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  • Inside the Confucius Temple
    Inside the Confucius Temple
    by shavy
  • Very local and old town at night
    Very local and old town at night
    by tkiyama
  • This is a night market that only locals come
    This is a night market that only locals...
    by tkiyama

Taipei Things to Do

  • Taipei 101

    4 out of 5 stars

    We visited Taipei 101 building in a weekday evening. It was rather quiet with less crowd not only outside the building but also inside during our visit. Taipei 101 is the tallest architectural building in Taiwan. It ranks 5th tallest building in the world in 2014 after Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Shanghai Tower in Shanghai, Makkah Royal Clock Tower...

  • Beitou Hot Springs

    The Beitou hot springs are easily reached form central Taipei by the very efficient metro. Take a train to Beitou (on the Danshui line), change trains for a shuttle to Xinbeitou. First visit the Hot Springs Museum in the old Japanese Bathhouse (free, with complimentary slippers), with tatami rooms upstairs and the old bathhouse (like a roman bath)...

  • Dan Shui

    You can catch a ferry to Tamsui Fisherman's wharf. If you arrive there in the evening, you will see the Love Bridge with rainbow colors. The Love Bridge is the landmark of Tamsui Fisherman's wharf. If you cross the bridge, you will see magnificent views of the harbor and private yachts in the bay. If you don't want to take a ferry back to the...


Taipei Hotels

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Taipei Restaurants

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  • Din Tai Fung

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    This is one of the most well-known things that comes from Taiwan; however, this is typical Northern Chinese food. The place is not a really fancy place to go if you like quite and need a lot of time to enjoy your food since it locates in downtown where people care more about the time they spend in stead of money, and a typical Chinese restaurant...

  • Beef Noodle

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The beef noodles were great and living in Japan, I know about Ramen but I was interested to check out the Beef Noodles that were apparentley, so famous so I did. This restaurant was great, although the service was not as high as I find in Japan. More discreet, less welcoming, but good nontheless. My beef noodles were really spicy (which I like)...

  • Formosa Regent

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The buffet is one of the best in Taipei city for me. My colleagues recommeded it as the No. 1. The food are divided into small parts: Japanese, salad, steak, pasta, Hong Kong, Indian, Thai, dessert, drink and ice cream. Steak is highly recommended. It's very soft and fresh. Warm cooked pasta is also very nice. No matter what souce it is (butter...


Taipei Nightlife

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  • Famous Night Market

    Shilin Night Market is one of the famous night markets in Taipei. It could be the largest night market, including outdoor street vendors, indoor food courts and shaded stores selling all sorts of merchandise. You can visit the night market by the MRT, stop at Shilin Station Exit 1. If you have free time in the evening, why not stop by the night...

  • The New Gentleman In Town

    My brother took me to this place on the first day we arrived in Taipei. Honestly, I was annoyed (from lack of sleep) that he insisted that I should attend a birthday celebration that is happening in this bar. On the way to the location, I was picturing how dreading how I have to remove the cigarette smell out of my clothes and hair, how the bar is...

  • Patina Bar

    Located in "The Combat Zone," Patina is a nice break from the dirty bars somewhat common to the "Zone." Patina has a large U-shaped bar, and beers are a little expensive at around US$3.00, but the atmosphere is very enjoyable with pool table and darts. I met a very friendly bartender there who was 1/4 Filipina and 3/4 Mandarin Chinese.


Taipei Transportation

  • Quite deciplined people when speaking of...

    Mid of January 2014, I took my wife for 8 days to Taipei and we invited a couple from Barcelona. As we arrived, not knowing the language, we just followed tourists book, and we took the public bus from the airport to our hotel/apartment. You will noticed how deciplined the the red light is turned on, all the motorists groups on the...

  • Ruifang Railway Station

    Ruifang Railway Station is the important railway station in Ruifang district, including the Jiufen Old Town and Jinguashi mining town. You can take a train from Taipei to Ruifang Station and transfer to a bus #788 & #825 to visit Jiufen Old Town and Jinguashi. On the other hand, you can catch a train here to Pingxi Railway Line, one of the three...

  • 1 Day Trip:...

    You will find the public transportation tips on how to travel to Yehliu, Keelung, Jinguashi, Jiufen and Shifen from Taipei city within a day in this review:It is better to leave Taipei City as early as possible to have more time for each attraction. We left Taipei City at 9:20 and managed to see and enjoy all the attractions. We did not spend time...


Taipei Shopping

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  • Huaxi Street Night Market

    Huaxi Street Market starts at approximately the Longshan Temple and winds for 10-12 blocks west and north from there. Food is the big draw here with 100's of street side food stalls.

  • Night Market

    This large clothing market fires up every night after sunset and encompasses 6-8 blocks of the Shilin neighbor hood. There is a great food center at the MRT station also

  • Ximending 西门町

    It is a block in the west of city for buggery shopping. Crowded streets packed with mainstream brands and most shoppers are those below 30s. Clothes, electronics, watch, food, everything :)


Taipei Local Customs

  • Wish for love, go there for pray

    When one has wish for love, he goes to the famous Love-Temple for pray. It's said that the successful rate there is high. For the first visit you have to pay for gift for God. How to pray: in front of the God (an old guy called the old under the moon) you have to let him know, your name, birthday, age, address and wish. After the whole praying...

  • Wuchang Uprising (Wikipedia version)

    The Wuchang Uprising (武昌起義, pinyin: Wǔchāng Qǐyì) of October 10, 1911, started the Xinhai Revolution, which triggered the collapse of the Qing Dynasty and establishment of the Republic of China (ROC).Sun Yat-sen's statue standing at the "First Uprising Plaza" of Wuhan, in front of the office building of...

