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  • Tiger and Dragon pagodas
    Tiger and Dragon pagodas
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  • Corridor of smaller rooms
    Corridor of smaller rooms
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  • Buddhas on the wall beneath standing giant buddha
    Buddhas on the wall beneath standing...
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Kaohsiung Things to Do

  • Dagou Train Museum

    This museum is formerly a train station built in 1900, and was still operational until Dec 2008. At the back of the depot, one can see a few old trains on display. Inside the depot one can see the old office setup and the old documents and forms that were used then. This isn't a big place, a one to two hour visit would suffice.

  • 18-Prince Temple

    Located in the Shiziwan area of Kaohsiung, this is a very popular temple amongst the locals.... and of course you can see a lot of tourists here too. Legend has it that in the 17th century - during the reign of Kangxi emperor - 18 sailors sail pass this area when their ship sank. These 18 sailors swam ashore and settle down in Shiziwan, helping and...

  • Old British Consulate of Shiziwan

    This old building was formerly the British Consulate and was built in 1865 but was converted to a museum in 1986. It is located on a hill overlooking the South China Sea. Inside this museum are banners telling the history of this area. There are specimens of the spice and minerals that were traded during the olden days, and very old maps used by...

  • Farmosa Boulevard MRT Station

    This is a much photographed MRT (mass rapid transit) station in Kaohsiung, touted as the most beautiful train station in Taiwan, and you can see why from the photograph. This station is the transfer station between the Red and Orange lines. The 'Dome of Light' - which is really a huge stained glass display - is designed by renown Italian...

  • The touristy Liuhe Night Market

    This is one of the more popular night markets in Kaohsiung, however, so do a lot of tourists. So besides the usual food, snacks, drinks, souvenirs, clothes and games (just like any other night markets), one also sees a lot tourists, walking around in large groups, snapping their cameras, some talking and gesturing very loudly. The prices here seems...

  • Reifeng Night Market

    Just like most of Taiwan, Kaohsiung city has many night markets, and Reifeng Night Market is one of the bigger ones here. The good thing about this night market is that the patrons are mainly locals. Not many tourists would come here.


Kaohsiung Hotels

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Kaohsiung Restaurants

  • Bar in Ambassador Hotel

    Sky Lounge is on the 20F. It has excellent view to Love-River. Sometimes there is piano live show. It's nice place to relax yourself to deep in romantic atmosphere. Personally I recommended Margaret. 1 glass NT$280. Red wine is also nice. 1 glass N$260.

  • Refreshing, tasty and local

    While you may be able to find the Chinese "Chua Bing" (shaved ice) dessert restaurants in many places, this one is rather famous and popular with the locals. Afterall, it was 4 locals who invited me to visit this one in particular.The open air restaurant will always be full of people. But thankfully you will usually only have to wait for one or two...

  • Fresh local catch, Taiwanese style

    Cijin is known for its fishing markets and fresh seafoods. However many of the foreign tourists may not venture far enough off the path to get a true taste of the locals' favorites.This is both a tip for a restaurant and an off-the-beaten-path tip. After eating here, there are some beaches and parks that are worth a short walk around.The restaurant...

  • Luxury Seafood Dishes in Low Price

    The restaurant is quite crowded during the lunch time. The place itself is very decent and looks a little like a market because it always flocked with tons of customers. The dishes is exceptionally delicious, it costs you only TN 100 for every dish and you have to pick it up yourself from the restaurant kitchen (which is unique). Black tea and rice...

  • Chiji seafood

    Chiji is nearby sea and has rich fresh seafood. Reasonable prices are generally available, for example 1 dish costs NT$100~200. Cuttlefish, shrimp, sashimi and fish dishes are highly recommended.

  • Stuffed Dumplings with meat

    Stuffed dumplings are rice balls made of sticky rice and inside filled with meat. Dumplings in soup together with vegetable makes it can warm one's heart. 5 balls 1 bowl costs NT$45.


Kaohsiung Nightlife

  • Lo-Ho Nightmarket

    Lo-Ho Nightmarket is one of the most famous nightmarket in Taiwan. You can also call it as the top one in Koahsiung. It's located on Lo-Ho road. The road is wide and clean full of vendors. The main target for tourists is local food.

  • Do the market shuffle!

    The night market is not as big as Taipei's or Hong Kong's, the stalls sell mostly street food while the others sell clothes, trinkets, jewelry and other personal effects. Come as you are!

  • Place for Expats

    Since my time in Taiwan was limited, I wanted to capitalize on eating as much local food as I could. Therefore I did not try any of the food at Lighthouse, but have been told by several friends that the western foods served there (fairly large menu) are quite good.The drinks are always free flowing and served with smiles. It is definitely a place...


