Taiwan Off The Beaten Path

  • Unique Art Kaohsiung
    Unique Art Kaohsiung
    by limkahwan
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by limkahwan
  • near Hehuan Peak on 3100 meters
    near Hehuan Peak on 3100 meters
    by hanspeter_W.

Taiwan Off The Beaten Path

  • Taiwan Morning Market

    This is one of my must visit whenever I travel to other countries in Asia. The advantage of visiting the morning market is to understand more of the local tradition, cultures, foods, and the locals go about their marketing. Another advantage is the food you can see and try which is always cheaper then any other part of the country and we truly...

  • Taipei's so-called Backyard Garden

    Take the subway green line and exit at the last stop Xindian. When you exit, ask for the bus that will get you to Wu Lai, the only aboriginal township in Taipei county. Quite an interesting bus ride and get off at the terminus. Walk towards the village. There is a museum.Check out website http://www.atayal.tpc.gov.tw Plenty of small hotels...

  • Eastern and Northern Yangming Shan

    The far east and north of Yangming Shan is only accessible by car or very infrequent bus service. This relative isolations means that trails in this area are very quiet and natural. This area contains pine forests, grasslands, wild pigs and semi-wild cows, ruined 19th century farms, abandoned mines and more.The most convenient way to visit this...

  • Hualien

    Hualien is just a short 2+ hr. train ride South of Taipei. It's a small coastal town that boasts access to the Taroko Gorge. The train station is about a twenty minute walk from the city center, which mostly consists of a main drag full of food and services, with adjoining alley ways that host the night market where goods are sold.

  • Taroko Gorge

    According to the Taroko Gorge website (http://www.taroko.gov.tw/tarokoportaleng/0_0_0/Default.aspx), Taroko National Park is located in the east of Taiwan. It lies across 3 administrative areas, Hualien County, Taichung County, and Nantou County. Taiwan's Central Cross-Island Highway crosses the park, which is at the eastern end of the highway. We...

  • Green Island

    This island is just off the south eastern coast of Taiwan, by Taidong city. You can even see Green Island from the main island.The island itself is pretty small, i think only 20km circumference. Roads are good quality and easy to get around.To get there you must take a ferry or a plane from Taidong. Check the weather, the ocean in that region can...

  • Toroko - Marble Gorge

    A lovely gorge that is very large, mostly marble. This is in Hualien Coutnry whihc is not far from Taipei. There is a road that cuts through the central mountains that is incredibly beautiful!!! there are bus tours and trains to the gorge. Busses go through the mountains, but renting a car is the nicest way to see it!

  • Look out for blossoms at Yang Ming Shan...

    North of Beitou, designed in typical traditional Chinese style. There is a large clock decorated by flowers.To get there, takeTaipei City Bus 260: Taipei Station North Exit-Yangmingshan.We went there in January. It was cold but the flowers were in bloom. Unfortunately, there was a light drizzle.

  • Daxi

    Daxi is a small town in Taoyuan Country, off Bei-er Highway. The town isn't especially well known, except for maybe its golf courses. However, it does have an interesting historical old-street area, where storefronts and houses have a mixture of Chinese and European architectures. There are plenty of woodcraft related items here. At the Daxi itself...

  • Sanxia

    Sanxia is a hidden paradise right next to Taipei county. The town of Sanxia itself contains a well-known temple and an old street market, but the low forested mountains above Sanxia offer even more interest. In the mountains, the main crop is tea, with many families here planting it and plenty of tea factories everywhere. Temples abound; though...

  • Green Island!

    Amazing scenery and a good affordable trip if you have time to get to it and a desire to take the effort needed to do it. Green Island is a special place with the unique feature of not just any old hotspring, not just any old beach, but a NATURAL hotspring ON THE BEACH. Thats enough attraction level to get any tour operators heart fluttering. It...

  • Caotun

    Caotun (Grassy Place) (草屯) is the largest city in Nantou County. It is located in Nantou's northwest corner, and is separated from Taichung County by the Wuxi (Wu River). Caotun is known for its National Museum of Crafts, where you can find exhibits on crafts relating to things like the five elements and furniture. The 99 Peaks are...

  • Wufeng

    Wufeng (霧峰) sits about a 20-minute drive south from downtown Taichung, on the notorious Chelungpu Earthquake Fault. On September 21, 1999 (921), a massive 7.3 earthquake struck Taiwan. Although centered in Jiji, Nantou County, the earthquake cause a major uplift on the Chelungpu fault, resulting in extensive damage and over 2,500...

  • Wanggong

    Wanggong (王功) is a small fishing port in Changhua County. This small town is far off the regular tourist path. Walk through the streets of the village and you'll find fishermen selling fresh fish and oysters. Then you can head to Wanggong's most popular tourist 'sight': the Wanggong Fisherman's Harbour, where there is a bridge, a...