  • Go To Night Market

    Shihlin Night Market is the one of the largest night markets in Taipei. The market is centered on Yangmin Theater and Tsicheng Temple. The night market is formed by many prosperous shops on Wenlin Road, Datung Road and Danan Road, etc. Among them, Shihlin Market was built as early as in 1899 and the market is famous for various snacks and eatery....


Taipei Warnings and Dangers

  • Hustle and Bustle

    Taipei is generally a very noisy, busy and dirty city. The streets are very compact and Taipei has a high population density, be very careful when crossing the streets the drivers occasionally ignore the red lights and scooters are everywhere. Also some roads have little or no pavements/sidewalks.

  • Money Changers

    Money changers/money exchange outlets are not abound in Taipei. Transactions are limited to intl. airport, dept. stores, banks (weekdays only) and hotels. Don't expect money changers in every street corner. If you splurged all your NT$ on your night market shopping spree, tough luck!

  • Motorbikes and scooters everywhere

    Motorbikes and scooters are a popular form of transportation with young Taiwanese. You will find them parked along the sidewalk in most roads. Do be careful when crossing the road especially at non traffic light controlled junctions. Motorbikes and scooters may emerge from a small lane nearby without you knowing.


Taipei Tourist Traps

  • SIM cards are not an easy thing to get

    You just cannot get a prepaid SIM card in Taipei - coming from Hong Kong where I bought a SIM card in the Airport 7-11, I was surprised to find out that in order to buy one you need to get a registration card and do a whole procedure. Getting a calling card is simpler - these are sold in convince stores. Of course, you need to be creative about...

  • If you are not interested in a view from...

    If you are not interested in a view from the sky, give taipei 101 observatory a miss. Priced at NT350 per ticket, it is not a cheap price to pay for a view from the sky (unless of course the view is breath taking). Some people may beg to differ, but personally i find the view from taipei 101 overhyped. The only thing which i enjoyed is the ride up...

  • Hua xi jie night market (snake alley)

    I went to hua xi jie night market expecting to see rows and rows of stalls selling snake related items but i was disappointed. There were about 3 or 4 miserable restaurant selling snake meat, snake gland wine and snake blood drink and some other eateries selling food. The only snake related performace you'll get to see is a restaurant which tries...


Taipei What to Pack

  • Wear layers..

    We went in March and the weather forecast was 16-22 celscius in taipei city and 11-15 at Yangmingshan. Well, it was hot for me who's so used to airconditioning. I even ate ice-cream at yangmingshan, and dressed in a thin tunic top and leggings. Goes to show, you better wear layers so that you can add on/take off your clothings while walking...

  • Bring your own plastic bags- they charge...

    I highly recommend one of those samsonite hard case luggage. I bought this ceramic dragon on the side street going to Tiger Mountain and I just put it in my luggage. It was in perfect shape when I got back home. Hard case luggages are good for long travels. You're not sure how they handle your baggages. I love to travel during winter season. I...

  • A Windbreaker is a must!

    Remeber to bring a good Windbreaker! Taipei or should I say Taiwan is not really that cold. But its a whole new different story when the wind comes! It was 2 degrees celsius in Alishan and I only wore 1 long sleeve cotton t-shirt, a jumper and a really good windbreaker (cheers to my brother for this) while the Taiwanese looked like they're going...


Taipei Off The Beaten Path

  • Beitou Museum

    Also known as the Folk art museum. This museum is in a old hotel that catered to Japanese officers during the occupation.

  • Beitou Geothermal Valley

    This area with a 100C pool, is the source of the hot mineral water used in the Beitou Hot spring resorts.

  • Bei Tou Hot Springs Museum

    Housed in a Japanese era library, the museum tells the story of the hot springs area first settled by the Japanese Army.


Taipei Sports & Outdoors

  • Row row row your boat

    Dragon boat festivals are very popular in Taiwan, there is an annual one that takes place on the Keelung river, the format is elimiation, 4 boats compete in each race and over 3 days of racing the teams get whittled down to the eventual winner. The races take around 2mins 30 but it's hard work, trust me! A boat and a paddle

  • Watch Baseball Match

    Baseball was introduced from Japan to Taiwan when the island was Japan's colony. It is one of the most popular sports in Taiwan. We have Chinese Professional Basebal League (CPBL) of 10 teams. Many fans go to watch matches regularly. It's fun to do it with a lot of people surrouding. We cheer and shout together. Especially it's a good place to...

  • Catch a Professional Baseball Game

    Like Japan and Korea, Taiwan has its own professional baseball league and Taipei is the best place to catch a game. You'll have to ask a local to tell you when the games are because the schedule is rarely posted in the English language press, but a good number of games are scheduled in the new Tienmu Stadium. The level of play in Taiwan is...


Taipei Favorites

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  • transports

    Hi, Sir, In my opinion, you may take train to visit Keelung. But I don't know where you would like to go in Keelung? There are some famous senic spots you don't want to miss such as Chuiefeng Old Street, Pingshi Sky Lantern, Yelew Queen's head, etc. But it might take you one or two hours to get there by public transportation.If you don't mind,...

  • Must Try Food

    Taipei streets are not just about the sights but the smell and taste as well. So whenever you visit this "Land of Snacks" I suggest you follow your nose and immerse yourself in the flavors Taipei has to offer.葱油饼 - Cōng yóubǐng - Onion Pancake *臭豆腐 - Chòu dòufu - Stinky tofu...

  • Taipei travel

    Hi everybody,you are planning a trip to Taipei, I have some recommendations for you as following:1 - Hotel: Agora Garden Hotel is one of advisable options. Besides this, you can refer other two 5-star hotels if you are interested in.* Sheraton Hotel: located in Zhongxiao east road. You can view nightscence of taipei & 101 from your room. I've been...


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