Kaohsiung Transportation

  • Kaohsiung Metro

    Kaohsiung's metro is a great way to get around. There are two lines: the orange and the red line. Interchange is at Formosa Boulevard Station.The metro is very user friendly. Just go to a ticket machine, press the name of the station you want to travel to and the number of people going and then feed your money into the slot. Fares start at 20 and...

  • Storyin Kaohsiung

    There is no ship to 旗津 in the weekday at 真愛碼頭, you should go to 鼓山渡輪站!

  • Kaohsiung to/from Taipei

    Some others have noted that there is an international airport at Kaohsiung. While this might be practical for some, those already on Taiwanese soil will not typically find going through security, airport check in lines, etc., then arriving hassles to be very time efficient.If you take the slow train from Taipei along the west coast, travel time...


Kaohsiung Shopping

  • The biggest mall in Taiwan

    The Dream Mall building has a shape of a whale and on its roof there's a Sanrio ferris wheel. Other than the shapely architecture and what may pass for the "Kaohsiung Eye", the place is no different from other super malls with stores that sell all possible merchandise (clothes, shoes, furniture, accessories, houseware, etc.). The basement has a...

  • Chain Shops

    nothing much special, just that you can find its branches easily. Try not to buy at the airport because they are always more expensive than others branches ourside the airport. dried beef, dried pork, plum jelly, shredded dried squid, etc really depends on your taste, i like eating and i like their food alot, but i only spent about NTD 1,500 to...

  • Kaohsiung Hotels

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Kaohsiung Local Customs

  • Money

    The currency in Taiwan is the New Taiwan dollar (NT$). Keep your receipts when you change foreign currency as this may be asked for when changing it back again. Major credit cards are accepted and traveller's cheques can be cashed at hotels and some tourist-oriented businesses.

  • Weather

    The average minimum temperature for the coldest month, February, is 18.6C and maximum for the hottest month, July, is 28.7C. The most humid time is in August with an average of 81%. Typhoon season is usually around June to October.

  • Bai Bai

    Bai Bai is a very commonly seen custom in the street of Taiwan, especially in the south. The owners of stores or businesses would set out a table in front of their stores with food and fruit on as well as burning incense and a few cups of wine. They are for the wandering "spirits" to feast on. They believe helping those poor souls can accumulate...


Kaohsiung Warnings and Dangers

  • Pedestrian travel

    Walking can be hazardous to your health even on the "sidewalks" in front of stores. Step-ups and step-downs are typical. If you choose the scooter parking egress area between the street and store fronts DON'T make any sudden moves left or right without looking ahead and behind. Crossing at lights, delay a couple seconds to spot light runners. Even...

  • traffic

    traffic,There are thousands of scooters that seem unregulated as to traffic rules. They drive wherever they like and on sidewalks . Anywhere.

  • traffic

    Your must be very alert when walking, the scooters that exist in the thousands also use the sidewalks to drive and park. Auto traffic is also bad, running red lights is common. A subway being built may help but it will not be finished until 2007.


Kaohsiung What to Pack

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Bring along your summer clothes and a few jackets and pull-overs. No sweaters and coats are needed.

    Photo Equipment: Developing fees and camera films in Taiwan are cheap. If you are traveling here, I'd suggest you get them developed here.

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Kaohsiung Off The Beaten Path

  • Please Like Graffiti and take phots!

    This community is very less popular even it contains the awesome art of graffiti. But i do love being there!

  • Solemn Temple

    FoGuangShan is one of the most influencial Buddhism temple in Taiwan. It was founded by Master XingYun, who come to Taiwan with KMY government on late 1940s. The place is big enough to accomdate one college, one high school, one dormitory for the prayer, and serval tourist shops. I have heard of this place for long time, but I came here with a...

  • Guanin Mountain Area...

    If your looking for a patch of green to get away from the big city of Kaohsiung, Guanin Mountains is not a bad choice. Well, its really not a mountain, just a hilly area that sits west of Kaohsiung. And you are not likely to see many(if any) tourists here, but it does seem to be quite popular with the locals.There are quite a few trails that wind...


Kaohsiung Favorites

  • Hakka Mei-No culture village

    Taiwan has 4 races: Taiwanese, Chinese, Hakka and Aboriginal people. In Hakka Mei-No culture village you can see part of Hakka's life. There shows mainly handcraft, food and souvenior.

  • Faokuangshan-Buddahism Saint Place

    Faokuangshan is Buddahsim saint place. The most famous is hundert thousands golden statues. Faokuangshan is not only for monks, but also for normal people who would like to touch Buddahism, for example there is college for Buddahsim knowledge and camps for children.

  • Chiji

    Chiji district is big beach. There is tunnel underground from Koahsiung port to it. Chiji is popular trip destination for elementary schools. The big sheet beach is water playing paradise for childred.


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