  • English Teaching

    You will love this! Many of you might have already tried this, and I'm sure you all love it. One of the TV show here in Taiwan just remind me how lucky I am to be able to teach here in Taiwan. The show is called 5 takes. There are five travellers who were chosen by the TV producers to travel around the world. Everyone of them has a budget of US$50...

  • orphanage

    If you are living in Taiwan and have extra time on your hands, perhaps consider volunteering at an orphanage. The children are gorgeous and are unlikely to have many other opportunities to learn English.

  • Jinguashi - A little coastal ex-gold...

    This unassuming little town is a gem. Usually you will go to Jiufen first, then take a bus from Jiufen to Jinguashi (10 mins from Jiufen). Upon arrival, we were a bit taken aback , and wonder why people on the Taiwan forums suggest going there, after Jiufen. Sure, it is only 10 mins away, but it seems like a boring place. But upon walking and...

  • smelly fried tofu

    well..i suppose this chapter should say that you will miss this part when you visit taiwan, but on the contrast, ITS NOT!..chinese love these smelly tofu because they said its not what it taste although the smell is really disgusting(smelling like a poo or a really bad smelling feet) anyway,even they told me gozillion times that i should try it...

  • Brad Pitt or Black Pig

    Taiwanese belived that the best pork is those black hair pig. So, whenever you see vendor selling the best pork, they'll tell you it is black pig.Believe it or not, you can try by yourself if you want, they are selling in the local market.

  • Ping Lang Beauty

    In Taiwan, any town of Taiwan, you might see some pretty, sexy young ladies sitting in sit a glass cabin, or stand at the road side.... don't mistaken, they are not prostitude, they are Ping Lang (a kind of seed) Beauty.Some Taiwanese like to chew Ping Lang, it is a bit like chewing gum but as those Ping Lang lovers said, it is tasty.In order to...

  • Sixty Stones Mountain

    The flowers are now blooming at Sixty Stones Mountain. In August and September, the hills glow with the orange color of the Jin-zhen flower (Golden Needle) Located just north of Fuli in the Huatong Valley...

  • KTV Not kidding , I bet only 1...

    KTVNot kidding , I bet only 1 in every 50 of the visitors who come to Taiwan would ever been to KTV . For me , this is one of my favourite place to hang out with my friends . There are so much fun and so much to do . KTV is a little bit similar with Karaoke . The different thing is you don't have to sing in publicYou can sing in a room where only...

  • Keelung

    30 minutes on the rial from Taipei and you are on Keelung, north east of Taipei.Bus 101 will take you to Heping Coast - a volcanic beach.Another bus will take you to Yehliu Park - volcanic beach-recomended!!!Another bus will take you to Nanya, on the 84KM of the road you drop off.The city it self has a big ***ing orgy of a night market.

  • All natural

    Weekend and weekdays, come along for a picnic... natural facilities to warm up your food!!! And natural hot and cold bath in the river! What a treat!

  • Orchid Island (Lanyu)

    This is a place that should not be missed in Taiwan. A small volcanic island that is home to the Yami tribe of aboriginals. It has probably the best preserved of the aboriginal cultures in Taiwan, some of the most striking scenery and definately the best diving. Cant wait to get a chance to get back over this way again.... (Pls see separate Orchid...

  • Wildlife of Taiwan

    Not too many people get to go out to the country and see the wildlife of Taiwan, which is actually quite diverse.If you ever get to go on a hike in the mountains, try to pay close attention to your surroundings. You'll be surprised to find hidden treasures like this little green guy!

  • 3952m to the Summit of Jade Mountain

    Most people who come to Taiwan just hit the big cities, which is in most cases, Taipei. But few ever get to climb Jade Mountain, the tallest peak in Taiwan.I climbed Jade Mountain in 2002, and it was the first mountain I've ever climbed. It was a 2-day trip up to the 3952m summit, and by the time I got down the mountain I was so exhausted.But...

  • overlooking china

    my hometown is on a small offshore island of taiwan, and when it's not too cloudy, we can overlook china from the bay or beaches here, and at night we even can see the lights on mainland china.there used to be many small ships from china came close to our shore and sell lots of cheap stuff, food, chairs, tables though it's illegal in this pic the...

  • Mud bath!

    Just outside of Taipei nestled in the mountains, one can experience one of the many hotsprings that Taiwan has to offer. The one I visited, and for the life of me I can't remember the name, was situated up in the mountains, outdoors, overlooking endless green valleys and more mountains. If only it weren't so polluted there! Various bath types are...

  • Water Flowing Uphill...

    I know this sounds like a hoax, but with God as my witness, Taiwan does have a place where it is claimed that the water flows uphill...There are two possible explanations for this phenomenom: (1)Either there is a quark in the universe that causes the laws of Sir Issac Newton to be voided in this small corner of the world, or ...(2) There are so...

