anything goes sometimes.

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  • Nightlife in Colombo: Putting things in perspective

    by Alfaq Updated Feb 25, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Shelley, Sam,

    I read your review and i must say you either have been at the receiving end of some really bad days at these clubs or what we call on these forums WUM's. It does appear to me that you were quick to judge us, why we buy bottles, that we think we are cool. Let me lay it down for you sweetheart:

    1.We buy bottles as we go in groups always. we also dont worry about who foots the bill. There is someone as you may have noticed fighting to pay the tab. This is the Sri Lankan culture and we live for the day ( a tad stupid i know) but this is how we do it. There is no obligation to finish it, we bank the bottles and finish it when we can. We dont binge drink like the UK so sorry to disappoint. This is how we roll.

    2. Men dancing : Isn't this great news for all the ladies? having men who can actually shake their body? I would like to think this is the case but really most of us can't dance for *** without the help of let's say spirits.

    3. Mafia types : Sure every country has it's load of VIP's. I am in Shanghai now and they have their own. they booked a table so i dont see how anyone else could crash but if by chance they were two ATTRACTIVE white females then there will be enough welcoming tables (maybe wasn't the case?) . My advise is if you feel threatened and uncomfortable leave immediately. People generally take NO for an answer.

    4. Wealthy locals thinking they are fantastic : my my what a cheap shot. The wealthy locals in Sri Lanka are no different to the ones elsewear. you go to a top club in London you have all the tabloid shots of who hung out where and the likes of Jordan have made a career out of it. We dont have that culture, no one takes pics and posts in papers. You just sound envious. If people go to the Blue it's becuase they can and want to. It's closed now by the way.

    5. Getting hit on all sides (white women) - Sweetheart it's a night club, men come to pick women up although my hit rates in Blackpool surely were much better. if you dont like it, go to a lounge place. If you dance we dont think it's ok to have sex - we know when it is ok. We are not stupid.

    Most Sri lanka guys are shy and will wait forever before approaching. we dont like to lose face. you have a lot less chance of being hit on here than in Engerland.

    Peace out.

    Dress Code: Smart casual

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  • Hotel: Colombo girls trap

    by RENJITHOMAS2011 Updated Nov 18, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Colombo Hotels have hi-fi girls on call. Carefull !! they might run away before completing the job. Some hotels charge extra US$20. In Internet some hotels charges are low but they charge heavily on food other services. Hidden Tourist traps !!

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  • beware of R&B (rhythum & Blues): beware of R&B (rhythum & Blues)

    by Jakubcharles Written Feb 27, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We (A British & Polish Citizen) were in sri lanka for a holiday and we were told that R&B (Rhythum & Blues) club in duplication road, bambalapitiya , Colombo was a good place to visit.

    me & my wife were playing pool in the club and minding our own business when some local guys attacked us claiming to be from the sri lankan air force. and some guys punched my wife on the face as well. and were acting like a bunch of animals. all this while the clubs management kept a blind eye as we were getting assaulted by these thugs.once these guys left and when we asked the management (this thin called powel)his response was the club owner russell does not want them to get involved. this is not the response we were looking for as we were foreigners in their country a little help or at least getting the thugs out of their club would have been sufficient.
    this place is purely interested in money and they will let any tom dick and harry in to just to boost their entrance ticket sales.

    so please be aware of the this so called R&B (Rhythum & Blues) club because i think we were lucky as these guys came back with guns and the management let them back in to the club and thanks to the police emergency patrol we were saved. so please think twice before going in to this club if you want to come out ALIVE!!!!!!

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  • in and around colombo: Nightlife index...

    by loosepants Updated Oct 6, 2008

    nightlife in colombo is pretty different in the sense you wont encounter loads of people on the street at around 11 in the night unlike some countries, in colombo its all indoors and it can get very wild at times.
    go to:
    for a comprehensive list of places/clubs that are on offer in the night. it's being updated constantly so keep checking into it often.

    Dress Code: anything goes!

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  • Emichelle's Profile Photo

    Rythm & Blues: Cool Place.

    by Emichelle Written Feb 25, 2008

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    R&B is one of the best night spots to hang out, it’s a place where lots of expats hang out. I guess it has been reviewed favorably by many. Nice atmosphere & cool hang out. Get there early if you want a table. It has sustained in worst times cause it is well run by some experienced blokes.

    You will get all you need hear so its cool. You will get a mixed age group patronizing. But the majority are the above 25 group.

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    by skitto Written Jun 22, 2006

    I used to live in Sri lanka for few years as an expat.
    There were some very narrow opinions on this board and I just wanted to say that all I wanna say about night life in Colombo a person named "KAYAA" did it all on this tips page. I totally agree with him anyone who ones to know about the atmosphere, please read his message. I've travelled and lived in many countries due to my job, but I'll go back there again and I love the city.
    The city life is quite different from what you would usually expect from other asain countries. But these people know how to enjoy life and have fun. You just gotta hang out with right people and go for right places! Enjoy!!!

    Dress Code: Guys need to dress up quite nicely and formally! No flip flops~
    Girls can go in anywhere with any clothes...but Sri Lnakan girls who come to clubs are usualyy international school students or who came home for vacation from abroad schools or graduates from foreign Unis. .U get it? ..High social class(not everyone though) and very very beautiful! So better dress up!

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  • nuelo's Profile Photo

    The Blue Leopard: Night Life in the Grand Oriental

    by nuelo Updated Apr 22, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I also went to the Blue Leopard night club at the Grand Oriental Hotel where I was staying. I tried 'arrack'. It is alcohol made from the coconut palm. I think it is the west african equivalent of palm wine. I really wanted to try it because i had previously seen the collectors tap it. Do not mess with it. It's real strong.