  • Sanshientai

    Sanshientai Sanshientai is a rock outcropping on the East Coast that is connected to the main island by a humped bridge. This area is now a large park, which attracts the rabid hordes packed in tour buses away from the big cities on the weekends...Directions: Easy to find. Just drive about 45 minutes north from Taitung on the coast road. (HWY 11)...

  • Chwen-Yang Hot Springs

    Actually we were headed elsewhere when we saw a small sign in Chinese for this place, and decided to give it a try. The locals we met said it was a 15 minute walk and easy to find.Trekking uphill, Joe and I somehow were diverted from the "path", and spend some 30 minutes bush-wacking our way thru a bamboo forest.It was hot, and the jungle was...

  • Shrfen Waterfall

    There are several waterfalls near the town of Shrfen off of Route 106. The biggest waterfall tier at this site is really impressive. (kinda like a smaller version of the Horseshoe falls...)They are now building a park all around the river bank and waterfalls in this area. Admission is 100 NT. Directions: The falls are about 15 Kilometers south of...

  • Yushan National Park: Nanan Entrance

    This is the back entrance into Yushan National park. The main attractions in this area are two impressive waterfalls, and 16 KM long hiking trail to Walami. This trail follows an old historic trail that was built by the Japanese during their occupation of Taiwan.This is also a great place to camp/picnic along the riverside of this park. Directions:...

  • Tsaoling Historic Trail

    Located up in the northeast corner of Taiwan is the Tsaoling Historical Trail. This trail was originally used as a short cut across a small peninsula in this part of Taiwan. The trail connects the cities of Dali and Fulung, and its origins date back some 200 years to the Ching Dynasty. It apparently fell into disuse after the advent of the highway...

  • Shuili Snake Kiln

    Get a glimpse of colonial Taiwan at the Shuili Snake Kiln. Built during the Japanese occupation of the island in 1927, this kiln is the oldest traditional kiln of it's kind that is still operational. The term snake kiln refers to the long sloping external appearance of the kiln. The kiln and the surrounding buildings have now been transformed into...

  • Lintienshan

    Lintienshan is an old abandoned Japanese logging town in eastern Taiwan. In town, there are many old wooden buildings, narrow alley ways, and abandoned rail road tracks that were once used by the Japanese to support their somewhat successful effort to clear cut all the trees in Taiwan. The town is picturesque, and has an eerie feel to it. The...

  • Long Dong (Dragon's Hole)

    Longdong is a small town up on the North East coast of Taiwan. The rocky coast in this area is spectacular, and rivals Chingshui Cliffs in the East as the most scenic coastline in Taiwan. Activities in this area include diving, snorkelling, hiking, and rock climbing. There are a number of hiking trails both to the east and the west of the bay. One...

  • Nanfangao

    This scenic fishing port is located just south of Suao. This town appears to be fairly popular with the locals, as the tour buses are rampant. If you want to get away from the tour bus traffic, there is a nice beach just south of town which is also worth a visit. But the real attraction in town is the Nantien temple, which has impressive jade and...

  • Cow Mountain Beach

    For a nice deserted stretch of beach along the east coast, try Cow Mountain Beach. Located about 30 minutes south of Hualien.

  • Erdzshan Hot Springs

    If wild hot springs is your thing, then Erdzshan is one of the best that I have found in Taiwan, so far. There is no road here, so it's either a 30 minute 4WD ride along the the rocky riverbed (when passable) or a 3 hour hike if not. Located in the Huatong valley near Fenglin.

  • Aohua Waterfall

    For a relaxing cool place on a hot summer day, the pool at the base of Aohua waterfall can't be beat. The watefall is located near the town of Aohua, which is about an hour north of Hualien on the East Coast. Since this area is not in Lonely Planet or most any other tour book, you will likely have it to yourself.

  • country park at Nantou (Tai...

    country park at Nantou (Tai Chung) in the evening to look at the sunset. Nantou - various activities can be found like spa, visiting aborigional village...

  • WINDOW ON CHINA is the second...

    WINDOW ON CHINA is the second largest miniaturization park in the world located at Sanshia outside Taipei. It's the epitome of architectural landmarks displaying miniaturized Taiwan and China, containing exact models of many Taiwanese and Chinese architectural wonders. Such as: The Great Wall. The Forbidden City, The Lungmen Caves, and Tienho...

  • The uninhabited Shianjiau...

    The uninhabited Shianjiau Island is located to the south of Jibei. Except for a small eroded rock platform in the east, it consists mainly of sand. From a distance, the island looks like a white-sand mirage floating in the sea. Because of the tropical fish and corals, Shianjiau is ideal for snorkelers. The island is located between mainland China...


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