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  • nuelo's Profile Photo

    Bradman Bar: Night Time Jamming

    by nuelo Written Apr 22, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You would meet a lot of westeners in this nice club. Barstaff are very friendly and it's a place you must visit in Colombo.

    The city is famed for its nightlife and is referred to as the "Las Vegas of South Asia", having a lot of casinos, bars, night clubs and pubs. In Sri Lanka, unlike its neighbours, alcohol flows freely, except on full moon Poya Days when sales are forbidden. Recently, the city has emerged as a preferred night life and entertainment destination among close Asian markets.

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    by KAYAA Written Aug 31, 2005

    IN RETALIATION TO YOUR “ATROCIUS” EXPERIENCE IN COLOMBO, I FEEL SOMEWHAT SKEPTICAL AS TO WHAT YOU ACTUALLY ENCOUNTERED. COLOMBO HAS A LIMITED NIGHTLIFE FOR THE TOURIST- well, duh!!! It’s a tiny island, with a tiny city compared to England so of course the nightlife is limited. And heads-up…it’s not only the tourist’s who patronate the clubs. And by the way, London is not exactly known for it’s nightlife. It actually doesn’t really have one, unless you call bar hopping and downing a keg, nightlife?
    The men can actually dance better than the women in London, yes….’tis sad but true..

    Any Irish pub in any other country other than Ireland itself is really not that Irish…and by the by…the owners are really Irish(Clancy’s)…so go figure!!

    And of course be prepared to be hit on from every angle. At least it’s good to know that there’s not a lack of testerone in the city…otherwise…I would be quite worried wouldn’t you be?
    And you spoke of rich Sri Lankans who frequent the nightclubs. So don’t you think they can afford to obtain visa’s to anywhere? Money talks and ***(from your mouth) walks.
    As far as I am concerned, Colombo nightlife is DEFINITELY something to experience. Which is why I am responding to your review….and no I am not Sri Lankan…
    Don’t hate…appreciate…


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  • All the information you could ever need.....: The truth about nightlife in Colombo!!

    by Shelley&Sam Updated Aug 2, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Colombo has a limited nightlife for the tourist. As far as decor/surroundings go think back to the late 80's and that also includes the music at times!

    Sri Lankan's feel they are the party animals of the world and noone else can party like they do.

    Men in Sri Lanka dance as much if not more than the woman in the UK. We are talking shaking your bootie and flinging your arms around dancing.

    Be prepared for lots of hip hop/r 'n' b american music - the raunchier the better.

    Another warning is 'mafia' type groups (not scary quite pathetic really!) in the clubs. These are wealthy locals often sons/nephews etc of important Sri Lankans. They reserve tables order vodka etc by the bottle but dont necessarily drink it. You, and I repeat, you are NOT allowed to sit at their tables or on their chairs .

    Doesn't seem to get busy until 11pmish but now that licencing laws are restricting the sell of alcohol after 1am this may change.

    Woman get in free and men have to pay - this applies to all places.

    Places we have been to are as follows:

    Clancy's ('irish' bar but not so irish) - small, pub/club with stage area for bands and very small dance floor. Overlooks a cricket pitch. Good atmosphere bands we saw were very good drink is not cheap by the glass. Maybe worth buying a bottle if there is a small group of you as mixers are then free.

    Blue Elephant (Hilton Hotel) - The wealthy locals who come here think they are fantastic and there is a definate air of 'look it me aren't I great'. Worth going for a laugh but other than that don't expect a great night out!

    Library (Trans Asia Hotel) - Not as busy as the other 2, mainly older people. More suitable for those aged 40+ who want a dance but don't like crowded sweaty clubs.
    Definate hotel 'discotheque'!

    The Hut (Mount Lavinia Hotel) - Ok preferred Clancy's but better than Library and Blue Elephant. Gets quite busy - be prepared for use of heavy strobe lighting.

    Dress Code: At first as 2 young white femailes we felt conscious of wearing clothing which they may class as revealing. However, when you get in these places you will see that anything goes and local girls wear mini skirts - boob tubes - anything! Shorts and flip fops (as in beach wear) etc are a 'no, no'. Other than that wear what you want.

    Women - especially white women be prepared to be hit on from every angle and if a man asks you to dance you are basically saying yes you will have sex with them. Please note this may be because they actually find you attractive but it is more likely because they think you are a prostitute or they want to come to England etc

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  • Mooky2020's Profile Photo

    No nightclubs!

    by Mooky2020 Updated Mar 20, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sad to say, the night life in Colombo is vintage tacky. Think of Austin Powers without the irony, and you pretty much have it. The night clubs are mostly a new rich male thing here, oozing with bad taste and the greasy Guido in the oversized SUV. The few nervous looking women you see, those that are not the cheap Russian and Chinese call girls, spend most of their time evading the groping hands of the jive turkeys. Ghastly experience. So where do the ‘hip’ dance and hang out? In their houses and some murky pool parlors in the commercial districts.

    Dress Code: Polyester and nylon and any other flammable fabric.

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  • call_me_rhia's Profile Photo

    blue elephant: dance the night away

    by call_me_rhia Written Dec 15, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    wild nights (?)

    This is how people have said described this well-known nightclub: high-class and exclusive. Yes, so high class and so selective that there were fewer than 20 people (none of them dancing, just for the record)- So exclusive that they let us in with our best travel clothes (we were still very casual). So this is it, the trendiest and most popular club in town... i want to hopt that the "scene" has moved somewhere else... or else Colombo's nightlife is really a bore.

    Dress Code: smart, officially.

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